Barack Obama and Axelrod pay Keith Olbermann to spew hate on Clinton

Obama Campaign Mails Olbermann’s ‘Hate Hillary Screed’ to ‘Entire Political Press Corps’

Let’s see now, the New Holier-Than-Thou Politics of Barack Obama is about taking your cues from Republican hacks like Drudge and the New York Post and then smearing your opponent with every hate-inspired hysterical sick low-life drama-queen interpretation that Republicans send your way.

Hillary refers to LBJ and poof she is a vile racist. Hillary mentions ‘white people’ and poof she is a super-dooper double vile racist. Hillary references RFK’s assassination, and OMG, the Evil Bitch wants Obama and all black people to die!!!

Or as John F. Harris at Politico admits: “The truth about what Clinton said — and any fair-minded appraisal of what she meant — was entirely beside the point. . Clinton’s RFK comments provide a vivid example of how modern journalism has become a hyperkinetic child.”

So naturally Obama’s Holier than Hillary Campaign sent out to “the entire political press corps” the entire hateful transcript of Keith Olbermann’s latest ‘Hate Screed for the Obamanation,’ otherwise known as: ‘The Evil Bitch IS The Anti-Christ and That’s Why You Must HATE HER!’

Orwell called it the Two Minutes Hate. Keith Olbermann calls it a Special Comment. The right-wing may own the market on hate-talk radio, but the left-wing has hate-talk teevee. It turns out that the premise of the New Politics of Obama is that the only way to beat Republicans is to be exactly like them. And no where is this sick premise better demonstrated than in Keith Olbermann’s Two Minutes Hate.

You remember Keith Olbermann? The hate talk jock who has been spotted reading Obama campaign memos aloud, verbatim, on air, and calling it MSNBC programming? The hate talk jock who has suggested that the only way to get Hillary to quit the race is for a person with a penis to physically beat the bitch senseless?

And, yeah, the Obama campaign that boasts about its New Politics of Hope is the very same Obama campaign that sent out those dirty memos portraying Hillary and Bill as evil racists.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had all the New Politics of Hate I can stand. Obama’s New Politics of ‘Change You Can Believe In’ would be better termed:
Change You Can Choke On
Katharine Q. Seelye at The Caucus:

Howard Wolfson, Mrs. Clinton’s spokesman, said that both the media and the Obama campaign had been fanning the flames.

The Obama campaign had sent an e-mail on Friday to reporters saying the remarks had no place in a presidential campaign. It was relying on a faulty online report in the New York Post that said Mrs. Clinton was “making an odd comparison between the dead candidate and Barack Obama.” By immediately jumping into the story, within a matter of minutes, the Obama campaign fed suggestions that Mrs. Clinton had somehow made a link between Mr. Obama and Mr. Kennedy’s death.

In addition, the Obama campaign sent the entire political press corps the transcript of a searing commentary about Mrs. Clinton by Keith Olbermann on MSNBC.

“But I was deeply dismayed and disturbed that my comment would be construed in a way that flies in the face of everything I stand for — and everything I am fighting for in this election.”

— Hillary Rodham Clinton


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2 responses to “Barack Obama and Axelrod pay Keith Olbermann to spew hate on Clinton

  1. This Presidential Election is not about skin color, or gender, or liberal vs. conservative.

    Its about …. BIG MONEY –and 29 nuclear power plants.

    WHY has NBC, MSNBC, CBS (& FOX & CNN) been putting out PRO-Obama/Anti-Clinton PROPAGANDA…everyday all day long – since last November?

    ANSWER: Because Obama is PRO-Nuclear & he voted FOR the Cheney Energy Bill; Clinton is NOT Pro-Nuke & Voted AGAINST the Cheney Energy Bill.

    GE owns NBC & MSNBC, Westinghouse owns CBS … & Thanks to the Cheney Energy Bill they are planning to reap BILLIONS in profits (Risk-Free) from building 29 new nukes AND from 30-40 years of HIGHER ELECTRICITY RATES.

    (GE & Westinghouse have been pumping $Billions of ADVERTISING dollars for all their PRODUCTS – Into Every FORM of MEDIA, for generations.)… ANY MEDIA that even MENTIONS The Cheney Energy Bill, let alone provides any real COVERAGE of one of the MOST IMPORTANT ISSUES of our time —KNOWS they would put themselves at risk of a losing a lot of $$$ ADVERTISING Revenue).

    Other participants in Cheney’s NExt Big
    —ENERGY RIPoff—
    Excelon Corp. of ILLINOIS, Entergy (owners of many utilities in the Southern States); 3 consortiums of nuke industry corporations.

    McCain voted for the Cheney Energy Bill & has already said on the campaign trail: “I have to remember to say … its absoultely necessary for…us…to build nuclear power plants.”

    Cheney, GE, Westinghouse (NBC,MSNBC,CNN,FOX,CBS …(The TV MEDIA)… the nuke industry…Are running Obama AND McCain for President.

    The only way we are going to get the NEW Clean Green ENERGY / ECONOMY we NEED is the election of Clinton to the Presidency. We cannot afford to squander hundreds of $Billions on Obsolete 70-yr old nuclear power plants.

    Last week’s NEWS: The governor of South Carolina is refusing to allow the Federal govt. to ship 30 tons of plutonium into South Carolina—until the Feds provide him with a written agreement that the Feds will –REMOVE– the plutonium from South Carolina—in the event their plans to produce nuke reactor FUEL are — unsuccessful.

    The govt. wants to move 30 TONS of plutonium from the western states to South Carolina to locate it closer to the 29 nukes to be built in many of the Eastern & Southern states.

    (See Map at NY Times LINK showing locations where the first 17 reactors are to be built): “Energy Bill aids Expansion of Atomic Power”

    (BTW a microscopic particle of plutonium, once inhaled, will kill you from lung cancer in about a week.)

    Plans to build those nuclear power plants are well advanced – with licensing hearings already scheduled for the first few.

    If you think nukes are ok… just
    GOOGLE: Rocky Flats Denver plutonium, and, Hanford WA nuclear waste.

    Sound far-fetched, to you … The MEDIA in league with the Big Corporations (GE, Westinghouse, et al)…to Pull Off Cheney’s NEXT Big Energy Ripoff…by PROMOTING a FAKE Democrat Candidate to run against, and lose to, the REPUBLICAN Candidate?
    Think about it:

    SAME MEDIA that helped Bush/Cheney LIE us into a WAR. SAME MEDIA that sold the American public Bush/Cheney —- Twice.

    SAME Corporations that OWN the MEDIA — are planning to reap hundreds of BIllions in Profits –RISK FREE– thanks to the Cheney Energy Bill which decreed that US TAXPAYERS will PAY Back any of the nuke building loans that Default.— (WITH the Congressional Budget Office rating the risk of default at 50% or greater.)

    (From a Taxpayer/Risk/ODDS point of view The Cheney Energy Bill might as well have said — let any nuke industry company go get bank loans for 5-10 $Billion — then go to VEGAS & Place Their Bets–and–YOU the People Will PAY BACK Every Penny they LOSE.)

    No new nukes were built in the US for 30 years because, following 3 Mile Island & Chernobyl, the banks wouldn’t loan the money — too risky.

    PLEASE —Pass the Word any way you can. Since
    the TV “News” has become nothing but Lying PROPAGANDA, its up to We The People to get the REAL NEWS out to the public

  2. Gumby

    Obama is a Hadacol salesman. ---> Talk back, don't let them hold you down...

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