The Fall of the Republic (in HD)


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49 responses to “The Fall of the Republic (in HD)

  1. Frosteetoes

    This looks good. Alex should win or at least be honored with some sort of documentary award. Alas, the people who give these awards are usually liberal.

  2. It’s another great film.

    Must see. Support it.

  3. Cuss

    Do they have a nobel prize for movies????

  4. Cuss

    Mike Church has a movie out called the spirit of 76, great to watch to get a better understanding of what the Founding Fathers was all about!

  5. right cuss,

    alex deserves a noble peace prize more than Ofraud.

  6. Lover of Life

    An alternative title to this film should be, “The Betrayal of the Republic”.

  7. Cuss

    Just think for a moment, how many brave Americans throughout our history have fought and died to protect our freedoms and our constitution. And all it has taken is one skinny assed, hybrid, usurping, muslim, coward faggot to bring this country down. WHAT THE FUCK!!!! makes me sick to my stomach!

  8. tki

    whoa. wtf are you people smoking? It’s a thinly veiled attack on the man, you might not agree with him, but Christ he’s not the devil!

  9. tki

    how very droll, don’t agree with someone, call them a Nazi. And you’re calling Obama against freedom?

    Perhaps you should consider what free speech actually means you sad little person.

  10. Cuss

    Freedom of speech is the ability for our press to call out polititians when they do things they aren’t supposed to do and not doing things they are supposed to. They are supposed to be our constitutionally protected watchdog, not the occupier in chiefs lapdog. There is a hatred brewing for this man and his policies. And the more items of our lives he attempts to take control of the worst it will get. And if you don’t like it , kiss my ass!

  11. tki

    Am I not allowed to disagree with you? It seems to be me anyone who doesn’t see exactly the same way you do is evil, horrible, etc, etc.

  12. Cuss

    There are many people, many great god fearing people on this site. All with different definitions of evil. If someone thinks bringing this country to it’s knees or removing certain freedoms one amendment at a time is evil, who am I or anyone else to judge?

  13. tki

    Now that’s an expression I don’t get… “God Fearing”… last time I checked God was love, he wanted our love, not our fear.

    But that’s off topic, nice passive aggressive come back btw. You claim Obama is the one removing freedoms… how? By moving the US closer to the rest of the world? By talking rather then dropping bombs?

  14. Cuss

    Didn’t the occupier in chief bomb something in afganistan killing some innocent people? And I’m
    pretty sure some have also died in Iran. As far as freedoms being lost, look at what chavez has done in venezualan. Only differance? The American people are armed! As far as Hod fearing? Does Jesus and the money changers in the temple, or saddam and gahmora mean anything. You can believe in God and be fearful of his rath, but we still have our own battles to fight here on earth. God will judge us for our actions to be sure.

  15. Cuss

    The person who needs to talk about this subject is Fishleg. Where you be at man? Help I’m just a novice.

  16. tki

    Oh you so don’t want to get into a debate about which recent president killed the most innocent people.

  17. Cuss

    Would that be fdr, Truman, lbj, Clinton, who. All presidents in time of war are responsible for deaths. But no, I don’t have the actual numbers to compare with, do tell. Enlighten me.

  18. tki

    Take a hint at the word “recent” as in the last decade or so.

    I still don’t get you people, you spout fear, hate, and sometimes even out right lies, rather then reasonably argue the issues you have.

    I have no problem with someone disagreeing with me so long as they can articulate it beyond “HIM BAD!”.

    The separation of church and state exists for a reason btw, so don’t come at me with any of that “God says its bad” crap, give me a relevant reason.

  19. Cuss

    I love arguing with commie libs. Here’s a hint for YOU. read the constitution. There is no seperation of church and state. Nice try. It may work on your other commie lib buddies but not here. It says ” congress shall make no laws establishing religion, key word being CONGRESS, which… Come on now… Makes the laws of the country. And the next part to that amendment you commie libs always seem to leave out “nor prohibit the free exercise there of. Meaning the government, by the constitution they swear by oath to, cannot tell us how or where to worship. Nice try, as I said before.

