Weaker than Kerry, Dukakis and McGovern combined, the DNC brings you Obama

The DNC has always been a weak party before Clinton’s 8 years and after Clinton’s presidency. Now it’s at a point of collapsing due to the many idiotic and stubborn ways of many of the party’s elite.

Since Clinton’s presidency, the DNC brought Frankenstein Kerry to regain the White House… and you know …. Kerry was charming, he served in the military, Bush was beginning to be a disaster in the making and the DNC still lost.

The DNC believed in Kerry, we listened and believed he would win. Even if we were not sure if he was any different than Dukakis, than McGovern — then the election started and Kerry was quickly swift boated by 2 guys that didn’t serve a day in the military.

Four years later, the DNC takes control of Congress and what do they do? Nothing.

2008 and time to get the presidency once again. What does the DNC do?

They bring out a Mascot this time.

One that can dance and rally the DNC to a win like only Howard Dean can.

In the mean time, it’s working.

Why? The 18-26 year old voters.

All these kids know are 8 years of Bush, they were too young to really understand and appreciate a Bill Clinton presidency that saw an amazing economic boom and fortune for all — alongside peace across the globe for the most part.

These youngsters only know Bush, War, Bush, Lies, Bush and Manipulation.

They don’t know the good the Clinton’s did for the entire country. They easily forget all they did for African Americans who now talk with explicits when speaking of the Clinton’s.

The Clinton’s brought back the entire DNC party from the fiasco days of Jimmy Carter.

The Clinton’s brought back the nation and the economy and united America for two terms. The last DNC two term president since FDR.

So the DNC embarrassed by the 2004 defeat of John Kerry, brings out a Happy Meal mascot this time around, a mascot that chants: CHANGE, HOPE, YES WE CAN and these kids love it!

It reminds them of High School and possibly Bob The Builder.

After 8 years of Bush, these 18-26 voters, then have the audacity to tie and label Hillary Clinton into a bad dynasty of Bush Sr. and Bush Jr., which is sad to see, but they really don’t know any better.

The machine tells them CHANGE includes eliminating Bush and Clinton from Old Washington Politics. How Clinton got tied as bad as Bush is beyond me.

They were too young to vote, too young to pay taxes or have mortgages, most of them still don’t have the vast problems that parents and adults have since many of them are in a safety bubble going to college pretending they know more than anyone else, worry free from real economic problems of health care, pensions, social security, mortgages, etc., since most still live off their parents bankroll. Their main concern is the 15 hours per week at school credits instead of 2-3 jobs to make ends meet.

So while the primaries was going on alongside American Idol, these youngsters went to the Obama Pep Rallies, the free Obama concerts, the free candy, the make me feel good Tony Robbins speeches that reminds them of their favorite college professor, they went for the most popular entertainer and wished they could wait until the end of the show to cast their vote by calling 1-866-IDOLS-01.

Cue Obama and his two little teleprompters.

For the party elders in the DNC that presents you with The Obama Mascot, their intentions is simply for one main reason only: Cash In and then Cash Out.

They feel it’s their turn, they know they can’t cash in with The Clintons running things nothwithstanding the vast amount of sexism from within the DNC and personal jealousy among women in power in the party, but we won’t cover that in this piece.

The special interest know they can mold Obama like clay, whether directly or through George Soros or Puppeteer David Axelrod. The economy is so screwed they know money speaks loudly in 2008 to many people. Payola is being dished left and right with a good chunk dropped off in North Carolina and to the Media and individual reporters across.

Many if not all donations to Obama’s camp are untraceable due to the fact they are under $25 and we have to believe that they are from different donors. But c’mon it’s a campaign that is headquartered in Daley’s Chicago. Gimmie a Break.

So the kids can have their Mascot and win the fight against Hillary Clinton and feel they won the battle but sadly they will lose the war like almost every election.

