Obama’s mother photographed at Frank Marshall Davis home

By Disenfecting Leftism

A geneological researcher has emailed two pictures of Obama’s mother in the nude. That would be of trivial interest except for the setting in which the pictures were taken. They were clearly taken in a sophisticated mid-century apartment and my correspondent suggests that the apartment details could be used to identify the photographer. He feels that the photographer is the Communist “Frank” whom Obama mentions as his mentor. That Frank was so intimate with Obama’s mother would support the contention that Frank was in fact Obama’s father. Various bloggers have pointed out how similar Obama looks to “Frank” and the coverup of Obama’s birth certificate is certainly very suspicious.


I will not post the pictures here because of their content.  Instead, you can find the pictures here and here and here at the author’s respective sites.

I give below part of the correspondent:

By pure serendipity I found a photo of what I believe is Stanley Ann Dunham; two more I found through sheer plod. They are taken before Christmas by the decorations and unopened presents. Also a stereo and records that an expert could confirm as jazz records are in view.There is a distinctive grain to the wood floors. I do research including genealogical and had downloaded everything I could find. Not much. So when I saw the picture, I locked on the the ear lobes, chin, eyebrows. It is she. A nude photo,not distasteful, but posed, I believe, by a mature man who knows what he likes, including jazz and now we know young girls. One could ascertain the location of where the photos were taken.

And the shoes..not indigenous to Hawaii,but maybe not unusual for Helen Canfield Chicago socialite and Marshall’s second wife. The photos are important in the sense that they explain the going to Chicago and the immediate acceptance by the hard left, if his father is Frank Marshall Davis, not just his mentor

Photos are to show that Obama’s mom was photographed at Frank Marshall Davis home.


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69 responses to “Obama’s mother photographed at Frank Marshall Davis home

  1. Frosteetoes

    OMG, that is Obama’s mama! I do hope someone saves those pics to file before they go ‘missing.’ And if they go public on msm, it’s only fair game considering what the left has put Palin and her family thru, not to mention Joe the Plumber. If it turns out to be true that Frank M. Davis is indeed Barky’s father, this sorta puts a dent in Berg’s case, I’m sorry to admit. Regardless, it would still be big news and most embarrassing to Obama.

  2. not really frosteetoes

    Phil Berg will aid in actually releasing the REAL birth certificate that the courts for whatever reason are siding with Obama when it is a national security issue to know that candidates running for president are actually US citizens.

  3. We don’t even know what this guy’s name is at ALL!
    Not to mention he is a pervert.

  4. Frosteetoes

    Thursday, October 23, 2008 at 6:09 am

    not really frosteetoes

    Phil Berg will aid in actually releasing the REAL birth certificate that the courts for whatever reason are siding with Obama when it is a national security issue to know that candidates running for president are actually US citizens.
    I hear ya Obambi, and I originally thought that Andy Martin’s revelation was totally weird regarding Davis as his real father, but could it be true the theory that Davis suggested to Barack Obama Sr. to take on the parentage of Obama Jr.? Then fly to Kenya with Obama’s mother to deliver little Barack? The best that may be available is the fact that he was an Indonesian citizen who wasn’t reinstated as an American upon his return. I’m still just amazed over those photo’s of Stanley Ann Dunham. What the hell kind of degenerates were these people who raised Obama? Btw, I love this site!

  5. an observer

    When and where did Stanley first meet Frank? Kansas? Seattle? Hawaii? That has not been addressed as far as I know.

    Here’s related internet “stuff” I found:

    Max Friedman wrote “Davis was born in Arkansas City, Kansas, attended high school and Friends University and Kansas State College (Manhattan, Ks). That is probably where he became friends with the Dunhams.” You wrote “Interesting that you uncovered a relationship between the Dunhams and Davis dating back to their Kansas days.” I believe their common Kansas origin is well-known, but they did not know each other in Kansas. What relationship did Friedman “uncover”?

    I believe that Trevor Loudon found the documentation/articles on that………..

    Dr.Bobbi Anne White: “My belief is that the Davis family knew the Dunham family from Kansas”.

    Max Friedman said: “I will find the reference that Obama’s grandfather personally knew Frank Davis in KANSAS, long before Obama went to Hawaii. I believe that Trevor Loudon found the documentation/articles on that.”

