Obama’s New World Order

It’s videos like this one that make us want to give up on America, give in to Obama and the new world order.

You are being used my fellow Americans, especially all you black people. Too many people died fighting for our freedom of speech and our constitution. How can this happen in America?????

We have been warning you for a whole year. Remember the ABC reporter who was arrested for covering Denver donors??? Alex Jones has warned you since 1996.

Just Amazing what you are about to see.

You have no idea how bad things are going to get if Phil Berg and the US Supreme Court tell us, we have no rights as citizens.

That’s what you need to march for, the protection of our Constitution, not a homo lying half white, half arab president – select


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17 responses to “Obama’s New World Order

  1. Seriously?

    Is this a joke?
    “That’s what you need to march for, the protection of our Constitution, not a homo lying half white, half arab president – select”
    This comment completely invalidates any argument you were trying to make. Mudslinging is for children and even they should know better.

  2. Facepalm

    Seriously, dude. Do you really think this guy was arrested for wearing a McCain t-shirt? Use your brain for a second (I know it’ll hurt): we never hear the cops in the video say that he’s being arrested for wearing a McCain t-shirt. In fact, we don’t really know why he’s being taken away. If you use your brain and think logically, he probably showed up and started talking shit or threatening people with his wooden sword, and someone called the cops. That’s the most likely scenario.

    But no, go ahead and take it out of context and use it to spread bullshit about our future president. Maybe I’ll dig up a 5-second video clip of McCain looking angry, and write a bullshit article about how a homeless woman asked McCain for help, and he just scowled at her.. OMG LOOK, THE VIDEO PROVES IT!!!


  3. VGS

    It is very sad to see how much hatred and racisim you have inside. I am sure that has getting you very far in life. I pitty you and everybody who agrees with the hatred on this page.

    “Hatred is the coward’s revenge for being intimidated.”

  4. BMW60

    I cry for my America….. I cry that the press is so in the tank and no one tells the truth… May God Bless America!!!

  5. lfci

    Obamabots are going to start saying “it was taken out of context” in their sleep due to soooo many times they have had and will still have the need to say that to justify the absurd statements and actions of NObama and the consequences of his election.

    No other candidate (especially a white one) would ever have gotten away with a tenth of the dirt that exists on NObama.
    Marijuana and cocaine for years, no college records released, no birth certificate (real and with full information) released, confirmed connections with terrorists, socialists, criminals, radical Muslims, clear showing of racism in his books, a wife that wrote a racist thesis, NO experience whatsoever, Marxist statements, willingness to raise taxes in a recession, clear statement that he would destroy the coal industry and make electricity prices skyrocket, endorsement from terrorists and socialist leaders (which shows they know that NObama will favor them), lies, lies, lies, flip-flops, gaffes, and too many other things that should put people against him to list.

    Yes, this election was historic, but more historic than the election of the first mixed race president. It was maybe more historic in the fact that never before the American people went so blind and elected a complete fraud as president.

    In the end, after the other half of America find out who this project of a man is, that is what will be the main historic aspect of this election because electing NObama as the first “black” president will be a disservice to the black community.

    There are many other black men and women who could be good presidents. But, unfortunately, once NObama destroys this country he will make “black president” be synonymous of failure and other deserving black people will have a hard time convincing America that they will be different.

  6. Troy

    He is trying alot harder than the last so called leader it must be hard to fix all the bull the only problem I think is he’s people never lision we still do have the jobs we need people still treat every one like crazy heads like we are dumb I just ask why cant we talk we need to show the world we want peace with the world not just one man.

  7. JC


    Why not come back when you can form a complete sentense, with the correct puncuation? Perhaps you would also like to spell check some of your words.

    We all make grammatical and spelling errors occasionally when posting here, but I must say that this post of yours is quite possibly the most incoherent I have ever encountered.

    Should you need assistance with the English language try your local adult education classes, they work wonders for those such as yourself.

    By the way which so called “last leader” are you referring to? France, UK, German, Russia? Please specify which “last leader”… it really helps to do so, it adds so much to the conversation.

  8. Troy

    George W Bush never had to really be one the stage with the G20.

  9. Troy

    The site is cool but most you just Bs stuff talk and dont show why. Sure Obama’s job is hard.

  10. Fishleg

    Give it up, Troyboy…you elected a communist who could care less about you, Liberty, the Constitution, the life of little innocent babies, the pursuit of happiness, financial stability, and hey, at least Bush is an AMERICAN CITIZEN.
    Wake the hell up, you are in a kool-aid psychosis. God did not make you that way.

  11. Joe H

    found this site by accident. Thought it was a joke. It’s kind of scary to think the folks who write this crap actually get to walk around unsupervised in society. Perhaps ya’ll should look to increasing your meds. That or go out and get laid. Use your paypal donations – its an old republican tradition. Best of luck in your search for relavancy. Your paranoia is at the least entertaing, and at the worst, treason.

  12. Joe H – You found this site by accident, now why don’t you accidentally take a flying leap?

    “OMGz it was an accident. LET ME SIT here and COMMENT and let EVERYONE KNOW I stumbled upon obambi.com accidentally!! OH OH AND THEN I’ll take the time to further express my opinion on a site that I thought was a joke.”

    Oh, and their paypal goes directly to their server – NOT a bank account or a personal paypal. Doucheass.

    You wanna talk treason? Go take a look at who is sitting in the oval office. There’s your treason.

    Oh, right. BHO only spends about 4% of his time in the white house – the rest of it is vacations, apology tours, and bowing down to Saudi kings. Did I already say vacations?

  13. lol, that guy is nuts .

    This has been an expensive venture ,not just money but time as well.

    We barely get donations or ad revenue to pay for 1 day’s worth of webhosting.

    We been footing the bill since early 2008 because we care about this country.

  14. kristy

    joe h who couldn’t get laid is advising the real men to get laid?

    lol, thats a good one.

    hey joe, where ya goin with that dildo in your hand?

    probably to young to appreciate the classic reference.

    however joe h, don’t you know women find men sexy and attractive who have the balls to fight for a real cause? rolling over and submitting like a whipped kitten isn’t sexy joe h… just realize that hun ;-)

  15. Obambi> I hear ya, bro. I do MY site by myself. Fishleg does some pretty awesome sleuthing for me – and I appreciate it! I haven’t reached the point where I’ve needed to pay UNGODLY amounts of money – but my reasons for running my site are the same as yours. I’m a “Punk Rocker” kid from the generation of “Bush haters” and “Anti-war” pansy asses that don’t educate themselves on the severity of the things that are going on. A lot of “my people” comment and e-mail me thanking me for what I do on my site because they don’t usually visit anti-Obama sites or conservative sites – and since a lot of my viewers are finally seeing the light – then it’s worth it. If I can open the eyes of just ONE person that’s been blinded by BHussein’s shininess – then none of the hard work I’ve put into the site has gone to waste.

    Thanks for what you do, man. (Is Obambi run by one single person – or do you have a whole crew?)

    …I wonder why Joe is so interested in your sex lives. Perhaps it is HE who should UP his meds.

  16. Fishleg

    Joe H…Pffft…same dumbass, different name.

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