Fuck You Barack Obama, you fucking asshole



“waving Tea Bags around”

Like it’s a fucking joke to him. Fucking scum.

“when you see folks waving tea bags around…”
That’s an “educated” elitist comment, but I can’t BELIEEEEVE it came out of the mouth of our POTUS…in PUBLIC…and speaking of WE THE PEOPLE, half of whom are either attending TP’s or are there in spirit.

Just shocking really.


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  1. Katie

    Just goes to show how much the Tea Party protests got under his skin.

    Let’s do it again – bigger and better and soon!!

  2. Oh, I have a pretty good feeling these Tea Parties were just the beginning of an American revolution.

    We’re not going to be pushed around like a bunch of glazed over Obamatron BUTTpuppets.

    Even his supporters are starting to see that they were DUPED! USED as TOOLS!!

    How does it feel to know that BHussein doesn’t give two turds about you – huh? HUH?

  3. Common Hypnotism

    Every time I begin to forget how much I fucking despise this Usurping Communist Fuckstick, he reminds me.

    Thanks, Oba-Mao.

  4. nawanawanga

    What would they wave around that he might respect?

  5. jls0813

    Obama is like the old saying” you can put a turd on a tuxedo, but its still a turd!

  6. jls0813

    attend the next tea party. This asshole is scared of them. Its the start of his demise.

  7. stophate

    You schmucks keep going to your tea parties and we will keep organizing and offering solutions to the American people and running conservatives out of office.

  8. Fishleg

    Ocrackhead is afraid of the people who believe in the God he does not believe in.
    Americans will not tolerate a communist usurper in office. He may control the mainstream media, but he cannot stop the truth.
    Just wait til July 4th…you know, the media is a tiny group of people…they seem big because they have all the cameras, but they are not big at all, and come the 4th of July they are all gonna shit their collective pants when they see a million PLUS on the Mall demanding this joker’s removal. I’ll be there!

  9. annelynn

    First they ignore you. Then they mock you. Then they fight you. Then you win.

  10. stophate

    If Gandhi was an American you would have spewed hate at him for not being a Christian.

  11. RPeasternshore

    Stophate is really a starthate… liberal idiot. Enjoy your 72 days dummy. Day 73, reality, not hate will spew from the intelligent and informed and the dumb deprived poor me’s and boo-hoo’s like your foolish, blind eye, ignorant, bleeding heart jackasses, will be again not wondering why they have been bamboozled by this smooth spoken liar. If you wanted a comedian in office to support the dumb ass party, then why not go with George Carlin? He is old, dumb and… Oh.yeah DEAD… like this idiot’s political atrocity of a career…

  12. "Hyawtha"

    Obama is a fucking douche bag! I am so sick of hearing about this “change” bullshit.Yeah its change…for the worse!!Maybe he would respect people waving around a middle finger.This one is for you obama kiss my American Indian/cracker ass!!!recovery my ass,hes to busy jerking off to care.It is all part of a master plan to segregate the american people and make them suffer so we can beg for our savior obama to bail us out.

  13. Stymie

    Hey Stophate, if you really want to stop the hatred, you better start talking to your side first. The level of hatred on the left is unparalalled. Too often liberals go around saying that conservatives are all redneck hate-filled bigots, and unfortunately there are many who call themselves conservatives who are bigots. It’s sad to see. However I, as a Canadian, will often visit what I as a Canadian see as a mainstream American news source in CNN, to update myself on what’s happening in American politics. When I go onto some of CNNs blogs, the amount of hatred that I see from many, well more factually, most liberals/Democrats aimed towards conservatives/Republicans is simply incredible. As a Canadian, I have to say that it is clear to me that the party of hate in America is clearly the Democrats/liberals. It’s quite surprising really, as it would seem from the press coverage that we see up here, it’s the right who are always portrayed as the ones who are the haters. I guess when you dig deep enough you sometimes find out what the real truth is.



  15. Fishleg

    Dumbass…you see, readers, this is a good example of an individual who (as reported by God in His Bible) has the mark of the beast IN his forehead.
    Now, if he actually does some work (like passing out fliers,etc) for satan, he has the mark of the beast IN his hand.
    Not a tattoo or computer chip..no, it’s thinking about the beast or doing things on the beast’s behalf.
    There are two beasts..one is satan himself, the other is the political one-world government headed up by satan.(Rev, ch 13)
    So thank you for being an example for me,Casey, I appreciate that.

  16. kristy

    casey… why do you think typing in all caps will get your message across and be taken seriously?

    reading your message you actually had nothing to say.

    something about apples and m&m’s?

    try coming up with something coherent :)

  17. John Birch

    You peckerwoods lost. He’s doing damage control. Welcome to a new age. At least he’s part of the same machine,so you can take solace in that. Things won’t be that different, Got news for you though…SOCIALISM IS NOT A BAD THING!!!!
    I could respect you devils if you would just fes up and say that you’re mad that a nigger is president now! You lost get over it! We had to endure over 30 years of Republican bullshit. Suck it!!

  18. kristy

    how do you come up with socialism aint a bad thing?

    you like MORE government?

    are you that much of a pussy that you NEED to have government to make your decisions for you?

    what a pussy lol

    and for your “We endured republicans for x amount of years”….

    where the fuck do you get off thinking that, just because you didnt get your way in life, which obviously was through political votes, that the world is obligated to give you your turn???

    holy SHIT talk about a narcissistic attitude. you need some serious help.

    life dont owe you a thing. make sure you understand that one.

    as for bitching and whining, we just point out, people such as you bitch and whine because you woke up to the horror that just because your bastard “and yes he doesn’t even know his own daddy” that not everyone just does west side story siccor kicking swan dives to go worship at his feet and beg to suck his cock.

    it horrifies you that there is actually a strong opposition against him… and its growing in strength every day.

    even media is turning against him.

    even his very own supporter zombies are slowly waking up and joining us every day.

    and this scares you… otherwise you wouldn’t be here on an anti-obama forum crying your eyes out “waass why won’t you just willfully submit like I do whaaa”

    haha, your the one who has to wake up every day KNOWING your such a spineless, gutless coward you little boi.

    its been proven the minds and people like us can NEVER be stopped, but yours can ;-)

  19. Fishleg

    John Birch…even your closest of kin won’t remember you after God blots you out…it will be like you never existed.
    Enjoy what is left of your flesh life…it is all you get, so make the best of it.

  20. kristy

    I am STILL always amazed Fishleg… You can always put in a few short simple words what I was trying to say LOL

    You rule and God bless you :)

  21. Fishleg

    It’s God’s Words…I’m just repeating them.
    It is sad to me that so many people hate God, and after all He has done for us and our country.
    Better get you some asbestos undies John Birch…I know where you are going…

  22. Fishleg

    God bless you, kristy..judgment day is actually payday for you.

  23. Fuck You, Pukes!!

    fuck all you cocksucker republicans

  24. kristy

    wow, that was a logical response…

    and also from someone who assumes if your against the democrats your automatically a republican?

    get a fucking life and think before you pop that shit cannon of yours you lame cock sucker!

  25. Common Hypnotism

    LOL…the latest Oma-mao supporting posts lead me to believe that the economy must have reduced the budget for the paid bloggers.

    I can’t even get angry at that moronic claptrap.

  26. kristy

    Common Hypnotism, that actually does make alot of sense LOL

  27. Fishleg

    I don’t think anyone here counts themselves as republicans. I know I don’t.

  28. ttrishstar

    I find it amazing that ignorant people find that Socialism is not a bad thing. To all ignorant people take a look a other countries that have socialism there are people who are starving. I also need to remind the ignorant that the WORKING CLASS are the ones who fund the lazy asses of society with the free checks to live off the rest of us. This is the United State of America no one in this Country should starve but look at the greedy government those of you are so ignorant not to know how money if funneld to these assholes goes to show that the public schools are worse than we thought. I am fed up with people going class warfare on the rich. If it were not the rich who open up businesses with their money to inturn give us jobs to support our families how the hell do you expect to live. Government does not work!! We the working class what is left have taxes (extortion taxes) taken from our checks, along with what we purchase, Paid from all our utility bills, that money is sent to the corruption house and then distributed. Wake up you bunch of ignorant morons!!!!!!

  29. lol racist republicans. liberals hate you because… are you ready?… you’re assholes. racist, ignorant, assholes blinded by religion. really, it’s that simple -which is a good thing since most of you are fucking retarded. why do you think y’all loved “drill baby drill” so much? because it’s simple enough for the retarded base (that’s you) to latch onto. have fun marginalizing yourselves with your ridiculous tea parties. most of the country is laughing at you. your ludicrous high horse politics, parroted by gay-but-married-with-children congressmen praying to the sweet baby jesus with bud light on their breath. the only thing better than watching liberals make asses of you, is watching you make asses of yourselves. thanks for the laughs, especially sarah palin. she made quayle look like einstein. fucking classic. LMFAO retards.

  30. your dad

    your dad (IP: , 94-170-72-81.cable.ubr10.camd.blueyonder.co.uk)

    Grow up you dumb mother fuckers,get a life shit heads,and watch ya back’S from now……………..

  31. kristy

    your dad???? um… this must be a fucking joke? It’s got to be a joke? LOL

  32. He’s from the UK worried about Obama (alot)

    “watch your backs”

    Get to America first idiot

  33. No wait kristy

    When they post threats, we post their location because we will not stand for threats to anyone.

  34. kristy

    I was only pointing out what could be done for education purposes only, with just alittle left out “such as switches” in the commands.

    just to let them know, if they really push it to far, they could be sweeping out their hard drive by some socialist hating maverick, so they know its not a game, thats all ;-)

  35. Cuss

    You can’t put a nigger in charge of anything because all they want is payback. They are too stupid to think farther than that!!

  36. kristy

    how can any one expect one of them to run the country when 12 of them can’t even run a McDonald’s?

  37. Fishleg

    Cuss….shame on you…clean up, man….

  38. Fishleg

    I agree of course, but the terminology helps noone

  39. Cuss

    I’m sorry I meant to say you can’t put a skinny Muslim in charge of anything because all they want is payback. They are too stupid to think farther than that. How’s that?

  40. Fishleg

    Aww, man…I luv ya bro…I didn’t mean to jump you first thing in the morning.
    It’s the coffee….
    and of course I agree with ya!

  41. Cuss

    You know the old saying… If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it’s a duck.
    I guess we should call them colored people you know, national association for the advancement of colored people. NAACP for you libs out there that aren’t that smart.

  42. Fishleg

    Well, I’d say they have advanced us all the way back to the 1800’s….

  43. Steve McLeod

    Obama shove it up your ass.

  44. Steve McLeod


  45. Romeisburning...

    He is one arrogant, smirking, holier-than-thou, 40 acres and a mule promising, look-at-me I made to the White House false prophet who has begun the ultimate demise of this country. Do any of you Obama supporters out there REALLY believe he gives a rats ass about any of you? I love to watch Biden when they’re together…look at Biden’s face….even HE can’t stand him! Remember when you Obama supporters are all being told what to drive, what to eat, where and how to live, where to work, how many kids to have and the government is deciding who is worthy of medical care…..YOU FUCKERS VOTED FOR HIM….I DIDN’T.

  46. I find it truly amazing how many kool-aid guzzeling, save my ass, liberals are so misinformed.. The truuth can be found @ Obama the black Hitler..It states how he is 50% white , 46% Arab,and 4% black(and in my opinion..100% Dumbass!) I also want to note that I stand vigilant and in full oppisition to the three stooges Obama,Reid, and that dimwit cunt Pelosi. I wanted to convey my disdain for the Arab, commie, no worshiping the baby Jesus,”upppity” take out extra money and invest in kool-aid, tax crook. I wrote in that ‘go team’ marker on the back of my car, and I quote “Jeseus saves” “Rush IS right!” in even bigger letters “Obama is a LIAR” “Impeach the liberal liar!” end quote. As I was driving around most people where very supportive, giving me the thumbs up, some even wanted to snap a pic with their camera phones. But , the Blacks, gave me the “look” and the real retarded ones that want, I suppose a theocrocy dictated by a moron that can’t walk and chew gum at the same time, kept flying the New Jersey state “bird” WOW! All I did was laugh at them and thought to my self that was a bird for freedom. I pray that people wake up soon, God Bless Glenn Beck, Lindsey Graham, Jim DeMint,Bill O’Riley,Mitch McConnell,Bob Grassley,John Baugner,George Bush(W.),Dick Cheney, and uttered with extreme reverence Ronald Reagan. i’d like to also say thank you to the entire GOP, keep fighting the good fight! Never ever give in to terrorist! The libbys want to negotiate… waterboard a liberal. SOCIALIZIM SUCKS!! Drink more tea..table wine of the Right. Let’s win back our congress in 2010.

  47. bin laden bitch

    you fucking racist pigs, you cocksuckers.u fuckin nazis.

  48. bin laden, bitch

    u crackerjacks. u rednecks. ur mother shoulda aborted u wen she found out she was pregnant.

  49. kristy

    bin laden, bitch said: “u crackerjacks. u rednecks. ur mother shoulda aborted u wen she found out she was pregnant.”

    and your mother should of given you reading and writing lessons, or was she to busy pole dancing for .50 cents an hour?

    kind of hard to put her kid through school when working on tips and supporting her pipe habit :)

  50. kristy

    Fishleg said: “Well, I’d say they have advanced us all the way back to the 1800’s….”

    As much as I hate to disagree with you Fishleg, because your only right 110% of the time…

    I don’t think they put us back into the 1800’s… reason why is… back then people were not dependent on government to tell them when to wipe their ass, people back then were making, hunting, growing their own food, fixing their own living quarters making their home a solid work of art that was worthy to be an inheritance to their children’s children.

    today, with how overly spoiled the majority of society is, the communist AND softer form known as socialism hates anyone who is independent, with a logical mind.

    if anything, they are wanting to push all of us into a type of “logan’s run” reality, kind of like the smurfs.

    The way communism works is… once established, if you disagree or even question this, then you are unhealthy for the “society” or “state” and therefore gives them the reason to push the envelope more by imposing jail time, re-education etc upon us.

    In many ways, I kind of wish it were the 1800’s, I would be out hunting and doing what I normally do, only with out all the modern spoils which is nice but not necessary; although I am a Unix certified admin.

    communism wants to keep the public on a big morphine injection, so they stay dependent, with not having to think for themselves, not having to worry about making any decisions, just getting hand outs and not working for it and constantly be told how beautiful and wonderful they are while living like slaves.

    I actually pray for a huge crash in things right now. I know I can live great with my skills and can easily avoid the hassles of society freaking out because one day they have no internet, no cell phone service, no ipods, no cable or satellite tv, can’t afford big macs because the price is through the roof and they know of no other alternative on how to eat for survival.

    And if they do eat, it will still be junk food type quality which will slowly build up their diabetes and high blood pressure causing them to pay out the ass for their medications even if a socialized medicine takes foothold here.

    Yes, medicines are NOT free in socialist countries. It depends on the tier “1-2-3…etc” and such. and they MUST get the medicine or the socialist government will take them off free medicine asap for not following dr orders, which is their excuse to pocket your money AGAIN.

    oh how I relish a crash where we actually do go back to the 1800’s. Fishleg, DangerB, Frosteetoes, Obambi.com, Viki, Cuss and all the others who are deemed good people, head on out to Kentucky when this happens, I guarantee you will eat better then you ever have in your life, with an endless bounty. Live in good solid homes which I can show you how to make with the tools. And just avoid all the hysteria because todays society became so modernized and dependent on materialism and allowing government to help with this.

    they will be the ones who suffer in the end on this material earth, then after this world a much more horrible fate awaits them making this end time look like Disney Land.

    The problem with today’s society is they have this concept that Freedom means… being able to act as irresponsible as you can. fuck anything you want and any time. just do what you want, when you want, how you want.

    That is not Freedom and people like us know this all to well.

    Freedom is being able to make the right choice that is your own choice and decision. Not someone elses and be forced to comply because they said so even though you know with overwhelming proof, maybe even from past experience from witnessing before a same scenario that it will not only fail hard, but could cause the end for many in a very violently bad way.

    This is always the end result of any communist society, however, the government never prepares the people for what is about to come. mainly to keep them on a morphine induced high better to control them. But when shit finally hits the fan, government eats and lives well while the people who been suckered are in for the shock of their lives when reality finally can’t be avoided any more.

    They realize all to late that knowing who won the last American idol or who did what moves on dancing with the stars won’t do shit for them when they have no choice but be forced to survive.

    When they can’t because they just wasted themselves and have no skills, this is when they volunteer to go into fema camps and do actual, literal slave work in the fields from sun rise to sun set. and then they realize the party is over.

    but we will last and endure. I don’t care what those little dick suckers like deuce and the others say, when it all crumbles, and truly be forced to live like the 1800’s, how will they survive?

    I’m actually thinking of starting a forum here on wordpress with articles on how to cure meats, grow spices for meat processing, smoking meats, making cheeses and pasteurizing milk from cow and goat, growing and preserving fruits and vegetables, how to skin and tan hides for furs to help stay warm and comfortable for those long winter nights.

    If I do this I will want to put pieces of Christian history in with it, showing how our Christian forefathers of early America were inspired and as why which lead into the famous bountiful harvests and such. Fishleg, I could defiantly use your help with the Biblical part on this only if you find it of interest to yourself.

    Also if I do this, I would love help and support from all the good people here who wish to add or help contribute.

    and they can bitch all they want, but the others like stophate and those type will be instantly banned, because this will be focused only on preparing for any kind of fallout. they don’t like it, they can go suck a dick. they can start their own forum.

    If I do this, I will defiantly ask Obambi.com if I can post the links here on the other one I might do, as it will be for survival due to the fall caused by this evil communist government in which we are fighting on this forum. So I can see how they would go hand in hand… fight here, and prepare on the other.

  51. sweeneybrown

    I love that people actually care that Obama is fucking our country.Yeah it was no ice cream social before but look at the facts.Alot of people have made some really great observations here,but then you have (what I call)”The obamites” who always bring up the color factor.People come on,can we say anything about him without the “oh you are only hating him because he is black”thing.Technically speaking he is biracial,neither black nor white but both.Get your facts straight and listen to us without YOU being so ignorant to pull the race card.People who do not support this evil man* are talking policies and what the fuck he is doing to us.If you wanna suck the dudes ass go to i wanna fuck obama not fuck you obama.Duh!
    * I was referring to the FEMA death camps.look it up on line and be amazed at what you will find.I am sure the fact that he is going to do a holocaust type deal on those who oppose his demands will not suprise the anti obamites,but it may open the eyes of the people who wanna suck this fucker’s ass._much love to the REAL american people(my definition of that is a people who do not bow down or let the government tell them when to take a piss or breathe).

  52. sweeneybrown

    hey bin laden bitch,
    You are really making some enemies.First of all the name kinda put a target on you.Also not all of us here are “nazi’s”,Crackers,rednecks and whatever the hell else you said.I kind of close my ears when shit is trying to be pumped in to them.Now before you attack me(which I KNOW you will)hear me out.The majority here does not give a rat’s ass if Obama was blue with freakin zebra stripes.We rant about government and what the dude is doing to us while using the protective shield of “people hate me because they are racist”.If you dont wanna hear us speak our minds go to a supportive obama site.You can not take away our right to not like the man.I think if we are playing the race card what about his wife?The woman is a racist.Is it okay because she is black and hates whites?Is it only wrong if you are white and hate blacks?I am neither but this seems to be what is true now.

  53. sweeneybrown

    to pure republican,
    thank you for the info about the fact that he has arab in him.You just earned me 20 bucks from my friend.What kinda name is Barack Obama anyway,so totally arab.I will check that site to,thanks for the info.

  54. sweeneybrown

    dear romeisburning,
    I love your refreshing take on things.I didn’t vote for the commie bastard either.keep speaking your mind and dont let the obama ass suckers stop you.

  55. sweeneybrown

    dear casey espinosa,
    I totally love you!seriously.I think your zest for your beliefs kicks ass,and you are right.The government never takes care of its own.they always look out for themselves and let the people of their country rot and die,because it looks better to act like we help other countries.

  56. sweeneybrown

    Hey hyawtha,
    I bet I know the one kind of tea bags he does like.but seriously this man should never even been allowed to run for prez.

  57. dan

    Kristy, if i wasn’t married already, i’d be asking you!

  58. dan

    Kristy, let me rephrase that. If i was a married democrat, i’d simply have an affair with you or with a goat or whatever else that moves. But seeing as how i am a conservative and am married, that means since i am man enough to admit God is real and marraige means more than just something that gets me a better deal on health benefits, i can’t possibly ask you to marry me. Just keep on fighting the good fight, you’re doing an excellent job destroying stupid idiot libs. All you need is the truth, it’s their worst enemy.

  59. Nomad78

    I am a small business owner, and I am barely staying in business. Since Obama was elected on the 99% black 75% teen vote, I have not had a single new client. Everyone is afraid to spend money, even on the things they need.

    Why are the impoverished and middle class being used as tax dollar crops to fatten the pockets of the rich?

    Billions of tax dollars should not be handed to corporations such as car manufacturers just because they are not selling enough cars. If that money went back into the pockets of the American people, maybe we would buy new cars, start new businesses that provide new jobs, take vacations that promote the travel industry, pay off our homes and do all the things that make the economy thrive. Sure it would work, but that would not adhere to the old fear based system of economic control.

    The more afraid we are that our jobs are at risk and our finances are in jeopardy, the harder we will work for less. We work to make the rich richer, and if the rich are very happy, they might spend a little money, and in theory some of that money will trickle down to the rest of us in a minuscule manner.

    If a rich CEO spends $5 million on a new yacht, the builder is able to pay its workers, and with any luck… other rich people will compete on who has the biggest most expensive yacht meaning a lot more purchases. Eventually, workers might get a small raise. That is trickle down economics.

    For every extreme luxury the rich attain by taking advantage of the working class, we the working class have a small chance at becoming $0.30 per hour more financially stable.

    “States are not moral agents, people are, and can impose moral standards on powerful institutions.” – Noam Chomsky

    It is our JOB as Americans to protest what we feel is wrong, to speak our minds, and represent ourselves. If we feel that we are being taken advantage of, it is OUR JOB to insist on changes through peaceful protest, and it is the governments JOB to listen. If Obama is going to make fun of a tea party, then he has not only failed purposefully at his job, he has spit on the constitution, and pissed on the graves of all those who gave their lives to build America.

    I must say, that Obama is doing his very best to help the rich take advantage of the working and impoverished classes. It is less frighting to have someone tell you a bad truth, than it is to have the powerful lie about their commitment to change and hope, while you continue to suffer, that is terrifying. So great job Obama, you have managed to keep us all in fear, and feed the pigs.

    Reading the comments on this board, I see a lot of people fighting with each other. I know we are all frustrated, but the fight is not with each other. Organize, protest, peacefully impose your will and ideas on the government, and demand the change you want.

  60. Common Hypnotism

    Bin Laden Bitch is frustrated. Can’t blame him, he is just coming off father’s day weekend, and in his neighborhood that’s the most confusing day of the year!

  61. Fishleg

    Well kristy, ya got me there…but I only meant slavery…but still..
    I say go for a blog..we’ll come visit and stuff..
    speaking of blogs, don’t ya’ll forget to drop in on Danger B’s hahayouredead blog and bathe in the angry language!

  62. kristy

    Fishleg, first of all, please don’t take what I said about disagreeing with you to heart, that was more a joke being the “true” 1800’s…

    But I do know exactly what you meant by your statement my friend. the communist basically do not allow for advancement of society in a positive way.

    What I was saying was, the real 1800’s they would be so lost and doomed it would be hilarious.

    But my idea for a blog would be for helping to teach anyone intrested in how to prepare, such as foods and such, with many Christian values with it. Being our forefathers made everything by hand, AND where also Christian as well, so I see the two linked and together.

    And of course if I did a blog as such, with permission from Obambi.com and DangerB I would have many links from their sites being they are very important and linked with what we are accomplishing.

    But for the Biblical and Christian way of living along with older ways of life “making things for your life instead of being dependent” is an extremely rich heritage our early American forefathers gave to us, in which the socialist worked hard for us to try and give up and forget. as to better make us lazy and dependent on the government.

    but as for my disagreeing with you Fishleg, that was just meant to be in the context to show how those obots would “and will” perish in their living hell on earth as dependent slaves, with all their modern convenience stripped from their lives, where as we will not only survive but live great… and free :)

  63. Fishleg

    Hey, I’m with ya! I never take things the wrong way..
    It would be a great idea, because we used to be a nation of manufacturers. MadeIn USA used to be a sign of excellence.
    We don’t make shit any more..or all we make is shit…
    PLUS when satan is here on earth pretending to be Christ Jesus, all true Christians will have to fend for themselves for five months…the duration of satan’s tribulation…and we will all need to help each other as we await the true Christ’s return. God instructs us to have nothing to do with the system of the beast.
    I know He will help us, too, but we all will have to help each other!
    Its a really really good idea!

  64. kristy

    Its so sad, because just like you said Fishleg, we use to be a nation of productivity and invention.

    However, I do believe highly it was the high push for to much modern convenience that has killed us, made us lazy.

    once lazy and dependent on the things that make your life easier so to speak, people naturally look for even easier things to become more lazy.

    it comes to a point when you can’t be any more lazy, you now need to secure your laziness.

    this is when a government comes in, and promises to just hand out and give give give. sure, you might have to majorly lower your standards… but hey, its free.

    Mind you, I am not referring to “you” Fishleg or any of the good people here. When I refer the them I mean the materialistic libterds.

    Anyways… once locked into the lazy mode, one starts to lose all sense of heritage, culture, and self worth. to libterds it doesnt matter because most have a piece of shit attitude of self hate and contempt for life itself. mainly because they were so spoiled all their lives.

    But imagine this for a moment if you will please…

    You like cheese?

    why go to the store and pay top dollar for something that taste like wax for the most part?

    why not start a hobby and every week end make a few wheels of cheese to press out and wax up to age?

    Before ya know it, you have an entire shelf in your basement with aging cheeses that way surpasses the quality of store bought that cost you next to nothing to make.

    Now… I am NOT catholic and have no family who was catholic. I am Christian and for lack of better words loosely Protestant which covers a wide range of denominations. I am non denominal myself but try to stay as devout as I can.

    Why did I bring this up?

    The original monks and nuns were actually non denominal Christians that the catholic church eventually brought in to make part of their world.

    Although not a catholic, doesnt mean you can’t live a little of a monastic life at times.

    Going back to cheese making… Very humble, yet very rewarding. You can recite Biblical passages in your mind while working at your hobby, and basically, through your new hobby with an OLD tradition find an even closer relation with Jesus.

    Cheese making

    Meat curing

    Fudge making

    Candle making

    even brewing beer and fermenting wines and distilling some spirits like the Germans did.

    Makes for a comfortable life where bring one even closer to God…

    Yes, sure its alittle work, but gets easier as you keep doing it learning routine. But it sure defiantly pays for itself 1000 fold in many different ways.

    Closer to God

    Better quality food which is healthier but taste much better

    and helps save you a LOT of money

    Plus gives one a huge sense of self worth and back in touch with their heritage and culture by far :)

  65. stophate

    Kristy said:

    “why not start a hobby and every week end make a few wheels of cheese to press out and wax up to age?”

    “Now… I am NOT catholic and have no family who was catholic. I am Christian and for lack of better words loosely Protestant which covers a wide range of denominations. I am non denominal myself but try to stay as devout as I can.”

    ROFL, so make cheese and be a devout Non-Catholic and loosely Protestant with no denomination. So what you are saying is that religion plays no part in your heritage or culture ? That is sad. Or possibly use the recipes of the monks but screw their religion. Or, forget church, make fudge instead. Do you realize how disturbed you sound ?

  66. Fishleg

    Hey, I’m sold..and, uh, I am an independent minister.
    I left the mefodist church soon as I got there.
    Christ said let there be no divisions among you.

  67. stophate

    Fish Head,
    Now you are an Independent Minister ? What happened to your college degrees and your seminary ? You also said you were a respected religious scholar but couldn’t link us to one paper you have written. Your only an Independent Scholar of Hate and Lies as far as I can tell. Good luck with that.

