The Bird Flu to create a crisis


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7 responses to “The Bird Flu to create a crisis

  1. AnnaEsse

    That is so scary and the caller sounds authentic. That information suddenly came together in my mind with the stories about chemtrails. Could the chemtrails be practice runs/experiments to see how effectively a total cloud of mist could be created over a town?

    If you have an infection, a secondary bacterial infection for instance, following a cold, my advice at the moment would be not to take an antibiotic. The reason for this suggestion is that antibiotics are “magic bullets,” and they will clear up bacterial infection more rapidly than the body by itself. They also compromise the immune system. So, unless you have an existing condition that makes you more vulnerable, such as asthma, let nature take its course.

    I have a cold at the moment and a secondary bacterial infection of the sinuses. I am taking Vit C with zinc and extra iron (which helps the Vit C be assimilated) and stirring Manuka honey (make sure this is graded at least 10+ active) into my drinks. Now is the time to boost your immune system.

  2. That is really interesting about your flu, that you should all go down with something seemingly out of nowhere. If you are still coughing, then you probably have a secondary bacterial infection. Just a couple of suggestions:
    1) Lavender oil has anti-bacterial qualities. Use an oil burner. Lavender oil is also one of the few essential oils you can place undiluted on your skin.

    2) Manuka honey from New Zealand. New Scientist has an article on Manuka honey, describing how it treated infected burns that were resistant to antibiotics.

  3. Thanks for the tips, will do.

  4. Fishleg

    Very disturbing. They have to keep us in crisis mode to try and subvert the Constitution; that pesky document is keeping them from forming a one-world system.
    Could America be the deadly headwound to the first beast written of in Rev. ch 13?
    Food for thought.

  5. I know this lady

    This story is true

  6. nawanawanga

    “I know this lady” well please tell us as much as you can……this is awful, what can we do?

  7. Common Hypnotism


    My friend, who is a Navy seal that knows this marine major, told his fiancee’ that is a janitor at the National Center for Disease Control that since bird flu is being held there, the military and all the birds love Oba-mao. ---> Talk back, don't let them hold you down...

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