    If we find that Frank and his wife regularly visited the west coast, particularly Seattle, and the Dunhams visited Hawaii while living on Mercer Island because they all knew each other, then the “Ann” reference at the age of thirteen in the Frank (aka Green) porn book could be significant.

    Did Frank visit the west coast on behalf of the ILWU. He wrote for a paper they owned. Hawaii and the west coast was the only place they were organized.

    If Frank, Bridges, and other fellow travelers were in Seattle for one reason or another, it is not unreasonable that they would visit Mercer Island since it seems there were are lot of friendly faces there based on the reports of the school system?

    Did Ann visit Hawaii while living on Mercer Island? Maybe stayed with the Davis’ during summer while not is school?

    The only way to get some information will be via old fashion research. Check old union newspapers, news letters, and union meeting announcements. Speaking engagements at Seattle area educational institutions (or elsewhere) could have been announced in local newspapers and/or college newspapers. FBI files tracking Frank’s travels?

  6. Yankeegirl

    What a sorry mess these people produced, and Barack kept the story rolling and attempted to finesse his way to the top of the political heap. He of course was pushed along the entire way by all those fine folks from Chicago. Perhaps he was blackmailed from the outset, because someone with this backstory is completely at the mercy of those who have the inside info and wish to use it for their own ends. One can pity the man his desire to bring “hope” and “change” to the world while he himself was ensnared in what was really a hopeless situation, but the coldness of wishing to bring a real catastrophe to our nation in the name of change staggers the imagination. Truth really is stranger than fiction.

  7. emmamess

    this iz so disrespectful – not that nude photos are posted – but that they are obviously photo shopped cuz tha heads are dispropotionate to tha pose. there are enough real issues with this presidential eletion – without resorting to this kinda sick joke. yes tha pictures got tha best of my curiosity – but obviously they are not genuine -n- if they were I woulda felt empathy for Obama and family.


    His family then and now is a freakshow.

    But the blockbuster is that Stanley Ann gave actually birth to a girl, Barrianna. And Michelle is actually a man.

  9. What Happened to America

    Do you really want this man Barack Hussein Mohammad Obama as your President?

    The guy is a gay homo deviant, crack smoking, Kenyan born, racist, lying, communist, islamic CONman.

    McCain puts me to sleep. Where have all the real Presidents gone? It is like an MTV freak show, ever since Ronnie Regan.

    God help America.

  10. Frosteetoes

    I’m surprised that you can still find these photo’s since they’ve first been posted. It sure as hell looks like Obama’s mama.

  11. JHL

    The creator of this garbage is a bigot. Obama is what the country needs.

  12. NOBAMA2



  13. Eowyn

    I support your blogs that deal with substantive issues, such as on Obama’s birth certificate & citizenship, and Dr. Ron Polarik’s long report on the doubtful authenticity of O’s “certificate of live birth.”

    However, I really take issue with these pornographic pics of, purportedly, O’s mother, as well as with Michelle Obama as Klingon and the photoshopped image of Nancy Pelosi as a dominatrix. They cheapen this website and really detract from the legitimacy of your substantive blogs.

    Posting these pics are also indicative of your hatred of the Obamas & Pelosi. To quote Michael Corleone, from Godfather3: “Never hate your enemy. It affects your judgment.”

  14. sentforth5

    I’ll be damned…now this is news!

  15. Fishleg Murphy

    Oops I did the sentforth5 thing by habit.
    Oh well…Thanks for voting in a communist crackhead fag illegal alien president, jerks.

  16. min presley

    to the people on this site standing up for ZERO wait till his policies start effecting your l;ife lets see if you still want to stand up for a kenyan born commie

  17. Paul Crew

    Not even a good photoshop and it’s from a porn collection. You guys are not only dumb, but you are also evil. I salute PRESIDENT OBAMA.

  18. no good

    Paul’s not even an American himself, that’s why he roots for America’s destruction.

  19. Paul Crew

    no good. Get hosed. I was born here and served this country in ‘Nam. You are a loser and definitely not a patriot.

  20. Fishleg Murphy

    ‘Nam? Nam’s restaurant on 6th street? Dishwasher??
    If you are an American you are a treasonous dog. Why don’t you move to Kenya, asshole.

