Obama and Rev. Wright pronounced Donald Young dead before he died. Why?

by Larry Sinclair

Certified Copies of Death Certificates Raise even More Questions

Below is the Chicago Television News report on the murder of Trinity United Christian Church Choir Director and openly gay lover of presumptive Democratic Presidential Nominee Barack Obama.


Now I have the following questions to ask based on fact, not fiction as has been claimed by the Obama internet warrior.

1. Jeremiah Wright announced Donald Young’s death at either the 7:30 AM or 11:00 AM Service. Based on the Certified copy of Chicago Death Certificate on Donald Young, Young was “found shot at 7:30 am,” but was not pronounced dead in his apartment from multiple gunshot wounds by Medical Examiner until 12:10 PM, Sunday December 23, 2007.

How did Jeremiah Wright already know Donald Young was dead? Who told him?

The following information is also provided to demonstrate that which I have always stated was my knowledge, instead of the pro Obama factions making claims I have accused Obama of being involved in multiple murders.

I have always stated that while Larry Bland was indeed the victim of murder (Bland was pronounced dead by Medical Examiner of Multiple gun shot wounds November 17, 2007 at 8:40 AM) I have always stated it was my belief Young’s murder was intentionally made to appear to have been committed by the same killer of Bland.

Nate Spencer was not murdered, and in fact the information that I posted and informed people was my understanding is in fact verified based on the certified copy of the Death Certificate of Nate Spencer. Nate Spencer pronounced dead of natural causes, “septicemia, pneumonia, HIV December 26, 2007 at 6:31 AM”

I repeat my above question: How did Jeremiah Wright already know Donald Young was dead? Who told Wright that Young was dead well before Donald Young was pronounced dead?


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10 responses to “Obama and Rev. Wright pronounced Donald Young dead before he died. Why?

  1. Grace

    Jeremiah Wright seemed “too calm” at the time when Donald Young had just been killed. Wasn’t because he already knew? He was talking to the reporter as if he had a “script” prepared before hand. What makes it more suspicious is that the church offered just $1000 as a reward. If there was anybody who knew something, this amount of money was nothing to risk getting killed by the same people who killed Young.

  2. Hello!!!

    The normal psychology is that you suspend all belief in the death of those you know and care for until the fact has been confirmed, and often, confirmed more than once. You certainly do not announce the death of anyone you know to others until it has been clearly confirmed, and again, often more than once.
    Can you think of anyone you know, who you have any kind of dealings with, on at least a weekly basis, who you hear has been murdered or been killed, where you immediately take it for granted without getting confirmation from others?

    So, yes, this is very suspicious indeed, and of material worth to present to the authorities who are investigating this murder.

  3. SoldierofChrist

    I don’t know I have a problem with this, and one thing I cannot stand is being deleted when I question the article on Larry Sinclair. If Larry wants justice , he should not deleted faithful viewers that have different opinions and have fought for him from day one. It is a custom to call the clergy when someone is found dead. If Donald was found dead by the Police and they in turn called the family, the first people that the family would have called is their clergy, and that would have been Rev Wright. I do agree that the murder of Donald Young is very strange and should be looked at, but, this notion that the clergy has the information before the dead is told to the public, is nothing odd. This is my opinion, and I hope you are not another one that delete opinions that are not in agreement with you. Everything else I do agree with you. If you want to be pen soldiers, than sometimes you have to disgreed with the findings, it is not always correct.

  4. Hello!!!

    With respect, I believe one of us has misread the article. The point is not who was told about the death first, it was how was someone told about the death when the death had not occurred yet. He was not pronounced dead until after Wright had already announced the idea. Maybe Wright is psychic and knew he was going to die, or, as my earlier post implies, someone told him he was dead when in fact he was mortally wounded but had not actually died yet. However, if this is the case it seems completely unprofessional, and contrary to basic common sense, for Wright to announce publicly what he heard (especially as he is a professional) without confirmation from another source, e.g. the hospital. If someone told you a good friend was killed, would you not naturally inquire whether it was true before going out and telling others something you had not first hand knowledge of? Can you imagine a Reverend or a Priest telling you a friend is dead, to then find out later that he is still alive. That Vicar would be scolded, shunned and laughed at. This isn’t some kind of ‘proof’, but it assuredly raises the suspicions in the case.

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  6. Fred Sayin

    Reverend Wright had to know Donald Young was going to die. According to clergy being contacted by a family, Mr. Young’s parents did not bring him to Reverend Wright’s church. Also I have 3 sisters and two brothers. I don’t believe either brother professes a religious faith but my oldest sister in law is Catholic. My oldest sister is Catholic. My middle sister is Episcopilean and my youngest sister prrofesses no religious faith. I belong to a Unity Church. This is for Soldier of Christ who (what clergy) would be siblings tell about my death? Catholic, Episcopilean, or Unity church. So if parents were going to tell clergy about their son’s death wouldn’t the parents tell their priest?

  7. d.

    This is the 2nd murder in that church. Donald Youngs mother suspected Obama and she was told by the police that she was in danger. She worked for the chicago police department and retired from there. After she was warned she then became afraid of everyone connected to her son’s death including the police, Wright and Obama. What we need to do is look up the first death a month earlier he too was shot to death gangland style. He too went to Rev. wrights church. These two murders were 1 month apart in succession When was that death announced? Something wicked this way comes! After reading about the mother of Donald, my heart went out to her.

  8. frank Carbone

    Yeah, he was a good organizer of hits that’s for sure. What ever or who ever this dirt bag is involved with ends up getting the short end of the stick always. What a piece of garbage.

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