An Obamabot death threat to Larry Sinclair

By Larry Sinclair
Self proclaimed DC attorney who uses many names from James Berry to neonzx posts photo shopped photo of my home for the sole purpose of trying to incite an Obama supporter/surrogate to set my home on fire. He wants me hurt if not killed before the phone companies turn over the records for phone numbers 202-449-9737 and 515-707-8210 which have both been subpoenaed from the phone companies.


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28 responses to “An Obamabot death threat to Larry Sinclair

  1. Interested Bystander

    Hey All,

    To be honest to both sides of this, Larry did post a picture of Democratista’s house, and suggested it looked like a “fire box” or words to that effect. Then he suggested that the reason he did that was because she had supposedly bought some fireworks (which she denies, and I believe her).

    He has also printed personal information of KStreet and others also.

    So to be “fair and balanced”, the silliness goes on on both sides.

    I wish Larry would just stick to the book, and getting his evidence out(credit card, cell phone and airline information), and quit with the nonsense.

    The lunacy is not limited to one side in the Larry Sinclair story.

  2. G. Liddy

    Why anyone believes a man who has spent 16 years of his lifetime in prison for fraud, theft, etc., is beyond me. He is a con artist and not a very nice man. He harassed Obama’s dying grandmother on her deathbed with phone calls and deserves everything he gets. By the way, he failed his lie detector tests. “Extreme deception” as to his charges re sex and drugs. Examined by two widely respected polygraph examiners. Sinclair belongs behind bars where he is most comfortable. He is a sociopath and a liar.

  3. Haha. James Barry. StoPhart. NeonZX. Oswaldo.

  4. Vicki

    I’ll tell you what…. Instead of people worrying about what Larry’s doing, they should be worrying more about how Obama is threatening the whole existence of America.

    I’m sorry, but I don’t buy the fact that Larry isn’t being attacked, threatened, and harrassed non stop. In fact, there are sites set up to do just that, and are done so based on the fact that people want to confuse us, throw us off the real truths, distract our goals, and at the same time, act as if they are part of this movement.

    IB, there is nothing fair and balanced about someone threatening your life. And GLiddy, you’re just an idiot period…. Nothing elese to say except that.

    You ask how someone could trust a criminal, yet still support the ones in Washington DC. How lame is that question may I ask?

    Why don’t everyone just leave the guy alone and let him publish his book. Seems like the time to agree with him, or disagree with him comes ‘after’ that fact, or do we still live in a free Country?

  5. democratista

    I REALLY, REALLY want him to get out his book. And I agree with IB….all he had to do…the very one thing he had to do was to get his phone records from December 2007. He claims that he’s subpoenaed by internet and phone provider for my records. Forget me. I’m just an every day suburban working mom. Get your own phone records.

    I wish…though I know it’s not possible…that maybe for a minute…we could disagree on issues and not personalities. One person’s fact is another person’s propaganda….but views on healthcare and abortion and regulation, etc….those are things people can debate…and yes, even sometimes find a bit of common ground.

  6. Vicki,
    I totally agree with you. People hould worry about matters at haand in the oval office right now instead of crying about larry. I’m sure also that Larry is being watch by obamabots everywhere and I think some have posted here.

  7. Vicki

    Well demo, since you brought that up, why don’t you tell me why ‘anyone’ would want Obamas health plan?

    Do you not realize that by taking control of our health, that you’re putting your very life in the hands of a government gone wild? A government that thinks population control means picking and choosing who dies, or better yet, just kill off 80% of them and let it go?

    Do you realize that by having this health care system, the government can set the standard by which you live, or how long you live, or who gets coverage, and who don’t? So say, you’re 60 years old, and you need a proceedure done, the answer would be no…. Limits are set at 60… Nothing else for you.. go home and die…

    How about the ones in good health? Well, if you’re in good health, you might be fine, but don’t smoke, or drink, or eat junk food because you’ll need a permit to do so… Or, get fined…. Think I’m crazy? Nope…. You’ll be told what you can, or can not do as long as you’re owned by the government.

    Then you have the issue of those who choose to keep their own private Insurance? Uh, nope, can not do…. They will be bullied out, paid off, or gone right after the flock lose their way and agree to such a health plan…

    This isn’t about health care, this is about controlling the population, and controlling how they live.

    Some say, our children deserve health care, and I say, yes they do, but not at the cost of their freedom… And definitely not at the cost of letting go of our freedom to protect them, or decide what is best for our own children….

