This guy is the biggest fraud/con man, I can’t believe he is President.


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  1. I read this, wanted to post

    (By melvillescw)

    Do you know how the government works?
    Congress is in control of spending, and the making and passing of legislation, guess who controlled the congress under Bush Democrats. You must think Clinton did such a great job with the economy too; well Ill let you guess who controlled the congress during his administration. That is why he was considered such a good economic president because he left the Republican congress alone to do their thing.

  2. nawanawanga

    Cuts like a knife Obambi.

  3. JC

    Just a couple of observations about this “hissy fit” that BHO is having:

    First he begins by “blaming” everyone but himself…no can do BHO…you were right smack dab in the middle of the Senate when all this all began…but you were too busy running for president to be bothered with keeping track of what was going on the last two years, if things were in such a horrible state with this type of fall/crisis on the horizen…then why did you not keep your butt there and fix it when it would have been much easier to have fixed?

    Second, you stir fear…a good/educated leader would never do this…instead you look us straight in the eye and tell us that yeah…it might be scary and it might get rough(er) but we (Americans) are made of grit and bone and can overcome any challenge and set back as long as we are willing to do what it takes to get the job done. But you cannot do that BHO, because you have no idea how to fix this problem, you are hoping throwing a couple billions dollars at it and will make it go away…news flash here…money does not fix everything (neither will tax cuts alone). How about getting rid of some of those programs…like funding studies on how cow poop hurts the environment.

    Thirdly, you sermonized how you were gonna change things…well billions of dollars of “ear marks” in this bill does not constitute change…it is business as usual. And as long as you defend ear marks in this bill, it only highlights your arrogance, and your “I won” so screw you and yours, mentality.

    Fourthly, the icing on the cake, you ridicule because you cannot control others (from either side) because the congress and the senate did not roll and do what you wanted when you wanted…you scream and kick like a kid who has been denied ice cream…never mind you have done nothing to derserve the ice cream…You shout and fuss all the while thinking that if it goes on long enough someone will give in just to shut you up.

    BHO is in over his head!!

    Now I ask the reasonable people of this blog, is this what you expected when you voted for your precious leader…Did you expect the pig to stay outta the sty just cause he was your pig?

  4. Fishleg

    Yup…the RIGHT is almost always RIGHT.
    More Bible:
    Ecclesiastes 10:2
    A wise man’s heart is at his RIGHT hand; but a fool’s heart at his LEFT.

    There’s a reason that American politics is split into two categories, right and left;
    that way, when a young Christian(regardless of age) wants God’s advice on political matters, he or she can open up God’s Letter and BAM! There it is …stay away from the left!

  5. JC

    Excuse me when I typed “thirdly and “fourthly”… it should have been just “Third” and “Fourth”…I got carried away. My children love pointing out my typing errors…LOL

  6. AnnaEsse


    First of all, I’d just like to say that your grammar was spot-on with your use of the adverbs, “thirdly,” and “fourthly.”

    Thirdly: adv. In the third place, rank, or order.

    Fourthly: adv. In the fourth place.

    Ok, secondly! Brilliant message. You have said what I was sitting here thinking as I listened to that overgrown kid throwing his toys out of his pram. After all the adulation he received during his campaign; turning up for TV interviews, behaving like and being treated like a pop star; that image of him on a flight of stairs looking like a TV preacher etc etc., he thinks all those around are just going to fall on their knees and hail the words of the Messiah. Nope! It ain’t gonna happen! He’s playing with the big boys and girls now and he just doesn’t like it. Well, too bad Mr Obama/Soetoro, whatever your name is. It sure isn’t a game and you sure aren’t totally in charge of the outcome. Ya boo sucks!!!

  7. JC


    Thanks for the grammer lesson, it has been a long time since I was in a classroom.

    Everytime I hear his voice it gets more and more shrill…like nails on a chalk board…

    I truly think he thought would somehow just roll into town and everyone would automatically fawn and hang on his every word, like at his rallies. I went to one just to check it out and it was sickening. I am just glad that I did not get close enough to ask my questions…they’d hid my body I am certain.

