Another Obama Crony Meets The FBI

By Riehlworldview


Another Obama Crony Meets The FBI

Twas a bright and sunny day when, according to Obama’s website, Barack Obama had a picnic with a “longtime friend and colleague”:

The family who owns the barn will hold a picnic with longtime friend and colleague of Senator Obama’s, former chair of the Illinois Senate Agriculture Committee, Larry Walsh.

But it’s just a bit more cloudy now that Walsh has been visited by the FBI – lobbyists, Federal Funds? Who could have known anything about that? Who did they lobby, I wonder? And it gets slightly better, see below.

JOLIET — Two FBI agents spent more than an hour in the Will County Office Building on Wednesday morning as part of an investigation into an elected official.

That person seems to be Will County Executive Larry Walsh. Matt Ryan, his chief of staff, also is part of the probe, sources say.

The official apparently is Walsh. Ryan has — or had — some relationship with Smith Dawson and Andrews, the lobbying firm hired in 2006 at a rate of $10,000 a month to help Will County snare more federal grants and funding. The association is related to his work with the lobbying firm Performance Communication Group.

… The lobbying firm has secured quite a bit of federal funding for the county, including money to clean up and modernize the water and sewer system in Joliet Township’s Ridgewood neighborhood; to do engineering work at 143rd Street and Interstate 355; and to add laptop computers to the squad cars driven by Will County police.

A DUI? Not Obama’s poker buddy, say it isn’t so? That last link is an interesting read via WaPo btw. Obama likes tough, no-gloves campaigns. I hope he gets to see one from McCain, soon.

One regular, former Democratic state senator Larry Walsh, said Obama was competitive yet careful — and always hard to read.

“One night, we were playing and things weren’t going very well for me,” Walsh said. “I had a real good hand and Barack beat me out with another one. I slammed down my cards and said, ‘Doggone it, Barack, if you were a little more liberal in your card playing and a little more conservative in your politics, you and I would get along a lot better.’


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  2. In 2006, Obama requested that Will County receive $1.3 million to support its Flood Studies for Unincorporated Will County.

    In 2006, Obama requested $800,000 for the Will County Sheriff’s Office Wireless Communications Technology Upgrades.

    In 2006, Obama requested $1,953,331 for Will County’s Ridgewood Water and Sewage Project.

    In 2005, Obama requested $2 million for the Lewis University in Romeoville, Illinois, to establish a Center for Academic and Community Learning, which is designed to address the significant educational needs of the less advantaged in the Will County region by providing academic assistance not only for students on campus but also for residents of the surrounding communities. ---> Talk back, don't let them hold you down...

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