  68. kristy

    deuce, if you want a more clear idea…

    I was raised Protestant

    I have studied both academically and on my own, from Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, History of the Christian Church by Schaff, you name it.

    don’t even think for a second you can make me question my belief or standing with God you fagot dumb shit :)

    What you do deuce is get a part of the statement, twist it and come up with… oh wait, its called the straw man fallacy in Logic :D

    Then try hard to combine it with the red herring fallacy.


    oh, and your a vet from the US military…

    this you publicly stated.

    so answer the questions publicly that were asked of you to back this up.

    you do know IP’s are logged and it is an offense punishable by jail and or large fine “usually both” to impersonate government worker of any type? ;-)

  69. kristy





    Wow deuce aka stophate… you just committed a felony =0

    according to the law, you just committed a high felony with some serious consequences.

    And to think your IP is logged and monitored which the host of your IP can tell who was on what time what date on that IP.

    Holy cow deuce… don’t drop the soap when they lock you up :D

    … well, you most likely will purposely drop it non stop.

  70. kristy

    Haha… just to show I’m not all bad deuce…

    when you get arrested for impersonating a military soldier and in prison which apparently is one of the punishments; I’ll send you a copy of Larry’s book to give you something to read to help kill the time before showering and soap dropping time :)

    you know… the book that obambi.com just posted actual real honest to goodness pictures of? :D

  71. JC


    Please let us know when you get that blog up and running, I would be very interested in checking it out. Gods speed with that endeavor.

  72. kristy

    I most certainly will JC. It will take awhile to compile everything but would be my pleasure to do this.

    However I bet deuce will read this and keep going… wheres the site? wheres the site until I’m ready to post it LOL

  73. JC

    Patience is a virtue…therefore impatience must be a vice…mmm….stooptohate is consistant with his vice I will give him that!

  74. kristy

    well, if I understand correctly…

    one of the first signs of insanity is to keep doing something over and over and over and over, but expect a different result.

    We love to ridicule deuce, but then leave it at that. where as he keeps on crawling like a baby for his agenda not getting anywhere, but still, as you perfectly stated JC, he just keeps going even though the results stay the same LOL

  75. stophate

    Hey Kristy,
    Go make a cheese wheel or some fudge. Its obviously your path to salvation. And you also said “when you get arrested for impersonating a military soldier and in prison which apparently is one of the punishments”

    And, I am a United States Army Combat Veteran and proud of it. It really has to kill you that you call yourself a patriot ” which you are the farthest thing from” and you are unable to write that. Why are you unable to write that ? You serve the cause of cheese wheels and fudge, and we know how important that is. Maybe if you could write that you would understand the sacrifices that have been made to protect the United States from scum bags like yourself.

  76. kristy

    doesnt kill me, I just enjoy watching you run away like a little bitch that you are :D

    which you have done for so long so well ;-)

    and as for making cheese and fudge, wow, it really frosts your ass that I have survival skills unlike you who rely on those big macs LOL

    thing is, I really doubt your a vet from the US military being you ran away from the simplest of questions brought to you for so long after your public announcement you made declaring yourself to be a vet from the US military.

    your a fraudulent little bitch and everyone including you knows it ;-)

  77. JC


    I am right there with ya…I just had to close down my business…my husband closed his down last year…tough times…but chin up…salvation is closer than you might imagine!

  78. Bizzynuts007

    I love this website. To all the wannabe liberals who fucked this up for the rest of us, Its amazing how simple facts and body language can foreshadow the story. Since day one Obama has proven himself a hypocrite. “broke the Bush jacket rule” by the media. Maybe cuz’ global warming made the room to hot, or, dickhead preaches shit to you and does the complete opposite by crankin’ up the heat once he gets to sit in the big dick’s chair.

  79. michaelangelo

    Dear Stop Hate,

    I am not going to refer to history because I doubt that you know much of it. Anmerican history is taught and denigrated in passing in the public schools.

    This government is poison to our economic system. It acts against the best interests of individuals and families to further a leftist political agenda. In so doing it deligitimizes itself and the offices that it holds.

    This President and his leftist minions in Congress deserve the worst the righteously outraged citizens of this country can mete out. Whether this is at the polls in the the streets only time will tell.

  80. Tom

    Obama all your brains have leaked out of your asshole down your leg and into your shoes you bonehead commie bastard

  81. Romeisburning...

    This country is doomed. If people continue to treat Obama like a messiah instead of the imposter that he is, we will see conditions comparable to the great depression – but much, much worse. And for all of you half- witted, low-rent, lemmings who think all of us who dislike Obama are racist – get over yourselves! My opinion of Obama has nothing to do with him being black, or mullato (his grandma was white y’know). You don’t have the intellect to see the bigger picture…try looking beyond the balance on your EBT card…try living without relying on the government for your rent money, food money, and healthcare – actually go out there and WORK for what you have, chances are you’ll finally understand the point most of us are trying to make….oh, but that would mean missing your hair and nail appointment… So you just go ahead and get yourself knocked up again with some DNA from the shallow end of the gene pool and keep collecting your TANF and WIC and MediCal and don’t forget your Section 8 housing allowance and utility bill assistance, while the rest of us continue to go to work, pay mortgages on homes that are worth half of what they were when we bought them, try to make ends meet, and pay our taxes (which go to feed, clothe, house and take care of you and your welfare babies)…but don’t worry – Obama will save you.

  82. stophate

    If we do see conditions as bad as the great depression your hate won’t save you and neither will your Republitard friends. The reason people don’t have jobs in America is that conservative politicians touting a Laissez-fair market style where they where allowed to send jobs that created our merchandise overseas in the name of profit. We gave away entire segments of manufacturing and well as practically all of our steel and textile jobs. Corporate hacks took huge profits and bonuses while workers got nothing and and even lost ground in wages hurting the American family. If there is a class war then the Conservitards fired the fired shot. America is a Constitutional Republic not a Capitalist Tyranny.

    Now as far as your racist rant goes. Just another bit of evidence that this is just another KKK meeting. You should be ashamed of yourself. Good Luck with your sad and hateful life.

  83. JC


    I understand the frustration, unlike our local trolls here who worship and quiver with adulation at the feet of their god/idol BHO/Lucifer. So go ahead and rant and rave here while you can because soon we will be branded and sent to reeducation camps. Those like stooptohate and other BHO/Lucifer lemmings will be lumped in with us who seen the evil for what is. They on the other hand will stand in disbelief and wonder why thier god/idol does not hear their cries and save them.

  84. stophate

    JC said:
    “we will be branded and sent to reeducation camps”

    I assume these are the same reeducation camps you were talking about during the Clinton Administration and Y2K. Chicken Little said: ” The Sky is Falling, The Sky is Falling. ” or maybe you are “The Boy Who Cried Wolf. ” Gimme a break.

  85. Interested Bystander


    Again, you know not what you comment on.

    Manufacturing jobs were lost when DEMOCRATS put pollution regulations on businesses back in the late 70’s. That’s why we lost manufacturing jobs back in the 80’s.

    You know when Congress mandated that factories put scrubbers on their smoke stacks, and catalytic converters on cars among other regulations passed? But you probably weren’t even born yet, so you wouldn’t remember. Again, all you are doing is spouting the crap you have been indoctrinated with, instead of looking for FACTS.

    This Cap and Trade bill is going to do the same thing that those bills did back in the 70’s.

    Not screaming “The sky is falling”, or the “Boy who cried wolf” stophate, only giving you the FACTS.

    Something you wouldn’t understand if it hit you up side the head.

  86. Interested Bystander


    As far as the “reeducation camps”, they are in the The Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act.

    Read it and learn something.

    Google it yourself, I’m getting tired of doing your homework for you.

  87. JC


    You are exactly right. Congress sold us up a creek without a paddle while we rode in a leaky boat that they themselves put the holes in. Explaining that to a starry eyed BHO/Lucifer loving lemming (the average rabid variety we get here) is useless.

  88. Romeisburning...

    Stophate – Glad to know I’m loved!!!

  89. Common Hyptnotism

    Hater, your bullshit grows old. I used to think you had some redeeming qualities and were at least reasonably intelligent, now I have no other conclusion to reach than that you are not only an anti-American socialist maggot, but you are also not very bright.

    It is YOUR leftist radical policies that destroyed American business. YOUR corrupt unions. You speak of the executives, the union heads are the most corrupt and slothful thieves around.

    You cannot tax a corporation, and expect it to do anything other than either pass the tax to the products end consumer, cut staff, lower quality or move the business to a friendlier environment.

    That is reality.

    Your silly demonizing of business, the military and the middle class is so stupid as to be laughable.

  90. stophate

    I only demonize big business for how they raped America. The middle class and the members of the military are the victims. They pay the price for the greed of the corporate thugs.

  91. Interested Bystander

    Hey All,

    Is it me, or does stophate simply ignore the FACTS that I post showing him to be an utter and complete failure in almost every comment he makes?

    Kind of funny if you were to ask me.

  92. Interested Bystander

    Hey All,

    stophate only demonizes big business because he doesn’t have a job and depends on us hard working folks to pay his bills.

  93. stophate

    I am actually blessed to have a job. But I understand that there are millions of Americans that don’t. The Conservative movement would love to see unemployed people and their children starve while they go to rallies heralding how great their way of life is and how the unemployed are scum. That is why the conservative movement is down the toilet. Please keep up the good work.

  94. Interested Bystander


    Sitting at a keyboard commenting idiotic comments all day, and getting a check for it is not “a job”. It’s a hobby.

    And if you actually have a real job, then why don’t you go in tomorrow morning and thank your boss for allowing such an ignorant idiot to work there.

    If you actually have a boss, and a job, I sure do feel sorry for your co-workers. They have to put up with your ignorant ass Monday through Friday?

  95. stophate

    I also know people who have been laid off. The banking industry and the car industry have been hit hard. Some cities and lost jobs in the tens of thousands. I some counties the unemployment is over 30 percent. Are they lowlifes and scumbags too ? What about their kids ? You are a jackass.

  96. Interested Bystander


    When did I EVER comment about the unemployed?

    Post one comment I made about people who are unemployed being “lowlifes and scumbags”?

    Just ONE stophate.

    Again, you make up what people comment to serve your purpose.

    And speaking of jackasses, ever look in the mirror?

    Your 30% is an outragious number.

    Here’s the ACTUAL unemployment rates from the Government:


    Please point out what county has an unemployment rate of 30%.

  97. kristy

    You didn’t IB… all deuce is trying to do is change the subject.

    The classic marxist bait and switch argument.

    they get called out by you, they either try to change the subject or result in trying ever so hard to just insult you with lame remarks.

    just watch… stophate will do one of two things…

    he will either ignore my post here or…

    refer to me as a cheesewheel, a “your momma” type joke or something along that lines.

    just watch ;-)

  98. Interested Bystander


    I know I didn’t.

    stophate simply wouldn’t understand the FACTS if Obama himself gave them to him, but we all know that isn’t happening.

    Obama has no clue as to the FACTS either.

  99. kristy

    LMFAO stophate is probably obama himself/herself up late at night posting out of fear because the obama emprie is quickly crumbling :)

  100. stophate

    Kristy aka Cheese Wheel,
    I only refer to you as Cheese Wheel because you said that you use a Cheese wheel to communicate with God.

  101. kristy

    See IB, need I prove any more? :)

    this fucken diaper rash is way to easy LOL

  102. Fishleg

    reading these comments looks like a troop of social workers trying to communicate with a retard.
    James, gay, communist and stupid is no way to go through life.
    Hating God will get you nowhere.

  103. JC


    My friend you are wrong there…it will get you a one way ticket to be satan’s boot licker…a slave to evil devoid of hope…with no chance of change!

  104. When did God die and leave any of you son’s and daughter’s of Satan in charge. If any of you knew the truth from the Bible you would know the World will not get better it will get worse. Jesus himself said it in Matthew. And the rest of the story is in Revelation’s. God gave the first prophecy in Genesis to Adam & Eve. It also says God knows peoples hearts. And from what I’m reading here there’s a dark spirit that has taken over. The World will not end there will be the end of the system which means the one World Government that’s rapidly coming. If all of you are so perfect including myself we wouldn’t here we would already be in Heaven. Peace be still.

  105. You People are either going to have a heart attack or stroke from all the hate inside you .(Dem’s & Rep’s) Christ is the only one who can judge us. This is God’s world not ours. I thank him that his love is the greatest love. It’s his time not our time. Anyone that says they love God but hates their Brother’s & Sister’s is a liar. That quote came from Jesus the Christ whether you believe it or not.

  106. Brandon

    This is a comment directed to David Jennings, you profess to be a Christian man? Where does it say in the bible that you cannot speak out against wrong doings? I personally don’t believe that God intended us to do nothing about circumstances that are within our control. We can get rid of alot of the problems with this country by being proactive and doing something about them, not just throwing our hands in the air and doing nothing. Let me say this also, I am a Christian man, and I think your approach is all wrong. Why is it evil to speak out against an asshole who is in favor of baby butchery, homosexuality, and other moral attrocities? Do you believe that it is right to just sit back and let him do harm to millions of people, when we have the ability to do something about it?
    I think it is a far greater sin to sit back and observe it, and do nothing to prevent it. Does it not say in the bible that we are to protect those who cannot defend themselves? I don’t intend to piss you off with this, but people like you are a large part of the reason that we are in this mess to begin with. You say that all these people that are commenting on this site have darkness in their hearts, and are the sons and daughters of satan, isn’t that a mighty judgemental, prickish thing to say? Are YOU standing in judgement of them and not God? Sounds to me like someone is a touch hypocritical. I guess I lied as well, because I really don’t give a tinker’s damn if this pisses you off or not. You can say what you want about me, but I do believe in God, I do try to follow his teachings (as best I can), I own many guns, and I don’t believe that god meant for us to be weak kneed sob sisters that sit back and accept everything that someone tries to foist on us. Sounds to me like you are an Obama supporter who does not belong on this website to begin with. Let this son of satan be the first to invite you to take a long walk off of a short pier. Maybe someday you’ll come down off of your soap box, pull your head out of your rear, and do something to bring this country back to where it should be. I in no way intend anything that I have said to be blasphemous, but I reiterate, I think it is a far greater sin to do nothing, than it is to try to do your best to change something that is so wrong. Peace be with you.


    To all of you that are on the right side of this whole mess, keep on doing what your doing, and maybe we can get this whole mess sorted out. Thanks for your time.

  107. Brandon

    stophate, Casey Espinosa, John Birch, Fuck you, Pukes!!, InfaoIDIOTchristians, your dad, and bin laden, bitch, I think you all belong in a cereal box with a picture of a toucan on it. To put it more precisely, you all are a bunch of f***in’ fruit loops!

    stophate- typical limp-wristed liberal. Uninformed lemming. All in all, amusing in a sad pathetic way.

    John Birch- Suck it? Suck what?, your leg? That, I would be willing to bet, is the only body part that you possess from the waist down that would be easily detected with the naked eye.

    Casey Espinosa- Nuttier than squirrel shit. Enough said.

    Fuck You, Pukes!!- I think this one will eventually succumb to food poisoning. Eventually you’re going to get a bad weiner. I bet you almost slipped up though when you typed the word c**cksucker and put in your real name, because I believe them to be synonomous terms.

    ImfaoIDIOTchristians- You’re an arrogant little f**k, aren’t you. I almost hate to point out the fact that you’re oh so intelligent that you can’t even capitalize names. You’re in for a rude awakening when you die. I’m pretty sure God won’t be too impressed with how smart you think you are. By the way, I thought you liberals didn’t like the word “retarded”, isn’t “mentally challenged” the accepted terminology now? Shame on you!! You naughty little hypocritical sack of shit you.

    your dad- What are you even doing commenting on American politics, you eel slurping, tea sipping numb nuts?

    bin laden, bitch- This one takes the cake, kool aid, barbeque chicken, and watermelon all in one. Holy ghetto trash batman! U r stoopid. (I intentionally mispelled that phrase just for you b.l.b. Maybe with someone’s help you can sound it out.)

    I know I shouldn’t stoop to their level with personal insults etc… but it is kind of fun. I just get so tired of these peace loving little liberals espousing love for everyone and then they turn around and use vulgar language and personal insults, simply because they cannot make a valid point to save their soul. Obama is a reverse discriminatory, immoral, stupid, arrogant asshole. Like it or lump it libs.

  108. SPPRTR

    He is the President of this country you like it or not!!! It seems like nobody believe in DEMOCRACY anymore…Or are they Democracist? People hate this country because of the scumbags like you people. Obama won an election by the votes of many Americans…Again , you like it or not He will be in the office for next 8 YEARS…Keep barking…

  109. SPPRTR

    Are you threatening people by saying you are going to post their IP’s? So what? Are you going to attack them? And do you moron think that Ip numberis going to give you the exact address of people? Educate yourself sucker, about the privacy rights! There is no any internet provider who is going to give their customers information out, as long as asked by the government…You people are full of HATE, and your kind of people keeping back this country from everything we can accomplish!!! You suckers…OBAMA is one of the great president you moron ever going to see….Now piss off!!!

  110. Brandon


    What?? You are quite presumptuous aren’t you. He’ll be the president for the next eight years? At the rate he is going there won’t be a country left in 2 years, let alone 8. I know you’re mad that we don’t have to like the fact that he is president, but that is the beauty of this country still, even though the next little Hitler (a.k.a. Obama) is doing his best to change that. People don’t have to like him just because he is the president. Let me ask you this, did you ever say anything negative about Bush? I’m willing to bet you did. Isn’t that the same thing that people are doing here?

  111. pam

    Obama IS an asshole.

  112. Fishleg

    Sorry SPUTERER, but you have to be a natural-born US citizen to be eligible for the presidency. Oborter is a fraud and will be removed sooner or later…pray for sooner.

  113. Cuss

    Somebody needs a nap!

  114. Dan

    yep….he is a first class ass…..how could people have voted for this radical….i mean i know bush wasnt the best but i think he did some really good things too…..especially with Africa…but this guy is just taking America down the radical path just like his past…he lies way to much which is really odd in ways because its blatant but sneaky….pelosi looks like she has a stick in her ass all the time with that permanent smile on her face as she spends all of our tax money….what a nightmare people….i think more Americans see the shit hitting the fan now but they are the same people I blame for putting such a radical in the Whitehouse…..

  115. fuck all you nigger loving socialist cock sucking pigs. burn in hell you motherfuckers.

  116. fuck all you scum sucking nigger loving socialist pigs. burn in hell you motherfuckers.

  117. mcb

    Most of you have it right. There will not be a country as we know it. We are already past repair and I’m not sure what will be left. As a small business person, I will be layoff and closing my doors very shortly. It will be impossible for business not operate in this country. I feel sorry for children that has no idea what they are in for. Several weeks ago we were sitting around talking and my 9 year old nephew started crying. He was smart enough to relize what we were talking about.
    We quickly changed and lied to him to make him feel better. Obama and all of Washington could not run a kool-aid stand let alone the country. We’ve seen what they done with that!!!!!!!

  118. Cuss

    If he destroys everything dealing with a free economy what’s left, government! Government will own everything and will determine who wins and who loses! If it could be done, all small business owners should shut down for a day , I mean all business. Bring this country to a halt for one say to show these fuckers not to fuck with us! No money, no taxes and the little black manchild can dig the money out of his skinny little black ass!

  119. JC


    I got a visual on that last part…not pretty…not pretty at all…lol

  120. Cuss

    Well, everyone needs to tell their congress and senators that they better read what the fuck they are voting on or we will find someone who will! And the sorry assed media, I hope they are the first to go when the commies take over!

  121. Fishleg

    I call and call those idiots here in Georgia and it is always busy, or the mailbox is full.
    It really gets my pork rind.

  122. JC


    Call the local offices, they usually have more than one in the area. If that does not work there is always snail mail…takes alittle extra time and money but worth every penny. Get their fax numbers…and when all else fails take a few minutes and pay the local office a visit. For instance on Friday at noon the TEA Party organizers have organized that we go to the Senators local offices and pay them a visit in person….certainly the Senator will not likely be there…but their staff will be and they just HATE it when we show enmasse to “talk”. But they listen and they DO share the information with the Senator…You see if you put a face to the voter…the snap to attention. Get involved with your Libertarian Party…I would say Republican Party but I am not all that keen on supporting the chumps who helped put us in this situation. And the Democratic Party…well I am a nice person so I will refrain from any comment on that one…

  123. Cuss

    Look out! You’ll get Stoop-id all fired up and we’ll have to listen to his stupid shit for the rest of the night!

  124. JC


    Thanks to the ever wise folks at obambi.com they have given us a weeks reprieve from the ignorance that calls itself stophate..

  125. Cuss

    Oh… I thought he got ahold of a bad pork rind!

  126. SGT ROCK


  127. Rich

    This Muslim piece of shit halfbreed we disgracefully call a president will be pulling teabags out of his ass. He doesn’t like the tea party’s because hes afraid of the truth. All liars are afraid of the truth. He lied like a fucking rug to get elected. He promised the world to all the dumb fucks stupid enough to cast a vote for this turd, and now its plain to see he was a lying piece of shit, and will remain one till hes out in 2012. Hope and change my fucking ass! The only changes hes making is toward socialism and making America a friggin nanny state. Already, the blind followers are jumping ship like rats on the Titanic. All his hopey changey suck buddies are just now realizing how fucking stupid they were to be taken in by this con artist piece of shit. This halfbreed Muslim cocksucker isn’t fit to be a dogcatcher, let alone the POTUS.

  128. Wealthy

    You people are all fucking assholes because of your fucking racism and fucking stupid dog-shit opinions so why don’t you go fuck yourselves or go suck somebody’s fucking cock and drink somebody’s fucking cunt juice instead of wasting your fucking time on the fucking internet to defame a president who was lawfully elected by the people, so why don’t you fucking let him do his job and leave him alone! And watch your fucking anti-Muslim comments or you will get your fucking throats cut off! Go fuck your mothers, you fucking sons of bitches, dog-shit eating scum bags! You are all fucking assholes, so Fuck you assholes!

  129. obambi.com

    Is that a threat Wealthy?

  130. kristy

    hey, at least the nick “wealthy” won’t bludgeon anyone to death with his intellect or high cultured linguistics eh?

    btw… fuck allah, we have Jesus Christ on our side ;-)

  131. kristy

    Joke of the day for the nick “wealthy”

    A muslim dies and goes to Heaven.

    St Peter meets this muslim at the pearly gates and says “you have lived a good life, did alot of charity and such, so you may enter Heaven… what is it you most wish to see?”

    The muslim looks up with his hands held high and says “I WISH TO SEE THE LIGHT OF ISLAM, I WISH TO SEE ALLAH!!!”

    So St Peter says, “very well, walk through this door behind me…”

    The muslim walks through the door and low and behold, he sees Moses sitting on a lofty cloud.

    Moses leans forward and says to the muslim; “anyone who is grant access through this door is good enough to get into Heaven, so what is it you most wish to see?”

    Again, the muslim looks up with hands held high and shouts “I WISH TO SEE THE TRUE LIGHT OF ISLAM, I WISH TO SEE ALLAH!!!”

    So Moses points and says… “then go, walk through this door behind me and ye shall be grant thou wish.”

    The muslim, humbly but ever so excited walks through the door behind Moses.

    On entering there he sees Jesus Christ Himself, in all His splendor and glory, wearing the whitest lamb skins sitting on a throne of gold so fine it shines brighter then the sun itself, encrusted with most precious of jewels.

    Jesus Christ leans forward and speaks; “you have entered this chamber, therefore you were deemed worthy to enter Heaven, what does thou most wish to see My son?”

    Again,. the muslim looks up, hands held high, proudly shouts… “I WISH TO SEE THE TRUE LIGHT OF ISLAM, I WISH TO SEE ALLAH!!!”

    So Jesus Christ smiles, calmly turns his head and shouts… ” HEY ALLAH, TWO CUPS OF COFFEE AND MAKE IT QUICK BOY!”

  132. JC


    I take Wealthy’s comment as a serious threat…sounds like they have been parttaking of the the hate that isalm promotes…

  133. kristy

    I must agree with JC

    That was a serious threat.

    Goes to show the libterd mentality. “Give me what I want, including your obedience, or I will hurt you!!!”

    Can’t put it any more clear then that.

  134. Rich

    Hey Wealthy…..your invited to come to my house any time you like to try and cut my throat…hahahaha…Let me know how it feels to eat several hollowpoints in the process of trying….you fucking asshole.

  135. Rich

    I love this site! Im glad to see not all Americans are taken in by this con artist pile of dung we shamefully call POTUS. It sickens me to see our so called leader sucking off all our enemies and kissing ass to countries that hate us for being free. If this turd gets his way, those freedoms will all but disappear and the US will be a fucking nanny state where you need government permission to take a piss or a shit!

    This Muslim turd masquerading as a Christian spews lies every time he opens his yap. No real Christian would stay in a church run by that vile piece of shit Rev. Wright listening to racist tripe for 20 some odd years if he didnt believe in that shit himself. Im sick of the white man always being accused of racism when its just as prominent or even more so on the minority side! Fuck the double standard! If minorities want racism to stop, they must first stop it themselves among their own with organizations like the NAACP, Affirmative action, BET, United Negro College Fund etc. etc. Slavery was 150 years ago…its history…it was bad yes…but fucking get over it! Its HISTORY!! You cant change what happened in the past. Besides, it was THEIR own people in Africa selling slaves to the white slave traders for profit to begin with! But of course, the blacks conveniently forget that fact to play the race card for government hand outs.

    As for Bamies so called solution to the economy…how is spending the US into oblivion going to fix a broken economy? How conveniently the fucking liberal media forgets that it was dumbocraps in congress that wanted every minority in America to own a house…even if they had $50 in their fucking pocket for a down payment. By forcing the banks to give millions of high risk loans to people who had NO business buying a house due to poor credit or low wages….this is what blew up in the democraps faces…and why we went broke! Now the poor fucking middle class taxpayer has to pay out the ass to bail out the banks while fuckstick Bamie keeps raising taxes. Good plan asshole…punish the middle class taxpayer while giving out more freebies to ghetto trash that wont work or illegals who dont pay taxes anyway.

    Spread the wealth my ass! You want to get America out of this financial crisis? Cut off ALL free shit to illegal aliens!!! The fuckers DONT belong here! Their fucking illegal! Why give them free shit? Cut off the money supply and they will go home faster than they came! Make it a law that ANY employer caught knowingly and willfully hiring illegals goes right to jail AND loses his business! The fuckers will run south so fast it’ll cause a fucking tornado! This alone would save the American taxpayers billions! Next, make it law that all welfare queens that are NOT physically disabled get cut off in one year…no exceptions. Work or starve you lazy fucks! The taxpayers are sick of supporting your drug habits and financing your sitting on your 350 pound asses watching Oprah all fucking day! While your scumbag punk kids become gangbangers wearing pants 8 sizes too big and committing crimes 24-7. Quit blaming whitey for your problems and fix your own shit! You made the illegitimate bastard, you raise him! Its not societies duty to raise your juvenile delinquent piece of drug dealing shit while you sit home on your fat ass collecting welfare checks and voting for assholes like Bamie.

    And for fucks sake….why is this asshole apologizing to other countries and claiming America is arrogant? Arrogant? That fuckstick wrote the book on arrogant! Who the fuck does Bamie think he is shitting on every principle America stands for to suck ass with Europe? Americans are PROUD of what this country used to be…not what its now becoming! Millions fought and died for the freedoms…well, we used to enjoy till the lefty’s started trying to be our fucking nanny’s. America doesnt have to apologize to ANYONE! This country became great of its own courage, will and bravery to stand up for whats right. Now, these fucking lefty pieces of shit want to flush it all down the toilet so they can “control” us and bend us to their will. To that I say FUCK YOU! I’ll die before I submit to the whims of a fucking Muslim turd…POTUS or not! Hes not my commander in chief…I didnt vote for him and I will NOT support him in any way…except to see him leave in 2012 or hopefully before then.

    To those of you who think I hate all Muslims, your wrong. I only despise the fanatic ones bent on destroying America. On 9/11 we were attacked by Muslim zealots bent on destroying America and all she stands for….And now we have a sympathizer to their cause in the highest office of the land. When I see this turd POTUS bowing to Saudi kings and all but sucking his cock….it just makes me wonder why so many Americans were taken in by this slick talking piece of shit.

    To those of you still drinking the Bamie Kool Aid…I hope you choke on it..because due to your own stupidity, those of you who voted for this pile of dung are contributing to the downfall of America as we knew it. Welcome, to the socialist nanny state where your totally dependent on government for everything….