They can continue to feel that 4-8 years of Hillary is as bad as a Bush dynasty. God Help Them but we must ask them like Hillary asked, “What part of the 90’s did you not like? The Peace or The Prosperity?”


Let’s talk what’s really going to matter in the next 4 years, Foreign Policy and Terrorism.

Despite our own personal beliefs on the war, it’s ongoing as we speak. There are vast amounts of terrorism and dangers now, more than ever in the next 4 years. With new enemies looming, the DNC brings out the Mascot to protect us against terrorists. Give me a moment, while I laugh.

If Kerry served in the military and was beaten by Bush, they decide Obama will do better?

It will come down to foreign policy and leadership despite whatever the pundits say.

In the end, our security will be most important — than the economy. Trust Me.

This just like in 2004, 1988 and 1972 is the reason the GOP will win especially with Obama as the DNC nominee.

These terrorists, dictators and others who hate America, are looking for an weakness and right now they are seeing wide holes in America confidence and leadership.

Even back in 2004, with all of John Kerry’s accolades, it came down to protection, trust and safety.

Obama wants to open dialogue with the enemies over milk and cookies, play 2 on 2 basketball in some Al-Queda Training Camp Basketball court.

He is naive but most importantly, inexperienced.

While Hillary Clinton has no military experience, she has Bill Clinton and world leaders know Bill Clinton for 8+ years.

My money is that Hillary Clinton would be a lot more respected by world leaders than the Mascot because of Bill Clinton. Period.

They will see the Mascot as an entry gate to abuse America and ultimately he will let them abuse America because of his naive persona alongside the cabinet he will name.

White, Brown, Black, Purple. Obama is a Joke. A Fraud.

Any other color but Black, and Obama is forced to get out of the race — by the FBI.

The DNC gives you a mascot with two telepromoters who has no idea what it means to lead a country in troubled times, both domestic and abroad.

He has no Foreign Policy experience whatsoever and declares himself more knowledgeable than John McCain or Bill Clinton in all aspects.

He has as much experience as the guy throwing him flapjacks.

He wants to sit with terrorists and with dictators, because he feels he can wow them with his tongue.

Gimmie a Break.

With all that said, How can you feel safe and assured Obama will fight for America, not be scared of foreign leaders and/or terrorists WHEN HE IS ALREADY SCARED TO GO ON BILL O’REILLY????? He won’t even debate Hillary for god sakes.

Gimmie a Break!

Obama is not presidential material.

He is worse than Dukakis, worse than McGovern, worse than Kerry. Worse than even Kilpatrick in Detroit.

He is a mascot for all the special interest and for those DNC members who want to cash in or cash out one last time.

Lastly, when given a chance to show his foreign policy experience, he was too busy to hold one hearing on Afganistan in a committee he chaired.

He did manage to endorse and write up a bill giving billions to Africa, a sign of his priorities.

So the idiots running the DNC and the Obama Superdelegates want to bring you OBAMA for President of the United States of America.

When will the DNC learn their lesson, really?

The only REAL lesson the DNC will give these young new voters is what the color RED looks like and who George McGovern was. Perhaps then, the DNC will truly CHANGE and HOPE for better results in 2012.

– obambi.com


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6 responses to “Weaker than Kerry, Dukakis and McGovern combined, the DNC brings you Obama

  1. gasdocpol


    McGovern flew 35 combat missions and never lost a plane but was a poor campaigner for President.

    Kerry as a warrior in Vietnam , a proseceuting attorney, a Senate investigator of BCCI, Iran-Contra and MIA/POW proved that he is smart, hardworking, efficient and effective but a poor campaigner for President.

    Dukakis served as governor 1974-78 and 1983-91 (winning re-election in 1986 with more than 60 percent of the vote) during which time he presided over a high-tech boom and a period of prosperity in Massachusetts and simultaneously getting the reputation for being a ‘technocrat’. The National Governors Association voted Dukakis the most effective governor in 1986. Residents of the city of Boston and its surrounding areas remember him for the improvements he made to Boston’s mass transit system. He was a lousy campaigner for President.

