Shut The Fuck Up Obama, No Really.


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26 responses to “Shut The Fuck Up Obama, No Really.

  1. DM

    This video needs to be blasted to everyone! Then maybe people will start waking up to the fact bo is already doing what he said he wouldn’t do. Geez, all you have to do is watch him with his daughters to see that the guy is not emotionally connected to anyone. We’re in trouble!

  2. TexasPride


  3. I need some help! I am transcribing that video, but being Scottish, some of the words/expressions are strange to me. The phrase I’m having trouble with (don’t laugh too much!) is where Obama seems to be referring several times to, “pork marrow projects.”

    Can someone tell me what he is actually saying, please, cos I’m sure he’s not saying that!!

    Merci d’avance!

  4. S’OK folks! I found it on Larry Sinclair’s blog! Pork Barrel projects! And I’ve looked it up and found a definition!

    “Government funding of something that benefits a particular district, whose legislator thereby wins favor with local voters. For example, Our senator knows the value of the pork barrel. This expression alludes to the fatness of pork, equated with political largesse since the mid-1800s. [c. 1900] “

  5. nawanawanga

    Yeah, isn’t it amazing Anna how he will tell a raw baldfaced lie without any conscience? The man is one piece of sick trash.

  6. Those of us who NEED to see the video … well… already have. We remember it from the campaign. It’s old news to most of us. However, the Obamatrons watch it and probably stand there dumbfounded – scratching their heads wondering what programs we used to make Obama’s voice say things that contradict his actions.


  7. Nawanawanga,

    I’m close to suffering temporomandibular joint syndrome, my jaw gapes so much watching Oscammabot talking. I hadn’t seen that video before and I’m transcribing it for my blog, which is mostly read by folks in the UK and Europe. A quick check of the front pages of our nationals today reveals the most prominent feature on the US presidency is something about Michelle Obama and fashion designers! Lord luv us!!! So, maybe the video needs to reach at least a few people this side of the pond.

  8. nawanawanga

    Don’t let Obama harm you. He’s not worth TMJ. He will fuck up. He’s not a smart despot.

  9. nawanawanga
    Stymie-us mandates that US Citizens must compete for jobs in USA with illegal aliens, they can be fired and replaced by illegals as well.

    Well, Obama didn’t say those jobs were for Americans now did he?

  10. JC

    one word sums up BHO…..liar….

  11. I like this one better: Douche

  12. nawanawanga

    Again, that pool of plaintiffs will definitely arise from the displaced workers.

    Obama’s Super Lawyers blocking the release of Occidental records have threatened financial ruination upon anyone seeking his records. Well, as Janice Joplin sang, “Freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose.” And when you’re unemployed, what have you got to lose? How will Super Lawyers threatening huge financial damages on penniless unemployed plaintiffs make a difference?

    This is obstruction of justice at its most obscene. That’s what Obama is too, he’s not breathtakingly arrogant, he’s just obscene, his is a pornographic version of a presidency.

    In less than one month Obama has doubled the national debt, literally enslaved our grandchildren to his whims, 20 states suits for sovereignty are ongoing, the GOP is threatening Obama with an abuse of power lawsuit, he is trying to silence talk radio and religious programs, he has started socializing health care with sick and elderly being expendable, all records nationalized, protocols fixed from the top, taken over the census, given billions of our dollars to his pet projects and to pay back cronies, started on closing GITMO, dropped charges on terrorists, giving licenses and jobs to illegals on the same basis as US Citizens, dropping sanctions on Syria, and Iran –including companies which help Iran’s nuclear program, opening travel to Cuba (I’m sure I’m missing several things, feel free to fill in the blanks), forced the unwilling to fund abortions. He has done more damage in three weeks than any other President has done in 4 years, yet the media will not inform the public on what he is doing.( I hope he does not bail out HIS media when they go belly up)

  13. Fishleg

    “This is obstruction of justice at its most obscene. That’s what Obama is too, he’s not breathtakingly arrogant, he’s just obscene, his is a pornographic version of a presidency.”
    Very well said, nawanawanga.

    Hey, I get a kick out of your screen’s fun to say! It sounds like something you yell when you’re on fire…nawanawanga!!!

  14. nawanawanga

    7 Broken Promises in Record Time

    1. Make government open and transparent.

    2. Make it “impossible” for Congressmen to slip in pork barrel projects.

    3. Meetings where laws are written will be more open to the public. (Even Congressional Republicans shut out.)

    4. No more secrecy.

    5. Public will have 5 days to look at a bill.

    6. You’ll know what’s in it.

    7. We will put every pork barrel project online.

  15. Anti-Obama

    Million more lies will follow…. The people who voted for Obama didn’t vote for what he stood for they voted based on race alone. You ask any fool who voted for this chump anything Obama preached – The only word they can spit out is, “Change.” These people have an IQ 5 degrees lower than horse crap combined.

    The working american people should invest in KY corporation – you’ll need something to soffen the screwing we’ll all be getting..

  16. Have to agree. He is a very dangerous socailist liar. Those words I guess are redundit as socialists are by nature liars about their agendas. As are muslims and democraps.

  17. JC

    The king of all liars will tell you a hundred truths to get you to believe one lie…sound familiar…that is because BHO and Lucifer are one….

  18. Frosteetoes

    I was wondering, is it possible to go to another democratic country and file a suit there to have a current president of the United States forced to show eligibility to be the leader of a nation? Maybe bring this up at the next United Nations meeting? Maybe Sweden can sponsor this on our behalf since our legal system has proven to be impotent? Just wondering…

  19. kristy

    highly doubtful.

    The demon-craps in power here right now will most likely land you in some underground prison 200 miles below the earths crust jsut for thinking of the idea.

    I mean heck… their already wanting to ban guns “except for bloods, cripts etc” and establish a total police state that would make the old soviet union shake with fear.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the demon-craps try to make it mandatory to embed GPS and some kind of computer devise to track thoughts into every American citizen “at our expense of course… and not for the welfare anchors”

  20. It would be like microchipping a dog. o_o

    I wonder if they’re going to start tracking people via cellphones.

  21. kristy

    Why not use the satellites that were supposed to be used for our starwars program?

    I mean, obama only sees the United states of America and it’s citizens as his enemy, so just use that on use that use to be there to protect us.

    It will be a matter of time before he starts selling states in the US to enemy countries such as iran, syria and north korea with the people in those states as slave labour to line his pockets with.

    his excuse will be “we must all do our part”

    in other words, the movie Red Dawn will become a reality… only we won’t beable to fight back being all the guns will be banned by then.

  22. nawanawanga

    Frostee: If another country decides to challenge a treaty or reject a debt, etc., emanating from the “UNION” which is now null and void with an illegal usurper, they have every legal basis to do so.

  23. american

    our prez the terrorist . what a great choice we have made. we sit back and allow this to happen if he had not won the election certain members of a certin race would have rioted . how do i know this? i asked then throughout dc before the election i asked random blacks ” what would happen if obama lost the election” and a middle class middle aged black women replied with the same exact sentence that all the others said ” we will riot” now as a white person i ask myself how come we as a race dont turn to mass violence and pillaging of honest business owners when we dont get our way . we are more mature and smarter .

  24. american

    you are welcomed to state your opinions but please stay away from any violence or harm to anyone in any comments and of course actions.

    we have edited your comment to meet our guidelines but seriously stick with strong opinions as long as they are peaceful and non violent towards anyone.

  25. chimmy

    I hate that I live in a world surrounded by all these stupid people ---> Talk back, don't let them hold you down...

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