  136. george

    obama is a disgrace to America. He is a fucking liar and coward. I only hope the people catch on to him before it’s too late!
    He is screwing this country up in even a larger scale that Carter ( the genuine fuck-up ) could do.

  137. SilverEagle

    Since Obama and his gang took over in Washington, D.C., no one has been able to get a decent shoeshine in Chicago. I guess he and his pal’s have been to busy focusing on fixing our National economy and healthcare.

  138. Rich

    I hate to say it George, but Carter is a fucking genius compared to the turd we have in office now….. That’s almost like saying Id rather eat dog shit than horseshit. At the very least Carter wasn’t putting on Muslim garb and sucking off Saudi kings. Although he fucked up about everything else he touched…..

  139. Cuss

    I wonder how much pull the Clintons have, after
    all the little black manchild has most of the Clintonista’s around him. It has to be someone , he’s to stupid to do this on his own!!

  140. Fishleg

    Oborter isn’t worthy to shine my shoes.

  141. Fishleg

    Oh, and wealthy ( a free market, capitalist nick )
    I’m guessing you are 14, no chicks like you and you possess no social grace. You’re probably a fatass, so no sports for you…just sit at your little computer and enlighten folks by puking up whatever they said on MSNBC.
    Just a hunch. Come cut my throat, you muslim chunk of shit!

  142. Hey Wealthy,
    This is America. As soon as the President starts doing his job, we’ll leave him alone. So far, he’s doing a horribile job, and doesn’t deserve to be left alone. The fact that you think so clearly exemplifies your ignorance.
    You sir, are an uninformed piece of shit undeserving of an opinion.
    Sit down and shut up.

  143. Rich

    “Wealthy” is a typical example of a Bamie suckboy piece of shit that worships the ground the Messiah walks on. One of the blind idiot supporters of a halfbreed Muslim slick talking mulatto turd we now have as a so called president. Hes one who fell for the hopey changey bullshit hook, line and sinker. In a small way, I feel sorry for guys like this “wealthy” clown…their so fucking stupid that they need a Muslim mulatto to think for them because their incapable of having an original and intelligent thought of their own. Probably some welfare sucking, ghetto piece of shit on mommies computer drooling all over his Tshirt that rabidly worships our fuckstick in chief. As for him cutting someones throat…..hahahaha…Thats too funny!

  144. pete

    i’d go to one of those tea parties, but i have to go to work and pay taxes.

  145. Cuss

    Hey wealthy, 57 million of us didn’t vote for the little black manchild. I would be careful as to who you threaten. Look around next time your out, if you go out, if your momma makes you leave the basement so she can fumigate it, we might just be standing next to you. Of course we wouldn’t know because little pussies like you keep you mouths shut when your in public. Probably from fear of getting your ass kicked!! LOL !!

  146. Romeisburning...

    Oh Wealthy…….you poor, uneducated, intellectually challenged creature. (You DID have the wherewithal to use the F-bomb every other word – that really made you shine.)

    I’m sure BHO is so proud to have someone like you sticking up for him.

    Come on down with your boxcutter any time pal, we’re waiting for you!!!

  147. nobama

    a website after my own heart……..

  148. ttrishstar

    Wow ,I missed wealthy’s comment. How did he find this site. I bet there are millions of other sites dissing the jerk off man loving USURPER. Sad how you get the OBOTS commenting on blogs that they themselves should not be on. Let them troll over to Media Matters. I am sure they love to have him.

  149. Richard

    “Waving teabags”…if we were waving a doobie Obama would be walkin’ that pimp strut and asking: Waaassssuuuppp bro ???

  150. bk

    Sign me up for the revolution….Republic Freedom Fighers Unite….or start calling your neighbor Conmrade !!! THIS IS NUTS !!!

  151. Eddie

    If you don’t like our country the way it was, then why not leave it. Many Americans enjoy our freedoms and will would lay down our lives for them. Why must you communist’s and socialist’s insist on changing my country? You have so many other choices of places in which to live other than the United States of America. Don’t go away mad, just go away. Government officials included.

  152. Bill O

    I can’t believe this fucking dick is our President. It’s so embarrassing. He looks like a fucking car salesman.

  153. sweeneybrown

    I can not believe this fuck-head is still in office.They should have kicked his ass out before it ever got in!He will never be my president and I will never call him that.This ass and his racist wife need to be gone.I think his vice sucks to,it is impossible to ignore this wannabe dictator.All the pro obama jerks can say what they want,they are thinking out of each others asses!@I applaud everyone here who is not afraid to say they think this dude sucks!Why the hell are the obamites on this site anyway if they love to suck his ass so much?!

  154. Fishleg

    I think their guilty conscience brings them here…now if they would only read the articles…

  155. JC


    The progressives here to do not possess a conscience, what do they need one of those pesky things for anyway…in their minds they do not need to hinder themselves with such antiquated and out dated ideas. And I question their ability to understand what they read as evidenced by the “stupid” remarks they post here.

  156. will dog

    fuck obama and fuck sotomayor

  157. i see the far left has infiltrated the site,and i hope they left bread crumbs so they can find their way back to obamaland,the village of the hypnobamatized.
    the truth really hurts these punks,and i love the way they get so outraged. this is better than family guy. hey,that would be a great idea,(peter griffin) for president. somewhat of an improvment over what we have now.wonder if he is a dem or a rep? no matter.
    these fools really think america should be socialized? i fear that sooner or later,a war may come to our shores,and i would like to be a camaraman,documenting this war. we would see these fools running to hide under their beds,while better men fight for their rights to come out of hiding and criticize the way they fought.
    the march on washington on september 12th is a day we all should remember. no matter what else happens,i will be there. i will be riding up on motorcycle,and brother is renting a bus,so if anyone needs a ride from fla,and wants to go,he will have plenty room. we all need to be there. complacency at a time we could be making history is not acceptable for patriotism.

  158. Frosteetoes

    Herbert, sadly Seth McFarland (creator of Family Guy) is a liberal and an atheist. Otherwise, a pretty funny show. On the other hand, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, (creators of South Park) make fun of liberals as much as conservatives alike.

  159. FROSTEETOES, thanx for the insight. i never knew much about the people behind the shows,but i figured we could be no worse off if we had an animated screw up for presidente.
    these far out left wingnuts really gotta have a lot of hate for God and country to stand up for this hugo chavez wannabe.

  160. Mr Old Guy

    I can’t stand him – I can’t stand his voice… I can’t stand to look at that incredible fucking asshole.

  161. kristy

    obastard always mistakes what he thinks is a dream is really a trip from being high off drug use.

  162. Fishleg

    A little Pink Floyd for my wednesday! Thanks!

  163. John M

    I’d like to fill ditches with the corpses of right wing asshole like you.

  164. John

    Keep fighting the “right”

    That’s where they want you.

    Never fight the corrupt govt. just keep fighting the “right”

  165. JC

    John M.

    Thats it make threats and then run and hide like the chicken you are…moron!

  166. bho boo

    Bill O
    he’s being recalibrated and his curve is trending downward


  167. Fishleg

    I wish all these America-hating dickheads would pack up and move to China if they love communism so much…the way things are looking I will be filling ditches with these dead marxist morons.
    They will never learn…this is the land of LIBERTY, not bondage.
    You want bondage? Go to Africa or China or Indonesia(where your new god is from) or Russia or wherever..just get out of our Christian nation.

  168. what the hell did you people do to john m? i wuold be very carefull,he might hit you with his purse.
    i just love to see the anger these left wing morons show when they know they are wrong,and refuse to admit that we are going into socialism as fast as their muslim mafia punk can push us. they would rather keep supporting him,and see this country look like iran than face the truth. so truth,these people are as much traitors as obama HUSSEIN.
    by the way,what happened to post about september 12 th? tried to send it to a friend,cant find it.

  169. hey john m, this one will really piss you off,so close your eyes before you read.
    like i said on other post,i am not sure it is right to call obamster queer,being the prez and all, but i bet even if he wouldnt suck one, he would hold it in his mouth just till the swellin goes down.

  170. guess john m mighta got little feelings hurt,not gonna play anymore. just havin fun with the truth,and laughin all the way,cause i believe john and obama have one thing in common, they both can probably do more tricks on one than a monkey on a stack of bananas.

  171. Frosteetoes

    Is John M hinting that he might be a necrophiliac?

  172. KATIE, we will do tea partys of monumental proportions on the 12 th day of sept. the march on washington is an event that definatly WILL go down in history,because i believe there are enough patriots who have the guts to get off their asses and show up when the very future of our country is at stake. my family will be renting a small bus,and i have friends who love riding with me,and our motorcycles will be headed north with the bus. plenty room on bus,and bikes for others who wanna go. florida isnt too far from d c when it comes to my country.

  173. My Name is Matt

    Allow me to first say that I am black. I am a registered libertarian in the state of Arizona. I do not align myself in rank with any party. I base my decisions off principles that are absolute (a ball of cells consisting of zygote from a human egg and a human sperm is, like it or not, a member of the human species and as such is afforded inalienable rights endowed by OUR creator.) That’s just an example.
    Now, lets take an objective view and take Barack Obama’s word for face value that he is “commited to change”. I wish I could believe this, but the recent situation arising from his comment about the arresting officer’s actions with Dr. Gates two weeks go is a shining example of BO’s kneejerk reaction to any situation regarding law enforcement, even after previously admitting that he did not know all the facts.

    I did not agree with the man’s political views, and differing opinons are to be expected and encouraged, but as a law student I am deeply disturbed that a man such as Obama, whose education I consider to be of the highet caliber could carry himself with such a lack of self-respect and indignity. A man such as himself well-learned in the law demonstrated to the world that he carries prejudices towards officers of the law who happen to be of a certain color (which is besides the main point) and is willing to publically make incriminating assertions about such individuals despite admitting to fully understand the details of the case at hand. Such a person who adheres to such methodologies with regards to interpreting the law is not qualified to conduct emissions on a vehicle (because their deeply-held prejudices would be analogous to an emissions attendant stating that a beat up old car would surely fail emission standards based on their past experience, thus applying a general stereotype to all beat up old cars). Such a person is also not fit to serve in the capacit of commander-in-chief.

  174. bho boo

    Matt I’m so sad that someone like you didn’t run for office, the position of “first African American President” was STOLEN from the pool of competent natural born American blacks who would have shone brightly in that office. Instead we have an illegal usurper who shows off boners in public and plays pocket pool in the rose garden (he’s mental!).

  175. Romeisburning...

    Matt: Excellent post!

  176. agreed, if mat ran for president,i think as long as his plans do not include government run healthcare,and big government i would be inclined to vote for him,as he seems to be a black AMERICAN, not AFRICAN american. i am not the kind of person who sees the color of another,unless they WANT it to make a difference. by adding the AFRICAN,they are saying as much. i have black american friends,and they are ,as mat would be, welcome into my home,BUT people like sharpton,rev wright,jessie jackson,and obama would not want to try to cross the threshold. it would be a very painfull experience for them. i hate racist low lifes who try to keep this crap going.

  177. benjamin k.

    Sure you will. This scumbag Obama got elected because Bush was awful and every dimwit in the country came out to vote for the speechifier.
    It was not because anyone believes in your imbecilic ideas — but you are so clueless, you think it was about the country embracing your stupidity. Instead, it was Obama getting elected by stupidity– some of it was yours, apparently

  178. it wasnt my stupidity,i knew from the start that a low life community organizer who went to rev?wrights church,hang out with tony rezcco,bill aires,and other freaks would be bad for the country,and spent money trying to get mc cain in.
    i only want what is good for the future of our country. not for myself,i may not have that much time left,but for my grandson who is only a few months old,and others like him. i am going to do all i can,by protesting on the 12 th of sept. in washington,donations to the heritage foundation,and prayin the socialistic fart in the white house falls through his asshole and breaks his fuckin neck.

  179. My Name is Matt

    Thank you all.

  180. Matt, please stop posting your SSN number, fake or not or whatever


  181. My Name is Matt SS#

    I would also like us to think about this. The next time you happen to be standing in line at the grocery store, gas station, DMV, or any other locale where people tend to congregate and as necessity dictates bring their children with them…look at the small child or even teegager and think to yourself “what kind of society are we leaving the next generation to build with?”
    I hate to resemble Chicken Little and say the the sky is falling, but I tend to believe that the current situation the nation is facing will invariably become worse. Eventually society will, and I emphasize “WILL” gather the intestinal fortitude to stand up for what is right and will no longer passively agree to, as VP Joseph Biden puts it, “get on board”. People WILL grow resentful of the patronizing hand of socialist-minded usurpers pushing them reluctantly onto dystopian-destined trainride to subjecation. People WILL refuse to allow their offspring to be cast unwittlingly into a giant Ponzi-scheme operated by pimps in Washington and put their foot down. I’m not quite sure what it will look like, but I believe things will look a lot uglier than they do now, before the philosophy that the framers of the US Constitution intended for us to follow, will once again be cherished and guarded against tyranny (in all forms and sizes) and handed over for the next generation.
    We adults have the opportunity to stop this self-serving ideology in its tracks before our youth become so confused by the mixed messages they recieve by different figures of authority. If a mother and father cannot agree on whats appropriate for their child, then explain to me how a child can avoid developing a sense of reasoning by which a decision is based on situation in question in connection with the moral relavancey?

  182. My Name is Matt

    Due to the wishes of the administrator, I have ceased publishing my social security number. I would like to insist that like minded individuals stand firm in their beliefs and refuse to be intimidated by the so-called powers that be. If we live in democratic country I hope that our present administration would not denounce the mere gathering of concerned citizens voicing their concerns about what could be the greates crisis this country has seen since the Civil War.
    Don’t be afraid. Fear is a like the odor of a corpse signaling to wild beasts that something has died and is safe to consume at its leisure. Patriots do not fear the bullying indimdation of self-serving theives of society, regardless of their title.

  183. Thanks Matt

    Keep fighting

    The SSN, we’re just looking out for you, you don’t want StopHate buying panties at Wal Mart with your SSN

  184. stophate probably has a lot of panties,i would more worry about him buying dildos and buying his boyfriend a new car since his hero bo has made it so easy to do.

  185. live oak

    Obambi….herbert stamper…..


  186. JC

    Two things that should never be put into a sentence together…stooptohate and panties…brings a mental image that makes me cringe…makes me want to poke out my minds eye…OUCH!

  187. kinda like boy george?or maybe obamster in drag?
    remember the story about obambi and his aunt,when he was young boy? they were gettin it on,and his aunt said damn! you got one just like your father has,and obambi says thats what ma keeps tellin me.

  188. My Name is Matt

    I know this is old news guys, but the whole Harvard Police Dept. incident makes me beg the question: Why did Barack Obama neglect to comment on the arrest of Alan Keyes at Notre Dame at which Barack Obama delivered a commencement speech for the graduates of 2009?
    As far as I remember Alan Keyes was peacefully gathered with around 25 individuals peacefully praying the rosary and raising awareness about abortion. As far as I’m concerned Dr. Keyes and the other participants were peacefully practicing their right to assemble peacefully while simultaneously raising awareness about their Catholic Faith (ironically Notre Dame is a Catholic institution). Why did the Presid…. I can’t even utter that word, not advocate for this black man’s rights like he did for Dr. Gates? Barack Obama personally knew Dr. Keyes after having debated with him during the 2006 Senate race in Illinoise.
    Hope For Change? —–> I think you missed the small print and should have read…………………………..

    “I HOPE you don’t care FOR the Constitution, cause I’m going to CHANGE it as I see fit.

  189. My Name is Matt

    Herbert Stamper

    I’m honored to be welcomed in your house. I must say to you however that I encourage a candid debate. I have a different opinion than you regarding Al Sharpton. As far as I know he supported Barack Obama, however I think that he means well and is somewhat in denial regarding Obama, because Sharpton is pro-life while Obama is clearly (as his record and continued rhetoric indicates) pro-choice. I can’t condemn Al Sharpton because he is very affable when I see him in debates regardless of whether his views are different from mine. I do not however see Reverend Jeremiah Wright, or Reverend Jesse Jackson as affable people with good intentions. It is so simple to see that their tactics of mass communication are almost mirrored by the tactics of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. That is to plant the seeds of hate based on past wrongs so as to inflame a population and stir them into violence. This is an element of influencing people based on factual wrongs of the past but creating violence and hatred which serves no purpose to better a situation. It would be the same as a jealous friend injecting poisonous ideas into a friend’s minde whose attention they wish to have all to themselves through deceit, manipulation, adn control. Such behavior is undeniably toxic.

  190. Someone who actually has a brain

    All u idiots and fukin morons r bashing the man who finally took over instead of that talking ape, George Bush

  191. kristy

    George Bush… you mean the one who at least had the fucken balls to counter strike against people “terrorists” who tried to wipe us off the map instead of your pussy fagot barely talking ape obanga who only offers to suck the dicks of every known enemy of the USA?

    The same George Bush who gave 5.8% cost of living increases to the workers who are now on disability unlike your half talking ghetto ape obanjo who tried to get rid of SSDI and SSI all together and guaranteed no cost of living increase for them for 2 years at least?

    someone who has a brain, if ya got one, you obviously only take it out to wipe your fucken ass with it.

  192. someone who has a brain? eat shit.
    obambi has done more damage to the economy in six months than any other president could in a complete term. look it up genious. the lies are flowing from this muslim mafia punk and you have the nerve to say you have a brain? where did you leave it before you made the stupid comment? i would equate you to having a brain like saying you had a dick. i would have to say spit it out,it doesnt belong to you.

  193. Fishleg

    You mean the same G. Bush who is a natural born U.S. citizen with an allegiance to America only??

  194. JC

    Someone who actually has a brain, but fails to use it,

    I think someone may have “changed or messed with your post”…as it is quite unreadable…please post that again so that those of us who actually read English can read the post…otherwise we will assume that you are too ignornat to post in full sentences.

    Thank you!

  195. thank you j c and fishleg. common sense over twisted thinking any day!

  196. hey! can anyone here tell me the answer to a question that i cant figure out because i am no lawyer.
    if obama and michelle got a divorce, would that mean they are not brother and sister anymore?

  197. Doc Evaj.

    The state of the country is a mess. I think some of it is induced through media force. There is a TRUE problem but a bunch of it also over hyped. There is also a large amount of people holding on to the news as if its all truth when in fact its really just a show it gets ratings and everything. The term spin doctor just didn’t get pulled out of thin air. The worst of all is all the school systems! I recall a few adult career schools I worked at or near signing people up to vote and at the same time boasting Obanana. They got your kids! I remember back when I was in school and how they taught “Republican is for big companies!” and “Democrats are for you!” rot. I of course KNEW better and even told them in no short terms to feed it to someone else. The Dems also try to put all the dirty work they do back on us like we don’t know better. If I remember correctly Nafta and Gat was put in by slick Willy another reason why jobs left. They are also the first ones to name call and try to stir us up. They try to make us angry and in retribution sink to their level. We should have a site that keeps count of who spouts off hate comments the most. It should also keep count of how many weasels don’t respond a second time proving they are nothing more than pot stirrers. I can’t believe how many people who have died in the name of freedom and against other bad ideals just so we can sit back and listen to people actually promote SOCIALISM! There is people rolling over in the graves. I am taken aback in 1993 they would not even admit they was for socialism when we accused them of it! “Yea we don’t forget!” Now they approve of it and forwardly too. In time the truth comes out it cannot hide forever.

  198. welcome

    please use the RETURN bar every so often. lol

  199. thats right,we need ALL the people we can get who care about the country,and do not buy into the agenda of the antichrist.

  200. Sweeneybrown

    This is in response to the comment from “someone who actually has a brain”

    I think you need to come back to reality.Perhaps pull the stick (or Obama’s dick) out of your ass.How dare you insult the people on this site.If you do not like what we have to say DO NOT COME TO THIS SITE!!! Why did you come to visit us? Was it to spew your own form of hate and try to act like you are better then us because you actually LIKE Obama.Not everyone here liked Bush so you are just being a fool.This is about Obama and how we see what is really happening around us.We are not blinded by all of the crap this man is spewing! You just want to start a fight.I can start one too,Want to start about how when I first saw his wife I thought she was a Tranny? Fuck off man,and go to a Obama love site….

  201. this prick from congress brian baird just came on foxnews saying the republicans sent all these citizens to disrupt townhall meetings. this comes a day after he and obamster called out their acorn affiliates to start fights,and intimidate the people who vote. i think it is about time to get rough,and past time for low lifes like him and the rest of washington to be flushed down that smelly toilet.

  202. by the way,how would you describe this scene?
    obama, barney franks,and dolly parton in a room together?
    two boobs,and a country music singer.

  203. My Name is Matt

    Barry’s wife is descended from the Amazons. Now that’s a man I’d hate to fight.

  204. Swiney

    All of you pro-Bush, anti-Obama folks, are living a lie. Get real.

  205. advocate of liberty

    Obama is a narcissistic fool. The statist policies that he carries on are responsible for the dark hole America is in, and his statist “solutions” are driving the nation further in.

  206. Marq S

    Who ever started this page is why this country is no longer the super power that it use to be people who sit behind a computer and blame and if asked will not and won’t make this country better people who let other countries watch or read garbage like this trash will all make us look weak and stupid as the author of this page. That’s the sin and shame of what makes this country what it is now.

  207. oh Mark, or it is marc or is it Marq or is it fucking idiot?

    How does Obama’s semen taste?

    You are too dumb to understand what is really going on.

    Go back to your XBOX and wait for orders from Obama.

  208. JC


    You give us here at obambi way too much credit…the decline of this country has been happening for years.

    As progressives gained power over the public school system the collective IQ of the American public has dropped. Thanks to the dumbing down of of the population by public schools that is filled with progressive morons whose only skill is indoctrination of our children.

    Your post is a prime example of the what the public school system produces…inarticulate, narrow minded drones whose only purpose is to be a good little slave, devoid of critical thinking skills and totally lacking in an understanding of our history as a country. You probably think that the civil war was fought over slavery…Tell you what why don’t go back under your bridge, where trolls belong, and the rest of us will continue to do the heavy lifting of saving our country.

    Seems fair and reasonable to me…what say you?

  209. j-crippin

    man never talk about the big dawg like that fukk u pussy nigga

  210. kristy

    the decline of the USA in power and status is not because of informational sites that exercise a healthy Freedom of Speech such as here at Obambi.com…

    the decline is due to inbred cowardly gutless fuck tards like marq “with the precious q” who bitch, cry whine that America is TO aggressive and a mean bully and should back off others, such as north korea, iran etc.

    people like marq are so fucking clueless its pathetic.

    they cause the problems, then blame others who tried to keep this from happening for those very same problems.

    suck a dick marq

  211. live oak

    Kristy…I love you. You are so funny. You go girl!!!

    Marq spells his name like a girlie man!!!

  212. Common Hypnotism

    Is Marq the “we” hater was referring to?

  213. marq, and SWINE,
    people who will be content to live at obambis feet,and eat crumbs from his table are the kind of fools who eventually will.
    as for me,and i believe other patriots here on this site,we will be no lap dog for a muslim mafia punk.
    go feel each other up again,and dont forget to brush your teeth,and be happy living your misinformed lives.
    we ask not your support,as you sheep being led to the sloughter house are blind,but stay out of the way,and let patriots do what they do best,TELL the TRUTH,and stop the country from falling apart.

  214. Little more right

    I didn’t feel like reading all the comments on this page. So I’m not sure if anyone has commented on this issue yet, but to fix alot of the healthcare, social security, crime, slum problems, etc…. how about tighten up our borders and boot the illegals.

  215. little more right, i think the nation is in trouble for a lot of stupidity. california is in bad shape because of illegals,and obamster loves them so much he is counting them in census,to get more districts,and grow the size of government.
    the larger the govt,that much easier it is for him and affiliates, s.e.i.u. and acorn to channel the money missing from the treasury,and laundred through goldman,to unions and g.e. and other supporters of socialism.

  216. Abortion and FAGGOTRY is EVIL!!!!!!! OUHBONGHO DONT like christians. he is a Faggot lover, death lover and trying to increase government in our lives. He probally is a faggot. his health care reform is nigger-liberal bullshit too! i am NOT PAYING A SINGLE DOLLAR OF MY HARD EARNED MONEY FOR FUCKING ABORTIONS!!!! He is the BEAST.

  217. alaa

    every boody say a wrong word to MR.obama
    he.she : son of pitch
    the best presedent in the world ,so i must but my shoes in your mouses

  218. Just another brick in the wall

    obambi.com who are the people at the top that are benifiting from the left and the the right fighting. I would agree with you if I could verify that they have benifited over the last 200+ years. I think you may be on to something, but point a finger if you want any credit for what you are perposing. Sorry for my spelling; Public school system…

  219. JC


    Come back when you communicate in ENGLISH…moron!

  220. kristy

    No amount of ridicule can do anything that alaa has done to themselves.

    I really believe alaa is a hard anti obamanite anti communist trying to make fun of the libterds. theres honestly no other explanation LMFAO

  221. JC

    Hey BHO/Lucifer…”CAN YOU HEAR US NOW!!!!!”

  222. well,guess yall got these morons figured out.

  223. Liberal Hater

    All obama needs is a cap.

  224. American citizen

    How the hell is this “stop hate” blogger, what an asshole. Just another Obama freak.

  225. doug

    librals want health care paid for by the government . be. cuz. libralizm is a disease that needs all my money to serive.?

  226. Pitchfork

    Obama is clearly an idiot. So are most Americans….hopefully even the idiot Americans ( i mean liberals) can actually see through the bull shit now

  227. Anonymous


  228. Pam

    Each and every day this dictator we have in office reminds me of how much I am looking forward to the day he leaves office.

    I LOVE the title of this page!!!

  229. Ted Kennedy

    go fuck yourself your stupid republican morons

    i guess you want to bring back fuckhead bush who was asleep at the switch on 911 and then stared straight ahead in that class room like a deer in the headlights.

    fuck you all we won, EAT SHIT we’re running america now so get the fuck out

  230. Doc Evaj.

    I would just like to point out Obama is STILL a lib.
    His “GREAT” speech is still ringing in my ears.
    I think if I listen hard enough I start to get sick.

    -Sorry about the RETURN key last time I get excited.

  231. yeah,you far left wingnuts won,but you dont have enough sense to realize that the democrats lost,and are not happy about this crap either. the liberal socialist won,but your hero is fucking up the country,you friggen traitor,so guess who will never win another election,thanks to you loons.

  232. Freeman54

    Hey, John Birch, why don’t you go live in a Socialist country a while. Then come back here and tell us just how fucking great it is.

    You’re either a troll, or just another stupid piece of shit Lib. Liberals are mentally fucked up. It’s a genetic defect.

    After the revolution, you’ll all be rounded up and deported.

  233. Unknown

    fuck obama he is a zionist watch the arrivals series andyou will know everything he is with the devil that motherfucker and him and the us government hide many useful things and they kill the muslims to occupy the middle east to get the devil into Israel so if they invade all the countries around israel they will transfer the devil cause they are dealing with him and they are adraid from the people who are with god or who loves god and it doesnt matter wich religion.

  234. Anonymous

    fuck obama he is a zionist watch the arrivals series andyou will know everything he is with the devil that motherfucker and him and the us government hide many useful things and they kill the muslims to occupy the middle east to get the devil into Israel so if they invade all the countries around israel they will transfer the devil cause they are dealing with him and they are adraid from the people who are with god or who loves god and it doesnt matter wich religion.and watch that serie

  235. Unknown

    fuck obama he is a zionist watch the arrivals series andyou will know everything he is with the devil that motherfucker and him and the us government hide many useful things and they kill the muslims to occupy the middle east to get the devil into Israel so if they invade all the countries around israel they will transfer the devil cause they are dealing with him and they are adraid from the people who are with god or who loves god and it doesnt matter wich religion.watch the serie. listen people the time is near and there will be a big war.

  236. Red, White and Blue for the old America

    I wish this moron would stop pulling his pants in front of the whole world. It’s really embarassing. What a pussy. What a commy. It’s time for the American people to stand firm against this despot as outlined in the constitution and vote these douche bags out of office as soon as possible before they wreck this country further and put my kids and grandkids lives and freedom in jeopardy.

