Hey Black people, Democrats created the KKK & Slavery

The U.S. Senate voted unanimously last week to adopt a resolution apologizing for slavery.

Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, lead sponsor of the resolution, said, “You wonder why we didn’t do it 100 years ago. It is important to have a collective response to a collective injustice.”

Only after decades of public education ignoring and distorting U.S. history can such a huge lie be said with a straight face.

Senator, you didn’t do it 100 years ago because 100 years ago you Democrats were enforcing Jim Crow segregation laws, poll taxes to keep blacks from voting, and riding around in sheets and pointy hats just in case blacks didn’t get the message.

You say “It’s important to have a collective response” because you want to bury the origins, purposes, and historical practices of your own party.

The worst part is, Republicans in the Senate let you get away with it.

Principled Republicans knowing their history would have authored a resolution reciting the facts that the Republican Party was formed, among other reasons, to oppose slavery and that the Republican Party and its first President Abraham Lincoln responded to Southern, Democrat-led secession with a successful war that preserved the union and freed the slaves.

After Lincoln’s assassination (by a Democrat), the Republican-led Congress (over the objections of the Democratic Party minority) amended the Constitution to confirm the liberation of the slaves (13th Amendment: slavery abolished), and the 14th Amendment (freed slaves are citizens equal to all citizens), and the15th Amendment (right to vote guaranteed to freed slaves).

Southern Democrats spent the next 100 years trying to keep freed slaves down with segregation laws, poll taxes to deny the right to vote, and lynching to enforce the social order. The KKK was formed by a Democrat; no Republican has ever been a member of the KKK. This is the heritage of the Democratic Party.

In fact, the Democratic Party was formed in the first place to defend and expand slavery.

In 1840, the very first national nominating convention of the Democratic Party adopted a platform which read in part:

Resolved, That Congress has no power … to interfere with or control the domestic institutions of the several states … that all efforts by abolitionists … made to induce Congress to interfere with questions of slavery … are calculated … to diminish the happiness of the people, and endanger the stability and permanency of the union.

Got that, Sen. Harkin? Your party was born defending slavery as necessary for the happiness of the people and threatening secession and war if slavery were challenged.

The same party platform language was used in 1844, 1848, 1852 and 1856. In 1860, the Democrat commitment to slavery took a harsher tone.

The Fugitive Slave Law was passed by Congress in 1850. This monstrous law provided that, since slaves were the personal property of their masters, runaway slaves must be returned to their owners. The law required all law enforcement officers to assist in the recapture of runaway slaves or risk a fine of $1,000 (about $100,000 in today’s dollars)!

The Republican Party was formed in the 1850s in part as a political reaction to this unjust law.

In their national convention of 1860, Democrats harshly responded to certain Northern (Republican) states that were passing state laws to evade the Fugitive Slave Law by adopting a plank in the Democratic Party Platform which read:

Resolved, That the enactments of the State Legislatures to defeat the faithful execution of the Fugitive Slave Law, are hostile in character, subversive of the Constitution, and revolutionary in their effect.

Senator, your Democratic Party has much to be apologetic about on the slavery issue.

During the civil war, the Southern Democrats led the Confederacy out of the Union; Northern Democrats formed a separate party which opposed the war. The 1864 (Northern) Democratic Party platform adopted a “peace” plank which read in part:

… after four years of failure to restore the union by the experiment of war … justice, humanity, liberty, and the public welfare demand … a cessation of hostilities … to the end that … peace may be restored …

Here is the origin of today’s Democratic Party “Peace at any Price, Better Red than Dead, Why Can’t we all just get Along” foreign policy.

The war was started by Democrat secessionists, and just as President Lincoln was on the verge of victory, the Northern Democrats wanted to save the South and slavery with “peace talks”! Voters knew better in 1864 and re-elected Lincoln.

But the Democrats weren’t through. In 1868, Sen. Harkin’s party condemned the Republican Party in its party platform as the “Radical Party,” and condemned Reconstruction in these unforgettable words:

Instead of restoring the Union, it (the Radical Party) has dissolved it, and subjected ten states (the former Confederate states) … to military despotism and negro supremacy.

And, senator, don’t tell me this is all ancient history in a lame attempt to evade the true origins of your party.