  8. democratista

    Well, Vicki…good discussion!

    It is my understanding that it would be a public/private partnership like we have here in MA. I didn’t have to do a thing because I already had insurance through my job.

    The government is not trying to nationalize healthcare, but provide a public avenue for insurance. I tend to doubt any fully public or national health system would pass through Congress.

    As for the decisions, is it not true today that the health insurance companies already make those sorts of decisions and deny people treatment?

    As for health risks and telling people what to do, I think one should get discounts for doing the right things, ie, I got $150 payment from my company for my gym membership….incentives to do the right thing.

    You’re view is one of government wanted to take control of everything. I don’t believe that. Again, as I said, one person’s fact is another person’s conspiracy.

    But the bottom line is that as long as I’m covered, not paying more than I am now, and I can go to the same doctor, the name on the plan means nothing to me. I agree with you that I don’t want to be controlled, but I just don’t see it that way.

  9. Larry is not lying.

    The constant attacks prove it

    The man has nothing to gain by coming out with this information since early 2008.

  10. democratista

    Well…I didn’t attack Larry because I believe him. I was angry because he made up lies about me. Obama is a big boy. He can defend himself. He says I took his ss# and accessed private records. Not true. The only information I ever saw about Larry was public record. I haven’t seen his health records nor would I even try to do such a thing. Yet he says I did. If he says things about me that I know are not true, it’s a little hard for me to believe that he’s ever telling the truth. People that read his blog swallow everything he says about his detractors hook, line and sinker.

    Again I will say that he could have 100% proven himself if he got his own phone records from December 2007. He says he’s subpoenaed mine. Why can’t he get his own?

  11. Vicki

    No Dem, the government ‘is’ trying to nationalize health care, that is where you are being led to believe otherwise.

    I understand that one mans truth is another mans conspiracy, but keep in mind, a conspiracy is not something that develops out of thin air. And every good investigation starts off as a bunch of assumptions that turn into facts, that turn into evidence. And trust me on this one, there is ‘a lot’ of evidence that this is exactly what is happening. Of course, if you don’t mind controlled health care, then so be it, I can’t change your mind, but at least know what it is before you decide it’s best for your family, or mine.

    You’re right that insurance companies can deny treatment on some proceedures, but for very different reasons other than, “you’re too fat”, or “your child eats too many sweets”, or, “you’re too old”, or, “You can’t have any more children, only 1 child allowed per family”.

    I’m sorry, but keeping our own insurance companies, and working from the bottom up to reform them is the best, and most accurate fix for America in my opinion. We don’t want to put our children at risk by taking something away from them that we can prevent now.

    And here’s another question to you dem? Do you think that our Congress, or Senators, or Obama and his family, or lets say even the Rush’s of the world are going to use this same health plan? Will their children be forced to be vaccinated with drugs that have been proven to be toxic? Will their children have to get permits to get involved in sports, or watch TV, or use their computers?

    This stuff may not be in the plan as of yet, but if the government is paying for “your” health, they will eventually tax you, or fine you for going against anything that will cost them extra money.

  12. Interested Bystander

    Hey All,

    I want to hit on the Health Care issue.

    First, and this is simply my opinion, all you have to do it look at Medicare and you will see what is going to happen.

    My grandfather worked for many years at a company that when he retired, didn’t offer the retirees health care simply because they felt Medicare would take care of them.

    Medicare was passed in 1965, and the company covered it’s retirees until 1970 and then stopped. I know this because I had to investigate all of this, because the government tried to tell us that he was covered by an existing plan.

    When we proved to the Government’s liking that he was not covered, the Government MADE us sell everything he had worked so hard for (house, vehicles, furniture, get rid of any savings he had etc.) and prove that he was basically destititue for the Government coverage to kick in. We did this by selling everything and then buying my grandmother a house in my mom and dad’s name. It would have cost us 5 grand a month out of pocket (because the Government wouldn’t pay for him to stay in his home, and have hospice care, which we simply could not afford, so we were basically forced to put him in a nursing home at the cost of 1200 per month out of our pocket. Medicare covered the rest of the cost, which I don’t know how much that was, I just know that it was 1200 per month out of our family’s pocket. As a family, we came up with the 1200 dollars and got him the care he needed. The condition of the nursing home is something I’d rather not even discuss.

    This was a proud man, a great man, who worked hard for almost 50 years, saved his money, and it was all taken away from him by our Government.

