Islamic Connections of Hussein Obama and the bullshit he spews


pay attention to this video and Minute 7:00 on




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10 responses to “Islamic Connections of Hussein Obama and the bullshit he spews

  1. sfokc6125

    From: Istook, Ernest
    Sent: Friday, October 24, 2008 12:50 PM
    Subject: Obama Lawyers Pooh-Pooh Voting Fraud Claims

    Most of America has a growing concern about possibilities of massive voter fraud. Yet the Obama campaign has written the U.S. Attorney General to belittle those concerns. Instead, they want those who seek inquiries into voter fraud to be targeted for federal investigation. According to Obama’s attorneys, these are “bogus claims of vote fraud to suppress voting and to influence elections in the eleventh hour.” They say it is a Republican plot “in violation of the law to harass voters and impede their exercise of their rights.”

    Obama’s lawyers actually claim, “Voter registration impropriety does not constitute actual vote fraud.”

    Inquiries into voting fraud, they say, should wait until AFTER the election-when a new President can control what is or is not looked into!

    Learn more about this legal maneuver by the Obama campaign at

    You can also read the entirety of the letters written to the U.S. Attorney General by Obama’s lawyers at First letter (sent Oct. 17) and Second letter (sent Oct. 20)

  2. Ideological Subversion by Yuri Bezmenov
    The full interview
    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Part 4

    Part 5

    Part 6

    Part 7

    Part 8

    Part 9

  3. AGENT 99

    OH THANK GOD!! I posted a youtube link to this earlier today. IT is what i would say is MANDATORY “education” for everyone. Thank you! Thank you. (Found this first at Bare Naked Islam) God Bless you. God bless McCain/Palin. And our COUNTRY FIRST! Now…off to the MSM! What a dream that would be!! (send to Hannity? Fox News? Limbaugh?? Anyone with an idea to at least get SOME of this out there.)

  4. AGENT 99

    AT PART 3 of above video, note why BHO is so eager to vote for Partial Birth Abortion. Islam loves it when we kill our children. The scum.BHO.Part of that statement is at very end of video. I am checking, but I think Waleed Shoebat wrote “Why I Want To Kill You” He is Ex-PLO. Now a Christian with a death sentence on his head becuz he left Islam. He says, also, “you will never hear BHO say “I denounce Islam”. And good old God-Damn Rev. Wright’s warped view of “Christian” fits an acceptable VERSION of church.GOD =Damn Wright likes Farrakhan and HAMAS,too.

  5. Akira

    Sometimes I have crazy dreams.

    Something just came to me.

    I see … a woman … an old woman. She’s … she’s scared … why? I don’t know. Can’t see.

    Wait, a man, she calls him Boo-Boo, or Baa-Baa. Hard to hear. He … he …. Oh no!

    Hurry up! Anyone in Hawaii right now. Hurry! She’s crying. She tries to scream but … a pillow!

    Anyone in Hawaii — an old woman’s life is right now in danger.

    Her son, or is her grandson? — He’s smothering her with a pillow right now!

    “C’mon, granny, where’re the files?!” he’s screaming.

    Save her somebody! Save her!

    I don’t know where I got that vision from. It just came to me for some bizarre reason …

  6. Comment by Larry Sinclair
    October 24th, 2008 at 11:28 pm
    I just recently got off the phone with Senator Barack Obama’s sister Maya in my efforts to speak with his Grandmother Madelyn Dunham.

    I will contact Maya at a later and more appropriate time with my questions for her.

    Maya was very polite and I wish her and her grandmother well.

  7. AGENT 99

    LARRY: NEVER GIVE UP!! They (BHO) and his thugs have treated you as a “sub-human”. I for one. support you and Believe you. BHO was sooo close to Frank Marshal Davis, a known Pervert. He authored a book under the name “Joe Greene” So BHO LUVS perversion. You are his victim and BHO is a LIAR!!

  8. AGENT 99 Here is Waleed’s site. I stand corrected. He wrote “Why WE Want to Kill You”…not “Why I want to kill you” Hey, I’d vote for Waleed before I’d vote for BHO! At least he is HONEST! Wheras BHO is a LIAR!

  9. AGENT 99

    AKIRA: Funny, I had the same dream. But it’s like REAL!! BHO will kill all of us, not just his “TOOT”!! Dear GOD! Go back to Kenya or Mars or whereever you are from, you “thing” BHO. For surely he is not “human” And Michelle, well don’t let me get started on her!

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