The Barack Obama “TELL ME TO MY FACE” Day is Nov. 4th

Hey Obama,

You want us to lay off your wife??? You want us to tell it to your face instead?

You state that “these people” who talk about you or your wife, don’t have the guts to TELL YOU ANY OF THIS TO YOUR FACE?


Who you kidding, slim.

We all would love to tell you — what an idiot and puppet you are — straight to your face, right in front of it actually — followed by some other words to that racist Klingon wife of yours — but it’s hard slim — you limit and block people from going to your YES WE CAN ‘Bob the Builder’ rallies, you censor people left and right, you want to shut down the internet, you want to hide from real questions, real interviews, real debates.

The real American voters see right through your bullshit.

They see you’re a fake staged production from a corporate marketing firm ran by David Axelrod.

Your too chicken shit to:

1. Debate McCain in unscripted town hall debates and Q&A’s. We know why.

2. You’re too chicken shit to go on Hannity and Colmes…We know why.

3. You’re too chicken shit to go on Bill O’Reilly…We know why.

4. You’re too chicken shit to go on Fox News…We know why.

5. You’re too chicken shit to fully count votes in Michigan and Florida …We know why.

6. You’re too chicken shit to wear a flag pin or salute the flag…We know why.

7. You’re too chicken shit to leave a racist church for over 20 years…We know why.

8. You’re too chicken shit to produce a real birth certificate…We know why.

9. You’re too chicken shit to Vote against the FISA Bill…We don’t know why.

10. You’re too chicken shit to go by a public financed election, which is THE real change to Washington. You’re a fraud…. and we do know why.

11. You use the race card when you’re not even African American. You could use the Arab-American card which does belong to you, but that is no good for the black vote…We get it.

12. You’re always hiding behind your wife, — what will you do when the ‘Michelle’ tapes come out after your DNC convention?  You don’t think they will? — Think again, slim.

13. You’re too chicken shit to face the Larry Sinclair question…We know why.

14. You’re too chicken shit to discuss the Donald Young murder which you and your other gay lover Rev. Wright are trying to sweep under the carpet….$1,000 slim. Really?  We know why.

15. You’re too chicken shit to go admit your terrorist ties domestically and internationally…We know why.

The list GOES ON for days upon days.

So anytime, anywhere, we will tell it to your face.

You kidding us??

Tell your puppeteers to allow us into your staged teleprompter speeches — allowing us Americans to ask you real questions instead of having to watch you play tennis between your two teleprompters.

Do a town hall speech across the USA where you allow all Americans (not just sheep) so we can tell it to your face what WE really think of you.

We’re not star struck, nor sheep, nor interested in your TBN style theatrical speeches with your staffers planted to faint on command.

In the end, slim, your wife is a racist. Your Pastor is a racist. Your father was a racist. You’re an idiot.

You’re a fraud.

You’re a puppet.

You’re not going to be president.

Come November 4th, Americans will tell it to your face – so they never have to see it again.

Ditto Hannity


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4 responses to “The Barack Obama “TELL ME TO MY FACE” Day is Nov. 4th

  1. Hell no Obama will not go on a townhall with McCain or on FNC or on Hannity or on O’Rielly. We all saw him in the debates against Hillery and Edwards. He was a babbeling fool.
    I am aghast and stunned are there really that many fools in America to support him?

  2. Poll Shows Americans Afraid of Obama as Commander-in-Chief
    by Floyd and Mary Beth Brown

    The poll says Americans consider him lacking in the abilities necessary to run the armed services. Conversely, the polls show John McCain blows Obama out of the water as a good commander-in-chief. Forty-six percent of respondents thought McCain would very likely “be effective” as commander-in-chief, as opposed to only 24 percent saying the same of Obama. In fact, 36 percent think it is “not likely” Obama will be effective in the position.
    Obama’s talents lie in his gift of oratory and his ability to move people with emotion, but this does not necessarily make for a good commander. The chief executive’s job requires forward thinking, realistic assessments of the world’s threats, and the maturity to make judgments in a crisis.

    Obama thinks so. According to his own campaign literature, he is willing to let the USS Ford air craft carrier that is being built, and many more of tomorrow’s defense technologies, rust at the pier.

    “ hopefully we will never ever see a cold day in hell or any U.S.Navy ship called the USS Obama “

  3. Finding and preparing a parade ground in Afghanistan for Obama to address the troops

  4. FBO

    Great post, I completely agree. ---> Talk back, don't let them hold you down...

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