Purple Lips are back


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14 responses to “Purple Lips are back

  1. nawanawanga

    Women should wear purple lipstick to the tea parties.

    Goddamn that’s purple. And he doesn’t even have a normal beard, just a little prepubescent Ashlee moustache and chippy beard.

    Goddamn that’s purple.
    Medical Diagnosis:
    Sickle Cell Anemia, Hypoxemia, Cyanosis, Adrenergic Syndrome (Cocaine), Clotting disorders, Low Red Blood Cell Count, Low Blood Iron, Internal Bleeding Disorder, Low Perfusion, Congestive Heart Failure, Valve Defect, Shunt Disorder, Low Oxygenation (Lung Cancer, Emphysema, COPD)
    Did you notice Obama has NO medical doctor assigned and has released NO physical results?

  2. He really has a much lower natural hairline, judging by the way the hair is shaved at his temples. I guess his hairline is raised to give him a higher forehead and maybe a more intelligent look.

    And yes! Purple lippie at tea parties…..and for men as well, not just the women! Hee heee!!!

  3. Anne

    Compare this picture to Frank Marshal Davis picture

  4. listing starboard

    Compare it to Malcolm X also! Who exactly decided that this freak was “handsome” and Michelle was some beauty? Mr. Purple lips must be tooting the nose candy again.

  5. What’s that in his ear? That doesn’t look like ear tissue. It’s too shiny.

  6. probably his connection with Axelrod

  7. Hair cut

    Notice how he won’t go to any other barber and flies alllll the way back to Chitown to get his locks layered? DRUG TESTING, dontchaknow. He’s scared any new barber might not be so easily bought off, hahaha. Drug Test, Drug Test, Drug Test! You and I gotta have ’em for any job we want to get, and WE don’t have our slimy fingers on the nuclear codes!

  8. One more thing The One has copied from Bush: the earpiece. Because the teleprompter and the big drive-in screen TV are not enough to make him look like he knows what he’s talking about.

  9. All the comments above are sooo Funny! I can’t stop laughing! I have my maybelline Plum Storm ready.

  10. Yankeegirl

    Ozark Hill Woman–I see that shiny ear-tube, too. Looks like it disappears into the canal and out the back somehow. I keep thinking that they’ve “chipped” him, like I did with my dogs/cats, and this ear thing is some sort of antenna connected to Rahm E’s blackberry, the one he and Valerie Jarrett were passing back and forth at the Big Screen Press Conference last week.
    And, yes, I have said since last October that I believe Obama’s birth daddy was Frank Marshall Davis. This of course would make BHO a natural-born US citizen and the son of a communist traitor. I really don’t know which is worse, this scenario or the one where he is Kenyan-born and all that that signifies. Weep for America in any case.

  11. nawanawanga

    If he is listed as the son of Obama Sr. on the birth certificate, that is his legal father.
    Of course, he also was an Indonesian as an adult so lost his US citizenship, which is why he was adopted by Crow Indians last April. Never filing naturalization papers though married to Michelle, he was never up to then even a US citizen at all.

  12. Nawanawanga:

    That Crow adoption came out of left field.
    PRESBO even gave thanks to his new parents:

    “I want to thank my new parents,” he said. “The nicest parents you could ever want to know. I like my new name. Barack Black Eagle. That is a good name!”

    Remember the day after the election, when PRESBO had his security briefing, and he looked like death warmed over? Something is up. There was that flurry of Senate activity in April, 2008, when Claire McCaskill introduced a resolution to make John McCain eligible as a natural-born citizen, even though he was born in Panama. And she tried to include in it this clause, which was removed before the bill was passed:

    “Whereas previous presidential candidates were born outside of the United States of America and were understood to be eligible to be President;”

    Looks like McCaskill knew this would come in handy later on. Like she wanted it in there to base a case on . It was most likely a reference to Chester Arthur. Also, PRESBO originally stated that he was not going to run in 2008. Maybe he was waiting until there was legislation in place to qualify him. Then somebody pulling the strings jumped the gun, thinking, “We’ll cross that bridge IF we come to it.”

  13. even then , if Frank is his father, its bad.

    Frank was a communist

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