A death threat from an Obamabot to this site

We received this today, we been getting steady amounts of Obamabots comments, we laugh and publish them, we knew they would come if the Messiah gets elected.

This one needs to be publish because we will not be intimidated.

We will not stand for death threats to us or anyone.

We question, call out and ridicule Obama on this blog but we DO NOT condone any harm to anyone.

This person below needs to be questioned and/or arrested.


Author :  (IP: , pool-96-246-95-219.nycmny.east.verizon.net)

Whois  : http://ws.arin.net/cgi-bin/whois.pl?queryinput=

if u dare  harm obama or his family  u will be hunted and slaughter  u will wish u was never born


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7 responses to “A death threat from an Obamabot to this site

  1. Granny Watching

    that IP was established in 2006. Assuming that was the first year at the COLLEGE, this person would now possibly be a JR. I can see education and the commie professors have done nothing to gain muturity in this person/persons, nor has it given ability to form rationale thought process. Either this is another waste of government spending or this persons poor parents are wasting good money. Our colleges and universities need investigated ASAP. Why should tax payers pay for educators who are declared Government enemies. .. IE, Ayers, Dhorn, Kahlidi and whoever else may pop up if God willing we ever get to see his college records. Someone is accountable for hiring and giving tenure to these radicals and highjacking tax dollars to pay for it. Also I want an investigation on the funding of our Political and Religious Science departments in our Universities. Cut the head of the snake off before our youth is totally destroyed with brain rot in these schools.

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  4. kristy

    It’s sad how someone who can make such claims can’t even use a fucking spell check :)

    They probably sent this on their winME machine.

    If possible, and if you still have the full email, please post the entire full headers, one of my specialties was setting up unix based email servers for qmail, sendmail and postfix.

    They can try and bnc all they wish, but not so easy to hide the mime in full headers :D

  5. Usually Obots are more literate than that.

  6. JC

    Dr. Con,

    Sorry…but they are not more literate than that…for if they were BHO/Lucifer would have never been put forth as a candidate, much less voted in…

  7. JC

    Dr. Con,

    Checked out your site…I have one word for you…”TROLL”

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