We won the election. We’ll write the bill

“President Obama is making a real effort to make sure this is a bipartisan product,” said Sen. Ben Cardin, D-Md. “I know that we don’t have as many Republican votes as we would like but I can tell you the Republicans have added to the package. When you take a look at — which will pass in the Senate, it is balanced between tax cuts and investments, so this is a bipartisan product and takes time to develop.”

Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., said if Obama really wanted to be bipartisan, he would listen to Republicans who insist that more money is needed on freeing up credit spending and helping the housing market than on government funding for state programs and other aid.

“What I object to this about is the disconnect between what the president is saying and proposing and what we’re doing. I mean they’re saying, ‘We won the election. We’ll write the bill,'” said Alexander, one of six Senate Republicans to vote for the second half of a $350 billion bailout for financial institutions now being distributed by the administration.

“They’re borrowing $1 trillion and spending it. … I don’t remember (Obama) promising to borrow $1 trillion and spend it on projects that mostly don’t stimulate us. …

“President Obama can pass the bill with this tone and legislation but it will make for a less successful presidency and he’ll have a really hard time when he gets to banks, more housing, entitlement, health care. This is not bipartisan working across party lines to exchange ideas and get results,” he added.


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2 responses to “We won the election. We’ll write the bill

  1. JC

    An open letter to the Republicans and Democrats in the Senate,

    I would like to take this opportunity to remind you who hired you to do this job. WE the people did; not your peers in the Senate, US the everyday folks of this country put you there. We allow you, to serve to us at our will not your own.

    The voters of your state did not sign on to be sold out by you or anyone else in Washington.

    For far too long you have gutted our financial system for personal gain, for far too long you have turned a blind eye to those who would defraud the public, for far too long we have allowed you to wheel and deal unabated and unchecked, for far too long you have shut your ears to our voices, for far too long you have abused our trust, for far too long you have contrived to fool us and work contrary to what we really want and really need. For far too long you have listened to lobbyist and heeded their needs and wants over ours!

    The American voters have had enough of your insepid, feckless, down right selfish leadership. We demand that you start working for those who put your sorry butt in that seat. Now we know that sometimes compromise is the only solution and we are not ignorant to that fact.

    Your vote in favor of this “stimulus package” is a violation of the trust we have placed in you. When we put you in that seat, we placed our future in your hands. We will not take kindly to your highjacking our future, and, that of our children. We will not be used as bargaining chips to be traded or compromised for your own personal gain or glory.

    WE the people do not want this disaster of a bill. Your support of it proves you unworthy of our trust, and WE the voter will be mindful of your actions come election time.

  2. Frosteetoes

    That’s good JC. Well said.

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