As recently as 1964, when the Senate debated the Civil Rights Act, Southern Democrats (including Al Gore’s father) voted no. While Northern Democrats voted yes, their votes were not enough. The deciding votes to pass this landmark bill were provided by Sen. Everett Dirksen, R-Ill., and the Republicans.

Republicans should be proud of their heritage of liberation of the slaves and civil rights voting record.

It’s Harkin and the Democrats who should apologize and pay reparations.


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58 responses to “Hey Black people, Democrats created the KKK & Slavery

  1. Fishleg

    How can you liberal democrats refute this?
    Smart-ass comments and bullshit will never change history.
    Modern democrats continually act as if conservatives are guilty of what you’ve just read. That is insanity or wickedness or both.
    There’s nothing you can say to change the facts. Yours is the party of slavery, racism, class instigation, communism, atheism (don’t tell me you are a democrat and a Christian..that is impossible), abortion, anti-constitutionalism, discrimination, anti-capitalism, the destruction of God-given Liberty, and the quenching of freedom.

    And don’t give me that Bush crap any more..the republicans are slowly but surely getting as bad as the democrats.
    I’m neither.
    I’m just a Christian American who loves his country and the people in it. Well, most of them, anyway.

  2. Troy

    Bravo Fishleg, Bravo!!!!

  3. kristy

    Well said Fishleg!

  4. Fishleg

    ‘preciate it, but damn, it’s so obvious.
    America seems to be under satan’s spell or something.

  5. JC

    Lets not forget that the Luo tribe of Kenya was also part and parcel of the slave trade…they helped round up enemies and other tribes who they did not like and sold thier fellow Africans into slavery world wide…BHO/Luicfer’s sperm donar is a member of this tribe…his blood runs through the veins of the usurper that now sits in the WH!

  6. Carmelo Junior

    This is great! This is you win elections. By creating concience and sperading the truth.

  7. 1/2 naked patriot

    Oboner is apologizing for slavery….but he wont apologize to any blacks when he is done enslaving them all to work for him, as well as all the rest of us….

  8. Fishleg

    Well, like JC sez..its in his blood…

  9. kristy

    Haha, I’m sorry, but I couldn’t help it any more and had to ask…

    Carmelo Junior, is it possible that you could speak in coherent English that is universally understood and not like your trying to sell a hotdog and slurpee at a 7-11?

    I mean… lets take a look at your last example…

    Carmelo Junior said: “This is great! This is you win elections. By creating concience and sperading the truth.”


    “This is great!”

    so far looking good, now lets see what looks great in your eyes that you just wrote publicly for us to read…

    “This is you win elections”

    hrmmm… This is “you” win elections” …?

    Are you saying you mean we won the elections? or are you referring to a fictitious entity such as your non animate blow up doll?

    This is “you” win elections…?

    Might have to come back to that one.

    Carrying on now we have…

    “By creating concience and sperading the truth.”

    Now Carmelo Junior, bear with me on this one ok…

    This is a copy and past from google.com…

    1. See a preview of the shared page

    2. Did you mean: conscience Top 2 results shown

    Now, this might suck hun, but google and other major “and minor” search engines have no comprehension of what “concience” means.

    sorry, but no such luck with “sperading” either :(

    However, I really think your one heck of a nifty neato cool dude Carmelo Junior :)))

    So therefore I want to help give you a tip, because I like you so much ;-)

    Ok, are you still with me Carmelo Junior?

    Good :)

    Now… read this carefully Carmelo Junior :D

    When you type, and you see a thin RED line under the word you just typed, hover your mouse over it, right click and use the spell check hun.

    I’m only telling you this because I actually like you alot and think pretty highly of you Carmelo Junior. I really do.

    And I only wanted to point this out so others wouldn’t get this wacky notion that your some illiterate fucking moronic fuck tards who cant even right click to use a fucking spell check because he is so stupid he would fail the test requirements for getting hired for a McJob.

    And hun, Carmelo Junior, I really don’t want others to see you this way, which is the only reason I wanted to help :)

  10. your mammie

    only a dum ass would take the time to create a page like this. you racist white bitch. I guess that what happens when you mother fuck her brother and get pregnant, has beens like you are born. trailer trash ASS

  11. federalist

    your mammie is very intelligent.

    But kristy! Hilarious. Well put!

