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5 responses to “Socialism

  1. Interested Bystander

    Hey All,

    When are people going to realize that Socialism has NEVER worked?

    We never should have gotten in to the “bailout” business to start with, go over to Just Americans Making Ethical Statements and see my comments at the time that the “financial bailout” crap started (which was during Bush’s term), and you will see that I have been very consistant in my comments.

    It’s scarey the direction this Country is going in.

  2. Fishleg

    Just today Joe the supergenius Biden said “they guessed wrong”, that the stimulus was a big mistake.
    Gotta love Joe! He’s the gift who keeps on giving!

  3. noway2no

    Unfortunately socialism does work for the elite class. They get the power over the proletariat that they crave and the lifestyle they deny all non-elites.

    Don’t buy the idea that they are trying to cause positive economic conditions for the great unwashed masses, it is just the opposite.

  4. Frosteetoes

    I just hope we can fix this once the nightmare of this administration is over. It’s a damn shame for our kids to inherit this mess.

  5. kristy

    I do too Frosteetoes

    but the bad news is… looking at the history of communism stepping into other countries it stays in and goes down the toilet until the country totally collapses.

    South Africa is a good example. The Krugerrand was flourishing until the people of ZA got all gushy and felt the “White guilt” and pushed for mandela to be elected.

    Come to find out, the South African apartheid was actually about segregating the communist, who just happened to be black. Not segregating the blacks. Just the communists who happened to all be black.

    Once nelson mandela was elected in to make everyone feel good and happy, all the blacks partied, quickly exhausted their economy so the Krugerrand became worthless instantly over night, Health care which use to be great over there “Worlds first heart transplant” became mediocre at best just to standardize it for all, even the lazy who don’t want to work, aids is now a monolithic epidemic even though the blacks on welfare over there demand Whites pour loads of extra money into the research for aids even though the ones who have to pay are lowest risk but their fucked because they work a job.

    now once communism gotten in South Africa, it’s there for the long haul. Now its communist after communist after communist. So the party never ends, until their so completely out of money they are forced to stop it.

    Thats what happened in the Soviet Union. They were a feel good nation inside. Just party, promising everyone it will get better even though the 5 year plans bombed and starved the entire Ukraine, but even while going bankrupt, they kept it going “glasnost” until they had no choice but to finally tell their people… ok, party’s over.

    Which fucked most in Russia being they were never told any warning in advance as so some could prepare.

    This will happen in the US if the idiots don’t get their heads out of their ass soon.

    It will be given the apperance ALL is well and dandy in the US to give it that “feel good” mentality among the people, then when it can’t happen any more, no warning, no hint… just one day… Hey, no more money, no more jobs, not even temp jobs. Just out of the clear blue.

    Like I have said before… start taking up camping, hunting and fishing, meat curing, cheese making, canning and gardening as hobbies. Survival skill hobbies.

    Don’t get caught up when all the “orwellian animal farm feel good” shit starts coming out in the libterd media with communist government pulling the strings. If it’s to good to be true, it always is.

    If it’s too good to be true, it means it’s a silent warning to prepare. ---> Talk back, don't let them hold you down...

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