    GW Bush was a drifter with a drinking problem until he was 40 and then a failed businessman until the Neocons propped him up as their front. GW Bush had some ability to jump through the hoops running for President.

    John McCain had a father and grandfather who were 4 star admirals who propelled him through the Naval Academy and the Navy. His hotdogging antics as a risk-taking flyboy lost at least 4 of his planes. The 4th caper also killed 134 sailors, destroyed 20 planes and almost sunk an aircraft carrier. As a POW he sang like a canary.♪♫

  2. From a reader who did not want to sign in but emailed it to us:

    What in the world is the Democratic National Committee doing?

    The DNC is giving the General Election in November 2008 to Senator John McCane.

    Senator John McCane is going to be the next elected President of the United States.

    Senator Obama lost the popular votes by over 267,000 votes to Senator Clinton.

    Senator Obama’s victories in the primaries was in more Republican States than Democratic States since February 5, 2008 and when Matt Romney former Governor of Massachusettes withdrew from the Republican Presidential Nomination on February 6, 2008. It appears that many Republicans all over the country deliberatley voted fror Senator Obama in the primaries. Republicans that I know told me that they voted for Senator Obama because they believe that Senator Obama is not electable and Senator John McCane will win easily against Senator Obama
    Senator Obama is not electable for many reasons: He is a member of a racist church, he is not truthful, he has only (3) three years experience in the U.S. Senate, no experience in Foreign Affairs and he can not be trusted when he talks about meeting with terrorist leaders
    (I believe a bad decision).

    Me and my family voted for Senator Clinton in the New Jersey Primary on February 5, 2008 and if Senator Obama is the Democratic Nominee for President in 2008, me and my family will vote for Senator John McCane as well as 33 percent (6,000,000) six million or more that voted for Senator Clinton will vote for Senator John McCane and another 26 percent (5,000,000) or more that voted for Senator Clinton will not vote in November 2008. In my opion Senator Obama would lose at least (11,000,000) eleven million Democratic votes in November 2008.

    Most polls show that Senator John McCane would win against Senator Obama in November 2008 and that Senator Obama has lost 10 percent of the Independent voters since March 2008.

    Thank you
    Richard from New Jersey

  3. goodtimepolitics

    I think Richard is correct, the democrats sure know how to give away an election that should have been easy to win. Oh Well its like I have been saying for me its Hillary or McCain over Obama! Looks like now it will be only McCain for this (reg.democrat) American! I shall be a switch voter once again because no democrat worth voting for, sure will not vote for radical far left Obama!

  4. Robbie

    wow. you guys were so wrong it’s funny.

  5. Robbie, you are hilarious

    How is Acorn?

    Stupid Fuck

  6. kristy

    sad thing is, cocksuckers like him don’t even know wtf acorn is…

    all their worried about is their usurper black god being in office and they can’t stand the fact that not all the people blindly submit and bow down to kiss his satanic homo ass like they willingly have done.

    who cares if the National Treasury has been hijacked in less the 100 days?

    who cares that the very own citizens of the USA are now trapped behind boarders because of the new pass port laws keeping us in while allowing everyone else to freely come and go as they please?

    who cares that government is trying hard to choke hold business and banks as so they can nationalize them?

    who cares that all the children will soon be forced to “mandatory voluntarily” serve in government youth camps?

    as long as they have their black homo cock sucking bastard in, thats all that matters.

    oh, and to do their part to cry loud enough to get everyone to blindly worship him as they do. like their gonna get some kind of cookie award from him for it.

    obama is a bastard… no one, not even oboi can verify who his daddy is. that is the exact definition of what a bastard is.

    obama is also a cock sucker. he never denies it, and only tries to cover it up being a fag.

    so in case any libterds come crying, the statement title IS in fact correct; obama is a cock sucking bastard :)

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