It’s Official AL GORE is a fat idiot

Gore to endorse Obama Monday night

Well, the time for the endorsement everyone has been waiting for has finally arrived: Former Vice President Al Gore will endorse Barack Obama tonight.

Gore made the announcement on his blog and in an e-mail to supporters on Monday afternoon. “A few hours from now I will step on stage in Detroit, Michigan to announce my support for Senator Barack Obama. From now through Election Day, I intend to do whatever I can to make sure he is elected President of the United States,” Gore wrote. “I’ve never asked members of to contribute to a political campaign before, but this moment and this election are too important to let pass without taking action.

“That’s why I am asking you to join me today in showing your support for Barack Obama by making a contribution to his campaign today.”

Gore and Obama will appear together at the event, which will be held in Detroit’s Joe Louis Arena. The two are expected to be onstage at about 8:30 EDT.

This isn’t the first big endorsement event Obama has held in Michigan. Just over a month ago, former Sen. John Edwards announced his support for Obama during a rally in Grand Rapids.


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33 responses to “It’s Official AL GORE is a fat idiot

  1. gasdocpol

    Yup both Gore and Obama clearly opposed the Iraq fiasco.
    That shows how much THEY know.

  2. obama voted for funding of the war

    gore was no where to vote

    So that makes them the clear choice for president?


  3. gasdocpol

    Obama voting for funding proves that Obama does not want us to leave Iraq precipitously as McCain accuses him. A difficult problem has been created by our invasion. We need to get out more carefully than we went in as Obama has often said.

  4. maniel

    this website is the biggest pile of shit since Bush was “elected”. Go to hell.

  5. Ted

    Question: If a nobel prize winner is an idiot, what does that make the editor of this blog?

    Answer: a pathetic moron with an IQ lower than whale sh** at the bottom of the ocean.

  6. mntruthseeker

    Well he just officially went into the trash bin with Dean and Pelloski. Can’t wait until Hillary puts them all in their place.

    Actually if we are really lucky we might get someone in the White House that actually has a brain.

    There is no global warming , only the elite wanting to gain their mortality.

  7. Alice Wolf

    Mo’town’s new name should be Po’town.
    Soul -Poll. Like oil and water, light and
    darkness, they just don’t mix.

  8. Big!

    This site is racist.

  9. ben

    well well,good job you guys,good job at throwing shit at someone that the US needs more than anything right now!Who started this website is probably someone who has no worries to work for a living because is living with the money made by his corrupted father.
    yes man, get busy on you free time ,you are doing a service to the country by throwing shit at the best presidential candidate you ever had a chance to vote for. Again,I compliment you for not giving a shit about the economy,nearly 5 $ a gallon of gas,foreclosured homes,hungry Americans .Your corrupted father granted your future you scumbag

  10. Melt

    What kind of brain do you want? Isn’t graduating from an ivey league school not enough for you? Shut up and watch Obama ascend to the presidency.

  11. Apalled Canadian

    If Obama and Gore are idiots and liars, how exactly do you rate Bush and Cheney? Gee… wonder what good “citizen” is behind THIS blog?

  12. Ames

    The Urkel thing is really pretty awful.

  13. PolicyWonk

    Wow, the ignorant, backward diatribes on this website are palpable. I know a strategy of name calling and racist/xenophobic imagery may make “the editors” feel better about themselves and Hilary’s loss, but perhaps you’re energy is better spent writing in your journals or getting psychotherapy.

  14. Christopher Walker

    It’s obvious you guys don’t know your a** from a hole in the ground. Not only is Al Gore not an idiot, this country would be in a hell of a lot better shape if the Supreme Court hadn’t overturned the will of the people and put that mindless shrub into office. Yes we can, and we will elect Barack Hussein Obama president of the United States in November ’08

  15. treadmarkz

    So he’s an idiot why then? I don’t see it. Because you don’t like Obama? Is that it?

  16. @ Ted, the panel that chooses the Nobel Peace Prize recipients are a majority of Liberals, so I would respectfully disagree with your assessment.

    @Big! You are the classic example of an Obama Kool-aid drinker. Anyone who opposes him is apparently racist. So I guess someone who is better informed than you or at least someone who chooses to be more informed than you is a racist? Right.

    @Everyone who is bringing up Bush/Cheney – They are not running for President in 2008, yet you all can’t get off it. It is evident that your vote for Obama is out of pure hatred for those two men which are not even in the race rather than for Obama’s credentials. I love how he says he is going to pull this country together. Red states & Blue states but his supporters are full of hate for anyone representing the Red. He has not done 1 thing in the state or the us senate to bring the parties together, but as President he will automatically be qualified to do so. Ha! I love how our country went from one who embraced freedom and liberty to one who now will freely give it all away for a great sounding speech. Our forefathers would be angry right now that all they fought for was in vain. Obama is the biggest socialist/Marxist ever to run for President, and not one of his supporters can prove otherwise. I guess freedom is only important when you have personally fought and sacrificed for it, which a majority of our country has not done, they’ve had everything handed to them. So yeah, vote Obama in ’08 so we can go from the Greatest Nation on Earth to simply being average just like the rest.

