The Bullshit that is Michael Moore

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Excellent, EXCELLENT documentary on the bullshit that is Michael Moore

Nothing more than a pawn for the New World Order, the ultimate instigator riling the Democratic idiots who he knows are fucking stupid sheep, lost and confused.

When will he release a documentary on Barry, exposing Barry for all his lies? ? ? ?

It’s so funny how he censors everyone in this film.

It’s a really well done documentary with great interviews from people that Moore crossed along the way.

At first, the filmmaker of this documentary, Debbie Melnyk, tries to give Michael a fair shot, however as it chugs along, you start seeing the sheer arrogance and fascism of Liberals and Michael — that she has no choice but to expose and call out Michael for the fraud that he is.

Watch this film ! Make it a point. It’s on Amazon, Netflix and other rental stores.

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17 responses to “The Bullshit that is Michael Moore

  1. Tom Thumb

    Michael Moore is a hero. You are just too dumb to realize it. Just as you fail to realize that you are a tiny minority, the wingnuts of America.

  2. Interested Bystander

    Hey All,

    Tom Thumb commented:

    “Michael Moore is a hero.”

    To commie libs, Michael Moore is a “hero”.

    To free thinking people Michael Moore is this:

  3. Wannagab


    Right On !!!

    Couldn’t have said it better myself!

  4. Michael Moore is a fat tub of assholes.

    I think his bottom half is trying to eat his shorts.

  5. kristy

    michael moore is a disillusioned bottom feeder who only presents .002 percent of the facts to make his bull shit look like it’s some catastrophe.

    he is yellow journalism at its finest

    fucken bottom feeder.

  6. Fishleg

    That fat bastard is a waste of oxygen.
    What kind of idiot tries to destroy his own home?
    Interesting, though, to see who the libs hold dear.

  7. ttrishstar

    Michael Moore is nothing but a fat ass. I would not watch any of his films if I was offered a paycheck.

  8. Watch this film above though.

  9. Too Smart 4 Moore

    A high school graduate was the spokesman for the liberal spin machine and the effects of this morons assumptions are enourmous. That speaks volumes on the lact of linear thought processes they have. I think he and Gerafalo should marry and move to Gitma but to not have any more children. They should be very happy in Cuba living with Abdul and Sammy. Maybe they would smile for a change. Liberals sure are miserable people to have so many so called comedians. Smile Michael, you’re hated in America. Feel Good?

  10. noway2no

    Moore shows the audacity of dopes!

    He is fat because he is full of pelosi.

  11. Frosteetoes

    Moore is a fat fucking tub of shit. Look at him? I bet when he sweats he stinks like Limburger. Most people know his documentaries are all bullshit. Yeah, let’s see him do a documentary on Obama. It would include him sucking Obama’s dick and swallowing. He can’t get enough the glutton.

  12. kristy

    michael moore would suck all the cream filling out of oboi’s ding dong.

    they deserve each other.

  13. kristy

    watch the documentary above

    its great

  14. kristy

    Haha thats good, I love that.

    michael moore is such a hypocrite.

    he made this movie called sicko. I never seen it and refuse to, but from what I am to understand its about michael moore trying to point out how socialist counties have such better health care then the USA.

    Heh, if this is true, why do ALL and I mean ALL the big dignitaries, including arafat when he was alive come to the USA “Mayo Clinic example” for their personal health care???

    heres the hypocritical part about michael moore… if hes so fucking worried about how the health care industry is being over burdened then wouldn’t he set an example and stop power snacking and lose some of his weight before he dies of a stroke or some complications from diabetes?

    with michael moore getting fatter and fatter every second, only means he is not worried one bit about his health. yet he is the first to try and encite others to be worried about theirs and fabricate stuff to make ours look bad and shit hole socialized medicine clinics look great, which for the record are really shit holes. All I will say is I got to see a few out side of the USA first hand, and they are truly shit holes.

    I would rather do self surgery then go to one of those shit hole clinics out side the USA right now.

    What they don’t tell you is, the high majority in Europe, including East Germany of all places, work hard just to be able to afford private doctors just to avoid those shit hole clinics.

  15. kristy

    Added to the hypocrite michael moore whos worried about the health care in the USA while he literally works hard at trying to get diabetes power snacking non stop looking for a stroke.

    that is NO different then one of those wacked out nut job libterds whos into all that vegetarian/vegan shit yet wear leather sandals and belts and buck skin vests like david crosby.

  16. Noway2no

    When he does get diabetes will he go to Cuba for treatment?

  17. ttrishstar

    The fat ass can not stand America, what the hell is he doing in this Country? To all the crazy ass Liberals if you do not like America, get the hell out of here!!! Take the fat ass Moore and garpuke with you. ---> Talk back, don't let them hold you down...

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