    Just my $0.01 (-$0.01 adjusted for Obama’s new inflation change)

  12. FAKE jc

    whites are loosing control and they are very angry… sorry you guys are becoming the lesser. black’s = ( people of color ).. and latin america are on the rise… sorry you had your time and you pissed everyone off with your evil self”s

  13. FAKE jc

    white power 2222A22

  14. FAKE jc

    white power how dumb

  15. FAKE jc

    no one like you guys … what power

  16. FAKE jc

    white power.. LOL get real.

  17. FAKE jc

    you stink smell like wet dogs>…

  18. herbert stamper

    FAKE sounds like the same mentality that we heard on t v “i gonna get some obama money! dont gotta pay my rent,or buy gas,obama gonna take care of it”
    get real asshole! you lazy lowlife parasite on the ass of humanity.

  19. Max

    “no Republican has ever been a member of the KKK.”

    How can you actually post such bullshit information and keep a straight face? Do you have absolutely no shame serving Satan in such a way? Do you think republicans are the last tribe of Israel too?

    Democrats may have been a majority to have started the Klan but both parties have had people in it and for you to deny that shows why people hate republicans so much because a certain minority of them like you go down to hell shamelessly claiming perfection.


  20. JC

    This is why the progressives need to be in charge of our educational system…the golden rule applies here:

    He who cannot defend the history…will make up for it by rewriting history. That is what the progressive wing of the democratic party is trying to do. They cannot defend their history of racism so therefore they are rewriting the history and feeding it to children whose parents were also indoctrinated by the progressives in America.

    Wake up America and understand it is not the government’s responsibility to educate your children. YOU had them YOU educate them.

  21. herbert stamper

    max sounds like another stophate. wonder what planet this one comes from?
    assholes cannot see that obama shut down national prayer day,prays with muslims,etc,etc,and says we are not a christian nation. the hypocritical,low life mafia punks in washington are only supported by loons such as this nutcase.

  22. fudd1977

    where did you get your information on the fact that no republican has ever been part of the KKK. I would find that interesting to read the whole story.

  23. Ron Blackmen

    Why do people feel that they can bash on a race based on difference? People are the same even if they are black, white, hispanic asian or whatever. Were human, we breathe, eat, sleep, do everything a white person can. Everything thing about the KKK is lies that is covered by guilt. If you can just learn to live and let lost of something that doesn’t even exsist anymore. The world would be a better place. Some where all races and agree, communicate without racial tension.

  24. kristy

    ummm… erm…..

    how do I put this one?

    I see where your “trying” to get at Ron, I really honestly do.

    But that liberal ideology that all races are the same bull shit is really getting old and worn out.

    Let me explain…

    As a black woman, I will point out the inferiority of blacks.

    We get sickle cell, we also get certain sarcomas that no other race gets. Black women only are susceptible to certain kinds of breast cancer.

    To combat any liberal notion to say blacks get sickle cell only because their bodies have adapted to living so long in malaria ridden areas for so long is a fallacy for the mere fact if this were true, then why is there no trace of sickle cell in say… central America, cambodia etc?

    It is because sickle cell is a race-centric diseases, but has a benefit of combating malaria although thats not its intended purpose. Much like aids is a killer, but sure does help you lose weight…

    Semitics such as jews, arabs etc are the only ones to beable to get Tey Sacs, certain types of skin cancer, and their list goes on…

    Same with Asians and hispanics as well.

    Theres one drug out on the market thats regularly advertised, I believe an anti-depressant. In the fine print it warns that if you have any hispanic lineage to NOT take that product.

    This goes to ultimately prove there is not only difference between races, but legitimate genetic and biological differences that should never be swept under the carpet for the sake of subjective emotions.

    Now that I have made my point, and I do believe I made it very clearly with out being offensive, not that I really care who I may offend for the sake of the “TRUTH” to prevail… I shall continue since you opened this can of worms Ron…

    By everything I have just pointed out which is all fact, here is another fact that will twist the lid off your liberal jar…

    I shown where blacks, asians, semitics and hispanics have their own “Race-Centric” diseases and ailments…

    Let me now continue with the White, or Caucasian race…

    you are aware the White, or Caucasian race is the only known race that is totally resistant to “Race-Centric” diseases?

    Sure, Whites might be more susceptible to this or that… but notice its never “exclusive” to their race?

    So since you opened this can of worms Ron, and I am finishing it, as a black woman, I am going to say this after pointing out these facts, it sure looks like the White, or Caucasian race is the dominant race that God has smiled on, don’t it?