  8. stand up and fight

    First create a crisis,instill fear to obtain submission, then solve the problem you created.Bingo stardom!

  9. nawanawanga

    I just laughed, to myself, at the idea of Bush reading Obambi.com ….

  10. JC> Don’t worry about how long it’s been since you’ve been in a classroom. I’m currently in college and so far they’re trying to cram evolution down our throats, they’ve dedicated an entire passage in my psych book about how Rush Limbaugh is a two-faced druggie, and some ‘positive’ crap about John Kerry. In my High School US Government class – in 2002 (literally MONTHS after 9/11) the teacher insisted that a student stood up in front of the class to read her “OH so Brilliant essay” to the rest of us. The essay was knocking Bush, calling him a warmonger, comparing him to a schoolyard bully who just wanted to “flex his muscles” for the rest of the world, and all the other typical far left bull crap one would expect to hear on CNN. (Or Bill O’reilly’s show – OH no she di’in’)

    I often wonder… how many brilliant minds are ruined by “higher education”.

  11. AnnaEsse


    Sorry, I didn’t mean that to sound like a grammar lesson. And I expected the same as you, that he’d get his own way and I am surprised to see so many people questioning what he is doing.

  12. I don’t think Barack Hussein Obama even made a backup plan in case the people started to question what it is he’s actually trying to pull. Uh oh.

  13. nawanawanga

    stand up: Yes, the crisis is to bankrupt America, impose martial law, remove constitutional rights (he ignores the constitution already), impose obammunism with massive “reparations”…ironic for the great grandson of slave sellers

    Anyway, his approval rating is falling like a comet. People grow tired of his cynical bullshit and teleprompters and constant narcissistic campaign-mode. He lies so much that he’s become a running joke. To “obamafy” something has become its own verb.

    I just cannot believe at this rate that people will ever stomach his full nefarious commie plans. He’s like Dr. Evil, in that he doesn’t like ANY objections, only nowhere near as smart…

    I doubt Dr. Evil bought his diploma from Columbia like Obama did.

  14. JC


    Don’t think nothing of it…I took it in the spirit in which it was meant…

    A wise person hears and accepts correction… a fool rejects it and becomes rebellious…

  15. Paul Crew

    You’ve just described the people on this forum when they are presented with facts about Obama’s natural born status. You scream, rant and pout.

  16. nawanawanga

    No, YOU rant…we cite, reference, and quote.

  17. Fishleg

    Your boy is really starting to stink, Paul..this is fun to watch as Americans start to figure out this un-American fraud is no more than a communist(socialist, marxist, communist- it’s all the same) with no other ideas but to shut the money down and proclaim himself Emperor.
    You can’t figure it out, but his numbers are sinking like a ton of lead, so plenty others are paying attention.
    Boo Hoo.

  18. JC


    The problems/issues with BHO and his policies transcends the questions of his birth place…you seemed unable to get past that argument…which makes me wonder who are you trying to convince about BHO’s birth place…us or yourself?

  19. JC> I agree. Man – the people here are the best.

  20. It’s pure Keynesian economics, of course, which is, amazingly, still discussed in the universities as a respectable doctrine–the idea that prosperity is to be attained through spending. And that the economy is something that the government should manipulate to further its own ends.

  21. Common Hypnotism

    Oba-Mao is going to be exposed as the traitorous and evil slime he is.

    The question is can this once great nation recover from the mess he and filth like Pelosi and Reid leave?

    He will soon blame it on George Washington.

    “He left it for me, this stupid constitution, all wrapped up in a bow. This dirty document was waiting for me when I took office, and I need to figure out how to get rid of it”.

  22. JC


    Yes, “the one” does seem to have a “gotta blame” someone, cause well you know …um..well…um well…Never mind this nin-com-poop has been a US Senator for the past two years…there is no way “he” could be responsible for the mess…and if you buy/believe that then more the fool you.

    That is the problem with most of the Washington Wussies, on both sides of the isle, they do not want to live up to the mess they have made…idiots…I say vote them all out and bring in new faces…new ideas…

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