    It is my belief that if the Government starts health insurance for those who are not covered, then many many companies are going to stop offering it, and allow the Government to take care of people.

    I know, companies are going to get incentives, or tax breaks for offering coverage, but those incentives will not be more than the cost of the coverage, and many many companies will opt out, and probably be penalized, but again, they won’t be penalized any amout that would give them an incentive to offer insurance.

    It’s like Social Security, which was NEVER intended to be the sole income of a retiree. SS was supposed to be a supplement to a retirement plan offered by the company you worked for. The problem is, companies stopped offering retirement plans, and instead figured the Government would take care of retirees. It really wasn’t until the mid eighties that 401k’s took off, and company matching really didn’t start until after the Government started allowing companies to take a percentage of matching funds as a tax credit.

    There are fewer and fewer reasons for companies to offer “bonuses” like retirement plans, or if it passes health insurance.

    Now I hear there’s a bill being introduced that would dictate that companies with as few as fifteen employees, give it’s employees one hour of paid “sick” time for every 30 hours they work. It has a cap of seven days a year. It is my opinion, that what most companies will do is take seven vacation days AWAY from employees.

    I heard someone from ACORN (man I HATE that organization, and I don’t HATE that much stuff), saying it was a health issue, because employees who are not given paid sick days go to work sick, and affect other employees.

    Where I used to work had a “points” system where you were allowed to miss a day (unpaid), and one point was given you, and when you got to eight points, you were terminated for attendance. Your “slate” was wiped clean every Jan 1st. There was seventeen people in our department. There were at least 10 of those people who had 6 points by the end of Feb of last year. And it was always Monday or Friday that they took of, so they had a “long” weekend. Come June, when it was very hot in the plant, these 10 people were at 7 or 7.5 points, and couldn’t miss any more, and I’d bet 6 came to me asking if I could help them get a day off for one reason or another.

    My point is, it doesn’t matter to most employees whether they are paid or not. With them being assured seven paid days a year, I’m betting most of them will be “sick” on a Monday or Friday.

    Anyone want to take that bet?

    Someone, anyone name me ONE Federally Mandated Program that works.

    Just ONE. Anybody want to give THAT a try?

    When will we learn?

  13. Interested Bystander

    Hey All,

    Now on to Larry.

    One thing that would make me believe that Larry was being untruthful, would be for Obama to hit him with a cease and desist order.

    Simple enough, Obama simply has to prove to the court that he was ANYWHERE but in and around Chicago on the dates Larry says they met. Just prove he wasn’t there ONE of the two days Larry says they met, and Larry’s story goes down the drain. The folks at the regulator proved Obama WAS in Chicago on the Monday AFTER Larry says he came to his hotel room for the second “go round”. To me, even though they said that they were going to prove where Obama was on the Sunday Larry says, all they did was help Larry’s cause by proving Obama was at Northwestern University on that Monday.

    The man was a State Senator, why in the heck didn’t he keep a “daily planner” or something like that. It is my belief that he didn’t because he didn’t want people to be able to go back and see. Heck just an entry of “spent the day with my family”, or something like that would answer some people. He can’t go back now and make one up, because, at least in my opinion, it would be too hard and people would “catch” him.

    I also don’t see why Larry can’t get his credit card statement from November of 1999. Seems to me that it would not be “impossible” to do. Also, even his phone records from November and December of 2007, would prove one part of his story, and he hasn’t offered that either.

    Given that, I find that BOTH sides have made some pretty ludicris allegations. I know personal information has been put out on people from BOTH sides. Larry has thrown himself in to this, so his PUBLIC information is fair game. But to suggest that Larry paid for a prostitute when he went to DC (where’s the reciept for THAT, it sure was promised), or that he is a “career criminal” (people change), or that he is on meth (I don’t believe that for a minute), or any of a number of idiotic claims, simply does the opposing side no good.

    Especially when there is so much “sane” stuff to hammer home day in and day out if they wished to do that.

    But Larry has put out personal information on people, and lied about good people who were simply giving their OPINION, and I feel Larry had no good reason to do this.

    He has made so many promises and not kept them, that I tend to think there’s not as much to his story as he suggests. He stated a year ago almost to this day, that he was going to Washington DC, and that he was going to put all of his information on the table. NOTHING ever came of this. He even got people so excited about him needing a couple extra days in DC to give interviews with the MSM that people who believed giving him that opportunity might produce SOMETHING, donated, and allowed him to stay, but again, NOTHING ever came of this.