    Like I said Ron, you opened this can of worms, however, I am for the TRUTH no matter how much it may hurt. However, this truth doesnt hurt me because I have no contempt or anger towards the White race unlike White liberals. If anything, I cannot show enough thanks and gratitude back to them.

  25. common hypnotism

    Blackmen wrote: The world would be a better place. Some where all races and agree, communicate without racial tension.
    ******** ****** ******** ******** *****


    That will NEVER happen, because without “racial tension” race-baiting bigots like Sharpton, Jackson and Obamao will have no false credibility or income.

  26. herbert stamper

    i see the liberals have once again decided to honor us with their presence. i wonder if they have come up with any new ways to destroy the greatest nation in the history of the world.
    we here at obambi are not racists,we only do what arizona is trying to do. (speak the truth).political correctness has been part of our downfall,and it is pushed harder by libterds than any other race.(traitors are the race i refer to).
    yes,i will be the first to admit that i for one hate black african american bastards who vote for,and still support obama just because he is HALF black.
    i think these are the worst kind of ungratefull bastards on the planet. put that in your pipe and smoke it.
    Kristy is one of the black AMERICANS who can visit and eat at my table ANY TIME. she is a patriot. there are a lot more of the patrioticAMERICANS standing up for right,God,and country.

  27. Well, where to begin…. I have been telling this truth to Blacks for a looooooong ass time (forgive my language but damn, it gets old having to prove this point to Liberals over and over again!)

    I guess I’ll start with Max… It is a known fact that in order to be accepted into the Klan you must fill out a questionnaire, one of the most important questions on that form is whether or not you are a Democrat. If your not a Democrat you CANNOT be a Klansmen. Here let me put it to you in the words of a Democrat hero which just recently passed away…”My father was a Klansmen and a Democrat, my Grandfather was a Klansmen and a Democrat, my Great Grandfather was a Klansmen and a Democrat. I am a Klansmen and a Democrat and I will always vote Democrat”- Sen. Robert Byrd whome Obama just praised after his passing.

    Its easy to prove that no Republican has ever been a Klansmen. Heres how you do it.
    1. Get a copy of the KKK application form, Start to fill it out and when you get to the question of whether your a Dem or a Republican, answer Republican and see if you get an answer.
    2. Do a simple Google search for Republican Klansmen and see for yourself that NO names come up except for Hannity and the entire Fox News channel but of course those are from those reliable and highly credible sources like moveon.org.
    3. Find your local neighborhood Klansmen and ask him “Are you a Democrat or a Republican?” They will answer Democrat, cause they are not allowed to be Republicans MORON!!!

    Finally we get to Ron, I’m ashamed to share a name with you. If you want to end racial tensions than simply leave your party, its as simple as that, stop being a Democrat. Before the elections there were two top white house officials that were Black. I’m not sure if you knew that, by the way Republicans also nominated the first Black and Hispanic to the supreme court, one of them made it… Clarence Thomas.

    Every prominent Black man in history has been speculated to be a Republican because of the heavy ties between your party and the KKK. One of these prominent Black men actually is known and proven to have been a staunch Republican from the moment he was able to vote to the day he was assassinated… Dr. Martin Luther King.

    I cannot blame you Liberals for being such idiots after all your spoon fed that Liberal garbage from pre-school through college some of you idiots have over 20 years worth of ideology pumped into your brains. However I can blame you for being to fuckin lazy to have ever fact checked one of your Liberal profs, or had the balls to stand up and say that the facts and history don’t add up. Jim Crow himself was a Democrat but none of you idiot Liberals ever connected the dots instead you stay inside of a party that sought to annihilate another group of humans off the face of the Earth. You listen to Barry speak and all you get is a tingle up your leg and you begin to think “Man this guy is sooo eloquent” but never actually rationalized your thoughts together just enough to realize that he DOESN’T write his own speeches. In fact the teleprompters have to tell him when to pause and at what point in his sentences he should elevate his voice. At the end of the day you and Barry share one thing in common… You don’t think for yourself.

