Obama was Riding Dirty

By Larry Sinclair


On News Stands every where Thursday, February 26, 2009. Get your copy before they are sold out. “New details in BLOCKBUSTER BOOK!”

PRESIDENT Barack Obama is caught up in a new gay sex and drug scandal – and his loving wife is heartbroken, sources tell GLOBE in a blockbuster world exclusive. Find out all the details of the letter Michelle Obama received from the MAN who claims to be her husband’s lover – and how America’s devastated First Lady is fighting back against a shocking new tell-all book. It’s must reading!


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19 responses to “Obama was Riding Dirty

  1. Suzi

    What a load of bullshit.

  2. Fishleg

    satan said:
    “What a load of bullshit.”

    Yes, it is a load of bullshit that the one-time ‘entertainment’ magazines are the only one reporting the truth these days.

    Seems like the Bible and the Globe are all we have to garner facts from anymore.

  3. nawanawanga

    eww those are some droopy bigass THC mantitties

  4. I want to read the raging chimp tragedy. They’ve got his photo on the front left side of the mag and everything!

  5. kristy

    only thing is, we already knew that bastard was gay to begin with.

    And yes, he is a bastard by the very definition.

    Actually, a black bastard. he is black, and no one actually knows who his father really is.

  6. I thought he was a “mutt”.

    Didn’t he promise a couple of kids that they would get a dog?

    Fitting. He’s also promising his mindless drones a bunch of shit he’s never going to actually follow through with. I wonder if Sasha and Malia have given up on their puppy.

  7. Vicki

    Wow… is the White House gonna be doing some PR sweeps today or what? lol

    I can see them trying to buy out every edition they can… Wouldn’t want the public to actually question their Residents image now, would they?

    I can remember a time when being the President of the USA meant something…. It held with it’s title a high standard of achievement, and honor….

    We’ve sank about as low as we can go these days… He’s being accused of giving blow jobs in the back of a limo, using crack, and hiding behind 3 lawfirms to hide the fact that he’s really a Kenyan Muslim.

    Wow!! When you put it all in one paragraph, it’s unbelievable..

  8. kristy

    well, they have already destroyed the prestigious titles “Reverend” “Professor” and then “Doctor” that one use to have to study very hard, take many accredited tests and pass, then preform many duties afterward in order to obtain such a valued title.

    So why not cheapen the title “President” while their at it too?

  9. kristy

    on that note… I want the title “Millionaire” but the difference is… I expect to work hard for that title, where as they want to just be handed titles.

    This probably explains why so many college diploma mills are so big now days. Just show up 4 times a month, no real kind of homework, take a test with the teacher giving the answers, and get your degree in less then one year.

  10. Pretty soon we’ll all have fancy titles. “Citizen 00052684678” or “Citizen 4580121555”.

    Our careers won’t matter – Our achievements won’t matter. Our identities as an individual won’t matter. We’ll all be just a number in the sea of a communist nation.

  11. JC

    Ha, Ha, Ha…I love the front of that magazine…Never read a Globe before my just have to pick up one and check it out!!!

  12. kristy

    So true on that DangerB

    The ironic thing is, all those crybaby libterds bitch about wanting to be individuals, showing this through the most disgusting lifestyles or condoning them at least; yet communism trying to get into any country sides with those people… until once it establishes its evil claws into that host country.

    Once communism does this, say goodbye to any form of individuality.

    The libtards are not being as individual as they think, there is a huge difference between being an individual and having an identity crises.

    There was an older movie that was to take place during the cuban revolution under castro. It pointed this out too…

    I belive the movie was called “Strawberries and Chocolate”

    It was about how the university students in cuba were very radical in favore of the revolution. All the mob mentality. There was a homo film maker that befriended some of the students, one in particular more then the others, who was also big for the communist revolution as well.

    The students would hang out with this gay film director after class every day, listening to his typical bull shit about the benifits of communism and the evils of Democracy.

    At the end of the movie, one of the students who you assumed ended up being that filmmakers lover ran to his home all happy to let him know the revolution was over and communism won and prevailed for the people…

    But ironically, he seen the film maker quickly packing, and told the student he was told that he had 24 hours to leave “he was going to mexico” because the new communist government seen him as “not good for the state!”