    THEN he insisted that he needed to go back to DC and present his ALL of his evidence at the National Press Club. Believers donated enough money to pay for his trip, but sadly to those who put so much faith in Larry, the only things he presented as “new” evidence was the name of the club that he met Obama in, and the name of the limo driver.

    I am on the fense on the Larry Sinclair issue.

    The whole thing is quite confusing.

  14. democratista

    Well…I’m going to take a wait and see attitude on healthcare. I am not looking at it in a negative way. I absolutely do not believe that Congress will let a big national healthcare plan take over.

    One thing is for certain….healthcare will not be equal for all no matter what. Anyone who has money can pay for private, non-insured services, and there is no way on this earth that the Senate would let that happen. I mean…look at them…we are basically talking about a bunch of older men with money…not happening.

    The rumors I’ve been hearing are that the Senate is putting the kibosh on any public healthcare plan and it’s only being discussed in the House. I will wait to see what happens. President Obama is not writing the plan. He has delegated it to Congress, and I believe this is mainly because that was one of the biggest stumbling blocks in the Clinton administration.

    As for nursing homes and the like, my mom is in Assisted Living, and thanks to Capitalism, because my dad was a lawyer, she has the money to fund it. There goes my inheritance (just kidding, of course….anything for a mom).

    As for Larry, I’m sick of the whole thing. There were things posted that I didn’t know were true or not. I don’t automatically accept everything, but what I do know tells me he’s got nothing.

    And that’s that…

    It’s been fun visiting. I’m going to slink back to my liberal friends (and that is not the Regulator…because believe it or not, there are a few upstarts who don’t support my views as well as a few who don’t care much for politics!)

    I truly wish I could find a blog where people could actually respectfully discuss issues, but alas, I’m still searching.

  15. Fishleg

    G Liddy…Bwaaaahahahahahahahahaha

  16. To hell with the “wait and see” approach. Let’s wait and SEE how the housing market rebounds. Let’s wait and SEE how those GITMO prisoners act when thrown back into society. OUR society. Let’s wait and SEE how many constitutional rights will be ignored. Let’s see how the auto industry handles being run by a group of incompetent morons. Let’s wait and SEE how people’s 401Ks look after BarryO’s reign of error is over. (yes, error.) Let’s wait and SEE how socialized medicine works for our elderly, terminally ill, and those who prefer to have their medical needs taken care of by a doctor/practice of their choice. Let’s see how cap & trade works.

    Yeah. Let’s waaaaaaait and see.

    I truly wish I could find a blog with liberals that don’t put their faith in idiots and expect positive results.

    Want to see the future of our country? Look at the bankrupt state of Mexifornia… I mean, California. Look at Michigan. Look at New York.

    Let’s just wait… and see! I HOPE things will CHANGE.

    Anyone that voted Obama has no right to complain if one of their loved ones come down with cancer or develops a tumor and croaks because the government doesn’t think they’re worth investing the time, energy and money in making sure they’re taken care of.

  17. Fishleg

    Queer jimmy got banned and is here anyway, I see….
    Get lost loser!

  18. democratista

    Lest I sound apathetic…I have contacted both my Senators and Congressman about issues, including healthcare and the Middle East. What I might not have said properly is that I long ago ceased being like a child who says, “What if?” about everything. I don’t want to have a stroke in my 50’s. “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I CANNOT change, the courage to change the things I CAN and the WISDOM to know the difference.”

    As for the government not covering people, it is my belief that it is more likely not Obama who would be the one not extending benefits. Remember…we liberals just love to spend money…LOL.

    And just checked my retirement…up over 16% since the beginning of the year, but honestly, do I have any chance of doing anything about the market? Nope….I can only evaluate my own risk/reward scenario.

    And again, even today, the best medical care is available to those with the most money. It’s all about money….money….money….and trust me, I sure as heck, liberal or not, don’t mind (wish) I had a few bucks in the bank so I wouldn’t have to worry, but alas, my circumstances are far from the lives of my parents….and I am NOT getting into that can of worms.

    By the way….NO ONE has proposed socialized medicine….just an extension of the existing health coverage extending to our public servants, ie, Congress, to the people that have no coverage. But I’m sure you feel that it will lead to that because you MUST worry about what might happen. I just can’t do that. I have a life to live, 3 adorable (of course) sons who are growing into young men and all in college next year and that has to be #1 on my list of to do.