    So to all the rest of you Libs reading this post I’m going to help you out. Go to your nearest library and look up old news paper clippings of all things 60’s and before that involve racism and the KKK and you will find one common thread… The Democrat party. But while your doing that look up Global Cooling, if that sounds familiar its because Al Gore jr. proposed the opposite Global Warming. Needless to say I’m sure his dad Al Gore sr. wasn’t to happy about that because he proposed Global Cooling. Also take a look at Abortion clinic placements and pay close attention to how many there are in Black communities. There are more per capita than any other community which by the way is exactly what Margaret Singer wanted. Look her up to cause odds are that you have no idea that she is the founder of Planned Parenthood which aimed at sterilizing Blacks, Hispanics and Asians because we were the left overs of the gene pool. Your party has a lot of explaining to do, I completely understand why they NEVER talk about their history, notice they will only go as far as Clinton.

    Lastly, Kristy… It’s refreshing to see another minority like my self take a good stand against the status quo. But if God smiled on the whites than I must have been shitted out cause I’m Black, Hispanic and Indian. Thanks for not being yet another Liberal minority cause that to is getting really old and worn out!

  28. Southernman

    This link should clear up why the African Americans left the GOP.
    Read it.


  29. dude!!bull shit stuff i hat slavery its bad for everyone what happen to equal right black and whites arent diffrent we should all be treated equally in this world.

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  31. Apparently there ARE NO race specific diseases, only probabilities increasing, including Caucasians like moi being more prone to neurological disorders, Caucasian men being more prone to get Parkinson’s in their old age, not even Tay-Sachs is restricted, and guess what- Sickle cell anemia affects Saudis and Hispanics too… Look it up- Here is a good starting spot…

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  33. kristy

    Yeah… look it up on boards.straightdope.com because its such an authoritative web sight LMFAO

    Holy fucken shit, libtards are now trying to justify their retardedness with back alley web blogs written by hacks who can’t even make it working at a fucken dairy queen.

    Fact: sickel cell affects black genes only

    Fact: tey sachs affects semetic genes only

    Fact: Caucasian genes are the only genes that are resistant to any and all “race-centric” diseases.

    And more prone to does not mean exclusively too.

    Check it out on actually, real, honest to goodness sights, such as CDC and M.Clinic etc along with massive universities that study this topic exclusively.

    Oh wait, you got “straightdope” so… welll… enough said LMFAO

    If you had a brain, all you would do is take it out to wipe your fucking ass with it you dumb shit!

    …straightdope… ffs LOL

  34. kristy

    oh yeah, also explain why hispanics can’t take any medications that contain

    “apresazide, hydrochlorothiazide and/or hydralazine, Apresoline (hydralazine), Procanbid (procainamide)”

    Such as BiDil having to be taken off the market just because of the conflict it causes specifically to hispanics.

    “Generic Name: hydralazine and isosorbide dinitrate (hi dral LA zeen and I so zor bi da din eye treyt)
Brand Names: BiDil”

    Because it causes “lupus” in hispanics at an accelerated rate if taken.

    It’s even in the small print on their fucking ADVERTISEMENT NOT TO TAKE IF OF ANY HISPANIC DECENT; YOU FUCK WIT!


    Oh wait?!?!?! This is a legitimate sight. Sorry it’s not straightdope LMFAO

    Now tell me that all races are equal?

  35. kristy

    dumb fucking retard.

  36. LOL Kristy…Cheer up girl. LOL

  37. Andy


    Ok, first:

    Southern democrats and northern republicans were ruled by geographic location as a deterministic factor for political leaning. Back before Kennedy, there was no “Conservative” or “Liberal” parties. America was an entirely different country politically; republicans were very much more lenient partially because they presided in the north. The democratic party was ruled by southern hicks, just like the republicans of today.


    Tay-Sacs and Sickle Cell are genetic diseases that are the result of genetic immunities to other diseases.

    The Tay Sacs gene was a genetic immunity to turberculosis developed in densely populated areas. Back then, Ashkenazi Jews were forced to live in cities located in Poland after being driven out by Anti-Semites. These areas were densely populated and had poor quality of sanitation. The Tay-Sacs gene was the product of a long-standing genetic immunity to tuberculosis.
    However, when two people with the TB immunity have a child, the alleles combine to produce the Tay Sacs disease.

    Sickle cell was originally an immunity to malaria. Malaria is a blood born disease contracted in the dense rain-forests of Africa. Two alleles of the sickle-cell disease produce an immunity to TB that is more tolerant of infection and thus show less severe symptoms when infected. If you increase the alleles through two parents with the genetic immunity, you produce a chance of sickle-cell anemia in children, which is basically the hardening of red blood cells.