  21. Nam’s restaurant on 6th street? Dishwasher?? lol

    Paul reminds me of that guy from Tropic Thunder. lol

  22. mtnwizard

    I earned my right to vote for Obama. It sure feels good to get the braindead right out of office.

  23. Concerned Citizen

    You guys really are a bunch of sick puppies.

  24. Lj

    U guys don’t realize u finally have a breath of fresh air and clean blood at he White House. The wolrd is watching, and u can talk about anything but silly conspiracies? … God you americans should have a ride with our presidente Berlusconi!!!! I admire Obama and am quite sure you’ll have to change your minds! Quite a Racist bunch aren’t you??

  25. LJ,

    What is it with you people from Amsterdam defending Obama like you know what the fuck is going on?

  26. no good

    I love you calling out foreigners.
    Like they’d pay taxes or die for their Ocommie?

    No, didn’t think so.

  27. Tedock

    if b HUSSEIN o is really a natural born ,,, then show the birth certificate…what is the problem??? The dems are defending him , why are they not asking to let us see it and it would never be an issue again. There has never been a problem like this before,,,why now ????? Makes no sense at all. Are they waiting for him to sign a bunch of bills ,,then cry to the country how BAD it would be to put him out because ,,they would not be legal. That why he’s id pushing so hard to sign everything he can. He’s mother was a slut……. screwed everything that walked , it seems, no matter the color! She was a little racist , radical bitch! Taught bo well!

  28. kristy

    paul crew, dont you EVER dare bring up about Nam and hide behind it.

    I had MANY relatives who served our Country fighting those commies in Nam, one is MIA at that. The ones who did come back to this day NEVER use “I served in Nam” as some lame excuse to hide behind. This is because they are real men and not cowards.

    To hide behind the fact you went to “Nam” is no differant then some feminist hiding behind her kids while screaming how empowered she is.

    paul crew, you just proven to be one of the biggest cowards alive.

    I don’t doubt you served in “Nam” but with your cowardliness compared to the other real soldiers who served… most likely you served in some nice radio room in the Philippines or even burning compost for the latrines.

  29. It takes a lot more than serving in NAM to be considered a patriot. I’d like to say that 100% of our soldiers are patriots, but you’ll always have that handful that want to go Cindy Sheehan on our asses. Wah wah. war.

    It’s not like there’s a draft. I don’t know many people that use the “I was a soldier” line as a crutch. Especially when that is something to be proud of. I know I’ll be proud to serve this great nation when I join the USAF. I certainly won’t bellyache if I get called out to serve in a war. Hell – that’s the JOB of a soldier. What if firemen whined about fires being too dangerous and they shouldn’t have to risk their lives to put them out? That would sound kind of silly, wouldn’t it? EMTs and police don’t (SHOULDN’T) whine when they’re called out to rescue someone stuck in a dangerous situation.

    Cindy Sheehan makes me throw up.

  30. sentforth

    Hm. Barack Hussein Obama sure gets his skin complexion from his mother.


  31. JC

    Yes, Cindy Sheehan is a disgusting piece of human flesh…she should be ashamed of the way she had dishonored her son’s sacrifice…she is warped/soul-less con artist…much like BHO.

  32. JC> You’ve got that right. Her son deserved to die an honourable NOBLE death, but she has tainted his memory with her anti-war bullshit.

    “Wah my son was totally sent to Iraq against his will to fight George W. Bush’s war! Wah wah. I’m going to camp out at Crawford Ranch because I need serious attention. Hi media!”

  33. In the nude picture where Ann is seated on the floor, the wood grain is in a piece of lenolium that could be found under new floor covering, no airconditioning, window open at christmas would be typical Honolulu, the record player is a RCA Victor that played ,45 rpm, 78 rpm and a third speed, record covers are black jazz singers, suntan lines are typical atire at Waikiki in 1965, shoe would be from Davis’s wife, typical for dress-up on manage-de-twae

  34. I’ve spent many Christmases in Honolulu and you’re right – an open window at Christmas is typical.

  35. bho boo


    or manage-a-twat

    one or the other

  36. live oak

    I saw the photos of her last night and couldn’t believe it; I saved them for Sea Dog because we never knew about the photos. She really is a tramp! That last 3rd photo is really disgusting I think. Back in those days it was considered very racy stuff. (I was in kindergarten.) Stanley Anne reminds me of the old black and white films from the 40’s and 50’s. She’s the hat check/cigarette girl and part time ladies room attendant at the Roxy theatre!!