  20. tki

    Nice name calling, way to devolve into a troll, if you want to debate with me, debate with me, but don’t call me names. It doesn’t effect me, it just makes you look small and sad, it devalues your own arguments.

    After all how can you take anyone serious if they think throwing insults around is mature way to handle a situation?

    Also you just proved my point; “congress shall make no laws establishing religion nor prohibit the free exercise there of”

    That means they can’t make a law based on something like “God says so”, my personal view of god is vastly different then most people, and I’m happy with it, but I refuse to push it on other people.

    It seems to me that I’m in a vast minority of religious people there. I exist according the teachings of Jesus, I try to love everyone and respect their own rights to exist however they want.

    Isn’t it odd how a country founded on personal freedom is constantly at war with itself, with the side claiming to love freedom and the nation itself the side directly acting against that very freedom.

  21. Cuss

    I have no idea what you said. Typical commie lib, you can’t argue the facts because it’s not on your talking points. I don’t care if you don’t agree with me or anyone else on this site. But don’t think for a moment that the great Americans here are dumb or ignorant like you shits like to lable us as.
    What I told you is fact, you don’t like it, tuff shit. Ain’t nothing you can do about it.
    If you won’t listen and learn that’s your problem.

  22. Cuss

    Unlike you, I have to go to work now. I’m not going to argue fact with an idiot. It’s like arguing that is not going to get dark tonight.
    Brush up on your facts or go to huffington, I’m sure your point of view will be worshipped there!

  23. tki

    wow, I guess I should of used smaller words, honestly what I said wasn’t that hard to grasp, a small child could of got their head around it.

    I frankly don’t see the point in debating someone throwing around insults thinking them rational arguments, as for the work crack, wow, just wow.

    What’s next? Gonna call me a “fag”?

  24. Cuss

    You said it, not me

  25. tki

    How very 4th grade of you.

  26. Common Hypnotism

    tki said: Perhaps you should consider what free speech actually means you sad little person.

    A. You said this before you took some self-righteous position regarding name calling. You called names first, then tried to castigate someone else for the same behavior. No wonder you are an Obamao worshipper, you think along similar lines.

    B. Free Speech: Are you serious?

    The attempts of a president of the United States, allegedly elected to represent “all of the people”, to demonize the lone media outlet that actually presents balanced news reports instead of fawning opionion pieces supporting said presidents views are less of concern to you than an anonymous poster disagreeing with you on a blog? (Which by the way has absolutely no “free speech” ramifications as it is not a government supported constraint”.

    Do you not understand that state attempting to control free media is a development that cuts to the very heart of our basic freedoms. That this is what happens in fascist dictatorships, in closed societies?

    You would rather lie in your MSNBC induced fog of “Bush did everything, Obamao is G-D” and spout nonsense than have any intelligent discourse.

    I tried to dialogue with radical leftists, one can’t do so. You people are so married to your views, and most of the time so ignorant as to fact that it is merely an exercise in frustration.

  27. tki

    Well actually NO media organisation or journalist should be exposing any political views in their reports.

    If they do so they should be correctly called editorials.

    Fox News is one of the worst perpetrators of that kind of bias, but they are far from alone, with idiots on both sides of the fence spouting their personal views as “news”.

    News should be information reported in an unbiased manner so that the viewer or reader should make up their own minds. And yes I do support smacking down those organisations spouting views as news.

    Trying to claim Fox News as balanced is ridiculous, it’s blatantly biased, it might be biased towards your side, but so what? I don’t support puff pieces coming from the so-called left media, I deride them as stupid and self defeating.

    Fox is a joke, it’s gotten to the point where you can’t trust anything they say, the same can be said for other news outlets as well, and that’s a problem.

    When you can’t trust a news outlet, it becomes more of an entertainment outlet, spiralling downwards.