  17. wvugradstudent

    It says volumes that you posted Obama’s Somali turban picture alongside clearly disparaging graphics like the bullshit detector.

  18. graphicsdeluxe

    what a bunch of haters. Obama ’08, making it rain on you jealous hoes!!!

  19. jculhane

    This site is such racist, xenophobic garbage. Too bad, far you, its not going to make a bit of difference. Your kind is losing its grip on this nation; and you know it; and you are terrified. You are being marginalized by the day. Even the crooks running things know this. Thats why the KBRs and oil companies of the world are brazenly cashing in by gouging the taxpayers. They see the writing on the wall. The irony is this: whether you are rich or not, no matter how much you will kick and scream, an Obama presidency will benefit you, in spite of your hatefulness and ignorance.

  20. NOBama

    Great Web Site. Love the information on Obama.
    The empty suite will not be the president of the USA. No way, no how. McCain for 4 years and then Hillary Clinton in 2012. Keep the fight with 18 million cracks.

  21. gasdocpol

    Yup Gore is an idiot all right

    In the 1980s, years before most of us had even heard of the Internet, Gore was the most active person in Congress in Internet legislation.

    Gore was one of only two Democratic Senators who voted for Desert Storm .

    Gore supported the Afganistan invasion.

    Gore clearly opposed the Iraq invasion.

    Gore was a good sport about being shafted out of the Presidency in 2000.

    Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth ” won an Oscar

    Gore won the Nobel peace Prize.

    GW Bush was a drifter with a drinking problem and a failed businessman until the Neocons propped him up as their front.

    McCain was a raunchy party boy , reckless hot dogging risk taking flyboy who almost sunk the USS Forrestal, destroyed 20 planes and killed 168 sailors among his capers. He sang like a canary as a POW. He is a superstitious compulsive gambler with an anger management problem.

  22. jculhane, it is obvious that you don’t know what you are talking about with the oil companies. 15% of gas prices are federal taxes. McCain is the only Presidential Candidate still in the race that has proposed a tax holiday to relieve Americans at the pump. The oil companies profits are Capitalism, that is what this country was founded upon, not socialism which is what a Windfall Tax is all about, redistribution of wealth (Govt. stealing profits) which you would not appreciate if you owned your own business. Yet, this is Obama’s brilliant plan…that’s it, tax the oil companies so they in return can charge you more. Great Change. Obama was also quoted as saying he did not mind the increase at the pump, the bad part is how quickly it happened. So, I guess you are right, its all the oil companies fault.

    Of course their profits would not be so obscene to socialist such as yourself if the democrats didn’t give into environmental nuts and would allow drilling off shore and in ANWAR, then that extra money would be able to go to good use.

    The only thing that an Obama presidency will only be good for those who do not want to work hard, who want Govt. handouts, and who want the Govt. to tell them what they can and cannot do. I cannot stand the spending of the current administration, and the funny thing is, liberals such as yourself scream and yell and demonize the GOP for it, but your candidate proposes trillions of more spending, while his policies do nothing to increase income into the Govt. because all of his plans hurt those who own businesses and make a profit, therefore business will crash. A little knowledge in economics may help you out a little.

  23. gasdocpol

    1.Capitalism works when there is competition.
    2.OPEC has a near monopoly on oil.
    3.Demand for oil is inelastic . The law of supply and demand does not apply.
    4.The oil futures speculators have pushed the price of oil to $130 a barrel. what oil producing country is going to produce more oil so that they can charge less for it?

    5. The only thing that will bring down the cost of crude oil is alternate sources of energy.
    6. The gas tax holiday would result in about $ 30 in savings and would take money away from highway maintenance. It was iffy if it could have been passed in time.

  24. Seasick Seagull

    AL GORE is now advocating civil disobiance to block a coal plant What a boob he sounds more like some socialists commie scoundrel then a former veep then most likly he has become so cuaght up in the malarkey he blabbers and his latest book ASSUALT ON REASON only proves what a jerk he is AL GORE IS A UNREASONIBLE IIDIOT

  25. Mad Bluebird

    Al Gore is a hypotcrit he urges us all to go green but he still lives his estravigent lifestyle still flying about in his private jets and driving here and there in his gas guzzling 4 mpv limos with thier INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINES and just one of his homes uses $30:000 worth of electricity in one month and thats more then the avrage american home uses in one year so why dont gore keep his flapping mouth shut i would sure help cut down on all that HOT AIR

  26. Mad Bluebird

    Gore wrote a book ASSUALT ON REASON we,ll he has no leg to stand on becuase he is a unreasonible stupid idiot so why dont he just go and soak his head and quit being a unreaonible stupidhead

  27. kristy

    Keep in mind, al gore co owns Generation Investment Management LLP, which support many of the same businesses that he tries to shut down.