  237. Cuss


  238. phlegm

    Hopefully it’s not too late to stop these commie pinkos from re-making the US in the image of Venezuella or Cuba. I don’t think even the Democrats new what was coming at them in their clothing this time. This is the bloody fist of Tyranny coming at you at 100 mph when coupled with a 78 seat majority in the house and 20 in the Senate. What have you Obama and Dem voters done to us and yourselves? You let the State Sponsored media have their way with your minds and now we’re all victims. Oh God, if you people had only atleast put in another Clinton. And God knows I would still be annoyed, but not at the same level. Now I’m concerned about our very sovereignty and existence. Forget about saving Capitalism, I’ll settle for 80% taxation with the chance of recovering to socialism. We’re may actually be experiencing the re-birth of Lenin.

  239. kristy

    The thing is, during the election what little anyone knew about obama was very hard core communist.

    Other then that, he was literally a tabula rasa.

    I agree they need to be stopped and with enough determination they can be stopped, and there are growing number of democrats waking up realizing the horror they voted in.

    However, with what little was “and still is” known about obama for credentials being communist, and the rest very noticeably hidden from the public, I do blame democrats. I dont buy for a second they didnt know what or who they were voting for.

    What I do see however is, the democrats wanted to change things so bad they were willing to at any cost no matter who said what, with any credentials at all. And after their tin god won, it was fun and games…

    Now that the fun party is over, and this is hitting ALL equally, such as ALL on disability get no cost of living, ALL taxes are going up, ALL children are to be indoctrinated, now all the sudden the democrats are singing a different tune.

    So while I am happy to see democrats massively wake up and take to arms with us, I still hold no love for them for what they voted in and backed to cause this.

  240. kristy

    There is no excuse for ignorance, and the democrats should of asked some extremely simple but important questions. But it was obviously more important that they jumped on the “feel good” chuck wagon with the obama-tribe.

  241. phlegm

    Hello Kristy,
    Did you ever work at Ikon Office Solutions. I only know one Kristy and she writes and speaks like you do.

  242. kristy

    Actually no I never did work at Ikon Office Solutions.

    But it is pretty coincidental eh? LOL

  243. you must be a terrorist then Kristy. You didn’t say Yes to random invasive questions.

  244. kristy

    Thats because I was in racist mode Obambi.com

    LOL I do try and aim high ;-)

  245. Anonymous

    obama is a black hitler ; germany 1933

  246. Well maybe not off topic on this post.

  247. StopTheIdiocy

    LMAO. You tell Obama, the President of the United States btw, to get a life…

    Interesting, considering your life consists of nothing more than tea-bagging, blogging about how much you hate Obama, and fondling the subsequent erection you get while thinking about how awesome you are and how “evil” Libs are.
    You are just a sore loser.
    Keep pushing hate and lies while all the sensible people try to fix what your beliefs destroyed and mangled.
    In my opinion, you would gladly watch America fall apart if it meant that you could win the next election.
    You people make me sick…

  248. cee

    you people on here are full of anger and don’t have any facts on most of what you say. it’s just spewing, swearing and all sorts of goofy shit. why do you say these things? they don’t really make sense.
    Take socialism. The United States is the most capitalist country in the world–compared with other developed countries it has very low taxes, extremely low public spending, a highly unregulated economy, the strongest anti-union laws by far, minimal unemployment insurance to protect people from the ups and downs of the labor market (and none for lots of people), no leaves of absence for working mothers (one of the only countries in the world) and its the only developed country with no universal healthcare. It has the highest rates of inequality, child poverty, infant mortality and imprisonment rates by far (by FAR!!) across developed countries. Are you proud of these things? Well you should be because they are a byproduct of what you are defending. And if you can’t see it then I guess it makes sense that all you can do is swear and call people names.

  249. Fishleg

    OMGz obots are that stupid.

    Don’t be a slave,”cee”.

  250. thirdegg

    If only cee had something like facts instead of libtard dribble to back up those statements.

  251. stop the idiocy???? wtf?
    these loons are so stupid they dont realize that the democrats in congress,and senate are mostly responsible for the nations downfall? barneyfagfranks,they are ok,keep lending to any worthless piece of shit who wants a house.
    bush wasnt much better,but lets face the truth assholes,before you come on here mouthing off at us,do your homework,get some facts,and then go screw yourselves.
    was that plain enough for the libterds to understand or do i download pictures?

  252. by the way,ceeeee,and startidiocy,obama is a muslim mafia fagish punk,and you are so dumb,you make him look normal. what about his acorn assholes helping wetbacks get govt loans for home buying? you are ok with that too? what a couple of losers.hypnobamatized to the end.

  253. thirdegg,
    people like ceeeeepunk need no facts. facts are too inconvenient,and they will not listen to facts. they live in their own twisted world.
    by the way, i just dropped out of the party of no,and joined the party of HELL NO !

  254. jon101

    Look, when Obama promised change we can believe in we thought he meant lower gas prices, no new taxes, and more taxes on the rich, and better schools, and better healthcare, and alot of what every American who loves this country cares about.
    But what we got is a corporate welfare giving, socialism, tax increasing, unfair politician who loves to help the bankers and the car companies but spits on the poor, and middle class by raising taxes. Then we want healthcare reform, not government takeover, and he offers a government run system which can work, but at what price. I don’t mind a system of healthcare that covers everyone (except the illegals), and makes the trial attorneys stop the bs they cause with malpractice.
    My point is we wanted basic changes from Bush, and not this mountain of radical change that is a government power grab. Obama made promises.
    Not one new cent of taxes none, and the first week in office signed in a cigarette tax historically the highest in decades, and that effects mostly the middle class and poor. What about not one penny of new taxes did he keep his promise about?
    Then he promised full disclosure on the stimulus plan and how the money would be spent, is the website even up to date? No. He isn’t keeping his promises, and no one likes a radical liar.
    He’s so liberal that ragheads clap at his speechs.
    As an American president its our jobs to see that every bullet we send overseas has a ragheads blood in it when our troops are done. EVERY ONE.
    Whats lacking here is backbone, is Obama fixing the nuke problem with Iraq? No, he is pandering to them. Is he solving war in Palestine and Israel or taking on Hezbollah? No he sends whiny Hillary to do nothing and talk a good game.

    So when you want to rag on Tea Parties, think twice because these are hardworking Americans who voted for change, and got short changed.

  255. sounds like sputerer is another stopfart. wonder if he is a hairy legged little fag,who is afraid to say something to your face,then hides like a computor rambo,and spouts off his commie mouth.
    by the way,hello everyone.

  256. Fishleg


    Thank you.

    What up, Herb??

  257. fishleg,i just couldnt sleep last night, i was so angry with the punk in chief,about putting out a gag order on humana,so i got up early,went to sign shop in sarasota,had magnetic signs made up,cleaned up my truck,drove all the way to kennedy blvd in tampa,to humanas big building,parked on the upper deck of parking garage,so i could get pictures of truck and humana sign,and had them downloaded to disk at wal mart,but i dont know how to get them to fox yet,so i am waiting for friend to come over and will download picture for obambi site. you are gonna love this,i promise. he can gag humana,but i will not be silent.

  258. stophate

    Hey Herbie,
    Maybe you could hold a tea party in the parking garage and wave some signs. And definitely write a letter. That would be bad ass. But for God sakes, don’t run any candidates that are worth a flying flip so you can actually get them elected. ROFL

  259. kristy

    Thats a real cool idea porkie

    oh wait… I really kind of doubt Herbert’s garage can hold over 2 million + people?

    ohhhhhhh snap! :D

  260. stophate

    More like 60 thousand according to Faux News.

  261. kristy

    keep dreaming porkie

    was the biggest march in Washington in all US history

    ya might want to recheck your facts

    oh wait… libterds dont deal in facts LOL

  262. Fishleg

    1.8 million according to Indiana-Perdue university.

    Count on plenty more than that next time, and we may refuse to leave until we have an usurper in jail.

  263. kristy

    oh no Fishleg, your treating porkie cruelly and being a big bad bully using facts against him :(

  264. Fishleg

    We conservatives are just plain mean.

  265. kristy


    youtube just got caught cooking stats for obastard.

    If any one remembers that sick video of the children singing allegance to obtard, here is the full story with link to the WHOLE video which shows the teacher coaching the children…


  266. kristy

    Here is a direct link to the video showing this communist piece of shit teacher EXPLOITING those poor children in its entirety…

  267. kristy

    This “FACTUAL” video shows the whole story. Anyone watching can clearly see these children were not interested and only doing what this piece of shit teacher wanted them to do.

    The teacher/indoctrinator probably threatened those poor young innocent minds with a bad grade and to call their parents “for a whipping” if they didn’t comply.

    Watching the original video made it look as if the children were willing. Watching the full video uncut shows the children had no interest in this what so ever.

    Typical communist libterd tactics, to exploit the children by videos to strapping bombs on them to just starving to go in front of a camera, then turn around and try to play up the guilt saying your not doing enough for the children. Or.. its for the childrens sake.

    This is exploitation at its very finest.

    This piece of shit teacher/indoctrinator should be fired and jailed.

  268. sent pics to obambi .com,the one with me giving sign language is for stopfart,and his hero obamster

  269. stophate

    Didn’t hear any kids singing songs about that moron murderer GW Bush.

  270. kristy

    well porkie, its pretty hard to hear anything with your dad or uncle is holding your ears like a steering wheel to better help guide your moves while jack hammering down their cock.

  271. kristy

    Not to mention, where did I say anything about G.W.Bush?

    grasping at straws again porkie?

  272. Fishleg

    So starthate thinks little children spontaneously
    burst into song about the Indonesian Usurper?

    Kids know nothing. Adults fill their heads with either good or bad.

    This is child abuse and very Hitlerian.

  273. kristy

    You can say that again Fishleg!

    Lets look at more facts…

    Rape isn’t about sex, its about control.

    They are forcing these children to do something they obviously have not had the chance to see both sides and decide for themselves.

    Their to young to even make decisions anyhow, so forcing a child into something that realistically requires one to make a decision is a form of rape/control

    So technically, this teacher should be put up on pedophilia charges.

  274. herbert stamper


  275. herbert stamper

    click and go to link for: liberals collecting dinner from republican mascott must SEE!!

  276. herbert stamper

    thats stopfarts momma collecting dinner!!! dinner is served!! eat up fatt ass theres lots to go around.

  277. kristy

    Haha, that sums it up perfectly Herbert

  278. herbert stamper

    the one with sign language is for stopfart and his hero obambi the fag.

  279. herbert stamper

    just a little praise for the punk in chief.

  280. herbert stamper

    put a gag order on this asshole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  281. kristy

    Oh NICE Herbert! :)))))))

    And LOVE the NRA sticker, beautiful touch of class :D

    Is that you? If so, WOW, you got some pretty broad shoulders and muscular forearms there. You look like you could pop a libterd in the mouth once and make that fucker drop to the floor LOL

  282. herbert stamper

    workin on truth,and liberty,Kristy. my helper thought it would be funny if i flipped off obambi,and sent these pictures to white house . gov,so i did,with the message gag order this,bitches. just a little fun.

  283. kristy

    Well, your defiantly not one that someone should piss off LOL

    I really can see you busting out the front row of some libterds teeth haha

  284. herbert stamper

    just counting the days Kristy,untill the libterds start the revolution,and im gonna make iran look like a walk in the park,they are traitors to the country and their own familys.
    thank God for good people like all here on obambi .com

  285. herbert stamper

    no doubt. we will survive.

  286. stophate

    Looks like Herbie is missing some teeth. Thanks for the pic. Now everyone else submit photos as soon as possible. Thanks.

  287. stophate

    Herbie is also an NRA supporter. The NRA fully supported the 1994 assault weapons ban. That is when I sent them my card and a nice letter explaining why they could stick it. If you think they are for gun rights you are foolish.

  288. herbert stamper

    missing one tooth,but that is none of your business. by the way,are you finished eating your grub whipped up by our mascott?
    libterds just dont know when to give it up. i would think that after the acorn thing,the bailout thing,the gag order thing,and everything else the fags got going,you people would wake the hell up.
    gave you too much credit ,you arent that smart. you will support this corruption till the end,just to be able to say yes we did,and its a shame you have no more class.

  289. herbert stamper

    nra would be out of business if they didnt support gun rights. are you really that stupid? what would they do if guns were banned? wake up,grow up,and GET A LIFE.

  290. kristy

    Herbet would fucking crush your ass like a fucken used dixie cup porkie

    best not to get him angered, you would end up wishing you were one of those feds found in Eastern Kentucky recently LOL

  291. Frosteetoes

    No but I found yours slopfuck:

  292. kristy


    Frosteeeeeee :D

    that was funny :)

  293. herbert stamper

    Kristy,funny thing,i may know the person who took out the fed. i am from winchester ky. and know most of the people in that area,from when i played music in night clubs from frankfort to paris.
    not a place to go pissin people off.
    by the way, im only six feet tall,and only 160 pounds. pictures are funny things.the only real good thing i still have goin is the fact i am as quick as a rattlesnake,only twice as dangerous,because i dont give warnings,as that is stupid,and i dont just bite,i go for all or nothing.just lucky ive only spent one year for screwin up a jerk.too old now for a lot of that,and would rather be left alone,but these libterds arent that smart.

  294. herbert stamper

    hey Frosteetoes,how are you doing tonight? havent heard much out of you lately.

  295. Frosteetoes

    I’m aiight (alright). I’m around when I can. How ya doin’?

  296. kristy

    I am VERY well familure with Winchester Ky :D

    When I was real little they had a huge drug store with the old time fountain and made the best home made milk shakes :)))))))

    I don’t remember the name but I want to say it was called Woody’s but cant remember that. I been told they tore it down though.

    I see the news is trying to fabricate it saying the place is one giant meth lab and marijuana field while trying to make that fed look like a martyred saint.

    Even if he walked into a pot field, which I highly doubt, what the fuck was he doing out there where he didnt belong in the first place?

    Personally what I think, his own people offed him to give the government an excuse to try and roll on in.

    As for you being from Winchester, all the more reason a libterd should kiss your ass and stay clear from you. Real men come from Winchester. You all are the nicest, most hospital people but NOT ones to be crossed or fucked with LOL

  297. herbert stamper

    Frosteetoes,if i were doin any better id give twenty dollars for a headache. good to see you havent forgot us.
    Kristy,i believe you are right,because if most of the people i know had gotten him i think they might as well look for jimmy hoffa,because these people know clark county,and clay city area well enough that he would not be found. the feds are the biggest crooks in this country.
    as for attitude,i would normally give someone the shirt off my back,and be insulted if they didnt take shoes to boot,but libterds are threatening the future of my grandson,as well as the rest of the world,and i take that personal. i wouldnt care if they were ruining everything for people like my ex,and the rest of the loons.

  298. kristy

    You just confirmed it Herbert…

    Excellent point. If it were locals, that fed would of never been found.

    It’s WELL known massive bodies are all through the forests, lakes over decayed and lets not forget the famous coal mines.

    Once a body is dumped there, its easier to find stophates man hood with the hubble telescope after all that coal quickly decays the flesh and bone down to nothing. Just fragments then off to all be burned in huge incinerators leaving no trace what so ever.

    CSI couldnt find them, and those locals know it. Thats why its done like this.

    Yeap, was another inside job by the communists to give them the excuse to try and march in, being Kentucky is one of obastards biggest nightmares.

  299. Frosteetoes

    LOL Herbert…was your ex an Obummer supporter?

  300. herbert stamper

    Frosteetoes,my ex was one of those low life liberal school teachers,who believed in what she was told to teach,like homosexuality is a NORMAL? alternative lifestyle,and God only knows what all,and this dumb bitch still cannot believe i could just walk out,leave everything,and say hasta lavista bitch,and walk away. best move i ever made.
    Kristy,the feds dont really want to go screwin around clark or estill county,they would be better off jerking off a wildcat with sandpaper.

  301. kristy

    LOL@jerking off a wildcat with sandpaper

    That is hilarious… yet so true hahaha

  302. herbert stamper

    Kristy,yall live in florida too? i think live oak,and sea dog are here,and fishleg is in georgia,just wondered where everyone else is from.sems kinda like a small world.

  303. kristy

    Born bred raised and still living in the great Blue Grass state with no intentions of moving from these hallowed grounds.

    Although I have lived all over Kentucky at differant times. The only places I don’t care for in Kentucky are Louisville which Ill never go back to again although Churchill Downs is like Heaven on earth, and the other being Covington Kentucky in Northern Ky. But other parts of NKy are good like Owenton and parts of Boone county

    Florence has gone down hill though. But believe it or not, Newport just spent a load of money and did a major clean up. It’s a very nice place now.

    Lexington and Bowling Green were some favorites, but not the city parts. More like Cynthiana

    And of course Winchester itself along with Morehead. Frankfort and Paducha has some very nice parts too.

    You know you can’t stay away if you lived here Herbert. Every one I know who left here always comes back.


  304. stophate

    herbert stamper said:
    “Frosteetoes,my ex was one of those low life liberal school teachers,who believed in what she was told to teach,like homosexuality is a NORMAL? alternative lifestyle,and God only knows what all,and this dumb bitch still cannot believe i could just walk out,leave everything,and say hasta lavista bitch,and walk away. best move i ever made.”

    Sounds like it was the best thing that ever happened to HER. Maybe she has the chance to find a real man now. No kids Herbie ? If there are, how do you think they feel about their father breaking solemn marriage wows ? If there are no kids, what happened ? You couldn’t your groove on because you were thinking about all your boyfriends in Paris and Frankfurt.

  305. kristy

    daddie didnt squirt enough load into your mouth porkie?

  306. Way to go Herb,

    be careful with Stophate and other obots, they try to get you all riled up and angry so you can say a wrong thing and they run with that.

    They are slaves, all of them, they want to be controlled.

    Stophate thinks the corporate elite will save him when they go after his shit.

  307. herbert stamper

    i just cant believe this fag is so obsesed with me that he hangs on every word i say. actually,stopfart,you have no reason to get the big head,it was your mama who got her picture on that pancake box,so crawl back into your hole,and dont worry about what real Americans are doing.
    by the way little hypocrite,dont worry about my vows,the bitch was just like the rest of you liberal terds,she was just fine with everything i believed in,untill married,then slowly,she started showing her true self. yes there were children,three from her former and one from me,another reason i married the slut. raised all four the same,and as for yourother question,fag,yes i can get groove on, nine and a half that you will never see,turn you on just thinking about it ? that why you asked? come on porkie,its ok,we all know so just admit you could do more tricks on one than a monkey on a stack of bananas.

  308. herbert stamper

    .com,thanks,and sorry about all that wasted space while experimenting. you are so right about faggyboy,he would love to be able to do some damage,but i allready sent the full set of those pics to three different .gov websites. just havin some fun with it.
    keep up the good fight,u r good peoples.

  309. Fishleg

    Herb…stophate is gay…he’s particularly afraid of kristy…some kind of mommy issue he’s struggling with, I’m sure.

    Sux to be him…

  310. live oak


    stopfart hates women.

  311. Fishleg

    It is plain as day to a professional.
    I could make a lot of money trying to counsel ol starthate.
    Even his tendencies have tendencies.

  312. herbert stamper

    live oak,Kristy,fishleg,its no wonder i love you all .
    this is better than ice cream.
    fishleg,did you get pictures? and check out the republican mascott making breakfast for libs just up this page a ways.

  313. Fishleg

    I got ’em, Herb! Gonna call ya round 9:30!

  314. herbert stamper

    fishleg,it was a great pleasure to hear from you today,and i will be making that trip,i may stay on the road for two weeks,as i have relatives in kentucky,and may go by to see some of them. who knows,kristy may be a relative,as i have over two hundred there in that part of the world. my moms uncle had a radio sunday show for a lot of years,owned bluegrass recording studio,and a darn good preacher.

  315. herbert stamper

    just remembered,havent seen JC sayin anything. hope all is ok. we dont need to lose good patriots here.

  316. Fishleg

    She gave you a shout out this afternoon on the “Herb@Humana” thread!

    We should all drop in on Kristy…Kentucky sounds like my kind of place. We could have a big ol Americana party!

  317. live oak

    I’m with you on that one. Kristy are you ready for us? I’ll help you…just tell me what you want me to do! I have dreams about having a party with all of us together celebrating our freedom after we get Kenya Boy out and down to Gitmo. We’re wearing those silly name tags with our NIM first….like mine would say “live oak” and then my real name would be underneath. We have to have the Obambi crew as well…it would be like a coming home party. I will do some baking and make my saffron/Cointreau brioche and the Scottish shortbread cookies. I really only make those at Christmas; they’re so special. I also like my apple crisp and I’d make that, but the apples have to be in season. There aren’t very many sweets that I like, but the things I mentioned are the best!!! Sea Dog loves it when I make brioche, and as soon as it gets a little cooler, I’ll make some!

  318. herbert stamper

    you guys have it goin on! darn good idea,we could all go to Kristys,and maybe even take stopfart along, and put him in a large,a very very large trash bag,hang in a tree,and get bats,and do our wetback impersonations,to see who can knock him out of the bag first. sounds like fun to me.

  319. herbert stamper

    Kristy,yesterday,you posted this video of children being indocterinated by low life bastards who should be teaching freedom of choice,and American history. i have been so pissed about this video since it was on t v that i have kept away from commenting on it,but now i am a little more in controll of feelings.
    if this were my grandsons teacher, i WOULD ,even though i have never hit a woman in my life, i swear i would walk up to her,and hit her in the mouth with my fist,and knock ALL her teeth down her fuckin throat,then i would kick this bitch in the thtoat,and walk away,knowing she would not be able to each anything again. i would go to jail,but i would be out of jail long before she would be able to eat without help.
    sorry,but no person on this planet hates child abuse as much as i do,and this IS the worst kind of abuse,taking their will to think for themselves.

  320. kristy

    Yall are more then welcome here, I’ll keep a porch light on ;-)

    As for the video of the children, this was such an atrocity you cant even put it into words.

    That teacher should be jailed for life in some underground sewage plant.

    liberal communists hate children any how. this is why they love people such as obastard who idolize monsters like willaim ayers who tried to kill a 9 year old child in his room while sleeping with a nail bomb

    what a fucking coward. a coward goes after children

    a coward gets someone with their back turned of while asleep. basically, off guard in every sense of the word

    william ayers did BOTH at the same time.

    and obastard the cock sucker idolizes this fucking dick sucking freak?

    this is who the obots blindly worship and get pissy because we wont follow like they do.

    when it all comes crumbling down, I’ll make all the good people here a friendly bet that those same libterds are actually going to be arrogant enough to be looking down a barrel pleading for their lives asking why are we so pissed?

    they are that fucking stupid

  321. herbert stamper

    Kristy, im sorry,but if you ever watched the patriot,with mel gibson,you will remember the frenchman who was so fired up against taking prisoners alive? well,if they push this thing to that point,i admit right now,that they will not have time to beg for their lives,nor say a prayer. no time for life to flash before their eyes,or a cup of latte,just bang! hate to admit i am that pissed at these traitors,but that is what they have pushed me to. i dont want them comming back with more bullshit later.
    by the way,we all may just be crowding into ky. soon,fingers crossed.

  322. kristy

    I love that movie

    But I do agree with you… to a point and this is why…

    When it all crumbles down and shit hits the fan, I do believe mostly on a take no prisoner attitude.

    However, taking a few prisoners can be of benefit.

    Vlad Tepis to King Otto allowed a small handful of mudslums to live and even be freed. This was for psychological warfare, so they can tell their other mudslums how quickly they were defeated, and spread fear among their ranks to get others to kind of leave their army out of fear of also being captured.

    With the huge hungarian magyar invasion “before hungry converted to Christianity” King Otto of Germany allowed 7 magyar to live. 7 bring a Holy number, and they spread the news so far that hungry never raised arms towards Europe ever again. If anything, hungry shortly tried kissing ass to europe and then converted to Christianity.

  323. herbert stamper

    Kristy,good points,all,so maybe allow seven or eight to live,but would it be ok to maybe just break their kneecaps just a little? send them back in power chairs? maybe we could get medicare to pay the full price of powerchairs,like commercial on tv? we could see which ones qualify for medicare.

  324. kristy

    Oh haha, silly me :D

    I forgot to mention… just because letting the smallest amount live doesn’t mean they have to be well taken care of?

    Even the early English who ended up fighting britan later during the french and indian war allowed a few cherokee to live… with their eyes gouged out, fingers cut off to run through the forest with rut sacks tied around their necks holding the eyes and tongues of all their fellow indians


    just because they are let to live… they live on OUR terms, not theirs ;-)

  325. herbert stamper

    thats right,amazing what people can live through..
    we could even cut off their ears,and take out their eyes,and turn them loose on a freeway,and take bets which one gets run down first. maybe make a buck in the process,and have some fun with it. sounds more enjoyable than a day at the track,and wouldnt care about what happens to them,after all,you just cant become emotionally attached to a liberal.

  326. kristy

    a prisoner has no room to set terms, make demands or negotiate.

    they should just be happy we allowed them to live at least, even if it requires blown out knee caps, ribs cracked open with splitters, holes drilled through the center of their skulls, castration, ears and fingers and toes cut off.

    Do want to keep their tongues in tact though, so they can at least talk to tell the horror stories.

    But a nice gruesome yet effective tactic is to slice open below their gut so their intestines keep falling out, so while running or crawling back to their home camps they have to make sure they hold their guts to keep from going all over the forests. Not only to keep the pain down but also as not to attract any wild predators.

    They will live long enough to tell the horror stories before infection kicks in and kills them, which will just cement those stories they told their fellow mudslums.

    Also, could sew on pig carcasses to their faces too.

    Oh the good ole days of Black Jack Pershing :)))

  327. kristy

    Actually I do like that idea alot Herbert.

    As us Christians do say… waste not want not.

    Make some money taking bets with them on the freeways would be awesome :D

    However, what would be just as cool is let their intestines hang out under their bellies, let them run through the forests like Daniel Boone national forest and take bets on how many coyote, opossum and coons and the few wolves and bear now released back into the wild catch their wounded bloody scent and chase them down for a tasty snack :D

  328. herbert stamper

    just wondering,not sure about all the rules,do we read them their rights first? no,i think maybe AFTER.

  329. herbert stamper

    need to change the words though,i dont like the right to remain silent,it should be you have the right to drive your power chair,at little or no cost to you,off that cliff.

  330. kristy

    Under conditions especially like this where a revolution or civil war takes place after a crash and fall out, thats one of the perks of you taking prisoners Herbert :)))

    It they are “Your” prisoners, “You” make the rules, set the standards make the terms and conditions.

    As a prisoner their only obligations is to comply with what you give them or be prepared to die. But die the way “You” choose.

    I mean, these are the mother fuckers who pushed for Democracy to be ousted from our beautiful Country, so why take them as prisoner and offer them geneva convention rights of an established Democracy? They wanted dictatorship so bad, then let them live as prisoners under dictator conditions.

    However, watch and monitor them closely. Ones who are almost at a breaking point we can offer them much nicer conditions… provided they do what we demand. This was a communist tactic used by the VC in vietnam against our POW’s.

    Give them a taste of their own medicine. As in the Bible “Let their own swords cut their own throats, and their own bows be arched towards themselves”

    In other words, all the shitty conditions they imposed on us, we impose on them in return and see how they like it.


  331. herbert stamper

    still think we should just waste all but six or seven,cripple them up,send them out to see how long they make it.
    just thinking about the two dumb bitches in philadelphia who were on hannity last nite,these friggin loons support the violence against police,and destruction of property by the protestors yesterday. wonder if piglosi will be spewing her bullshit about astroturf terrorists.
    these loons are saying that if you take the wealth from the rich,and give it to the poor,every man woman and child,would have fourty five thousand dollars. big fukin deal,these losers would dope it away,drink it away,and soon,ALL will be poor,and NOBODY will have money to hire workers,jobs would be gone,then they would have to take that fourty five thousand dollars away from rich bastards,and distribute that and everyone would have fifty dollars. makes sense to these loons.

  332. Ron

    I will say this much, Obama is heading us to a revolution with these white liberals and to tell you the truth…I CANT WAIT.