    As for me calling names first, he (the person I was responding too) basically called me a freaking NAZI. I think my reply was actually rather appropriate.

  28. Cuss

    As I’ve found out earlier today Common, the moment you get them on one subject they say oh yea well what about this? It’s like arguing with a fucking child.

  29. Cuss

    The word is organization

  30. Common Hypnotism

    I don’t think he was calling you a “Nazi”, I think it was a symbolic representation of the cultlike qualities evidenced by Obamao worshippers.

    Fox does call editorials what they are. Hannity, Beck, O’Reilly, all are clearly opinion shows. Your take on the news is wrong however. Garrett and Wallace are two of the best in presenting an unvarnished news story absent the editorializing. None of the other outlets have anywhere near the level of unbiased reporting, and those few that can report with some detachment simply aren’t allowed to run a story that doesn’t support Obamao’s legend.

    The reason you find Fox a “joke” is that they don’t blame every failing of western society on “Bush” and take genuflecting breaks to honor Dear Leader. I have some problems with their reporting also. They are still tainted by your radical left’s racial pimping and are afraid in large part to report truth, as that may be construed as racist.

    You are biased, and it bleeds into your worldview.

  31. Common Hypnotism


    “I think my reply was appropriate”.

    Sure you do. It’s only inappropriate for “others” to use perjoratives.

    And that’s the problem.

  32. tki

    Cuss it may surprise you but I’m actually not a citizen of the United States, and that I am spelling the word correctly.

    As for switching topics, I am going with other people, they make a comment about something, I respond.

    As for why an Australian is taking an interest in American politics is simple, the old saying of “So goes Rome, So goes the world” is very true, except today its “So goes America, so goes the world”

    America is for better or worse the centre of the world’s political, military, and economic might, everything that happens there has an effect on other nations, especially nations like mine which are closely aligned.

    It might amuse you to find that the word liberal in Australia is closely aligned to the Liberal Party, the leading conservative party in the country, who’s former leader was described by Bush as a “Man of Steel”.

    Oh and Australia has often been called a socialist democracy, so I guess “commy lib” might be not be totally off base.

    As far as Obama goes, I’m conflicted, I honestly don’t know if he will be a good thing in the long run, if it wasn’t for Palin I would of preferred you lot to elect McCain, but I was just plain happy you got rid of Bush, I do think he got some unfair treatment in the media, but he wasn’t exactly an effective leader and he made some massive errors.

    Especially in terms of foreign relations, I actually supported the invasion of Afghanistan, though I didn’t really support the invasion of Iraq once Australian troops were on the ground with American soldiers I was of the opinion we should stay until the end, no matter the cost, in for a penny and all that.

    But you must admit the last decade has seen the tarnish of America’s image overseas in formerly friendly nations due some just plain clangers made by Bush and Co.

    As for why I originally got into this thread, I just plain shocked at the way you bashed Obama, you must see its counter productive, you’re playing into the fears and views of “the other side” by hitting out.

    When I was growing up my grandfathers both taught me something very important, you see one was conservative and the other progressive, but despite of it, they were close friends with a great deal of respect for each other who both strove to teach me it was vital that I be able to make my own mind up about politics rather then just blindly voting the party line at elections.

    They use to sit me down after family dinners and make me debate with them, often having me advocate something I disagreed with.

    You see they taught me how to see “the other side” of an issue, not to change my view, just as I don’t strive to change your views, rather so I could see what it was all about and so I could better understand my own viewpoint and the arguments for and against it.

    Playing devils advocate is very helpful to understand all sides of an issue, perhaps you should try it some time? I don’t expect you to change your viewpoints, but it helps you formulate better and more effective arguments then “the liberals are evil”

    Oh and for the record? I’m a social progressive economic conservative with a view that governments should stay the fuck out of my life as much as possible.

  33. kristy

    tki said: “how very droll, don’t agree with someone, call them a Nazi. And you’re calling Obama against freedom?”