  37. Yankeegirl

    My husband and I lived in pre-WWII US Navy housing at Pearl Harbor in 1970-71. We used to joke with our neighbors that the Japanese forgot to bomb these in ’41. We backed up onto Kam Hiway which is where the pineapple trucks would down-shift on their way to the Dole processing plant. Red dust all over and no air-conditioning in the housing unless you bought and installed it yourself. Christmas Day we went swimming at Makaha. Big waves.

  38. Frosteetoes

    It’s not to hard to look 18 when you are 15 with some make up. The breast on her in those picture’s are of those a teen as they are perky. Also the areo’s are small which which indicate she didn’t have any pregnancies at that point. No cellulite either on her body. She has that same hair style in her class picture from her school. Probably taken around the same time. Tan lines on the legs from wearing the style bathing suit that covered the entire ass as was the style back then. But the face is a dead ringer. If there were more pictures to compare to of his mama from back then, even clothed, the width or the arms, legs and hips….

  39. ttrishstar

    How would everyone like to see the USURPER naked now knowing the details of his left hanging *******. And to find out he shaves. omg

  40. in my opinion anyone who sees what this socialistic mafia muslim is doing to this country and still supports him,they are no less than traitors to the flag of the United States,and everything it stands for.
    when the bamster gets done with the country,freedom and liberty will be a thing of the past,and these fools and their familys will be as screwed as the rest of us. that is our only consolation.

  41. fREDA

    emm they look like ‘photo art’ to me. too bad it would have been fun to report it to flag@whitehouse.gov!~ emmmmmmmmmmm perhaps…emmm yup…maybe i will maybe i wll

  42. fREDA

    EMM i’ve been looking into this story a bit..and it would make sense…lets demand dna!!! (not!!)
    we can clearly see how a warped childhood produces warped adults! examples would be micheal jackson…and many many other of the so called ”child-stars’ a stupid name for them as it is nothing nearly as nice as a star..NONE of them are stars they are just a mass of unproductive human flesh that are being exploited for no other reason in the world than their looks. yup sounds like obama to me now if i could just figure out what messed up pile of genes his wife came from…emm she makes Joe Jackson look good

  43. Jim

    For all those who claim the pictures of Stanley Ann Dunham were photo-shopped, consider the following: Three different, existing head shots of Obama’s mama would have to exist and be available to the photo-shopper for transplant. Anyone seen them? No! Because they are all only on these three photos and, otherwise, don’t exist. Also, the jewelry is a giveaway. The earrings lie against the woman, appropriate for each pose. These aren’t photo-shopped. They’re real. Also, there are more similarities in the facial features, skin color and physical build between Frank M. Davis and the young Barack Hussein Obama, than there are between the goat herder and the younger communist.

  44. Fishleg

    lots of communists around this evening.
    i hate communists.
    obama is a communist, too.
    God hates communists, but communists don’t believe in God, so its okay.

  45. herbert stamper

    right on bro. God doesnt believe in them either,so they are even. at least for now,but that later thing is gonna be hell. (pardon the pun)

  46. Fishleg

    How ’bout that fREDA commie? emmmm…ummmmmm.uhhhhhhh maybe its really Oloser himself emmmmmmmmm
    a thoughtful communist..

  47. None of his past is verified. We do not know who his mom was. The usurper himself may not know (I believe he does not).

    A street rat who can repeat what he is told was groomed for this and he sits in the WH.

  48. This fool is dangerous. He is destroying our country from within. The true believers of the Constitution, the “tea party” members are being infiltrated by leftie loons carrying signs and making gestures intended to make the members look like radical racists, when in reality, all we want is our country back. Please get involved. The government is not ignoring us, but they are trying to portray us as “crazed revolutionists” seeking to overthrow the government. In actuality, we are trying to protect Our Country from the Government!

  49. Just a thought, is it possible that the 13 year-old girl named “Ann”, that Davis admitted to having sex with, is Stanley Ann Dunham, Obama’s mother?