    Example… a nuclear power plant, or more recently, a large coal operated plant is being hounded by gore under the banner “go green”, while Generation Investment Management LLP is doing the identical businesses.

    What GIM LLP does is go after competition businesses who are vested by other companies, to try and eliminate competition for GIM LLP.

    They try to eliminate their competition by proxy that worked well for other sniper for hire groups such as green peace, and stir up the public heart strings with orwelian feel good words such as “go green” and shit like that.

    Go green basically translates to… stop buying from these companies and only buy from GIM LLP so only we make money. But we will tell you to do this by claiming it’s saving cute little animals with big brown eyes… however, once you help make GIM LLP companies the ONLY companies to make us a monopoly, we can severely jack up prices using the excuse that it costs more to relocate materials and utilities.

    Personally, if it comes down to a spotted owl that is indigenous to some remote area or my own personal survival… stuff the fucken owl and put it into a museum.

  28. gasdocpol> You’re an idiot.

    “In the 1980s, years before most of us had even heard of the Internet, Gore was the most active person in Congress in Internet legislation.”
    -Sorry kiddo, I was BORN in the 80’s and I’m smart enough to know that Gore did NOT have any major part in creating the internet.

    “Gore was one of only two Democratic Senators who voted for Desert Storm .”
    At least he’s not a TOTAL pussy.

    Gore supported the Afganistan invasion.
    -There was no Afghanistan(and yes, it’s spelled AfgHanistan) “invasion”. Yet, this proves that Gore ALMOST has some gonads.

    Gore clearly opposed the Iraq invasion.
    – There also was no Iraq invasion. You’re a moron. This just proves that Gore is a flip-flopping pansy. “I’M FOR AFGHAN INVASION. NO IRAQ INVASION. OMGZ.”

    Gore was a good sport about being shafted out of the Presidency in 2000.
    -Gore was not even CLOSE to being a good sport about losing fair and square. “WAAAH COUNT THEM AGAIN WAHHH THE CHADS WAHHHH THERE’S A PUNCH OVER BUSH’S NAME, BUT IT DOESN’T GO ALL THE WAY THRU WAHHHHH IT MIGHT HAVE BEEN FOR ME! WAAAAH”. Good sport, my ass.

    Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth ” won an Oscar
    – It was a Hollywood production. Of course! Not like it was a documentary or anything. You know. Nothing full of facts and actual INFORMATION, but fear mongering to push the ecogeek go green agenda.

    Gore won the Nobel peace Prize.
    – Gore was GIVEN the Nobel prize, and as a result the Nobel prize has lost all credibility.

    GW Bush was a drifter with a drinking problem and a failed businessman until the Neocons propped him up as their front.
    -BHO was a crack smoking, drug pushing faggot that has never served his country.

    McCain was a raunchy party boy , reckless hot dogging risk taking flyboy who almost sunk the USS Forrestal, destroyed 20 planes and killed 168 sailors among his capers. He sang like a canary as a POW. He is a superstitious compulsive gambler with an anger management problem.
    – McCain was young once. Much like the rest of us were (and in some cases, ARE). People grow out of their little “bad boy” stages. He never “almost” sunk the USS forrestal. He didn’t personally destroy diddly shit. He didn’t sing like a canary. Which is stupid of you to say. BEING a P.O.W. takes a LOT out of a person. He sacrificed five years of his life for greater reasons than your pea sized brain can even BEGIN to comprehend. As for the rest of your McCain slander, let’s see some proof. Not “PROOF” from idiotic sites like, either. No WIKIPEDIA articles. Credible sources.

    Nice try! A for effort. F for results.

  29. kristy

    Damn DangerB, you pretty much just owned and delivered gasdocpol’s ass to them on a silver platter…

    As usual and always, excellent post DangerB :D

  30. JC

    AG…is nothing more than a self-important useful idiot that has nothing better to do than look down his nose at anyone who may disagree with him…he is so busy trying to gain the attention of his god BHO/Lucifer that he is willing to sell his soul for the privilage of licking BHO/Lucifer butt…AG would love to shut the coal industry down just so he can walk around acting like a big shot…when he is really nothing more than a big d i c k!

  31. Darrell

    Al Gore needs to lose his fats since “fatties” is one of the factors for “global warming” whihc most of us have heard from the news a couple of days ago. Perhaps his Nobel Prize which is really a JOKE should be taken away from him. Go Green Al Gore! Go Green Fatso!

  32. Mad Bluebird

    Al Gore cant get over being unable to steal the 2000 election so he acts like a spoiled brat i need of a good trip to the ol woodshed or at least a swift kick TO THE MOON ---> Talk back, don't let them hold you down...

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