    How very saul alinsky-ish of you tki to say such a thing.

    you dont hear of others blindly singing hymns and praises to someone who redistributes our wealth, this means our hard earned money, indoctrinate our children allowing songs of worship be sung to him when Jesus Christ is forbidden to be mentioned, bankrupt the country in the name of creating jobs only to find there are now ever LESS jobs, missle defense system is taken down just as iran starts testing their long range, note I say long range missiles capable of carrying ballistic heads, sending more troops into afghanistan which is fine with me but give the fucking soldiers what they need otherwise your going to do like pussy johnson did in vietnam and only send them to their death beds…

    but we still dont call that dick head obastard great and wonderful because it interferes with your heart strings tki?

    go suck a mile long dick fuck face tki.

  34. kristy

    And also, very happy your not a citizen of the United States… we wouldnt fucking want you.

    But on that note, this gives you even less reaon to pop you shit cannon off.

    Just be happy in your own shit hole country your from

  35. tki

    You know what? Fuck this.

    You guys are beyond hope, go crawl into a bunker somewhere and cry yourselves to sleep hugging your assault rifles.

  36. tki

    Oh and Australia is fucking better then America, at least here you don’t die from preventable illness because you don’t have fucking money.

    You know what, I tried to be nice, tried to see things from your side, tried to have a reasonable debate, but here I am being insulted, called a nazi, and having my nation called a shithole, so you know what go fuck yourselves. Seriously.

    Give it 10 fucking years and you’ll be the same joke the former-USSR is, a hopeless shithole.

    If you can’t hold a reasonable discourse because you’re too blinded by fantatical hate you shouldn’t even share the same air as me.

  37. kristy

    no tki

    go fuck yourself with your progressive social economics degree

    we dont want it and we dont want you but yet you, like ALL socialists feel you have this mission to shove your views and beliefs down our throats.

    face it, we dont want you or your kind. period.

    you think people who fought for socailist economic style governments were a determined enemy during vietnam towrds us in the US?

    you aint seen nothing yet tki. keep on with your progressive agenda feeling as if its your God given mission to constantly shove your socialist shit down our throats and youll see what the 2nd Amendment is all about.

  38. kristy

    australia is?

    so this is why we have so many from australia move here?

    however, that is such a typical marxist statement LOL

    where did australia even come into play into this conversation?

    and better yet, why do you assume “We” here give a fuck about australia?

  39. kristy

    and no alinksy jr, your not a nazi, your much more marxist… actually I would say your more gramcian then anything being your very big on titles and shit.

    but so where your bolshevik bois

  40. tki

    Well FUCK YOU kristy considering my FUCKING FATHER fought in Vietnam along side American forces and came back so fucked up it took 30 years from him to get back to any sense of normality, just fuck you.

    There is a fucking difference between Communism and Socialism btw, but I guess you’re 2nd grade education can’t understand that.

    Australia came into this conversation when you called my nation a shithole SHITHEAD.

    You know what there are times I think we’d of been better off sticking with England then helping you cocks out in every fucking war you’ve started in the last 6 decades, but hey, you have no fucking concept of loyalty, after all you did piss all over the French when they disagreed with you “Freedom Fries” indeed… I wonder who helped you GAIN YOUR FUCKING FREEDOM. Or didn’t they teach that shit in your school?

  41. tki

    So now I’ve been called a disciple of Hitler and Stalin… I knew I shouldn’t of bothered with this after the first reply pulled a Godwin’s law on me. You know what. Fuck this. You wont here from me again.

    So fuck you all very much, try not to blow up the planet, some of us actually have half way decent places to live.

  42. kristy

    no tki… fuck you!

    and fuck you with one of obamas dildos at that.