    The look on the young students eyes was funny as hell as you could see he just realized that all this time, he was fighting for a government that only used him for support, but wanted to “liquidate” him after they won.

    Kind of like the song by The Who, wont get fooled again.

    This is much like the ignorant libtards in America right now…

    It blows my mind how all these rappers and media show such support for a government who has proven to try had to censor their very own crap “think Tipper Gore”

    In time, the censorship will grow like never seen before under obamas marxist policies as they start to take root and grow.

    That is when the libtards will really bitch and scream… but yanno, they did it to themselves. this is what they wanted.

    Check out the movie. The beginning will make any true American’s stomach sick, but watching it to see how their new communist government they helped back turned on them and either censoring them or exiling them was actually hilarious.

  13. *sigh* You guys are like… my breaths of fresh air. o_o It’s going to be a rough ride these next four years.

  14. Danne

    You do realize this is a rag mag?! Do you really
    take these jokes for real news? Wow. We do need
    a better education system!

  15. Fishleg

    Danne, scroll back up and read my first comment. The Globe ain’t no joke anymore..they are hard journalism.

  16. nawanawanga

    The globe exposed John Edwards affair when nobody else would.

  17. Danne: Trust me. If they want to get the word out to the Obamatrons – it’s a smart move to use some “RAG mag” instead of a respectable media source.

    Most Obamatrons will suck up anything “rag mags” have to say. ANY celebrity gossip is newsworthy to an Obamatron. You know, especially since there are REAL issues going on in the world. Serious ones. But of course, those issues require more than a double-digit I.Q. to process and fully understand them. Who in America is a bigger celebrity than Barack Hussein Obama? I can’t think of one. This is a fitting outlet.

  18. kristy

    I just find it hilarious how libtards get their information from resources such as “saturday night live”, “john stewart”, “david letterman”, comedy central”, “colbert”, “cartoon called lil Bush”, and some kind of rap song.

    All so uncredible sources that they were really ment to be pawned off as comedy for entertainment purposes only. Yet the same libtards embrace those same mentioned sources as their war banner to fight till the death because it helped influence their political beliefs.

    Hows that for needing an education?

    Need more danne?

    How about experience? Common sense which is dead among libtards is so badly needed right now.

    Alittle tip… when you back up a candidate, make sure they have the following…

    Have passed at LEAST one bill!

    One year with their ass polishing a seat doesn’t qualify as experience either.

    See what issues they stand for instead of only them saying feel good words. Which with obama, it was strictly only orwellian feel good words and nothing more.

    When someone wants power and needs your vote, the ones who I know right away that hold no credibility are the ones who only use feel good words. orwell taught us this in the movie “animal farm”. I do suggest you watch this. No joke. Especially since orwell admittedly sided with marxism until he found out the hard way.

    Mind you, there is a big difference between the orwellian feel good words, such as obama used, and the “I have a plan, this is my plan, and when this plan is put into motion because of this and that, then we can rest alittle more easily”.

    You have to look into the details which liberals refuse to do.

    This is why liberals win among the uneducated and weak minded.

    If your mind has been able to grasp what I have said danne, and finally open but you still wish to hold tightly to the o-reigns, then this shows the saying “pride is what killeth the lion” comes true.

    Sorry, but feel good words sound good, but never work in reality. Thats just called life, like it or not.

    Even Jesus taught us of a much better life after this one, but only if we work hard, and endure this life first which Jesus didn’t give us a bunch of fluff that life here on earth was all golden and heel clickin jolly times. Thats for the next life after.

    So with obama trying to give simple feel good words for this life here which proven never to work, obama is then logically trying to put himself ABOVE Christ?

    That actually gives even MORE credibility that he is the true anti-Christ.

    Read my words danne, eat a steak to get some protein in that brain of yours and open your eyes.

    Yeah, life does suck, but it doesn’t mean that is an excuse to be irresponsible in life and purposely be willfully ignorant just to “think” your making some kind of statement.

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