  333. Ron

    I always said this .In 1968 they should of sprayed that entire libloon protesters event in chicago with bullets and how did this end Abbie Hoffman OD-ING ON COCAINE..PRICELISS

  334. Ron

    still think we should just waste all but six or seven,cripple them up,send them out to see how long they make it.
    just thinking about the two dumb bitches in philadelphia who were on hannity last nite,these friggin loons support the violence against police,and destruction of property by the protestors yesterday. wonder if piglosi will be spewing her bullshit about astroturf terrorists.
    these loons are saying that if you take the wealth from the rich,and give it to the poor,every man woman and child,would have fourty five thousand dollars. big fukin deal,these losers would dope it away,drink it away,and soon,ALL will be poor,and NOBODY will have money to hire workers,jobs would be gone,then they would have to take that fourty five thousand dollars away from rich bastards,and distribute that and everyone would have fifty dollars. makes sense to these loons.

    I will say this and i will say it again these liberals need to be confronted physically…IT’S TIME!!!!….R u people listening, its time to rise and make sure these liberals will never be heard from again… Fuck these elections we need to destroy WHITE LIBERALISM, NOW OR FOREVER PAY THE PRICE AND THAT =’S $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$..Its time people wake up, please wake up………

  335. herbert stamper

    right on,all. time to rock and roll if we need to lets get it over with. that seems to be the only way we will ever have freedom,and liberty again.

  336. obama supposedly studied constitutional law for many years (thats why media said he was qualified). too bad all he studied was how to trample the constitution.
    the majority of Americans (it isn’t whites anymore) think that America is a “democracy” LAUGH OUT LOUD! thank you public school…err i mean fool system.
    while the new minority (middle class working whites) go to our jobs every day to slave for you low class welfare cases , i pray it will be the welfare cases with a long history of abusing the system that are the first to board the FEMA trains to the concentration camps. i doubt that any hard working man or woman will have to worry much about it, as we are “good slaves” and keep the world going. it wouldn’t make much sense to kill the slaves who work hard and keep things going.

    most of the blacks who voted for obama voted for him for 2 reasons, 1: hes “black”, 2: they all thought they would get “free stuff”, like healthcare, housing and whatever else they could imagine (or whatever their minister promised them theyd get).
    i say to all of you “remember, not everything that is “free” is worth having.” like your “free ride” on a FEMA train to your “free housing”.

  337. herbert stamper

    constitutional republic,
    there are a few black americans out there,who care about the future of their children,and America,and they are good smart people,just look at rev.david manning. look him up on google.
    you are RIGHT about the majority of them being welfare people,they cant find a job,because they cant keep their pants up and walk at the same time without holding pants up with one hand,and i will not hire someone with one hand,unless one is all they have,then maybe i would find something for him to do. my business is now a partnership venture,and working well. i have kept one good worker,the other i fired a few months ago,even though he was too,but i hated his obama praising ways,he and his wife thought obama was it. well,he is still trying to come back to work,but i think i will hire someone else when we need more help. i am pissed off at these loons who STILL think obama is good for something other than a mudflap on a bulldozer.

  338. Herb, Go see the movie

    Capitalism: A Love Story,

    you will like it.

  339. herbert stamper

    is that the michelle moore movie?

  340. lol, yes Herb

    but please go see it.

  341. herbert stamper

    ok, i will try to make it wednesday afternoon,thats the first chance i will have to get off early. thanks.
    i usually dont watch michelle moore,or seany penny,or jeannene grupofolino, but i will check it out. if you say its good,i believe it. i still cant believe moore said capitalism never done anything for him. what a crock of shit this guy is.

  342. Frosteetoes

    I’ll wait until his movie comes on HBO. I don’t pay for it and I will not give Fatty Moore any money either.

  343. you could buy a ticket for another movie and go into Moore’s film, that way he doesnt get the money.

  344. herbert stamper

    obambi.com,you are a genious. i was trying to think of a way to see it without that fatass getting a cent of my money. thanks.
    by the way,this week i am taking signs off pickup,and replacing them with something else,like yes you did,so dont try blaming it on me,when your kids are living in a place like cuba.
    or something. i dont know what just yet,any ideas??????? i am also gonna have bumper stickers made up for motorcycle. gotta piss these libterds off as much as possible. nobody except maybe KRISTY loves doin that more than me. i love it.

  345. Frosteetoes

    LOL Okay Obambi, I’ll see what I can do. Btw, when are you guys coming out with Obambi.com gear, like bumper stickers and stuff?

  346. herbert stamper

    Frosteetoes,that is an exellent idea. i think it would catch on quick.

  347. Frosteetoes

    I know it would and these guys at Obambi.com are pretty clever, I would love to see what they come up with.

  348. herbert stamper

    the header of the page would make a great bumper sticker,obama and his dictator buddies.

  349. We got a first series T Shirt coming out and bumper stickers coming out by Late November. A new T shirt, will be released once every month after that.

    You have no idea how hard it is to get a NON-OBAMA T shirt printing press to help us . lol

    Anyhow, a Whole new site and store is coming!!!

    Hopefully you guys will support it.

  350. live oak

    You guys are so funny! I can’t stop giggling…

    So when are those t shirts coming out?
    I was wondering the same thing just yesterday Frosty.

  351. live oak, you are already getting T shirt #4 for that donation.

    T shirts #1 and #2 are going to the Ofraud and his +1, lol

    T Shirt #3 is going to be an office car wash/desk cleaning rag, lol

  352. Frosteetoes

    I can’t wait! Of course I’ll support you guys! Will these be available in time for Christmas?

  353. live oak


    I didn’t see your post until after I pressed the button.
    Good Night Everybody and God Bless.

  354. live oak

    And thank you so much Obambi!

    xx xx

  355. herbert stamper

    proud you are on the right side. the leftwingnuts have competition.thank you.
    i am getting caught up with bills,and have several jobs lined up,and will be proud to support truth in any way. this can become as big or bigger than infowars, where i got the t shirt that i have worn out and enjoying pissin off the libturds.
    u r a patriot,G.B.
    gotta go to work,see yall later.

  356. herb, god bless always , keep your head up, we’re all on the same boat with you.

    There is no need to donate to us if you don’t have it, we wouldn’t want it any ways if that’s the case.

    Just fighting for the truth and an occasional click (without purchasing) on our ads (at obambi.com) helps. lol

    you guys are great and keep us motivated.

    it may seem like only a select few visit here but there has been a steady, constant traffic the last 12 months and we know there is a lot of people that come by (like stophate) and want to learn the truth about the corruption and bullshit but don’t want to discuss, just read and that is a-ok with us.

    we’re just a VERY TINY part of this truth movement but the strength comes in numbers and that is why it’s essential we don’t split up into 2 political parties and lose our strength.

  357. Frosteetoes

    Oh Obambi…I love ya man!

  358. herbert stamper

    love all of you like family,and will be there for any of you when needed. this is a close knit group of patriots that andrew jackson,and samuel adams as well as ben franklin would be so proud of.
    i especially love kristys posts,this is one girl the libterds cant get the better of.

  359. Action Required

    I just want to say that I am very afraid of what is happening in the United States. I thank God for true patriots who stand up against Barrack Obama and his army of baby-killers. I fear that America will become like Nazi Germany with all these foreign mercenaries running around arresting people. “Police State” is too nice a word to describe America’s future.

    I never trusted Obama from the start – I was very suspicious about him. Not for his skin color, but because he was a Democrat/Liberal getting lots of adulation from everyone and having too many expectations dumped on him. Expectations I doubt he will ever fulfill as he is too busy trying to solve everything the tried-and-true Communist way, which we all know didn’t work in Russia.

    People treat Obama like he’s Jesus returned to earth, but he’s not, he’s just a sinner like everyone else. Obama couldn’t solve America’s problems because he’s needs to pull a JFK on the Illuminati and expose their political mind games. And we all know what those serpents did to JFK. The Illuminati pull his strings and BHO dances to their tune.

    Obama needs Jesus, as do his Kabbalistic Illuminati overlords controlling him, and the Planned Parenthood child murder cultists he supports, and all the dupes who don’t know how dangerous the new regime really is.

    Bodyguards be damned, somebody hand Obama a Chick tract please! And if THAT’S illegal…


  360. randompersonwhojusthappenedtowinduponthisblog

    it’s funny how everyone’s posts are full of proper argumentation, whereas kristy’s posts are adorned with sarcasm, a condescending tone, excessive use of emoticons, and …well, alot of rage in general

    i’m sure you feel like jumping me kiddo
    but i’m on your side
    so take it easy

  361. Cuss

    Kristy has the ability to put up hard hitting info along with some much needed and professionally done sarcasm. With the rage that is out there now, we need any opportunity to smile we can get!

  362. herbert stamper

    Kristy is one of the greatest patriots we have. she does have a way with words,and i love it. this is so funny,the truth 100 percent with no spin at all, only a little humor to make the truth easier to swallow. thank you kristy,for being kristy.

  363. live oak

    Kristy is hilarious and very smart and can hold her own in any situation. I have the greatest love and respect for her and consider her my sister and part of my family.
    I feel very close to many of you and you know who you are.

  364. herbert stamper

    lots of good people here,and growing. some of the people who come here,will not take a chance of posting,but they are here,and more are posting because they are patriots who recognize other patriots.

  365. Barry Soetoro Hussein is a fraud, taker, giver to illegals and criminals. Joke of the century. Not that Bush was any better but Barry is a true dip-shit. He is as crooked as they come. He is a LIAR. You better believe that. He is up to his eyes in Acorn, Apollo, Tide and other criminal organizations. When will you realize that? We have to start talking IMPEACHMENT, NOW. Then, do it. Only trouble is, we have to impeach Pelosi too. I’m not sure who is worse, Barry or Pelosi. These guys have only their interests at heart, not that of the American people. Nancy should stay in San Francisco and forget politics. Oh, by the way, did I mention that Barry is also racist and a hypocrite? Well, he is. He used the word extrodinary about as many times as dollars in the stimulus. Not too smart in my mind. Yes, all of these things above are my opinion, or course. I’ve been talking to people around the state and they are not happy with Barry or his group of selected clowns. The administration is made up mostly of loosers, takers, liars, cheaters, hypocrites, crooks and oh yes, just plain ignorant individuals. These people will undoubtedly go down as the dumbest ever. There is a difference in dumb and cunning and slick. Anyway, we have to keep an eye on these guys, maybe both eyes on them because they are deceitful. Let’s kick their asses in 2010. All of them need to go. I don’t care where. All I know is anywhere but in the government.
    Concerned AMERICAN,

  366. Barry Soetoro Hussein is a fraud, taker, racist, hypocrite, ignorant LIAR. No doubt about that. He has done nothing but bad in his 9 mos. of faking the presidency. He is about as much presidentcial material as I am a rocket scientist. The guy is the original “Court Jester” and all his administration are his clowns. No talent at all. Acorn, Apollo, Tide and the rest of Barrys’ criminal groups should all be investigated and don’t buy the B.S. people like Bertha “Baby” Lewis try to feed you. She is as crooked as all the rest of those idiots. Look at who is running these organizations. Duh” Get smart America. Let’s nail these crooks NOW.
    Concerned AMERICAN,
    Larry Velasco

  367. kristy

    Its all good Larry Velasco, we are not real big W.Bush supporters either. Its made to look like a two party system when in fact it is really only one party.

    But you are correct. This obastard even makes that flaming fucktard jimmy carter look like he kicked ass during his pathetic admin decades ago.

    The problem is this though. While obastard is a dumb shit as you correctly put it, the republicans are loving this because most likely this will allow hard line republicans to overwhelmingly win in 2012

    The libterds are so blinded they actually think we are neocons, when in fact we are the opposite. This is how blind they are, they can only comprehend race, and a two party system that supposedly exists.

    Even the so called Independent party is nothing more then a party to collect swing voters, then drop out of the race at the last moment only to endorse one of the two running parties.

    We need a truly Constitutional party, but sadly I can not foresee this any time soon. Both existing parties will crush a Constitutional party together to keep them out of the picture.

    No, I am not advocating civil war, but usually when conditions become like what they are now thats about the only way to get it in.

    The problem is the people as well. Mainly libterds who I just explained who are so naive and simple minded they can only see black and white. Not meaning just in race but in political philosophies as well.


    democrats today are more communist although many depict obastard as hitler.

    republicans are actually more like fascists today

    Both are socialist, and both are totalitarian. They have the same end agenda but different ways to execute their plans on getting there.

    What libterds need to see is through the veil that BOTH are totalitarian plain and simple.

    The threat to America is totalitarian dictatorship. Be it under the guise of the democrat party, or the republican party that uses the name and title.

    This keeps everyone from seeing the fact of going back to a NON-totalitarian style government like America was originally meant to be.

  368. herbert stamper

    kristy,you are so good at explinations and make it sound so simple anyone but a libterd can comprehend. thank God for you AND your tallent and patriotism.

  369. herbert stamper

    by the way, i forgot to say welcome aboard LARRY !!!
    this world is full of patriots.they just need to speak out,and become as one,and then anything can be accomplished. America WILL survive.

  370. Scott

    This is Barry Soetoro’s teachings PAY ATTENTION!!! According to Alinsky, the organizer — especially a paid organizer from outside — must first overcome suspicion and establish credibility. Next the organizer must begin the task of agitating: rubbing resentments, fanning hostilities, and searching out controversy. This is necessary to get people to participate. An organizer has to attack apathy and disturb the prevailing patterns of complacent community life where people have simply come to accept a bad situation. Alinsky would say, “The first step in community organization is community disorganization.”Through a process combining hope and resentment, the organizer tries to create a “mass army” that brings in as many recruits as possible from local organizations, churches, services groups, labor unions, corner gangs, and individuals.

  371. kristy

    saul alinsky’s rules for radicals is being used more then ever right now with the liberals

    This was a great break down and dissection of looking into the “belly of the beast” for lack of better words Scott, please keep them coming as our greatest weapon besides Jesus Christ is truth wisdom and action being spread :)

  372. Cuss

    That’s why hillary was no better, she’s an alinsky disciple too.

  373. kristy

    Amen to that Cuss Sir

    hillary was just as scary and evil as obastard.

  374. Cuss

    If you think about it, her ass is clean, it’s all the old clintonista’s who’s calling all the shots and pulling the hybrid usurpers strings and she looks like she has nothing to do with it.

  375. herbert stamper

    frankly scott,i think you are in good company here, these are the best of the best,and i am so proud to know you all!
    editor,obambi.com,i kept promise to see capitalism,took a friend,and we both laughed at the stupidity of reasoning that defys all reason.
    thanks all,for being you. and thank stoopstopiss,for showing the opposite end of the intelligence spectrum,it gives us a laugh.

  376. we take Hillary over Ofraud any day. even over McCain

    since they never gave a chance to Ron Paul

  377. glad you went to see it Herb!!! lol

  378. herbert stamper

    no doubt. ron paul never had a chance,i think he is too honest for both sides,and none of them could handle that much common sense.

  379. herbert stamper

    the part that really got me was when the fool blamed past administration for everything the obamster made ten times worse for workers,and cost more jobs.

  380. Cuss

    The commie lib media picked mccain and tore down Ron Paul.

  381. herbert stamper

    thats because mccain would be easier to turn into a puppet. look at how smart george soros is,he figured out to operate a puppet,all he has to do is stick his arm up obamas ass,and grab those biscuit lips,and make them move.

  382. Cuss

    Hahahahahahahahahahahaha !!!!!!

  383. herbert stamper

    the cleanup everry day i will add must be hell on the shower,unless he has stoopstopiss lick his arm first.

  384. Cuss

    Hahahahahahahahahahahaha !!!!!

  385. herbert stamper

    i know i got a sick mind,i cant help it.

  386. antisocialist

    you commie socialist assholes have been trying to pick a fight for a long time sooner or later we come to blows and everyone looses, there will be no winners. Your sphincter lips spewing hate will be stopped but there will be no winners. The best thing that could actually happen is if you would just eat enough obama shit to die.

  387. gemini

    This asshole, will be the one who pushes this nation into one type of internal war, or another.
    I have come to a point where I do not even recognize him as the President of the United States, same as everyone I know. I will not concede to anything he is able to put through, i.e. his healthcare bill, or any of his garbage.
    I find it concerning that his family, and upper politicians will not be subject to this bill?
    I really, honestly wish that the next level (after the tea-parties) would just erupt very quickly and get this all underway.
    And I confess, I am extremely prejudice… against assholes. I don’t care what color they are.

    Obama has done absolutely nothing, related to the Presidential office. Which is fine with me, I would rather see him do nothing, than to reap the chaos and damage he will create if he is allowed to do so by “The People”

  388. herbert stamper

    you people are absolutly right. the bastard WILL push this country into some kind of war. they are allready giving up to socialist russia,allowing them to inspect OUR nuclear facilitys. whats next? when will people wake the fuck up?

  389. david

    ok im a fucken true back woods red neck and i never would have thought we would have a dam jungle bunny aka (niggger) as a god dam mother fucking leader welll fuck u obama u fuck nigger nigger nigger (kkk) for life hate niggers sence 4 ever dam nigger fixin up the white house loookin like a damm nigger hole its the god dam white house were white folk only this worlds going to hell in hand basket be cuz u voted 4 a nigger lol red neck like me will surivive…

  390. herbert stamper

    thats right,WOW,and DAMN!

  391. Cuss


  392. herbert stamper

    hope we broke some kind of record.if not at least we are trying.
    this is my favorite,fuboyfa
    actually,if you abriviate it like that,it looks good,all that is needed is a g on the end,and you have obama.


    The good news is as you can see conservatism is alive and well and getting stronger every day the liberals have their temporary hold on this country. Remember, both dems and rep are seeing what this administration is all about and it is nothing new. They want to be taken care of like little children because they see everyone as victims. America was not built by the victim but strong forward thinking conservative capitalists. The socialist will always act like intellectual giants with “better ideas” that us stupid people just can’t grasp. Well, if they are paying attention, capitalist own this country and are winning this battle for social and economic change. This president (and I use that term lightly) has absolutely ZERO qualifications to be making the decisions he is making right now so my thought is, let this moron screw things up so bad that they will never vote in a socialist again because voters will understand clearly what one looks like and the damage it does. And by the way, not all conservatives hang everything on the Christian faith so don’t go there. I am a business owner of 2 companies and spend most of my time away from my family to build them. I built my living after loosing everything I have twice in my life (broke my back and lay off following 9/11) so stay the fuck away from my money. I earned it and it belongs to ME not to the lazy ass surplus this administration wants to give it to. Fuck you bitches if you think I will give it up because hard working people are driven and believe me, you are see just how willing we are to give up our hard earned money. If ya want $$$ then lay down the protest signs and get your ass back to work numb nuts before your fired! LOL

  394. herbert stamper

    lots of common sense in that post.

  395. larry

    Liberals have better ideas??? that is why congress is polling around 22%???, and the nigger is at 44%????…..Better ideas my ass…White liberals musr gooooooooooooooo..Then the rest fall in place….

  396. larry

    Socialism is another word for–PROTECT US’ from our lazy- selves..

    The American White Liberal is the guy you smack around in the school yard..”This is the guy who wants to talk it out even before he knows his own dignity is being observed”..

  397. larry

    One thing these moronic Liberals won’t admit is , that both Castro and Chavez ran on the Socialism thing and are both Communist..One at least is strong Communist and the other one is well on his way….We see (we have eyeballs) what Chavez is doing in Venezuela, dont we Libs???????????? This is what you want?? Sure this is fair??…They want that allright..That is why the Northeast Corridor lost so much population to escape the wrath of big taxes, bad government, high crime & bad public schools..I lived in Philadelphia for 43 years and moved to Southern Florida..I know, please believe me, I know….

    I talked too these Cubans every day, Liberals ..You know the ones that actualy lived in Cuba, and now been here in America for 5-6 years. The ones that if that had cattle and killed one cow that would = into a 25 year sentence in prison in Cuba, or better yet if caught with 5 American pennies in their pocket that =’s into 5 years in prison..All them hotels their not allowed cuz Castro says Tourist only ..I know al them Cubans all lying..

  398. whocares

    fuckin asshole nigger!!

  399. Larry

    I go on one premise…Look at every city the Liberals control, and i will show you a sewer….
    That’s what welfare and Section -8 has done.Oh ,i am so sooooory for not feeling sorry for the poor, and it’s a shame i dont have White guilt..FUCK THE POOR!!!!…When you liberals get the actual experience of living in these areas and actually see
    what kind of crazy decision people make. You will then, just maybe get a clue. Its not racism it’s just bad decision making..

  400. live oak

    I’m with you Larry!

  401. herbert stamper

    larry, welcome bro,and you other patriots,i have been out of town, making noise in daytona beach,along with thousands of other bikers,and i come home and see all these new patriots,fighting against the muslim prickinchief,and its just about enough to make my eyes water with pride.
    hello everyone!

  402. Cuss

    Welcome back Herbert!!

  403. herbert stamper

    Thanx Cuss,and all,i just got my own post on oathkeepers,visit the site if you have time,and read the post they put up,and comment if you want. thanx again,God Bless all.

  404. Cuss

    I’ll check it out now!

  405. kristy

    A little treat for the boys here :)

  406. kristy

    Oh and this too. Just thought the good gentlemen would enjoy for the evening :D

  407. herbert stamper

    hot girl with sniper rifle? well,maybe,but definatly a good shot.
    personally i like girls a little heavier. the only thing a skinny girl is good for is to tell me where the heavy ones are.
    how are you doin this evening Kristy?

  408. kristy

    Im doing skinny :(

    but other then that Im doing great Sir, hows you this fine evening?

    Real cold here, had to fire up the heater finally lol

  409. Cuss

    Kristy, be careful with those hot shells!!

  410. herbert stamper

    Kristy,doin so good i had to handcuff my hands to the handlebars on the motorcycle tonight to keep from waving at everyone.was just messin around with peoples heads. girls were foxy,but too young.
    wish i could be there. i miss that part of the world.

  411. Son of liberty

    Take a look at all the comments posted on this page; can’t you people see we are fighting eachother. look at those cheapshots regarding god and race. This isnt about democrats or republicans. I’m tired of this, both sides sound uneducated. but I agree, this contry is becoming an obamanation. make no mistake, this is the very war our founding fathers faught against the controling powers and bankers. our own ignorance is their greatest weapons. so wake up, its time to unite, and soon, while we still can. look past the barriers we choose to hide behind- political parties, gods, race, education. come one, what hope can we have for a positive change if we ourselves cannot change.

  412. Cuss

    Sol, we are united. The true American loving, God fearing people in this site. The commie loving fucks that worship the hybrid usurper can kiss my ass. I wouldn’t turn my back on these wennie assed fucks! I don’t know where you’ve been dude but we’ve been fighting these fuckers calling us rednecks, losers, stupid,and racists…. You might watch your wording here. We are very passionate about the shape our country is in and if you attack us on this site we will fight back!

  413. herbert stamper

    son of liberty, i am mad as hell about the way the globalist and elitist are turning the classes of people against each other,and the way some people are so eager to go along with it,because they have no idea,and will not try to understand that they are being used to fight their battles in their bid to take us ALL over. the people who come here,and attack the regulars WILL be put down after they show that they are not even willing to think about the possibility of what is happening as truth,and attack us. cuss,and fishleg,and other regular regulators here on this site stand together.
    true that we do get a little radical in responces at times,but radical times call for radical measures,and we have the best of the best here,just look at kristy,and ask yourself,would i want to mess with her? the answer would be the same as mine,NO WAY!. we have a deep love for country,God,and liberty. the people we atack are the very same people who want to hang lady liberty,to further the communistic dictator wannabe muslim mafia punk in chief.
    in other words,welcome to the site,watch and see what goes on,and feel free to be part of our type of patriotic movement.
    rember also,that in the war against the brittish,we needed people like the swamp fox,francis marion. these were the (dirty) fighters,who hid in the swamps,and attacked the redcoats,and saved lots of our troops lives,as they were dumb enough to stand in an open field and take turns firing at enemy,and lost ten times the numbers the swamp rats did.

  414. sub

    Obama is an arrogant, delusional, elitist. The American electorate should bow its head in shame……

  415. herbert stamper

    sub, all supporters of the muslim mafia punk should bow heads in shame. welcome,and God bless.
    Cuss,thanks bro.

  416. Cuss

    Take care Herbert, gots to go earn a dollar. Later!

  417. herbert stamper

    me too,just ran through shower,gonna drip dry on the way.later.

  418. Damien

    I feel sorry for you guys, I really do. You must be feeling so much anger, frustration and fear. It sounds like you didn’t get the president you wanted. I suppose you could’ve continued with the upside down book reading, cocaine fuelled alcoholic.
    It must be so hard for you, that’s what i’m hearing. The previous presidential running of your country and American specific capitalist environment can no way at all have contributed to the position you are in now, where your govt, the ppl, have to bail out massive corporations in the automotive and financial sectors.
    Once again, I am so sorry you are feeling the way you are. I wish you the best in finding happiness.

  419. kristy

    Haha, an allopheist commie pampers boi keeping an ancient thread alive because hes to fucking stupid to pick a new current live thread


  420. kristy

    not to mention the pussy showing his tear jerking tender feelings.

    is the lemonade flowing in those rich candycane enchanted forests topped with marshmallows in your obama liberal world there damien?

    I mean, I’m not even going to bother wasting my time pointing any facts out on you, your not only not worthy to debate, your not worthy for my dog to hike its leg up and take a piss on.

    feel free to say I’m just all about slander you allopheist cry baby damien, but you would be smart to read other threads to see the facts I have pointed out in the past to other progressive whiny pussies much like yourself.

    go get a box of fucking tissues or some shit little boy.

    you sound like a fucking air supply album

  421. Common Hypnotism

    Thanks, Damien. I wish you the best in finding the ability to intelligently read material and interpret it successfully.

    Cocaine fueled? Ummmm, have you read Obamao’s books?

    In reading your post, what I am hearing is “I don’t like Bush. I have no actual, specific rationale on which to base my opinion, nor my support of the usurping Kenyan that replaces him, other than a general dislike for America, and thus a negative view of anything that has that nation’s best interest at heart, and conversely, I support wholeheartedly anything that I believe will negatively impact that nation that I despise.”

    Unfortunately, unlike Obamao and his minions, I do not, and never will, support your efforts to dismantle the nation I love.

  422. kristy

    Common did you know that the black plague was w.bush’s fault?

    just wanted to make sure the world knew this


  423. Common Hypnotism


    Are you referring to Obamao, or the disease?

  424. kristy

    haha, is there a difference? :P

  425. herbert stamper

    this damien charachter is a moron. what part of he gets fucked along with the rest of the United States is so hard for these loons to understand?
    the children of this nation will not have much of a future when his muslim mafia thug and his chicago thugs get through.
    its hard for morons to understand we dont care about the asshole bush either.
    with small minds its all about the party,dem or rep,like its a fuckin game of some kind.

  426. Damien

    Interesting replies…

    Collectively, I’m finding hard to hear your message or to understand what is being sent. This is primarily because of the abusive rhetoric with no substance or fact involved, directed at me personally. Very interesting indeed. If it is possible, if you are able to, I know it’s an important subject to you, and thus highly emotive… are you able of communicating your message without the abuse, I’d really like to understand your concerns.

    do you understand the meaning of the word Allophilia? As you do not know me, I struggle to understand how you can apply, as you seem to do quite regularly to people i’m sure you know nothing about? Also i’m sorry that you feel that your message is not worth communicating to me.

    Common Hypnotism,
    I’m struggling to understand the context of your message. You seem to have filled/made up alot of things to “make” me fit the idea that you have of me. Also could you tell me which things i’ve been doing to dismantle America? I’d be very interested to know, because as far as this is not the case, quite the contrary in fact.

    Herbert herbert herbert,
    Would you like to tell me what part of what I said you didn’t like, and why you didn’t like it. Because as it stands I’m really struggling to pull anything useable out of your comment so far, it seems more of an emotive comment from your heart about the general state of play.

    Oh yes by the way, can i just clarify something on this forum. It seems that if someone disagrees with your views, that you feel you can be personally insulting and abusive because their views don’t match yours, is that right? I’m just wondering if that’s how you would expect all Americans, including our children to behave?


  427. kristy

    hey dickamien

    yes, I sure enough do understand which is why I used the word. why do you assume other wise pickles?

    we see that your ego got alittle rub burn there. poor baby.

    from your other post we do understand that you struggle hard, even when sitting at the dindin table

    and we have also concluded with you dickmania that if you dont hear what “you” want, you cry like a little bitch…

    even if that means going out of your way, to a forum where you know you and your political ideas are not accepted or welcomed.

    hey, gives this a try dickmonia…

    go out, find a fox or rabbit hole… take your shoe off and jam your foot down into it.