    And all of the examples you set have nothing to do with racial superiority. In fact, most people from tropical climates have an immunity to malaria that YOU do not have. RETARD!


  38. The first step in problem solving is the identification of the problem the entire Democrap party in office is the problem. We the People need problem solvers to represent the people. A nice guy once told me there are 2 kinds of candidates: nice guys and guys that get the job done. We need to get the job done not another nice guy…

  39. Gigi

    You’re ignoring that people switched parties over this. Todays dems = yesterdays repubs. That’s a big important point to skip over and blows your whole post out of the water.

    The Democrats were the primarily the southern states; the repubs largely the northern states ones. The Repubs went on to use their “southern strategy” to pull the racists into their party and that’s were they have largely stayed.

  40. Ace

    You’re a government public school “educated” idiot Gigi.
    Who gathered up the black vote?
    And why have blacks remained in total poverty in that time period, even with an alleged black president?
    Educate yourself, and break free from the indoctrination.

  41. Democrats love their slaves. They did back then and they love them now. In the old days, the slaves worked in plantations and they got free housing and food. The Democrats controled them. Just like they continue to do. Still free housing and food stamps. Still in control of the blacks. Look how they vote for the masters that keep them.

  42. Anonymous

    hey guys… chill out and stop being racist :D have a good day

  43. james

    This is stupid, the parties from 100 years ago are completely different from the parties of today. Abraham Lincoln fought a war to preserve federal authority over the states, you cannot hope to convince me that that is anything like the party that today advertising small government. Parties evolve, lets not forget that of the last five presidents, the three republicans increased the national debt by at least 50%, and in the case of Ronald Reagan, 190%. So lets focus on today, and see who is fixing problems, and who is causing them.

  44. Carly

    Kristy, I have to disagree with you. For one, Sickle Cell Anemia, although primarily found in people of African descent it is not exclusive to any race, Caucasian, Saudi Arabians, Indians and people Mediterranean ancestry have battled the disease as well. Second all races have a genetic predisposition to certain diseases, Caucasians included.

    Since you were very vague in your description of the Caucasian with no known genetic mutations, it’s difficult for me to refute your claim. However, there are many sub-group (Irish,English, Scottish, Italian, etc) and each has it own genetic predisposition. Those of Western European descent has a predisposition to Cystic Fibrosis and Graves Disease. The English and Irish because of the fairness of their skin are more prone to Melanoma. We are all prone to disease because we live in a sinful fallen world where death, disease and destruction are the end result, without a Savior.

    I am a black woman, and for you as a black woman to make these kind of assumptions-I personally feel as if you have succumb to the lie of being inferior. Which only speaks of your own low self-esteem. Which is the real disease destroying the black community. As for truth, the truth of the matter is we were all created in Elohim likeness and image. However our frame is dust. What you see when you look through carnal eyes is basically dust. If you a need to see anyone less than or greater than yourself based on dust, you have truly missed the mark.

    As for the discussion of which political party I would vote for…ABSOLUTELY none, but since I have to chose I definitely vote republican.. And my decision has nothing to do with if their are KKK or not. As a Christian I want to defend my faith, but after many years of listening to lies (abortion are still legal and paid for by my tax dollars, the United States Constitution is ripped to shreds by both parties). And we have all been enslaved to the system. We have all been deceived by a bunch of greedy dogs in suits, some ministers included.

  45. jimboleno

    “It’s Harkin and the Democrats who should apologize and pay reparations.” ????????

    Help me understand a few principals here? Who are we going to apologize to? Isn’t every slave dead by now and if they are then why in the hell would be apologize to the blacks that are left? Blacks in America have equal rights, enjoy a life style that is millions of times better than their original life style in their beloved africa. Where else could they have children they can’t feed and not only not have to worry about the child starving but receive a monthly check, free food (better and more than the people paying for theirs) plus housing, utilities that even includes cable TV? The idea of reparations is always extended to include whites whose family didn’t own slaves (my granddaddy would have shot someone for bringing a black on his property, pay him for it????? LMAO go ahead….give it a try but I think not) and the family of whites who died fighting for their freedom.

    For the sake of argument let’s say people whose great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandaddy was forced to pick cotton are entitled to compensation. Where would the funds to pay this come from? Since slaves were sold to us by their fellow countrymen does that mean african slave traders (who continue to exist today by the way) would be required to pay a sizable portion of the reparations? Surely people whose ancestors never owned slaves wouldn’t be required to contribute…….right?