    And last but not least, I remember at 25 opening a retirement account because there certainly would be no social security for me, and I’m glad I did, but that song has been sung for close to 30 years.

  19. Well good luck with your health and retirement.
    I HOPE things don’t CHANGE .

    Let’s see how much abuse taxpayers will put up with before they decide to do something about it. At least you’re………upbeat……….. or something.

  20. Vicki


    Brilliantly said…. :-)


    We don’t worry about what “might” happen, we worry about what’s ‘already’ happened. It’s almost as if you’re blind to what’s happened already. You’re still being fed sugar, while the rest of us are eating lots, and lots of pork.

    Without wisdom, you won’t get the type of change you’re looking for, and without God, you won’t ever get the wisdom you’re looking for “to” change.

  21. guess who

    Obama is for infanticide.That alone tells you all you need to know.He believes killing a baby even after it survives a botched abortion is a good thing. Do you trust him about health care issues regarding your life?If he could care less about the life of an innocent child he sure as hell does not give a shit about you.

  22. democratista

    I feel like I’ve been jumped by a gang. Vicki…it was great discussing with you. I felt we could, but not here.

    As for what has happened, I must have missed something because my taxes have gone down and my healthcare is unchanged.

  23. annelynn


  24. Common Hypnotism


    Funny how that works, your’s went down and mine went up.

    Guess it takes ME to pay YOURS.

    That’s the problem.

    How about the trillions of debt, and the pending mega-inflation? Wait until that hits.

    How about the pro-abortion, excited to kill fetuses? Don’t give me any crap about his ND lies either, he lies to appeal to the mainstream he has fooled about his extreme radical views.

    How about insulting caucasians regularly?

    How about scoffing at middle-america and hobnobbing with his radical left elitists?

    How about completely and utterly screwing up on foreign policy, looking weak when he should look strong and vice versa?

    She feels “jumped by a gang”? How an Oba-mao supporter can type that with a straight face is beyond the pale, given the way the left treats anyone they perceive disagrees with them.

    You are just another worshiping at the altar of a “black” president. Again, excuses due to race insult every competent member.

  25. JC

    It insults the “incompetent members” also…thing is they do understand/realize/recognize that fact…all they see is the glitter of their golden calf…aka BHO/Lucifer.

  26. Vicki

    It’s because she’s a “paid” obama supporter. Why else would someone say that they don’t see anything happening now?

    She’s here, on this site, and she hasn’t read anything about what’s happening?

    I don’t like stupid, there is just no excuse for selling your soul to stupid.

    Well Dem…. Watch this video… or maybe it’s a conspiracy too?? lol

  27. Interested Bystander

    Hey All,

    Wow Democratista,

    Need any more evidence?

    Great post Vicky.

    The downfall of any Government that allowed it’s people to be “free”, has been the gradual belief that Government should take care of the people.

    All you have to do is read history.

    Here’s another good video that explains the forms of Government:

    Watch and see where you think we are.

  28. democratista

    I don’t know why I came back, but I’m the curious type. Let me just say a couple of things. First of all, no one pays me to have an opinion. You may think all liberals are fools and that no one of them will listen to you, but I came here to discuss and I didn’t attack anyone. I believe in the right to dissent. I believe we can have our own opinions. You see me as foolish. That’s your right. I see the world differently. I do not accept everything the President has done as how I would have wanted it to be done. However, probably the things I don’t like are policies that wouldn’t bother you a bit.

    As for the healthcare debate, I wish I could see the entirety of that clip and not just a few words. It may very well be that the President wishes that we could have single payer care, though as I said, that legislation is not happening. If anything, I can see reform to our existing system and possibly states taking over some insurance, but public insurance, I just don’t see it. If he advocates single payer, forget it, we’ll have no reform.

    And now…for my final thought….I DON’T KNOW ANYONE….who is PRO-abortion. No one is. To say the President is an advocate of killing unborn babies is just false. He is not. He may vote for a woman’s right to choose, but on this I agree, it would be a better world if no one chose abortion.
    However, the Supreme Court of the United States of America made a decision based upon the Constitution of the United States as it stands today. It saddens me that we yell at each other instead of work together to help women who are in the midst of an unwanted pregancy or impress upon young ladies the seriousness of sexual activity or provide support.

    I will go now…and you can continue to harp on how I am deluded.

    God Bless you and God Bless this country. I love it and I love the fact that we are not all the same even if you don’t give any weight to my opinions or views on policies. ---> Talk back, don't let them hold you down...

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