    Then try your alinsky reasoning with whats down in there saying… oh I see, just because my foots not a rabbit or a ground hog, your going to be against me… boo hooo

    no little boi, this is called life. get with the program or get your foot chewed off

    or in this case, be prepared to get hammered hard, real hard :)

  428. Fishleg

    something funky in the Australian drinking water is my guess

  429. kristy

    6 pack of fosters?

  430. Fishleg

    tasmanian devil poop, maybe?

  431. Damien

    lol, very funny, truly made me laugh.
    Getting a bit paranoid there Fishleg, doing some background checking on people??? sssshhh, the NSA or Echalon might be watching you, Fishleg.

    Btw Kristy, no one drinks Fosters in Australia, only the UK and USA drink that watery excuse for beer. You better stop being a slave to Advertising/marketing.

    But i love how my questions were ignored, the importance of the issue at hand was put aside, and the situation dropped to a new level of petty childish nationalistic (if somewhat misinformed) insults.

    Again, Kristy, I’ll remind you, you know nothing about me, nor I about you, except what was written, and I assure you that none of the correspondence on this website has ruffled me in anyway at all. The only feelings that I have are of frustration at not being able to have an adult conversation, and pity for those that find themselves in such a terrible situation(not having the leadership they want for their country) and feeling disempowered about it, it must be heart wrenching.

  432. Fishleg

    God has His hand on me, bub..I fear nothing and nobody.

  433. kristy

    and I’ll remind you dickmien you know nothing of me.

    And why did you think the “Fosters” was a reference to advertising/marketing?

    to shallow to see an insult? :D

    and as Fishleg stated so beautifully, That man has nothing to fear, so your definitely barking up the wrong tree there bitch boi :)

    But thing is, we know this site has you “ruffled” as you say…

    otherwise you wouldn’t keep coming back to reply knowing good and well your going to get teamed up and have your ass handed to you


  434. Fishleg

    One ass sandwich, coming up..

  435. Fishleg

    The Australian thinks we actually read his comments.
    Crackin’ me up…
    Arguing with satan is futile, he has been judged to perish, and God YHVH does not make mistakes.

  436. kristy

    heres a song for that commie aussie :D

  437. kristy

    See, the beauty is, We just point out facts and go from there to elaborate on those facts.

    obots come here just to bitch

    Big difference :)

  438. Fishleg

    Or let me say…CONSIDER his comments…LOL!

  439. herbert stamper

    the freakshow continues.
    dickheadman is so dumb,on another thread,he said something about what he would do to me and others here if we said something in front of him like what we were sayin,and i didnt realize at the time that he was not even in the U.S.. i now laugh at this computor rambo,he has nothing invested in our country,nor does he care that the country is to become a third world country if the faginchief is allowed to continue down his path of destruction of our childrens future.
    binladen bitch is just that. a terrorist loving bitch,probably part german sheepdog,who thinks she is impressing someone here with her very existance.lol on that bitch.

  440. Cuss

    Dumbassian here’s a tip. Kristy, Fishleg, Live oak, Herbert, and others here are so far superior intellectually and spiritually that you don’t stand a chance!! You have no point of view and might I suggest you go back to your gay porn site… You know, something your good at!

  441. Damien

    Let me first start by refuting Herbet’s accusations asserting that “he said something about what he would do to me and others here if we said something in front of him like what we were sayin”. I do not even intend to seek your evidence to this matter, as it is grossly false. In fact I am concerned that you should raise such a bizarre issue, are you feeling well? Are you in need of medical attention, Herbet?

    It is amazing that the suggestion of facts n figures has been raised, as I struggle to find such things amongst the vile and abusive dribble that makes up most of the comments of this site.

    It truly is amazing the things that have been suggested or directed at me as a person. I am genuinely concerned for the welfare of those persons that have said such things. I can only begin to imagine the pain and feelings of those persons.

    It is obvious to me now, that there is no chance to understand the message of those that hold this site dear, as over and over, all I hear is personal absue and threats and no communication of their actual message. I am disappointed by this, and concerned for the welfare of those ppl.

    I would suggest you access your local health care services, but alas I’m well aware of the inequity and inaccessibality of the American health care system, funny considering every other first world nation in the world, even ultra conservative, have adequete health care for their citizens. Interesting isn’t it, the most powerful, richest nation in the world, and they can’t look after their own, makes me think of Hurricane Katrina… can wage a war overseas but can’t respond appropriately to the needs of their own. A serious concern, I would think.

    Your right Kristy, It is futile to keep coming back here and using adult communication to discuss a serious issue. This is very apparent now. I wish you the best and hope things get better for you.

  442. Cuss

    Maybe there’ll be a special place for the little socialist somewhere.

  443. Common Hypnotism

    Damien, Damien…

    Tsk tsk. You come on this forum with an air of moral superiority and open minded inquiry even as you take your “shots” at conservative values and America the nation.

    In all your haughty toned replies and accusations, you failed to answer any inquiries and changed the tenor of issues to fit your views.

    You paint a broad brush generalization of us all by what your are “hearing”, yet when I reply with far more specificity as to what I “hear” from your post you sidestep and accuse me of “making” you into something, or “filled/made up” things. Also you completely ignore my pointing out that you pejoratively accuse Bush of being “cocaine fueled” based upon nothing but allegations of others, yet ignore Obamao’s SELF-ADMITTED drug dependence that included the very same drug. This alone proves you to be a hypocritical Obamao worshipper, and to have little credibility and certainly no desire to engage in honest debate. This is likely why most here don’t take you seriously and hurl insults rather than attempting to have any dialogue.

    You oversimplify the “bailouts” and act as if everyone here supports them, which few likely do. You attempt to lay them at the feet of the Bush administration, when primarily the cause was not found there, and a big impetus to collapse was provided by the internationalist manipulation of M and M1 by Soros and his cronies.

    As to your attempts to dismantle America? Your meddling in our affairs, your obvious membership in the hate the US/Hate Bush club, and your support for a communist thug that is, by his own admission, attempting to circumvent and destroy the Constitution of the United States of America is more than enough evidence to base that accusation upon.

    You are a smarmy and insincere little leftist trying to be cute, and you got called out. Like almost all leftists, you didn’t come here to debate or have dialogue, you came to “lecture” and display your self-awarded moral superiority and you know it.

  444. Common Hypnotism

    and by the way, troll, I have the finest health care in the entire world at my fingertips, 24 hours a day, for the price of a pittance copayment.

    So go fuck yourself and your lecturing ignorant ways, and speak of what you know, not what you hear.

  445. Damien

    mmmmm, very interesting statements, Common Hypnotism, interesting indeed, tell me more.

    How are you feeling today?

  446. Cuss

    See? You can’t trust a commie lib. Said he was leaving… But didn’t.

  447. live oak

    @Common Hypnotism,
    That was great! My thanks to you….

  448. Cuss

    If he spoke what he knew, he’d be a mute!

  449. live oak

    Go fuck yourself Damien….. you really are a smarmy little leftist piece of shit.
    You’ll be back too…they always come back.

  450. live oak


    You can’t debate with these obots…they’re too stupid.

  451. Common Hypnotism

    Right. I thought so.

  452. Cuss

    It’s like arguing with children and I refuse to do that!

  453. Frosteetoes

    This has been the funnest thread…hehe

    Damien, maybe I can help you. Can you please articulate your questions again and who specifically they are directed at?

  454. Studds

    This is the kinda’ shit that frosts my ass about the arrogant bastards. I’ve been unemployed for six months while this bitch is wasting money like this.

  455. Studds

    This sickens me!

    Note: As the person in Seattle who sent this to me said, this has nothing to do with race but has to do with greed, egotism, and spending of over $1.5 million PER YEAR in personal salaries by the first lady in a time of severe financial problems in the U.S.

    This is amazing!!
    From the Canada Free Press:
    First Lady Requires More Than Twenty Attendants
    by Dr. Paul L. Williams
    July 7, 2009

    “In my own life, in my own small way, I have tried to give back to this country that has given me so much,”
    she said. “See, that’s why I left a job at a big law firm for a career in public service, “… Michelle Obama

    No, Michele Obama does not get paid to serve as the First Lady and she doesn’t perform any official duties. But this hasn’t deterred her from hiring an unprecedented number of staffers to cater to her every whim and to satisfy her every request in the midst of the Great Recession. Just think, Mary Lincoln was taken to task for purchasing china for the White House during the Civil War. And Mamie Eisenhower had to shell out the salary for her personal secretary from her husband’s salary..

    Total Personal Staff members for other first ladies paid by taxpayers:
    Mamie Eisenhower : 1 paid for personally out of President’s salary
    Jackie Kennedy: 1
    Roseline Carter: 1
    Barbara Bush: 1
    Hilary Clinton: 3
    Laura Bush: 1
    Michele Obama: 22

    How things have changed! If you’re one of the tens of millions of Americans facing certain destitution, earning less than subsistence wages stocking the shelves at Wal-Mart or serving up McDonald cheeseburgers, prepare to scream and then come to realize that the benefit package for these servants of Ms Michelle are the same as members of the national security and defense departments and the bill for these assorted lackeys is paid by YOU, John Q. Public:

    Michele Obama’s personal staff:
    1. $172,200 – Sher, Susan (Chief Of Staff)
    2. $140,000 – Frye, Jocelyn C. (Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of Policy And Projects For The First Lady)
    3. $113,000 – Rogers, Desiree G. (Special Assistant to the President and White House Social Secretary for Mrs. Obama)
    4. $102,000 – Johnston, Camille Y. (Special Assistant to the President and Director of Communications for the First Lady)
    5. $100,000 – Winter, Melissa E. (Special Assistant to the President and Deputy Chief Of Staff to the First Lady)
    6. $90,000 – Medina, David S. (Deputy Chief Of Staff to the First Lady)
    7. $84,000 – Lelyveld, Catherine M. (Director and Press Secretary to the First Lady)
    8. $75,000 – Starkey, Frances M. (Director of Scheduling and Advance for the First Lady)
    9. $70,000 – Sanders, Trooper (Deputy Director of Policy and Projects for the First Lady)
    10. $65,000 – Burnough, Erinn J. (Deputy Director and Deputy Social Secretary)
    11. $64,000 – Reinstein, Joseph B. (Deputy Director and Deputy Social Secretary)
    12. $62,000 – Goodman, Jennifer R. (Deputy Director of Scheduling and Events Coordinator For The First Lady)
    13. $60,000 – Fitts, Alan O. (Deputy Director of Advance and Trip Director for the First Lady)
    14.. $57,500 – Lewis, Dana M. (Special Assistant and Personal Aide to the First Lady)
    15. $52,500 – Mustaphi, Semonti M. (Associate Director and Deputy Press Secretary To The First Lady)
    16. $50,000 – Jarvis, Kristen E. (Special Assistant for Scheduling and Traveling Aide To The First Lady)
    17. $45,000 – Lechtenberg, Tyler A. (Associate Director of Correspondence For The First Lady)
    18. $43,000 – Tubman, Samanth A. (Deputy Associate Director, Social Office)
    19. $40,000 – Boswell, Joseph J. (Executive Assistant to the Chief Of Staff to the First Lady)
    20. $36,000 – Armbruster, Sally M. (Staff Assistant to the Social Secretary)
    21. $35,000 – Bookey, Natalie (Staff Assistant)
    22. $35,000 – Jackson, Deilia A. (Deputy Assoc iate Director of Correspondence for the First Lady)

    (total = $1,591,200 in annual salaries)

    There has NEVER been anyone in the White House at any time who has created such an army of staffers whose sole duties are the facilitation of the First Lady’s social life.. One wonders why she needs so much help, at taxpayer expense.

    Note: This does not include makeup artist Ingrid Grimes-Miles, 49, and “First Hairstylist” Johnny Wright, 31, both of whom traveled aboard Air Force One to Europe .

    Copyright 2009 Canada Free Press.Com

    Yes, I know, The Canadian Free Press had to publish this perhaps because America no longer has a free press and the USA media is too scared that they might be considered racist or suffer at the hands of Obama. Sorry America !


  456. herbert stamper

    just got home,and ran through this thing,and i did make a mistake,it was another libterd on the other thread that threatened ,and when im wrong,i say im wrong,but the part about this loon having a little girl,and i said he should say he is sorry to her for fucking up her future,and consider himself a child abuser for supporting the communist takeover,and destruction of their future,instead of supporting the oathkeepers,and organizations like them that take the countrys intrest to heart. the magic word again, good mornin boys and girls,can you spell friggintraitor?

  457. herbert stamper

    just read your post,and yes,it is infuriating that the friggin piece of shit who should be doing something to help her weasel fix the economy,instead of making it worse. the weasel in chief has declared war on the dollar,to create an emergency,whereby he can put on a bigger push for global unionization on money. we will end up losing the dollar,in favor of the yen,or brittish sterling pounds. the asshole commieinchief will destroy a nation,and he has all the loons in hell supporting his agenda. these are the cause of our downfall,and these are the ones who deserve to be targets,and may very well be,soon.

  458. Frosteetoes

    Studds, thanx for posting that info. Of course the commie libturds will justify it all. The kool aid they drank has given them wet brain.

  459. TIto

    all aethiest need to repent and accept Jesus Christ as our lord and savior amen. Because in the name of jesus christ, “alpha and omega” i curse the swines that live among us like obama, bush, cheney, etc and all the bohemian Grove known satanist we know all of us christians and we are awake im just waiting for the mark of the beast and when that comes ill never take it plus i will fight like a wild animal and avoid the microchip mark of the beast because i know its coming soon. all cristians may God Bless you and your families as we all know our kingdom of heaven is approaching in the name of jesus christ i bless everyone with compasion and harmony amen peace. yes im a mexican american and i love all everyone who are not mexican as long as they are christians they will always be my brothers and sisters.

  460. fuck all you nigger obama black dick sucking socialiast scum bag pigs. obama and his fat ass nigger racist bitch will cause another civil war in this fucked up country. the south will rise again, fuck all you evil left wing liberal socialist pigs.

  461. kristy

    sad thing is, guys like him help fuel the shit out of libterds

  462. kristy

    Almost makes me wonder if its not porkie, so porkie can come back saying… see, I told you yall b racists

    not that its not ones right to be racist if they so choose. That is actually someones right to be so.

    However, the libterd tofu eating sandal wearing whiny bitchs play this harder then a child begging for a cookie before supper time

  463. Frosteetoes

    I’ve been thinking the same thing Kristy. It’s too blatant and no substance.

  464. Light Ryuzaki

    Why hello there

    “that is, by his own admission, attempting to circumvent and destroy the Constitution of the United States of America is more than enough evidence to base that accusation upon.”

    You know, if you don’t back that accusation up with a quote, that comes extremely close to libel.

    “and by the way, troll, I have the finest health care in the entire world at my fingertips, 24 hours a day, for the price of a pittance copayment.”

    Finest health care in the world? Really? The US (Sorry if you don’t live here, but I have to assume.) The US is 50th in average life expectancy, and 44th in Infant Mortality, according to the CIA World Factbook. You have to take population size and similar concerns into account, but it’s still very disturbing that the US is behind developed countries in both categories, such as Germany, Greece, and Italy.

    The opinions of the people agree with the statistics. The bipartisan Common Wealth foundation surveyed citizens from Germany, Australia, Canada, the US, the UK, and New Zealand for opinions on their health care system. The US came in death last on the safeness of their care, access to health care, efficiency of their health care system, the overall value of their health care, and on if their believe that they live healthy lives.

    “So go fuck yourself and your lecturing ignorant ways, and speak of what you know, not what you hear.”

    Ah, the irony…

  465. kristy

    um, ya might want to recheck your facts there

    remember princess diana?

    remember how she died because of that great and wonderful matriarchal medicine?

    I guess you missed it when france, germany and the uk all admitted that if they had a Patriarchal system like the US she would of had a 90% + survival rate

    but selective research is one of the liberals greatest natural morphine induced rushes.

    also, please explain why claude castonguay “father of canadian socialist health care” is now literally begging canada to STOP it immediately and be more like the US?

    “Years ago, Canadians touted their health care system as the best in the world; today, Canadian health care stands in ruinous shape. [Even a founding father of Canada’s system, Claude] Castonguay, [recently] concluded that the system is in “crisis.” [It is] so overburdened that hundreds of thousands in need of medical attention wait for care, any care; people in towns like Norwalk, Ontario, participate in lotteries to win appointments with the local family doctor. Canada isn’t the only country facing a government health care crisis. Britain’s system, once the postwar inspiration for many Western countries, is similarly plagued. Both countries trail the U.S. in five-year cancer survival rates, transplantation outcomes and other measures.

    Polls show Americans are desperately unhappy with their system and a government solution grows in popularity. However the [presidential] candidates proceed, Americans should know that one of the founding fathers of Canada’s government-run health care system has turned against his own creation.”


    always a pleasure hearing your comments


  466. Fishleg

    Teach, Kristy!!

    Libel my ass…traitor.

  467. Cuss

    Just a few items there sparky. Does your numbers on infant mortality include abortion? Infanticide? And the fact you throw out the word ignorant? Seriously? You forgot racist….

  468. Fishleg

    Ruzyaski…traitor.Treasonous dog.

    Not you, Kristy, thou art a woman of God! ; )

  469. herbert stamper

    glad you were here kristy,to set this loon straight. i dont know who the hell he/she thought would be stupid enough to believe the bullshit. i doubt that tis fool even believes it.
    hello all,
    lightRyuzassior or what the fuckever,i am too tired to try to make even more sense to try to make you see how dumb you are if you believe that crap you were spouting,so i will just say simply,FUCKYOU.

  470. kristy

    believe it or not, and I have seen this before as an IRC Unix admin…

    Long story short…

    There are people out there who DO in fact believe in us, and agree with us. However, they will post the opposite. Its a psychological thing where they think they are doing a service acting like they are huge in supporting the opposite of what they truly believe.

    Their reasoning for this is to try and psych up the others they secretively agree with… basically to get them to fight their battles which is rather chickenhawkish, but that does happen alot.

    And if this cocksucker isn’t and really the genuine article, hope this pisses the twisted fruit off enough to come back to post to try and correct me LOL

  471. herbert stamper

    right you are kristy,and it is kinda funny how some people say things just to see the reaction. i used to be the king at word games on the c b radio. it was a great way to piss off people while driving cross country.

  472. Frosteetoes

    You know, if you don’t back that accusation up with a quote, that comes extremely close to libel.


    What a jackass….and thats a fact!

  473. herbert stamper

    its kinda funny that the asshole in chief signed that bill today,i was just thinking about the irony.
    think about it for a minuate.
    hugh heffner had to sleep with a thousand women before he was considered a playboy,and obama sucks only a couple dicks that we know of,and we call him a queer.

  474. kristy


    I guess people who come to read with out posting can be up for charges for loitering now too?

    what a fucking retard

    but theres always the chance its a chicken hawk trying to incite a mob who silently really does agree with us

  475. Anonymous

    is america tired of this commie .fraud.deciet.coruption,give a neo con the finger not the little one read the secret history of the american history empire by john perkins

  476. refered as neo con corruption in spanish as el toro poop pooh is this teirney ,deciet.fraud what is this our message to the childern whoops we got duped. into down is really up.good was really bad.zionest jews where so good paying for all there lies. think about it
    t.louis .Jackson

  477. herbert stamper

    t louis jackson,
    you are right. the jews have their own traitors,as do all of America. they sold their own people,and the United States out. they (some of them) still support the muslim mafia punk.
    for the record,i was never fooled,i knew this piece of shit would try to turn Americans against each other,and radicalize my country.

  478. Common Hypnotism

    LOL. Come on, I’m ready to spit I’m laughing so hard. Libelous. Bwaaahahahaha.

    But here’s one quote from Obamao on NPR in Chicago that proves he supports the dismantling of The Constitution.

    To that extent, as radical as I think people try to characterize the Warren Court, it wasn’t that radical. It didn’t break free from the essential constraints that were placed by the founding fathers in the Constitution, at least as its been interpreted and Warren Court interpreted in the same way, that generally the Constitution is a charter of negative liberties. Says what the states can’t do to you. Says what the Federal government can’t do to you, but doesn’t say what the Federal government or State government must do on your behalf, and that hasn’t shifted and one of the, I think, tragedies of the civil rights movement was, um, because the civil rights movement became so court focused I think there was a tendancy to lose track of the political and community organizing and activities on the ground that are able to put together the actual coalition of powers through which you bring about redistributive change. In some ways we still suffer from that.

    So much for *chuckle* any lawsuits.

    As to your other dishonesty, the “Commonwealth Foundation” is a radical leftist organization that promotes socialism. Here is a quote from their “about us” page.

    “Therefore the Vision of the Commonwealth Foundation is:

    Commonwealth civil society contributing to national and international goals for democracy, sustainable development and cultural diversity for the benefit of all people.”

    LOL. Yeah, sounds very neutral to me. Their data isn’t worth looking at any further.

    Now if you want to get some actual data and information, try the Commonwealth Foundation at http://www.commonwealthfoundation.org/

  479. randy

    Don’t take your eyes off the ball. It’s the international banker scum that are the master puppeteers who must be wiped out. obama is only the evil puppet messenger.

  480. herbert stamper

    thats right,and the revolution is just starting today,in n.y. n.j. va.

  481. kristy

    yeap, don’t take your eye off the sight…

    fiber optic, iron or ghost ring sights :)

  482. herbert stamper

    got to keep fingers crossed that the people in jersey have enough sense to realize that the nation is watching to see if they really want to destroy their children and themselves with another term of corzines taxing and spending.i hope they are smarter than californians who keep sending back nutjobs like waxman and piglosi.

  483. Cuss

    Watch out for seiu and acrap! The race in nj too close, perfect conditions for fraud!

  484. herbert stamper

    i think the people are watching for that,and it would be a mistake for acorn and affilliates to screw with the people again so soon,but they may try,and it would be the end of their funding. their muslim asshole president would have to throw their sorry asses under the bus. have a good day all,gotta run.

  485. george


  486. herbert stamper

    george, well said. we still cannot believe what the mafia is doing to our country.

  487. Todd

    The only thing I want from Government is to be left alone and have the politicians follow the constitution. I am sick of the lazy American attitude that wants to suck on the Tit of the Government for everything. Get a job, work hard and quit asking to be taken care of. You are a bunch or babies.

  488. Cuss

    It’s hard to combat fraud. Look at how corrupt acrap and seiu are. Any doubt?

  489. herbert stamper

    not a doubt in my mind that the mafia leader in the white house has them under his wing,and now,acorn is getting lots MORE of our tax dollars. this piece of shit president will tear the nations economical system apart,and will be hated by a lot more than he knows soon enough.

  490. herbert stamper

    Todd, that is all WE want from the govt. just to be left the hell alone,but they keep pushing.
    there are a lot of people who actually want this destruction of a nation. thank God for people like you,and others here at obambi.com

  491. Andrew Kroll (14)

    Obama is an ex-Muslim he is a terrorists dream being president and racist. He is letting Muslims multiply like fucking rats in our country and he says(you should not jump to any conclusions) fuck him he should go to hell with Rev.wright that fucking commie is acid coming up the throat of America. Hope/Nope. This is the change most Americans wanted well I hope they are all fucking pleased with their choice.

  492. Republicans suck

    All republicans suck balls and should goto hell with Bush. Wether you like Obama or not, there is no way he or anyone elts is as bad as Bush. That guy has fuck the whole world up. I still dont have a job because of that god damn asshole. How could you want another republican in power after that. Every time those fuckers are in power they fuck up everything.

  493. herbert stamper

    Andrew Kroll (14)
    you have no idea how right you are. this muslim mafia thug is more dangerous to America than any nuke in the world. we have the equivilent of adolf hitler in the white house,and he still has some people fooled.

  494. live oak

    Right you are Herbert and Andrew!!

  495. live oak

    Can you imagine? 510 comments!!!!!

  496. herbert stamper

    thats because this the best site on the screen,and it says it all! we are the few proud patriots who will say the truth.
    how are you doing this evening mrs live oak?
    i just got a 1948 stevens bolt action 22 long rifle,and it works like new. also found holster and extra clip for 9 mother mary.good day,huh?

  497. Fishleg

    Great day! I can hear my own “Mr. Blasty” cheering in the background!

  498. herbert stamper

    fishleg! hows my favorite bro doing? i am allmost finished with that thing we talked about this morn on phone,and wanna thank you for input. it confirmed what i felt. gonna take off work early tommorrow and load up motorcycle,and fly like the wind so i can be in daytona beach at friends house to get some sleep before the party at noon wed.

  499. JC

    God’s speed to you Herbert on Wednesday. As they say “break a leg”…only figuratively not literally.

  500. Fishleg

    He’ll be with you , Herb! Safe journey my good friend.

  501. herbert stamper

    why hello J C, just thinkin about you this evening when i got home,my back felt like a mule kicked me from digging all day,and your cure really has helped a lot. you ar an angel.
    yes i will be carefull,and hope they do call on me as they said they might,depending on the time,and i will be ready,thanks to my bro.

  502. live oak

    Am doin’ okay Herbert. Good luck tomorrow and God Speed.

  503. JC

    Glad you are doing well…and yes that stuff is truly a wonder!

  504. herbert stamper

    yall take care,gotta get some rest AFTER shower,sweat so much i probably smell like the south end of a northbound horse.
    tell kristy about that rifle,she will get a kick out of that. i cannot wait to go shootin again.

  505. amused by morons

    Wow, you guys are just fearmongering dumbfucks.
    Please go die in a corner far away from the rest of humanity.

  506. dhc

    He is the AntiChrist

  507. Deborah

    Soros is the puppet master, and wants and expects the US economy to fail, he will make more billions off the backs of middle class America. But I don’t think Soros knew that Obeyme would “fail” so soon. Soros unestimated the extent of bambam’s narcissism. He expected to get his socialized medicine and crap and tax before bambi goes down.
    We are at a crossroads America, we might not be able to recoup the 8 trillion of American wealth that evaporated because of the planned demise of our middle class, but we still have the time to do some damage control to cut our losses.
    I will go down trying to prevent Soros and bambam from adding America to the notches on Soros belt among with the other countries and economies that he has destroyed.
    Peck wrote a great book on evil and the deeds of these two man are as evil as you can get!! If we do not address and confront the evil for what it is we are doomed as a society and a species.
    We need a 10 million person tea party in DC this summer and sleep on the grass until we stop the deceit and madness.

  508. To all of you who love being called ‘liberal’, to me it’s the bastardization of a nice word similar to filth being called “gay”.
    I left a country that became Socialist and I can recognise the same disease creeping into my beloved United States. I recognise all of the little sly, barely perceptible strangling rules and regulations that continually build up until they kill the human spirit.
    Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Dodd and company want to be in the same position as the British Aristocracy of my childhood, and that is, we the hoi polloi were relegated to riding on street cars and buses or even walking when we couldn’t afford the two penny fare while they were chauffeured in Rolls Royce limousines.
    We got “socialised medicine” paid for with our HIGH taxes while they got Harley street specialists, again payed for with OUR high taxes.
    If the Obama medical plan is so damned good let’s hear him and all of the senators and congressmen swear that they, and their families will be a part of it, and that they will never have any other form of medical insurance.
    Aw C’mon America, can’t you see what they are doing?! Vote every one of those bums out before they smash our Country beyond recognition!

  509. To ‘Damian’ the POME…..
    Oh, let’s allow the others in on the meaning of P.O.M.E.
    Dear posters. Australia was set up as a prison colony, a large size “Devil’s Island” if you will where rapists, pick pockets and every low life common criminal primarily from the London area, were shipped to Australia if they managed to escape the hangman’s noose.
    They arrived in bondage; slaves in other words. On their clothing was stenciled four letters, P. O. M. E… Prisoners Of Mother England.
    Regardless of Damian’s affected airs and graces, have pity on him, he is simply trying to climb out of a tragic, sordid past that was heaped upon his low life criminal ancestors.

  510. To “REPUBLICANS SUCK” Dated Nov. 9Th

    A hint on how to get a job….. Learn to spell.
    Who on earth would hire someone like you?
    Then again, perhaps you are a Mexican just beginning to learn the English language. If so, please forgive my harsh statement…… on second thought, why don’t you go back to Mexico, or whatever fly infested country that you came from?!

