Susan Roesgen takes a vacation to find some half black dick


Oh my, how fast things move in the age of the blogosphere:

Our source says [Susan] Roesgen received an avalanche of email messages, some supportive, and some “vitriolic with crude insults.”

CNN denies reports that Roesgen’s email was shut down. A spokesperson tells TVNewser many people were emailing what they believed to be Roesgen’s CNN account, but it was actually a non-existent inbox. Her email account was and continues to be active.

So far Roesgen is not talking publicly about the situation. CNN tells us she’s now on a previously-planned vacation./blockquote>

Previously planned as in “earlier today.”

It once again proves that the blogosphere has changed the rules of the news and reporting game. I am currently reading Hugh Hewitt’s book “Blog: Understanding the Information Reformation that’s Changing Your World” – it was first published in 2005, but it is – in some ways at least – still relevant. The MSM still do everything in their power to ignore the blogosphere and to minimize its influence, while they are losing viewers and newspapers especially are losing subscribers faster than ever before.

Hewitt explains just how much the rules of the game have changed due to blogs by focusing on several controversies such as Rathergate (also known as Memogate). Several blogs jump on a particular subject, Hewitt writes, thereby causing an avalanche of attention for a particular person or item. This happens so fast – without any coordination – that mainstream journalists have no time to deal with it. They are overwhelmed. It only takes one or two days before a journalist has to ‘go on vacation’ and / or apologize. The journalist seldom knows what happened and how.

That is precisely what happened to Susan Roesgen. She thought she could get away with her biased reporting because she underestimated the power of the blogosphere. Not once did she realize that everything she said could and would be used against her and the network she works for.

Perhaps she should read “Blog.” It may teach her a very valuable lesson: blogs will hold you accountable for everything you do. Both on, and off camera.


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5 responses to “Susan Roesgen takes a vacation to find some half black dick

  1. JC

    Lets hope enough pressure is applies so that she takes a “permenant vacation” from being a reporter…she really needs to find a different line of work…perhaps she should try her hand at septic tank cleaning…only with that she is the one cleaning up the crap instead of spewing it…

  2. Is it True?

    Is it true that Susan Roesgen sent tapes to FOX News TWICE, trying to get a job?? How embarrassing. Of course, that’s also come out on blogs!

  3. nawanawanga

    JC that’s a great idea, I saw on “Dirty Jobs” how the sanitation workers have to scrape the crisco-like cholesterol off the sides of the sewage collection tanks (from all those burgers people eat) with great big flat spatulas dangling on ropes just above the poo. That sounds like just the ticket.

  4. Peggy Jones Bond

    I wrote a polite 2-page letter (mailed the old-fashioned way with a stamp & everything!) to CNN informing them exactly what I thought about their so-called reporter. I told them how it wasn’t her job to protest against the protesters and that it was obvious she tried to antagonize them into doing something crazy or violent (failing miserably). I also told them, truthfully, that I would never again watch their biased network and no wonder FOX news dominates the ratings. ---> Talk back, don't let them hold you down...

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