    I dont care who or what your father is. but obviously you dont give a shit about your father either being you are so quick to use him as a shield to hide behind for your arguments.

    you make so many communists claims its pathetic.

    such as…

    I come here trying to be friendly…

    nooo… you come here like any typical communist with the attitude “accept what I have to say and smile or I will deem you hostile and ignorant”

    you also say other shit blastingly fun comments such as… “fuck this” giving the impression your finished… yet you post and post and post non stop until it gets so old its not funny.

    Notice you are freely writing on a forum that is against your political views with out being censored? last I checked this is what we here call Freedom of Speech big boy. yet you and only you are the enlightened one who can point out how we should gain our freedoms… but in order to find out how, call this toll free number…

    like I said which you avoided…

    what makes you think we even give a shit about you or australia?

    why do you feel “like all socialists” that you MUST shove your agenda down our throat even if its against out will?

    and remember, we never came to one of your progressive forums, you came here.

    so this means yes, being you had to go out of your way, to come here to preach your shit we dont want… then you in fact are shoving your agenda down our throats.

    you think we are to stupid to find progressive sites if we wanted this?

    face it, your just a troll and the drippings off alinsky’s little dick tki

  43. kristy

    tki said “So now I’ve been called a disciple of Hitler and Stalin… ”

    but what did you call us? so your admitting you are one huge double standard… like ALL progressives? LOL

    tki also said: ” You know what. Fuck this. You wont here from me again.”

    Haha, I bet we do :)

    and yanno what? this makes you a typical liar like all communists, which was our point in the first place.

    so please, come back on this one because now either way, you lose :)

  44. Cuss

    You go Kristy!!! I was tired of talking to that socialist idiot. It got one thing right, we got our guns!! If the Aussies had em they wouldn’t be socialists!!

  45. Common Hypnotism

    I think Australia is a very cool country, my friend visits regularly and I plan on seeing it once before I die.

    I’d be curious as to, say, two examples, with specificity as to what Bush did.

    I find it interesting that so many worry about “world opinion” of our president. I suppose that self interest would dictate that a leader of a different country that best supports my needs is one I would “like”. Thus, if I am of an anti-American bent, such as much of the world, the less effective an advocate a president was for America, the more I would “like” them, and conversely, if one was a strong and determined leader that put the USA’s needs and wishes first, I would “dislike” him.

    However, the alleged reasonableness and impartiality of “tki” went out the window when he tore off his mask of intellectual curiosity and revealed his real belief that “Oh and Australia is fucking better then America, at least here you don’t die from preventable illness because you don’t have fucking money. “.

    The truth revealed, tki is actually a socialist fraud that wants us to redistribute wealth and dislikes those with “money”.

    With all due respect, worry about your own country’s redistribution of wealth, leave us alone.

    In your posts you allude to “as goes America, so goes the rest of the world”.

    This was true and still is to some extent. The reason is because we embraced capitalism, the idea that hard work could provide rewards limited only by the effort one was willing to expend. Many other nations have embraced the idea that everyone deserves the same, degree of effort doesn’t matter and in most cases, the only ultra-wealthy class is the elite and those that run the state apparatus.

    They have not succeeded like the USA did, because this doesn’t work. People have self interest, they always will and it will always trump altruism, especially state forced altruism.

    You also state: Give it 10 fucking years and you’ll be the same joke the former-USSR is, a hopeless shithole.

    I agree wholeheartedly that if Obamao and his communist agenda continues unfettered this will be our fate. What you are failing to understand is that this is why you experience the high emotion and venom on this site that you do. We are patriots and will do everything in our power to prevent that future from taking place.

    I love my country as it seems you do yours.

    My country is under attack by enemy forces that wish to dismantle our constitutional protections and install an apparatus of international socialist statism.

    I will fight to the end to prevent my children from having their future so stolen.

  46. Common Hypnotism

    Oh no he d’int.

    The “French”…loyalty…in the same sentence?

    For Sale: 234000 french military rifles. Like new, only dropped once.

  47. Cuss

    Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! ---> Talk back, don't let them hold you down...

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