  511. William VanEe

    HR 615

    On Tuesday, the Senate health committee voted 12-11 in favor of a two-page amendment, courtesy of Republican Tom Coburn which would require all Members of Congress and their staff members to enroll in any new government-run health plan.

    Congressman John Fleming has proposed an amendment that would require Congressmen and Senators to take the same health care plan that they would force on us. (Under proposed legislation they are exempt..)

    Congressman Fleming is encouraging people to go to his Website and sign his petition. The process is very simple. I have done just that at: http://fleming.house.gov/index.html

    Senator Coburn and Congressman Fleming are both physicians. Regardless of your political beliefs, it sure seems reasonable that Congress should have exactly the same medical coverage that they impose on the rest of us.

    Please urge as many people as you can to do the same!

  512. crueltiming

    what did adolf hitler have that obama will never have?

    the olympics!

  513. Hannah

    I hate obama. he is doing nothing to help America. He’s a fuckin Jackass…..He needs to leave America because he doesn’t belong here. He wasn’y even born here. Plus all he wants is fame. what a dooosshhh! I wanna slap his face silly,. :D


  514. live oak

    Join the club!! lol.
    I’d like to kick the ass of every single idiot that voted for him!!!

  515. It has reached the stage that I simply cannot look or listen to what passes as news on television these days in case the ‘usurper’ appears on the screen. I cannot look or listen to OSAMBO without getting the heaves. When Pierre Boulle wrote the novel,”Planet of the Apes”, he was trying to warn us, not of a major disaster caused by a great nuclear holocaust, but rather what is happening in the World today, we are turning everything over to creatures such as OSAMBO.
    OSAMBO hates the White Race as vehemently as his Kenyan grandfather who was a member of the Mau Mau, a murderous, terrorist group who committed crimes against white settlers too horrific to describe.
    In living memory of many, Kenya was an exporter of food; however, OSAMBO’S grandfather and his ilk did manage to get rid of the White Farmers who knew how to tend the land; today, like most of Africa the people of Kenya are starving.
    OSAMBO, like his murderous grandfather won’t rest until he has pulled the United States down to the level of the lowest African dung heap country.

  516. Hannah…. November 12, 2009

    Federal Judge David Carter has set a date to determine if Obama is eligible to hold the Office of President of the United States on January 26, 2010.
    Let’s see if it will be just another whitewash job, or if that CROOKED, CHICAGO BOWING TO THE KING OF SAUDI ARABIA BUM will finally be exposed as having been ‘hatched’ in Kenya.

  517. herbert stamper

    Just got back in town,and i am proud to see more patriots posting! it will be a great day for America,when we all get together,and take the country back. thank all of you and please stick around,and see how big this site grows over the next few months.
    hope obambi.com dont mind that i have been advertising and giving out the site,i think they need all the patriots to help support site,and feel free to laugh at the libterds comments.

  518. Thanks Herb

    Yea traffic has increased in the last 2 months more than ever.

    Its not about us, its about the information and truth.

    thanks herb.

  519. Hello Obama, fuck you mother fucking fuckers. FUND NASA NOW!!!!!!

  520. tminu

    LOL Obambi look at all the new faces, they must’ve gotten here by googling “fuck you obama”! LOL

  521. f.e.a.r

    Obama is great, he’s lovely asshole and because of him, now all liberals in UK want to choose black prime minister in next election.
    I think it’s great idea. Why not to fuck more country, cos it’s fucked already because of blacks and immigration and recession, and when experiment will fail just blame right side and white working class for underminning fucking brilliant multicultural project.
    I heard also that Vatican wants to go ahead with great idea to have black pope on papal throne, and if they will, will be two idiots one in USA, and another in Rome.

  522. JC

    Just think St. Malachi’s prophecy.

  523. Fishleg

    The fathers spoken of by Malachi are God and satan…..
    Just wait until Elijah does come back! You won’t believe your eyes!

  524. live oak

    Well Elijah better hurry up and come back Fishleg because we need him!

  525. Fishleg

    live oak…worry not..God is in control of this whole mess.
    He’s gonna find out who’s naughty or nice.
    You’re nice…you don’t have a worry in the world! : )

  526. live oak

    Thanks Fish, but you’re the one that’s good!….and very wise. I’m very very lucky to have you for a friend.

    God bless you and Danger B!

  527. Fishleg

    Nothin good about me, sweet lady, but thank you!
    God bless you and Sea Dog!!

  528. live oak

    Nonsense Fishleg!! You are very very good. You’re one of us. You speak out and get angry just as we do and you’re very wise and that cheerfulness always shines through….that’s why I trust you. There is nothing typical about you at all. Thank God for that!!!!!

  529. kristy

    Fishleg, you are a great and wonderful man and we are very blessed to have you in our corner. Dont you think or say otherwise.

  530. live oak

    Thanks Kristy! He is so good….and he BETTER listen to you!!! lol

    I love you too girlie whirlie!

  531. Hi folks,
    I’m a newbie here. I was on the computor last evening and just thought I would type in “fuck Obama”( which happens to be how I feel) and presto….up pops this interresting website.
    To put it bluntly….I can not and will not put the name Obama and the word president together. He decieved his way into office. He ran on the platform of “We need change” but never defined what kind of change he was talking about. To put it pure and simple…that is DECEPTION and for this reason I have absolutely no respect for him.
    He won the idiot vote and that’s what got him into the white house….millions of politically uneducated and inexperienced youth. Here’s an example of what I mean.
    I drove by the campus where my daughter was getting her teaching degree. The students were out protesting in mass against the Red Cross because they did not want to take blood from the gay population due to higher percentage of HIV infected blood. The young American idiots were more concerned about “so called” gay rights than they were about protecting the nations blood supply. Eventually the Red Cross was kicked off the campus.
    If the election were held tomorrow….I highly doubt that he would win….even against that loser McCain that the republicans nominated.
    Mr. Obama is not my president and never will be.

  532. Liberty or Death

    I will say what I have to say without all the
    expletives. This whole thing did not start with
    Barack Obama. It started over thirty years ago.
    Read Robert J. Ringers book, “Restoring The American Dream”. This Socialist Revolution has been in progress for that long, and then some. BHO was just suckerd into the hype, and was lucky enough get elected president. Social programs have run rampant in this country for that long and this is nothing new. These people have been trying to”level the playing field”, that means, taking what you earn, and giving to someone else who has less, and who is not willing to work for living, and calling it social justice. Check out The New Black Panther Party web-site, and you will see what I mean. The term ” Minority”, was created by the Left. They wanted the rest of us to beleive that “People of Color” were less fortunate because of their race. In every struggle, there has to be a winner, and a loser. They are perpetual losers, not because they are oppressed, or becase they are inferior human beings, but rather because that is what they have been taught for generations. The challenge is to make people realise their full potential, and not argue with them. I am considered White. My ancestors were living in North America before America was a nation. It is easy to let emotions prevail over logical thought. We must guard against this continually. It serves no good purpose to rail against someone with an opposing point of view. All this having been said, it is prudent to watch your back, and keep your powder dry.

  533. Liberty or Death

    To Conservative, your not even close to conservative. Think about it friend.

  534. herbert stamper

    wile e coyote,
    welcome to a place where the freedom still rings. there are fools who find their way here,and give a little rant about how great obamster is,and how stupid we are but they dont stay around long,the truth keeps smacking them down like shit from a tall cow,they go splat!

  535. Liberty or Death


  536. Postal


  537. Postal

    Maybe the “Hokey Pokey” really is what it’s all about.

  538. live oak

    Postal is a helluva NIM for you. Everyone will say you’ve gone “postal” Mr. Hokey Pokey,

  539. Fishleg

    priceless thread, I swear…

  540. herbert stamper

    just cannot comprehend common sense,so they just shoot off their wierd little shitballs,and go away.hope they can find their way back to the television,and watch more chriss mathews,maybe they will learn some new material.

  541. Postal

    I’m just another disenfranchised middle aged white guy. Maybe I should try one of those income at home web-sites, they gotta be for real, right?
    I’ts not paranoia, when they really are trying to kill you. Welcome to the United States of Islamamerica.

  542. Fishleg

    hey, its not paranoia when everyone’s out to get you!

  543. Postal

    That’s what I said, Fish.
    Have a great day!

  544. Postal

    I wish were 1977 again. Things just seemed better when I was 19.

  545. BSH

    Obama is the biggest fake so-called president. He does not have any of my trust. If there is not trust in the damn president of the USA, I feel screwed. President is living up to another country’s demands. He is not here for the United States. What a screwball! Go back to your home country Mr. Obama, you are not worthy enough here but for the lowest and the blackest.

  546. Sense

    Obama was formally charged with treason by several high ranking military officers….

    WHY has this not been in the media, and why has it not been executed?

    If I did the things he did, my ass would be sitting in prison right now !!!!

    Enough is enough! I am disgusted with the politics of today. I declare my home… the United States of what America used to be before a FELON was elected to the highest office known to man.

  547. Postal

    The military officers you speak of are retired, not active. They are civilians.

  548. Fishleg

    not quite civilians…but still, easy enough to ignore, sadly.

  549. Postal

    Has a sitting US President ever been tried for treason?

  550. JC


    To answer your question…No. But there is always a first time and as BHO/Lucifer has had so many first(s)…this would be one I could support whole-heartedly!

  551. Postal

    Actually the first was Vice President Aaron Burr.

  552. JC

    VP not President…you asked if a “President” had ever been tried for treason…there is a difference you know!

  553. Postal

    What’s the JC for, Johnny Carson? Your real funny.

  554. I would like everyone who comes to this site to pray for Mr. Obama using Psalm 109:8 from the bible…..

    “Let his days be few; and let another take his office”

  555. kristy

    The problem is that we need to “all” be so very careful right now.

    Yes, 0bastard and the minion of demons are waging war on us, however, the real puppet masters working behind the curtain are wanting this to set the stage.

    So next election the American people are so angry and pissed off they will vote total opposite just to show how pissed they are with the democrats.

    and while the communists are filthy scum who are in right now, nazi fascists are NOT a good substitute.

    They want this to happen so the people overwhelmingly vote for a totalitarian socialist government unanimously.

    0bastard wans’t voted in unanimously, not by far, even though many die hard tommy chong styled libterds want you to think it was a blood bath. It was a very close election, and 0bastard only won by stealing votes with fraud such as acorn.

    the ones pulling the strings are wanting a dictatorship in the US plain and simple. They dont care if it is communist, or fascist, they just want dictatorship plain and simple. But to get this, they need full support of the US citizens.

    What better way then to create a government who makes the people so pissed and angry that they vote to polar opposite?

    The key is… Rational.

    Why do people feel totalitarian government one way or another is the best thing? Why can’t people wake up and see its a true Constitutional government is what we want. And neither republican or democrat is for this. Especially since they are both the same party.

  556. JC


    You asked a question…I answered it honestly and simply provided follow up with facts. You seem to be displeased with the response…why? Is it because you were purposely trying to distort the facts? Aaron Burr was indeed tried for treason but he was Vice President not President. An important and vital fact that you were leaving out. You seem to have a problem with the truth and the facts as they are…

  557. JC


    So right you are. We are under attack from our government on all fronts social, financial, and religous. We must focus our attention to higher matters…like taking back our government…for the people, by the people, of the people! Letting the NWO that we are not for sale and we will not stand for the enslavement that they and our government are foisting upon us.

  558. tony

    hey fuck all you fucken republican bitches fuck bush fuck the mccain and fuck you their names dont even deserve a capital their not important………… Obama bitches!!!!!!!!!!!! viva la rasa tambien viva mexico bola de putos

    FUCK YOU!!!!

  559. JC

    An open letter to all Senators and the US government:

    Dear Sir/Madam;

    Have you lost your collective minds! I am appalled that you are even considering repealing the Fourteenth Amendment (Section 1) by voting for this health care reform bill. This attempt to enslave the American people forever more, is unacceptable. We are not your property to bought and sold as chattel. Our health and well being does not belong to you, and cannot be used as political posturing for the nefarious purpose of lining your pockets, and, the pockets of the lobbyist/special interest groups that you are representing. For as surely as I am sitting here listening to what you are about to do us…the American voter…I can plainly see that you are not representing the will of the people of the USA…you are kowtowing to special interests with a far left agenda. Your desire to own that which you have no right too should sicken the American public. This blatent attempt by you, to ruin not only our current healthcare system, but the United States of America is criminal.

    Please be advised it is a criminal act on your part to participate in human trafficking, for surely that is what you will be guilty of should you vote for this bill.

    It has been obvious for quite awhile now that you have no respect, no regard, no concern, and no fear of the people that have graciously put you where you are.

    You have spat on the US voter, and our Constitution (a document that you swore to uphold and defend).

    I am putting you on notice…the American voter will not take kindly to your murder of the United States of America, for surely that is what you are guilty of murder. I have never been, nor had the desire to be, a political watchdog…but your behavior is beyond the pale and warrants a swift kick to the seat of your pants. How dare you overstep the bounds of the Constitution, you have no right to enslave us…and exempt yourselves (as usual) from the rules you make for the rest of us.

    So I implore you do not vote for this healthcare bill, consider the consequences of your action, because trust me the American voter will mete out a punishment equal to your crime(s). We will vote you out and replace you with men/women that do have care, concern, and respect for us and our Constitution!

    An American Voter

  560. kristy

    Excellent post as always JC, however, I honestly believe nazi pigloser, reid, 0bastard, etc… don’t see the citizens as American voters any more.

    This was proven that votes don’t count any more when they can just pay off a company to swing it in their favor.

    Not saying I advocate it or do not advocate it, but it really seems as if all the elite in washington are daring the US citizens to rise up into a civil war.

    The first revolution in America when we were colonies were over far less taxes and restrictions then what are imposed on us now.

    It’s literally like a bold arrogant dare.

  561. JC

    Thanks Kristy…I am just sick and tired of government raping me over and over again with no hope of ever escaping. Jesus told us to turn the other cheek…but my cheeks have been slapped off my face and rear cheeks are so sore I cannot sit upon them anymore. There comes a time when righteous indignation spills over into out and out rebellion…

  562. Cuss

    If they pass this shit we must revolt! I’m tired and too old for this bullshit!

  563. Good Stuff J.C.

    Get a blog going and post your thoughts there and here.

  564. kristy

    But at the same time, Jesus didn’t sit and take it. Christ did what He seen as the best solution for His condition with what He was about. Which is why He traveled, not only to spread the word but to also avoid roman persecution as well.

    We have no where else to turn, this is our home.

    Actually, its MORE of my home then it is that cock sucker barry 0bastard’s home any day. That fucking estrogen injected cock sucker isn’t even American to begin with.

    So way I see it, he/she/it is on MY turf.

    Shit hits the fan… libterds can stand behind the patriots or die before them, the choice is theirs. but not on their terms, because once you break into someones home and rob them, gloves are off.

    ✝ Sic ✠ Semper ✠ Evello ✠ Mortem ✠ Tyrannis ✝

    “thus always death will come to tyrants”

  565. JC

    Sorry no can do…I do not know how to start a blog…that is beyond my knowledge…

  566. well you’re always welcomed to post here

  567. Fishleg

    I think this thread is heading for 1,000 comments.
    No offense to anyone, but when you pray to our Father, say what is on YOUR mind…don’t use written prayers by someone else…you are an unique child of God and there is only one of you, and He made that way because it brings Him pleasure.
    He wants to hear your thought and perspective. Nothing fancy…just tell Him how you feel and what’s on your mind.

    Using David’s psalm is not something I recommend. That psalm is about satan and it is what was on David’s mind.
    If you want Obummer out of office, just tell Him so.
    Prayer is simply talking to Father. Don’t make it fake…be yourself.

    Now then…how is everybody this shitty evening?!

  568. The referance to Psalm 109 was posted simply in fun Fishleg…..it actually came off of a bumper sticker…..

  569. Fishleg

    Oh, I know it, Wile E. Coyote..I’m a pastor, and sometimes cannot help myself. I write these things for the benefit of readers who don’t comment for just in case purposes.
    Don’t mind me…I’ll drive ya nuts if you take me too seriously!

    I swear I just cannot help it.

  570. herbert stamper

    hello all,just reading up to see whats new,besides reid buying that vote from that louisiana slut to pass this joke of a bill to proceed.
    after all the organizations in washington ive kept myself broke fighting this crap. i dont care about the money,i really dont,but i am mad as hell that politicians didnt listen to all the voters and their representatives. all the demorats voted for this crap. when does the revolution begin?
    obambi.com,i thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do to see that all here and others get to voice their opinions,and keeping it real. you have done more than you realize,because from this site,ive met with people who are like family,and you are included in that group.it helps keep me sane enough to resist what i really want to do deep inside.

  571. Frosteetoes

    Wow, I wonder if this thread will break 1000?

  572. herbert stamper

    frostee,i am sure it will,because it is the best post ever. it says it all,and says it from the heart.

  573. JC

    Read the following, and all you BHO/Lucifer worshippers out there know this…you have been fooled and decieved…the world is waking up to the fact that you have elected a total failure…

    Obama’s Nice Guy Act Gets Him Nowhere on the World Stage
    By Gabor Steingart

    When he entered office, US President Barack Obama promised to inject US foreign policy with a new tone of respect and diplomacy. His recent trip to Asia, however, showed that it’s not working. A shift to Bush-style bluntness may be coming.

    There were only a few hours left before Air Force One was scheduled to depart for the flight home. US President Barack Obama trip through Asia had already seen him travel 24,000 kilometers, sit through a dozen state banquets, climb the Great Wall of China and shake hands with Korean children. It was high time to take stock of the trip.

    Barack Obama looked tired on Thursday, as he stood in the Blue House in Seoul, the official residence of the South Korean president. He also seemed irritable and even slightly forlorn. The CNN cameras had already been set up. But then Obama decided not to play along, and not to answer the question he had already been asked several times on his trip: what did he plan to take home with him? Instead, he simply said “thank you, guys,” and disappeared. David Axelrod, senior advisor to the president, fielded the journalists’ questions in the hallway of the Blue House instead, telling them that the public’s expectations had been “too high.”

    The mood in Obama’s foreign policy team is tense following an extended Asia trip that produced no palpable results. The “first Pacific president,” as Obama called himself, came as a friend and returned as a stranger. The Asians smiled but made no concessions.

    Lost Some Stature

    Upon taking office, Obama said that he wanted to listen to the world, promising respect instead of arrogance. But Obama’s currency isn’t as strong as he had believed. Everyone wants respect, but hardly anyone is willing to pay for it. Interests, not emotions, dominate the world of realpolitik. The Asia trip revealed the limits of Washington’s new foreign policy: Although Obama did not lose face in China and Japan, he did appear to have lost some of his initial stature.

    In Tokyo, the new center-left government even pulled out of its participation in a mission which saw the Japanese navy refueling US warships in the Indian Ocean as part of the Afghanistan campaign. In Beijing, Obama failed to achieve any important concessions whatsoever. There will be no binding commitments from China to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. A revaluation of the Chinese currency, which is kept artificially weak, has been postponed. Sanctions against Iran? Not a chance. Nuclear disarmament? Not an issue for the Chinese.

    The White House did not even stand up for itself when it came to the question of human rights in China. The president, who had said only a few days earlier that freedom of expression is a universal right, was coerced into attending a joint press conference with Chinese President Hu Jintao, at which questions were forbidden. Former US President George W. Bush had always managed to avoid such press conferences.

    Relatively Unsuccessful

    A look back in time reveals the differences. When former President Bill Clinton went to China in June 1998, Beijing wanted to impress the Americans. A press conference in the Great Hall of the People, broadcast on television as a 70-minute live discussion, became a sensation the world over. Clinton mentioned the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre, when the government used tanks against protestors. But then President Jiang Zemin defended the tough approach taken by the Chinese Communists. At the end of the exchange, the Chinese president praised the debate and said: “I believe this is democracy!”

    Obama visited a new China, an economic power that is now making its own demands. America should clean up its government finances, and the weak dollar is unacceptable, the head of the Chinese banking authority said, just as Obama’s plane was about to land.

    Obama’s new foreign policy has also been relatively unsuccessful elsewhere, with even friends like Israel leaving him high and dry. For the government of Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, peace is only conceivable under its terms. Netanyahu has rejected Obama’s call for a complete moratorium on the construction of settlements. As a result, Obama has nothing to offer the Palestinians and the Syrians. “We thought we had some leverage,” says Martin Indyk, a former ambassador to Israel under the Clinton administration and now an advisor to Obama. “But that proved to be an illusion.”

    Even the president seems to have lost his faith in a genial foreign policy. The approach that was being used in Afghanistan this spring, with its strong emphasis on civilian reconstruction, is already being changed. “We’re searching for an exit strategy,” said a staff member with the National Security Council on the sidelines of the Asia trip.

    ‘A Lot Like Jimmy Carter’

    An end to diplomacy is also taking shape in Washington’s policy toward Tehran. It is now up to Iran, Obama said, to convince the world that its nuclear power is peaceful. While in Asia, Obama mentioned “consequences” unless it followed his advice. This puts the president, in his tenth month in office, where Bush began — with threats. “Time is running out,” Obama said in Korea. It was the same phrase Bush used against former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, shortly before he sent in the bombers.

    There are many indications that the man in charge at the White House will take a tougher stance in the future. Obama’s advisors fear a comparison with former Democratic President Jimmy Carter, even more than with Bush. Prominent Republicans have already tried to liken Obama to the humanitarian from Georgia, who lost in his bid to win a second term, because voters felt that he was too soft. “Carter tried weakness and the world got tougher and tougher because the predators, the aggressors, the anti-Americans, the dictators, when they sense weakness, they all start pushing ahead,” Newt Gingrich, the former Republican speaker in the House of Representatives, recently said. And then he added: “This does look a lot like Jimmy Carter.”

    Translated from the German by Christopher Sultan

  574. JC

    What is even scarier is that this total moron…may contemplate war on another front…all in the name of making him look strong…’cause he really does think it is all about him.

  575. Frosteetoes

    That would so suck JC, even now he hasn’t made the decision to send more support for the troops in Afghanistan. He is in contempt with our military. I think it’s intentional.

  576. JC

    Yes, it is intentional…how does one send more troops to be killed, and not look like a warmonger? BHO/Lucifer is the father of hypocrisy. He wants so badly to be everything to everyone…except be the leader of troops engaged in war…his namby pamby wiffle waffling world view is about to kill far more troops than GWB ever did. But him and his defenders will do what they all ways do…blame Bush…Never mind that Bush (although I did not agree with Iraq) at least was willing to realize he made mistakes, and then took concret postive steps to correct those mistakes by implementing a surge. Now the question of the hour…will BHO/Lucifer do what it takes to preserve and protect the lives of our American heroes? Of course not…for this is not about him, and it will make him look bad in front of his jihadist buddies.

  577. Frosteetoes

    Yeah, he wants to look good to the Muslim world by withholding troops.

  578. 597 comments, if this reaches 1,000 comments, we’re shutting down the entire blog.

    Where’s Stophate?

  579. JC

    Wetting his/her pants…in the corner of Mom/Dads basement…holding on to the BHO/Lucifer doll he/she got for Christmas last year! Sucking his/her thumb while waiting for Axelrod to give him/her new orders!

  580. herbert stamper

    JC, you are so right,obama is losing his congregation of idiots. some of them still hang in there,but are starting to notice that their numbers are hitting a new low each week. thats because some are waking up from this dream,and its about damn time.
    the news that more troops died today bothers me a lot. they are awaiting reinforcements,and the asshole in chief is playing his political game. makes me so ticked off i get angry every time i see an obama sticker. i cannot stand these traitors.

  581. Frosteetoes

    That pisses me off too Herbert. It all seems deliberate and it has nothing to do with politics but more to do with cow towing to Islam nations. Same thing with this bullshit of trying the terrorist in civilian court where any defense attorneys who represent them will make a mockery of the US.

  582. herbert stamper

    the faginchief is so proud of his staff of freaks,and i will be glad when the village idiot is returned to kenya,where he belongs.

  583. The Truth

    Here’s my contribution to the post count. Hopefully all those of you who post about disliking that POS Obamy, are going to join some sort of organization that is doing something constructive to elect conservatives who believe in liberty and freedom. Work to remove those marxist fucktards from office and contribute time and money towards that end. That includes removing RINOs, NeoCons, etc. Words without action mean NOTHING.

  584. herbert stamper

    we are the kind of people who do contribute and care about the country. i am even having signs made up to put on my truck when election time gets closer. charlie crist is going down,i swear. marco rubio is gonna kick his ass.time for an overhaul.screw the demorats AND the republican bastards.
    the only reason the g o p supports crist is money.they are so screwed up that they cant figure out that we are fed up,and are not as stupid as they think.

  585. Fishleg

    Obama is executing jihad against America and our military.
    You idiot obamatrons have “elected” a muslim terrorist.
    Thanks a big bunch, assholes.

  586. live oak

    Here is a little good news for what it’s worth….I don’t take a lot of stock in the polls, however, today the Rasmussen poll on Kenya Boy’s approval rating is the lowest ever. It’s at -15 today!
    I have a big smile on my face.

  587. herbert stamper

    the bastard is just waiting untill we lose more troops before sending the reinforcements. that is the lowest thing ever.when does the man in uniform get tired of this bastard,and say no more? they should all stand down,and refuse to fight for the low life.

  588. JC

    – Infowars – http://www.infowars.com

    New York Congress Critters, Attorney General Holder Move Against Second Amendment

    Posted By admin On November 24, 2009 @ 7:56 pm In Constitution

    November 24, 2009

    Senator Gillibrand and Representative McCarthy have introduced the Gun Trafficking Prevention Act of 2009. Ostensibly designed to prosecute gun traffickers, the bill would also deny the Second Amendment to anybody on the so-called terror watch list. The legislation is supported by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, New Yorkers Against Gun Violence, and the Brady Campaign.

    The number of unique names on the U.S. terror watch list totals 400,000, newly released FBI data reveals. The Washington Post reported that during a 12-month period ending in March of this year, 1,600 people were nominated daily by the U.S. intelligence community to be put on the list due to ‘reasonable suspicion.’

    In July, 2008, the terror watch list contained well over a million names, according to the American Civil Liberties Union.

    “Members of Congress, nuns, war heroes and other ’suspicious characters,’ with names like Robert Johnson and Gary Smith, have become trapped in the Kafkaesque clutches of this list, with little hope of escape,” said Caroline Fredrickson, director of the ACLU Washington Legislative Office in July, 2008. “Congress needs to fix it, the Terrorist Screening Center needs to fix it, or the next president needs to fix it, but it has to be done soon.”

    Obama did not fix it. Instead, as noted below, his attorney general and two Congress critters from New York are well on their way to making sure over a million Americans are stripped of their constitutional right to own firearms.


    Before the Senate Judiciary Committee November 18th, 2009, Attorney General Eric Holder revealed a stunningly broad and aggressive anti-gun agenda.

    •“The President of the United States asked that politicians not use the Ft. Hood attack to engage in ‘political theater.’ It appears those committed to attacking gun owners and the Second Amendment simply can’t help themselves and are engaged in blaming guns and gun owners on the heels of this terrorist attack. Sadly it looks like ‘politics as usual,’” said LEAA’s spokesperson, Ted Deeds.

    After explaining and defending his decision to give enemy combatants constitutional protections and the right to public trial in civilian courts, Attorney General Holder revealed his support for a national gun owner registration scheme and authorizing the government to ban firearm possession for any person by merely adding that person’s name to the terror watch list.

    Drawing reasonable conclusions from what Holder publicly said, we now know:

    • Holder wants a national, permanent gun registration system administered by law enforcement. A registration of honest citizens that have cleared the federal background check for gun purchases with those records permanently retained by and shared among law enforcement.

    • Holder wants new federal authority to prohibit any person on the federal watch list (reported to be 400,000 names) from buying guns and supports confiscating guns from those on the list who possess them.

    Transcribing General Holder: “The position of the Administration is that there should be a basis for law enforcement to share information about gun purchases.” “… [It’s not] inconsistent to allow law enforcement agencies to share that kind of information, for that information to be retained and then to be shared by law enforcement.” “It seems incongruous to me that we would bar certain people from flying on airplanes because they are on the terrorist watch list and yet we would still allow them to posses weapons.”

