More Letterman Contact Information and Advertisers

CBS Television

Main number: 212-975-4321
Les Moonves, President and CEO � CBS, 212-975-4545,
Nina Tassler, President � CBS Entertainment, 323-575-2747,
Mike Nelson, VP Communications, 818-655-2156,

CBS Television Studios
Main number: 212-975-4321
Les Moonves, President and CEO � CBS, 212-975-4545,
Nina Tassler, President � CBS Entertainment, 323-575-2747,
Mike Nelson, VP Communications, 818-655-2156,

CBS Television Studios

Lauri Metrose, VP Communications, 818-655-7223, Jennifer Solari, Executive Director Communications, 818-655-7222,
Kim Sartori, Director Communications, 818-655-7221,

Companies who run TV ads during the show

Johnson & Johnson (Listerine and KY Brand)
Main Number: 1-888-222-0182 (Johnson & Johnson Healthcare Products)
Kristina Chang, Public Relations, 973-385-4370, Steve Schonberg, Edelman PR, 212-704-4494,

Old Navy (Parent company is Gap Inc) Main Number: 650-952-4400 Nicole Bender, Public Relations, 415-832-2889,

Kellogg�s (Mini-Wheats)
Main Number: 1-800-962-1413 (Consumer Affairs)

Allison Costello, Ketchum PR, 412-456-3741,

Southwest Airlines Main Number: 214-792-4847 (Public Relations)
Gary Kelly, CEO, 214-792-4000,
Ginger Hardage, SVP Culture & Communications, 214-792-6924,
Linda Rutherford, VP Communications, 214-792-4625,

Olive Garden
Main Number: 1-800-331-2729 (Guest Relations)
John Caron, Executive VP Marketing,
Grey Advertising (their ad agency), 212-546-2083

Other National Advertisers:

June 11 -Touchstone Pictures (Disney), Samsung, T-Mobile, Microsoft, Chase Bank, Pfizer (Zyrtec), Wyeth (Centrum Vitamins), Ford, Lexus, Mazda and Saturn (in addition to several of the above)

June 10 � DirecTV, MetLife, Amica, AT&T, Samsung, Verizon, Chase Bank, Aventis (Actonel), Merck (Pepcid), Pfizer (Zyrtec), Wyeth (Centrum Vitamins), Honda, Kia, Lexus, Lincoln and Toytota (in addition to several of the above)

Companies who have Banner Ads on the Late Show website

Cabela�s, Home Depot, Crate & Barrel, Neiman Marcus (details coming)

Lancome (Parent company is L�Oreal)
Carol Hamilton, President � Luxury Products,
Rebecca Caruso, Public Relations, 212-984-4894,
Suzie Davidowitz, Public Relations, 212-984-4105,
John Frieda (Kao Brands)
Main Number: 513-421-1400 or 800-521-3189
Lee-Ann Silver, Public Relations, 203-353-5100,

Electronic Arts
Main Number: 650-628-1500
David Tinson, Director Communications, 650-628-5189,
Jen Riley, PR Manager, 604-456-5081,

M&M�s (Mars Candy)
Main Number: 800-627-7852 (confections), 800-696-6788 (m&m�s)
Paul S. Michaels, President,
Michele Kessler, VP Mars Snackfood US,
Ryan Bowling, Media Relations, 908-850-2396,

Best Western
UPDATE: Best Western Continues to insist that they do not advertise on Letterman. The fact is, Best Western authorized someone to create banner ads and pay for their placement on the website; as a result, they are showing up on the Late Show�s pages (I have screen shots of two different ads from multiple days this week). If
Best Western is unhappy with the negative publicity, perhaps they should not advertise online via CBS.
Main Number: 602-957-4200
Bonnie McPeake, Chairwoman,
Troy Rutman, Public Relations, 602-957-5668,

Main Number: 408-376-7400
John Donahoe, President & CEO,
Alan Marks, SVP Corporate Communications,
Joe Mallabo, Media Relations, 408-376-7458,

Tammy Cyphert, Director Intel Americas,
Nancy Bhagat, VP Marketing,
Bill Mueller, Public Affairs Manager,

Mark Templin, CEO, Lexus,
Bill Ussery, PR Manager, 310-468-3282,
Julie Alfonso, Public Relations, 310-468-4625,
Greg Thome, Public Relations, 310-468-3279,
Craig Taguchi, Public Relations, 310-468-3282,<

Capital One
UPDATE: A commenter on Hillbuzz states that Capitol One is trying to remove their ads
Steve Schoof, Public Relations, 972-295-1676,
Tatiana Stead, Media Relations, 703-720-2352,
Julie Rakes, Media Relations, 804-284-5800,
Diana Don, Media Relations, 212-580-0161,

Embassy Suites
UPDATE: Ms. Ray states the company has pulled their ads from websites
John Lee, VP Brand Marketing and Communications,
Dawn Ray, Public Relations, 901-374-5954,

Thanks to everyone, and thanks to Betsy Ross and our Framers, and to all those who have sacrificed for our Flag and our Country.  Thanks to all who continue to work to make it all it should be, and to preserve and protect it from enemies within and without.


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11 responses to “More Letterman Contact Information and Advertisers

  1. stophate

    Thank you, I just sent out an e-mail fully supporting David Letterman. And if you check you will see his ratings are up.

  2. Fishleg

    Fully support statutory rape, eh, you sick fuck?

  3. LULZ. Up from what? From Conan’s? Up when he was against Leno?

    Sorry. A step up from a zero is still a loser.

    “I’m James Barry and I think I’d like to see David Letterman’s penis, please. PLEASE?!”

  4. kristy

    so you fully support rape as Fishleg stated?

    you should go to prison and they should lose the key.

    No matter how you look at it, thats just sick.

  5. If he supports rape – that means he’ll probably enjoy dropping the soap in prison.

  6. kristy

    he will purposely drop the soap over and over while giggling most likely.

    If I am correct, he did admit he was a fag and some how proud of it. Which goes to prove once again, homos are not only hated by God, but live a sick and disgusting lifestyle that we shouldn’t have imposed on us against our will with good reason!

  7. Prison guard: “You know, James – we have soap that comes on a ROPE……..”

    Jimbo: “Oh no thankth offither.” *wink*

  8. stophate

    You would be the expert on dropping the soap in prison. Did you take lessons from Larry ?

  9. kristy

    ahhh, now the lame insults by deuce because he has no sound logical retort on what we presented to him LOL

    ok ok… let me beat him to the punch on this LOL…

    ….”insert something about someones mom here”

    wow, thats someone to take serious.

  10. Fishleg

    Lay off the drugs, James.

  11. Nope. I don’t have a sick Larry Obsession like you do, kiddo. Just because you might happen to get YOUR panties all moist over him – doesn’t necessarily mean EVERYONE does, Jimbo. ---> Talk back, don't let them hold you down...

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