    Davis, along with Ayers, Rev. Wright, Pfleger, etc., did their job well on grooming this empty vessel (Obama). Obama himself was right up front when, during one of the presidential debates, he looked right into the camera and told the American people: “If you want to know how I will govern, look at the people I surround myself with.”

    Look at the people he has in his administration as advisers, Department heads, and Czars; they are admitted socialist/communists, tax cheats, liars, thieves, sexual-perverts and other types of morally bankrupt individuals.

  50. Frosteetoes

    Well Rev. Gregori, it would seem that young Stanley Anne had a penchant for black men. She had sexual relations with one out of wedlock that resulted in a pregnancy. I don’t doubt that she was the student mentioned in Frank Marshall Davis’s book. Once you go black you don’t go back so I’ve heard.

  51. Thomas Paine

    Amazing that these photos, if taken December, 1960 are exactly nine months before August, 1961. Did she get pregnant these nights ? By Obama, By Davis ? By Sammie David Jr. ?

  52. Min Joon Wun

    Funny how Libtard zombies always use names like ‘TheTuth” and “Concerned Citizen” and “”. all Libs should be lie detected to see if they are in fact control freaks, delusional liars, amoral sexual deviants, power hungry scum out for their own gain no matter the cost, or communists, I am guessing the number would be close to 100%.

    They are all the same; self oriented hedonists and layabouts who have had it easy and hate the people whom they want to have pay for their lifestyle, calling us, the real workers names such as prudes, racists, bigots, and evil. They keep saying things which makes them appear morally superior, but they are the first who will resort to name calling, sabotage, blackmail, well poisoning, and violence. They do it because they can say ‘But we are doing it for the right reasons… therefore it is all ok.’

  53. EuroNationalSocialist

    American goofy, after all, the kike gave you two choices, and you were the willing morons. Rumor has it that Obama is going to win another term so he can keep sovietize America, not because the people ‘love’ him; American sheep are irrelevant- they just “exercise their vote” lol, but because the kike want him.
    The other alternative is to get Bush v.3, so he keeps screwing in your economy and wealth on kosher-approved and endless wars for israhell.

  54. Too sad for words and too prophetic. That unfortunate, naive girl being used and exploited by those vile leftist perverts. Ends up dying an early death, allegedly from cancer, being incinerated by her son and unceremoniously tossed off a cliff in Hawaii. As nasty as this is, and contrary to every decent instinct to let her soul rest in peace, this is an important part of the puzzle that is Obambi’s life, and gives chilling insight into the genre and background in which he was raised and why we have a man with the attributes of a sociopath in the White House. This should be reposted.

  55. Ace

    Soebarkah’s mom was CIA.
    There’s is actually evidence that she is still living.

  56. Pingback: Everybody» Blog Archive » Obama mom pictures

  57. Lisa

    OK that head doesn’t look to be the wrong proportion for the body to anyone else? Photoshop.

  58. Ace

    Lisa, all of Mrs. “Obama’s” photos are photoshopped. There is no “Mother Obama”.

  59. leonard


  60. thedot

    Thank you..your thoughts are the most rational of all that have been proposed and seem quite logical…quite frankly to call stan a rebel is a kindness because for that era she crossed forbidden lines over and over and was notorious ….was mosr likely shunned by respectable society. Hawaii was a new state and its culture out of mainland norms…a safe place for her lifestyle….one might say she crossed over the fence and could never return…. was free and at what cost….she chose black and for that time she could no longer return to respectability in the wide culture.,…

  61. Ace

    Here’s another one:

  62. Anonymous

    Obama is a real piece of shit…

  63. Wow – (both sides have) some convincing arguments, but some of you (on both sides) are name calling and immature. And by the sounds of some of you, you have no right to be casting stones at the woman for what she may or may not have done in her youth. Only people with shady backgrounds or upbringing would say some of the things you are saying…

  64. Is there an official shoe of Hawaii??? What a pathetic excuse! I guess she’s also wearing the official uniform of hawaii, too…

  65. Ironbob

    LMAO, this site is batshit crazy.

  66. Tom Osborne

    baracky-elHussienni-islamowhore-nazibama’s granny was bring the KY for baracky’s skinny little ass when uncle Frank buggered him.

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