    LEAA’s Executive Director Jim Fotis said, “Those behind the badge don’t believe more restrictions on honest gun owners is a reasonable, practical or constitutional response to acts of terrorism. As a retired officer, I know that America’s men and women in blue want to fight terrorism, to stop terrorists; not waste time keeping records on innocent gun owners!”

    Click here to print.
    Copyright © 2009 Infowars. All rights reserved.

  589. herbert stamper

    thats good,JC,as usual. i agree,that they dont want to waste time keeping track of legal gun owners. it would be futile to even try anyhow.
    my guns are ready at less than a seconds notice,for anyone who trys to take them.as a matter of fact,i have been wanting to try out my 1948stevens anyhow.

  590. Cuss

    That’s where they’re going to have trouble. They’re about to find out it ain’t just trying to take our guns away that’s gonna piss us off.

  591. live oak

    They won’t be able to do it because none of us are going to give them up. I don’t give a damn what they say either. The second amendment stands for all time.

  592. Jack

    Anyone else ever notice that Obama doesn’t say “God Bless America” when he gives his BS speeches.

    What about the navy seals that are now facing court martial, Obama boy is totally screwing with our military.

  593. Frosteetoes

    Will they make us give up our knives too? How about home and auto cleaning ingredients? Slingshots? Rocks? Anything can be made into a weapon. The terrorist from Ft. Hood was a shrink who could have easily given poison out to kill people. If he had no gun he still would have went on a murdering rampage of some sort. He was a jihadist plain and simple and wanted to kill as many Americans as he could one way or another. And this goes for anyone inclined to murder someone. Child rapist strangle their victims. Haven’t heard anything yet about a child being shot to death by a sick pervert. We have our right to bear arms to form a militia in the event that this government goes rogue, which seems to be occurring more and more. Thank God for the NRA. Whether anyone agrees with them or not they still need our support especially now.

  594. Frosteetoes

    Thats a shame for those Navy Seals and unfair really. Obama seems hell bent on humiliating our armed forces.

  595. JC

    BHO/Lucifer needs our military neutered…and so far he is working to do that on all fronts…he is physically, morally, spiritually killing them…they are a threat, as are we…and the way you deal with a threat is to destroy them on all fronts…

  596. kristy

    The good news about this is the more he destroys America the more hostilities you find in the people in the US the deeper you go uniting against a common enemy.

    In a way, its like 0bastard is forging his/her/its demise with an allegiance opposed against him juast ready and waiting.

    The harder this little shit works, the more this force consolidates and unites.

    Thats a force I really doubt any army would wish to go against, especially being this is our home, and we know it much better then the back of our hands, mainly since many parts are still uncharted… by government maps that is. Which is why in many of the national forests your “supposed” to have a license and two way radio to even enter certain parts because one can get lost and never found again… Not applied to the locals ;-)

    the communists can, and have taken over most cities, not sure about suberbia, but backwoods, mountains, ozarks, everglades, swamps… good fucken luck on their part

  597. herbert stamper

    Kristy, did you notice that they decided to call it suicide? he wrote fed on his own chest,and hung himself. thats rich,but we know sombody has some pull somewhere. i love it.
    these fools really should have enough sense to stay away from our people.

  598. Cptn. Willard

    You ALL make me sick to be an American, you are the first ones who should be housed in the concentration camps! You fuckin racist, shameful, ignorant, simple reactionaries. The world and America WILL change and relics like you will fade away…. forever.

  599. obamascheeta


  600. live oak

    He’s the fake president.

  601. Frosteetoes

    Cptn. Willard
    Sunday, November 29, 2009 at 10:09 am

    You ALL make me sick to be an American, you are the first ones who should be housed in the concentration camps! You fuckin racist, shameful, ignorant, simple reactionaries. The world and America WILL change and relics like you will fade away…. forever.
    You oppressive fascist! If it should all happen you will not be immune to it either. Jews originally supported Hitler too you fucking rat bastard!

  602. herbert stamper

    capt willterd,
    it must be stressfull to be the captain of the guard working for winn-dixie grocery stores,and i know wackenhut doesnt pay much,but you get to use the title capt. that in itself must make you proud,and watching all those food stamps being cashed in must make your eyes water with pride.
    however,it is a shame that you havent the intellegence,nor the balls to stand up for what is right for your country,instead,you and other loons like you will support the dismantling of the nation at the cost of the future of the children who will be left with all the corruption and waste YOU are helping to create by supporting the muslim mafia punk president and his agenda. i could allmost feel sorry for you,except i hold so much hate in my heart for people like you traitors i would like to see you deported to iran,where you would get to live like you deserve.have a nice day asshole.

  603. Cptn Willard

    like i said, ” SIMPLE REACTIONARIES”! Viva la Revolucion! Embrace NWO, enlighten yourselves, it will come no matter if obammy is the one or the next bush, it will come. As for me being a traitior? that’s very doubtful, as I live abroad and have promoted true American ideology while dicks like “frostee and herbert” have proven to the world that 1 world rule is needed. “The children”? you dumbass, you speak that tired children of the future garbage like it holds any meaning! Where were you the last 8 years when america was being bled to death? where were you then when our kids future was being spent on a war that held no meaning, no glory and a no win finish? No sir I am not the traitor but in fact you sir are. People like you who preach hate in silly messages, people like you who claim to be for our fine country are dangerous hill billies and should be fixed so reproduction is out of the question. I look forward to our next engagement…

  604. JC


    Are you abroad because of duty or are you abroad because you choose to be?

  605. live oak

    He’s another coward loser traitor to this country.

  606. Jack

    Capt. Willard, my question to you is, would you like America to become socialistic with more expansive central govt. control?

    This is the true Obama goal!

  607. JC

    Jack there you to making sense again…Willard’s focus is just how awful we are…’cause heaven knows BHO/Lucifer can’t be awful no matter the overwhelming evidence of that very thing…

  608. Frosteetoes

    cptn rat bastard said: I live abroad and have promoted true American ideology while dicks like “frostee and herbert” have proven to the world that 1 world rule is needed.


    if your idea of true American ideology is a one world government as you just said here then you are truly fucked up. Don’t do us any favors of promoting your socialist bullshit here.

  609. JC

    Could not have said it better Frosteetoes.

  610. Frosteetoes

    The rat bastard admitted it. And calls us reactionaries.

  611. JC


    Well we both know there are three types of people in the world

    1) Those who make things happen

    2) Those who watch things happen

    3) Those who wonder what happen

    It is a certainty that willard will fall into the third catagory…while he is sitting peeing in his pants and muttering to himself wondering what just happened and why his god/idol BHO/Lucifer does not save him and the rest of the world…those of us who stood solid on the Lord Jesus Christ and have stood for the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights will be saving his sorry butt…but then again perhaps we should let the worshippers reap what they have sown.

  612. herbert stamper

    captain wilterd,just admit you are a fag for obama,and dream about kissing him all over. dont screw around,just admit you are his bitch,or wannabe. as for that capt thingee,what are you capt of? i bet you have your boyfriends calling you that while they spank you. what a pervert.
    you ARE indeed a traitor,if you support the dismantling of the constitution,and pissing on the flag. i bet you even support what they are doing to the navy seals,and the halting of investigations of ft hood. support allowing our troops to die while waiting for reinforcements,for political gain. yes,you,and i will not say sir,you are a traitor.have a good day,and fuck off.

  613. Fishleg

    Cap’n Godless dead soul.

  614. Fishleg

    To say “embrace the one world government” is to say EMBRACE SATAN…show me where I’m wrong….
    God HATES the one-world beast.

  615. Fishleg

    By the way everyone,
    My feelin’s got hurt by one of the editors…but I miss you all so bad that I reckon I had to just get over it.
    I guess if they don’t like me then they don’t like me….oh well

  616. live oak

    It’s great to see you back Fishleg!! I missed you too. I was worried about you.

  617. Fishleg, who was it. we’ll find out. lol

    everyone adores you. we got to kid with ourselves as well to stay normal through all this George Soros b.s.

  618. JC


    Missed ya’ dude! Place was not the same without you…

  619. Cuss

    Yea welcome back Fish. Sometimes it’s good to take a break every now and then, helps to clear the head!!

  620. JC

    God Bless the American soldier
    For he/she is willing to die for you.

    God Bless the American soldier
    Protector of hearth and home.

    God Bless the American soldier
    Defender of the Consititution.

    God Bless the American soldier
    Faithful when all others betray us.

    God Bless the American soldier
    Strong in the face adversity.

    God Bless the American soldier
    Obeying a call to duty.

    God Bless the American soldier
    Fighting so you do not have to!

    I wrote this poem today I hope you all like…feel free to share it.

  621. Fishleg

    JC you’re a poet too!You are a gem, I swear!
    Mr. JC is a lucky man.

  622. JC

    Well yes, actually I dabble…I have had several poems published.

  623. Fishleg

    Published! Dang…

    I wrote one one time:

    It takes all kinds-thank God for that
    Imagine how it’d be
    If everyone was just like you
    And you were just like me

  624. live oak

    It’s a beautiful poem!! I love it. Thank you dear heart!

  625. herbert stamper

    fantastic! JC,you should go far. you need to get a publishing company to lookat your work.
    Fishleg, missed ya brother. not the same without you. we all need your sanity,and reasoning.will be comming through ga in a week or two,will call ahead,hope to see ya.

  626. hello
    i was shocked. to discover the is so many people that are aware of this scam i just thought .people where making so much bless all that get what a fucking con this is a chance to hold bush accountable.george daddy stole enough during his turn to fuck all the ignorant people the fucking used a company everyone should reconize diebold they developed all soft ware fore our atm. and boy this is the major crime of all my life.never trust a god damn neo-con or any fucking politican.all of the criminal thieves that stole . from all of us tax payers
    t.louis Jackson

  627. Cuss

    Well t, the al capone of them all, bowbama, is not only taking our money but our children and grand childrens money.

  628. Jack

    In 2010 if the people don’t revolt and throw the socialists out of office, the country is fucked.

    Obamanomic’s is designed to remake America and redistribute wealth. He will tax us all to death and there will never be any jobs growth.

    We need to drastically cut ALL government spending and put a freeze on it for several years. The govt pension plans for Congress need to be abolished, term limits are needed and pay cuts. The corrupt slobs need to be convicted and put in jail for life! Plus, if pork is not stopped the corruption will never be stopped.

    We are at a critical time for America, people better wake up or watch it die from the killers that were elected.

  629. Cuss

    Pray the military will support Americans and not the hybrid usurper.

  630. herbert stamper

    after the way he has dissed the military,and treated the muslim terrorist better than the navy seals,i think they will be more than willing to support their people,and stand true to their oath to protect America from ALL enemys foreign AND domestic,and obamas entire administration fits that description.

  631. Laura

    Fucking nigger scum bag… he along with Jeremiah Wright and Jesse COON Jackson should be booted out for the atheist bastards they are! They along with the rest of their stupid supporters are America’s passport to perversity. They’re nothing and I MEAN NOTHING but a caricature and a joke!

  632. Why don’t you post CUSS’ IP address? Why don’t you cowards post your real names. You know good and well that you would never say this stuff in public. You hide behind your computer all day and type racist garbage. Log onto http://www.plaintalk2010.com/

    I don’t think anyone on here wants to bring undue attention to this site by reporting anyone. Hint: You never know who is watching.

  633. Cuss

    How come when the stock market was tanking, these stinking commie libfucks said ” the stock market doesn’t mean anything”. Now that it’s at 10,000 oh well! Life is great! Explain to me how the last time the market was over 10,000, trading volume was around 5 to 7 billion shares. Now it’s half that. How does that happen?

  634. pissbeuponhim

    i shit out an obama every day. then i flush the stinking brown thing into the sewer where it belongs

  635. JC

    Because like everything else in the world of progressive…it only matter when and how they say it matters. They distort and lie about everything and when it blows up in their faces they scream “oh the agony of it all” and blame someone else. It is called passing the blame. BHO/Lucifer, his minions, and his worshippers are master of the blame game. It is easy to never take responsibility for anything…when you gamble with someone elses life.

  636. herbert stamper

    even their global warming scam is being pushed forward. never mind that it has been debunked,obama will fly those planes to copenhagen to push for cap and crap,knowing it is a scam. what a bunch of loons.

  637. JC

    Chief among the loons…BHO/Lucifer!

  638. herbert stamper

    arrogant piece of crap is only weeks away from becoming a lame duck,and hasnt the brain to figure it out.

  639. Fishleg

    He is definitely gonna sign that treaty in dopenhagen! The facts be damned..he won’t even acknowledge “Climategate”

    These commies are too stupid to stop.

  640. herbert stamper

    good mornin bro! hope you got my email about tea party express. would be happy to pick you and yours up on the way. april 15th can be a major turning point. it will be even bigger than ever before,if we ALL stand up. we have plenty of time to plan this thing.

  641. Fishleg

    What up Herb! Going through the computer right now. Been mighty busy and just surf a couple minutes in the evening..I will get back to ya on that!

  642. DWIGIT

    just remember-all of the world’s current problems- ALL OF THEM– are due to conservative policies, conservative greed, conservative hate, conservative bigotry, conservative hypocrisy, conservative corruption.
    so to all of you tunnel-vision conservatives-ALL OF YOU- as my mom would say– “SIT ON IT AND ROTATE”, or as dick 5-deferment cheney said, “GO FUCK YOUR SELF”. SO GO DO IT.

  643. JC

    He’s baaaaaaaaaack!

  644. JC

    And as usual nothing new to say. Just the same old junk just a different day.

  645. herbert stamper

    truth is a word that this moron should look up,and study for a while,it might make his/her brain explode.

  646. Deepak

    He is a chut person ever born on this earth. He just believes in fucking his ass….his is the biggest dick head i have ever seen

  647. h


  648. herbert stamper

    what? does any of that make sense to anyone? i think we are dealing with an eight year old girl.
    leave mommys computor alone kid.

  649. Frank

    Wow. I’ve always wondered where they collected all the morons online. Now I’ve found it! It’s like stumbling into a Protestant Church!

  650. herbert stamper

    frank,you aint seen shit yet. wait till you get a load of stophate,and a few other libterds who stop by.

  651. JC

    Frank-ly, your an idiot. From the sound of it…time in a church may do you some good.

  652. Frosteetoes

    frank, you little bitch you, see what would happen if you stumbled into a mosque. At least the Christians don’t slit the throats of infidels.

  653. Fishleg

    Frankie wouldn’t know a Bible if I smacked him upside the head with one.

  654. common hypnotism

    Frank is uber-hip and oh so very trendy.


  655. jscam

    Obama numbers are tanking. Copenhagen is turning into a party w/free hookers. EPA is going to control CO2 (breathing?). Vote in 2010

  656. JC


    Glad to have posting.

  657. herbert stamper

    jscam, you have a good point. the muslim bastards poll numbers are dropping,and 2010 will be the year the nation sees a real lame duckie muslim

  658. George

    Boris and Sydney are fudgepackers and Obama’s friends. What Next!

  659. Jack

    What about the EPA coming out with CO2 is gonna kill the earth so they can try and ram through cap and trade in the Senate.

    Ironic that this shit comes out the day the lemmings started their Copenhagen Climate Summit, this administration will stoop to extortion to promote their bullshit.

  660. Frosteetoes

    Good observation Jack.

  661. herbert stamper

    it will be reversed when the assholes are out,and they will lose a lot of their other pet bullshit because of it.

  662. herbert stamper

    by the way,a question for all,
    what is the difference between tiger woods and santa clause?
    answer santa only had three ho’s
    ho ho ho

  663. Cuss

    The epa can do whatever… The states can and should nullify any bullshit they dream up. I’m telling you, the states hold the power! Elect conservative governors that will follow the constitution. And tell the Feds to kiss our ass!

  664. JC


    The states are addicted to the federal monies that are given out…they will not stand against such things…That is why we have 21 as the drinking age, and seat belt laws..the federal government holds funds until states comply.

  665. Cuss

    That’s why we need strong conservative leaders in local and state to tell the Feds enough!

  666. JC

    Even with strong conservatives in office…the feds win (one way or another).

  667. Jack

    Follow the Constitution, executive orders from the President aren’t even constitutional! This is the whole damn peoblem!

    Judges are writing laws from the bench, Fed agencies are making laws without Congress by promoting agenda’s, and the Federal Reserve is a private corporation sticking debt on the public and lending our money with no oversight.

    We the people, are totally losing control of our own country. Only 20% of the country are liberals with an agenda to destroy capitalism, but they have a commie president now willing to trash and burn everything that sets America apart from the rest of the world. Obama is on a mission and really doesn’t care if it’s only for one term.

  668. Frosteetoes

    Thats the problem. While the Constitution is being used as toilet paper by the liberals they have the MSM on payroll to distract and slant the news partisan to the left. The MSM is irrelevant at this point and the only place to get real information is the web. Most people are still getting their news from the MSM networks and they have skewed views. It’s like people are in a trance. The lifelong Democrats don’t realize that this party is not the same Democrats of 50 years ago. Some people are awakening though but it still feels like we are hostages after a siege.

  669. Cuss

    Odd… The same constitution that the libfucks are trashing was fine to get soros’ little monkey elected.

  670. Fishleg

    They will not win. Ever.

  671. Frosteetoes

    They bypassed the Constitution to get the lil monkey in.

  672. Cptn. Willard

    Hello ASSHOLES!!!!! I’ve been busy (cause I have a life, unlike most of you flakes) I just wanted to say, “Don’t forget to support our president and his Nobel peace prize”.

    Most of you racist 3rd graders don’t deserve to use American freedom like you do here, funny though, if this site existed during the last regime you all wouldv’e been surveilled, interviewed and tagged.

    Anyway, you embarrassing numb nuts, have a nice Christmas watching FOX news or listening to Limbaugh while you continue to waste oxygen and get drunk. I see the usual delegates here didn’t answer my question about “the kids future” during the last presidents time in office. Instead I got the expected rants and likewise bs.

    I can’t phathom how this site is still operating many of you are guilty of making threats against our PRESIDENT, which is a federal offence. Oh well perhaps you’ll all get a visit real soon.

    Now, I’m gonna go have a look at a specimen sample of the upcoming Amero $10 dollar bill.

    Merry Christmas: “Sleigh Bells Ring are ya listening, North American Union it’s a comin, you’re either with us or it’s a ride on the bus, taking you to FEMA land”.

  673. Jack

    Soros, Acorn and SEIU, the Demo dirtbags life blood.

  674. herbert stamper

    thats true,but they can be defeated.
    april 15th tea party express will be in washington d c and i have the money put away to go,and even have two other bikers going with me. i even helped one of them buy a bike to take. the bastards will be voted out.

  675. Frosteetoes

    Obambi, when will you guys have your tee shirts ready?

  676. frost, thanks for asking,

    very very soon.

    we found a press finally that doesnt like Obama

  677. Frosteetoes

    Wonderful! If we should all decide to go to DC in April we can spot each other by the shirts.

  678. herbert stamper

    frosteetoes, we should all get together in d.c.
    we could meet up at fredricksburg at the truck stop on the west side of the interstate a couple hours before we have to be in d c .
    plenty of time for plans.

  679. Frosteetoes

    What plans are you talking about Herbert?

  680. JC


    April 15 there is supposed to be a TEA Party in DC. Plans are being laid now for the event.

  681. Frosteetoes

    I know but I was responding to Herbert saying “plenty of time for plans,” if we meet in Fredricksburg. .

  682. JC

    Oh I see…in that case I have no idea what plans Herbert was referring to.

  683. herbert stamper

    sorry,i ment making plans to meet up at fredricksburg va. and go to washington d.c.together. it is very close to d c .in fact it can be driven in less than an hour under normal conditions. used to deliver food products to d c from texas and california.
    the anals of America,D.C. is the place they would stick the tube,if giving the country an enema.

  684. herbert stamper

    i see the capt wilterd is still ranting. i think he/she should call suicide prevention,and take the opposite aproach to the advice they give.what a piece of shit.

  685. kownit barbol

    this fucking little bastard black pile of garbage obooma and his america hating clan is the end of the united states. he talks in four word sentences and is as dumb as that bitch clinton. but a nigger is a nigger is a nigger. and he is a real dumb nigger.

  686. herbert stamper

    couldnt agree more,a nigger is a nigger,and it doesnt make any difference what color the nigger is.

  687. Cuss

    I just have one question for any driveby libs who come here…seriously, just one. Why do you people insist on taking my money from me? I would like an honest answer to that question. 25 yrs ago I filed for bankruptsy, paid back what I owed, bought a house and went back to work where I started after graduating high school. Got in to building cabinets. Started doing it on the side. Worked 8 hrs during the day and 4 after getting home building or installing. Did that for 4 yrs until I decided to quit my day job. Eleven yrs later, my little shop had 12 employees and we we making a good living. I had two daughters that were old enough to start driving so we took some extra jobs to pay for a couple of used cars. We pretty much paid for the things we needed by doing a few extra jobs. This past yr, number 12, we still live in the same little house we bought 20 yrs ago and I have 4 employees. This will be the first time in 12 yrs that we won’t do better than the previous yr… But wouldn’t you know that I received a letter from the irs telling me I have to start paying more frequently instead of quarterly. Nice to see somebody getting money without having to work for it simply by demanding it. Let’s go back 25 yrs, how much easier it would have been to just give up and live off the gov’nt.
    So I’ll ask the question again, why do you libs constantly want to take my money from me and gjve it to people who are not a part of my family nor who work for me.

  688. live oak

    Hey Everybody!!!
    For what it’s worth, the half black bastard’s poll number at Rasmussen are the lowest ever today at -16!


    I’ll be back later on…

  689. Frosteetoes

    Sadly Cuss is that SSI won’t even pay out to you what you paid in to it and you may have to work until the day you die. Even if you made investments they may have been wiped out or will be par below value when its time to cash in.

  690. xv

    What a bitch Berry is… how can we get this idot out of office? He is a fool!

  691. herbert stamper

    Cuss has a fair question. why should we pay lazy low life thugs to sleep half the day,knock up some whore,go out and deal drugs,or rob,and burglerize,and cause more economical downturn?
    these libterds who support this just cannot answer .

  692. Cuss

    Herbert, we may have along wait to get an answer

  693. Cuss

    98%…how do you feel black America? Are you proud to be black or American?

  694. herbert stamper

    they should be proud to be Americans first,and foremost,but some of them call themselves african Americans which tells me that they WANT the african thing to come first. the black people i know are the good people who call themselves black Americans. i know ten or more,and the reason i have no more black friends is the fact that they arent proud of America,and that is why they support a traitor who is letting them down,just because he is HALF black.

  695. Cuss

    They’ll support him just because the word BLACK is in his race. No matter what he does or doesn’t do won’t matter. You see 98% of BLACK America are racist.

  696. Cuss

    Oh, and I’m still waiting for one of our drive by libs who are so intelligent, non racist or red neck, basically superior to all us hayseeds, as to where they find the morality in taking my hard earned money from me and my familiy and giving it to someone else.

  697. retired

    hey ‘Republicans suck’

    I knew there was at least one of you liberal ass munches in here..

  698. Cuss

    They’re always here retired. I call them drive by libs, they come here and shoot off their mouth and run. Typical.

  699. Jack

    Did you see pantsuit Hillary offering 100Billion in Copenhagen to pay off “developing ” nations around the world, when will the shakedowns end?

    These Lib dickheads will not stop until they have totally screwed America out of existance, who do they plan to fuck over then?

  700. JC


    Thats the thing…they will NEVER be done screwing America…we will forever more be slaves to a NWO… the progressive elite will have America broken and bleeding and no amount of pleading will end our misery…The only thing to save us…the One True God of the Bible.

  701. herbert stamper

    but we must be willing to try. God will help if we show we believe,and i for one believe that a lot of Americans are ready to stand up,and take the country back.
    what large army could defeat the righteous,when they believed on God,and asked for his help? read that bible,and i guarantee that you will find that God is more powerfull than ALL their armys.we just have to be willing to fight for our rights,and freedom to worship him,and him alone. those who worship obama WILL lose.

  702. Mad Coyote

    I hope the citizens who voted for him get what they deserve. Unfortunately, the rest of us get caught in the crossfire . and will continue to suffer until he and all those of his ilk are booted from office.

  703. Jack

    Hang on to your wallets, Freddie and Fannie are requesting more bailout money soon, I heard it’s $400 Billion each! Maybe that’s why they are pushing the Healthcare has to be done by Christmas, where the hell are we getting another trillion for Freddie and Fannie, yep…China!

  704. Frosteetoes

    Those bastards! If they give in to Freddie and Fanny then the rest of them are gonna want some more too. No more fucking bail outs!

  705. herbert stamper

    freddie,fannie,barney franks,dodd and all the others who caused the meltdown,going all the way back to jimmy carter,the asshole who started it should be jailed,and charged with gross stupidity,corruption,and tyranny.
    i just saw on television that bennedict arlin spector is at 50 percent in his state. it is that kind of stupidity that has caused problems for the country. why would any sane person ever vote for a loon like spector?

  706. Michael Mullett

    O’Bama is just a Damm dumb typical NIGGER!!!!
    I don’t care how much they say about him.

  707. wtf

    Obama knows he in trouble. He declared “a war” against fox news, the only news btw that actually reports the truth. If its not true like he says, then why is that nigger so threatend by it? Anyone who thinks he will have another term in office must be listening to the bullshit pumped into you by CNN and MSNBC

  708. Cuss


  709. Frosteetoes

    Obama can’t handle opposition. Probably never learn to as he grew up wanting to be loved by everyone since he was abandoned by his dad and mom.

  710. tminu


    SO SO SAD!!

    “The most dangerous aspect of the Bill is not its provisions for the control of health care decisions; provisions which effectively give the government license to murder anyone in the country, on the excuse that the cost of their health care needs exceeds the value of their life.

    No the most dangerous aspect of the bill is the same as the most dangerous aspect of the so called Financial Reform Bill which passed the U.S. House a week ago: the unprecedented conveyance of power to the Executive Branch.

    Barack Hussein Obama, the usurper, and an openly Marxist, American-hating, de facto dictator, will have with the passage of both bills, complete authority over the economy.

    With his proven track record of corruption, egomania, and tactics of violence and intimidation, once he has this power, you can be sure he will use it against whomever he perceives as his enemy. And from the events of the Spring, we know that is nearly all of main street America: whom his Department of Homeland Security named as terrorist suspects.”

  711. Cuss

    Obambi, it’s easy to have alot of responses to any subject with the words obama and fuck you in it!!

  712. herbert stamper

    if fox news has everything wrong,why doesnt obama or valerie jarrett call the red telephone glen has sent them the number to,and dispell what he says is true? they have been invited to call on live t v several times,and they refuse to say a word because they have no defense,except a weak offense,shooting off their shitballs at the American people.

  713. Frosteetoes

    Even questions to any of them have to be preselected. They can never be caught off guard because then they reveal themselves for what they’re really up to.


    The year is 1907

    Theodore Roosevelt’s ideas on Immigrants and being an AMERICAN in 1907.

    “In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person’s becoming in every facet an American and nothing but an American. There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag. We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language. And we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”

    Theodore Roosevelt 1907

  715. Cuss

    Old Teddy would be called a racist today.

  716. JC

    Yes, he would be called a racist…fact is by espousing such attitudes and beliefs today we are indeed called racist…

    I do not understand why this is so. Why have we let the PC crowd do this to America? Those in DC no longer work for us…they work against us. And yet we let them continue doing so…have we lost all backbone and will? Have we been so neutured that we now rush toward enslavement without so much as a whimper? You never miss freedom until you are no longer free…the American people have been regulated into enslavement, and we are just now figuring that out. Sad…

  717. herbert stamper

    he would be called many things by the radical libterds who seek to destroy the future of our nation,and our children. but one thing he would NOT be called is a sellout,or traitor,which is what many like ben nelson,who for the sweetheart deal for one state,he will sell out all of America.
    landrew sold out in the sme manner,and even braggs about what she got. i am no historian,but i do not remember judas bragging about selling out Jesus. in fact i believe he hung himself,which is exactly what these traitors should do.
    furthermore,i believe that arrest,trial,and conviction should be persued,and eventually all these traitors,including alan grayson from orlando,hung,or lethal injection given.
    this is the only way America will send message to all traitors to our flag,and all she stands for,that we will not become another china,no matter how hard they push,and that it would be NOT in their best intrest to even try.