The Obama camp offered a 3 million dollar bribe to destroy the Michelle Obama tape


Six hours after the release of information by API on the planned broadcast by Fox News Network of the Michelle Obama tape, in accordance with an agreement that has been reached between API and Fox News Network, API  was contacted by Obama’s Campaign Manager. (David Axelrod?)

Those who are close to the democratic presidential candidate must be desperate to win the elections no matter what, otherwise they would not have taken such bold step to contact API with an offer of a bribe in order to stop the airing of the tape.

Obama’s campaign manager contacted API by telephone and email offering 3 million US dollars followed with a request to API to cancel the deal with Fox News Network.

Ten days ago API received the first request to accept 2 million US dollars by Mr Ed Hale, President of Plains Radio, Texas – USA, in an effort to suppress the information from reaching the public before the coming US Presidential elections.

API has now taken a decision to contact the American Embassy in Oslo, Norway as soon as possible in order to report the matter and hand over the evidence for investigative purposes.

API’s Canadian lawyer is expected to fly to Oslo shortly in order to assist in the legal matters that arise from the bribery attempt.

API’s Chief editor is expected to travel to New York, together with the Canadian lawyer, where he will appear live in one of the shows that  will air the Michelle Obama tape.


If this is true, I hope the FEC comes down hard. I mean, HOW MUCH DID THE LOS ANGELES TIMES receive to suppress the tape of Obama with Khalidi? Makes you wonder now.

We have said from day one, we believe Obama has been paying everyone, from Super Delegates (proven by Hillary) to actual reporters and news editors with cash. Axelrod is a former newspaper writer. He knows the routine.


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3 responses to “The Obama camp offered a 3 million dollar bribe to destroy the Michelle Obama tape

  1. I was contacted by muslims supporting Obama, and asked for a $200 donation. The phone was listed as “out of the area.” There was no american area code on my caller ID. I then found out that HAMAS has a phone bank in Gaza to support and finance Obama.

    I told Mohammed, that was his real name, that I was not voting for Obama. He still insisted on the $200. That just beats all.


  2. It’s not true. This API thing is a crock. Let’s focus on the real reasons not to elect Obama.

  3. Sally

    Please. I want Obama stopped like you do but this is a “Nigerian Scam”. It was meant to weaken and demoralize you when you find out it is a hoax.

    API – never heard of it before this. API is a web page thrown up by hacks and tricksters.

    Ask yourself why no REPUTABLE news agency has gotten on to it. (Inclucing FOX – not one peep and they were supposed to have gotten the tape!)

    Get back to your work. Stay strong.


    McCain will win if we all stay strong. ---> Talk back, don't let them hold you down...

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