    After we work all this out and get the appropriate amount of money to each descendant it would only be fair to expect them to in return take that money plus a considerable additional amount and pay the families of fallen soldiers who died fighting for their freedom….RIGHT???? If paying the families of people who were forced to pick cotton 200 years ago is the right thing to do then paying the families of those who died to stop that practice is THE RIGHT THING TO DO!!!!

    Of course there is one other possibility. Acknowledge what happened 200 years ago doesn’t entitle anyone alive today to anything but the freedom that comes with being an America who is moving forward, learning from past mistakes. We could then expect those people to get of their ass and go to work.

    By the way. I have set aside a time to apologize for the KKK when I hear blacks apologizing for the naacp, the black panthers and all the BS coming from their “preachers”. I really want to get started on that asap but I keep forgetting.

  46. Tired_of_ID10TS

    I really enjoy how it always and I do mean always goes back to slavery, no matter if you are talking about deporting illegal aliens ( and I didn’d say Mexicans) , stopping welfare for those that have been on it for generations, having a smaller government, etc… it always goes to slavery. And with that talk of slavery reparations come up, Reparations are and will always be the pipe dream of some people. Let me rephrase that, the ones who are screaming about reparations have already gotten them many times over because they are on the government teat, food stamps, housing, etc… Yes there are those hard working individuals that have made it out of poverty and broken free from the grip of welfare. But they did it with what most of the ones screaming about reparations hate, Hard Freaking Work! People who could have let Big Brother “take care of them” said NO and did it themselves. They didn’t whine because it was hard, they said “If it was easy everyone would be doing it”. The entitlement mentality has to stop before we can progress. Welfare rolls need to be trimmed, fraud needs to be cut down, jobs need to be created, not benefits increased, give the business people a break cause you know they kinda create the jobs in this country. If you want your 40 acres and a mule or its cash equalvalent(sp), go work for it, you were not forced into slavery, you were not forced to work, nor are you forced to work now. But my question is why do I and the rest of the taxpayers (not the ones who get a refund every year and spend it on a new flat panel tv) have to pay for your decision / choice? You want to complain about the Dems and Reps have switched sides from the 1860’s look it up LBJ said “I’ll have these niggers voting democrat for the next 200 years” and that was just 50 years ago he was a democrat. If you really want Hope & Change make it for yourself, don’t expect The Government to give you anything without expecting them to be able to take it away at the same time. I look at getting help from the gov alot like getting a loan from a Vegas loan shark, sure as long as you can make the payments on time you are ok but it is designed to break you, utterly destroy you. And the ones screaming the loudest about reparations are the ones lining up to be destroyed, and they are thankful for it . Just so long as they don’t have to work, or think. And do not get me started on the dumbing down of schools in this country, but that is for another time. I know I skip around and coherent thoughts are not plenty but I write what I feel.

  47. Tom

    Kristi, you’ve got it all wrong.

    The healthiest ‘race’ are the mutts. Google “hybrid vigor” or “heterosis.”


  48. namvet527

    This is the CRIMINAL/FELON party. OBIGOT will a second term in prison. He trashed his CONSTITUTIONAL oath of office many times & broken so many laws AFTER ROMNEY WINS I hope he will arrested all the criminals & traitors. OBIGOT has NO MORAL or ETHICS. HE WILL LIE ABOUT ROMNEY SAY VILE THINGS THAT ARE NOT TRUE. OBIGOT IS A SLEAZE BAG to the bone.

  49. Eric T.

    The history of both the Democrats and Republicans illustrates that racism knows no boundaries, politically or otherwise. So long as there is an ability to judge a person by his/her physical appearance, ancestry or ethnicity, there will always be a racist faction staining both parties.

    Did Southern Democrats have a hand in suppressing slavery and encouraging (if not actively engaging with) the KKK? Yes. Historians will attest to this. However, this fact does not acknowledge the polar shift in ideologies over the years between Democrats and Republicans. The fact that many Democrats of that era supported slavery does not absolve present day Republican racism.

    Like their early Democratic counterparts, today’s Republicans engage in a thinly-veiled racist agenda to suppress black voter rights. In many states, they have introduced and passed provisional ballot, early-voting and photo ID laws under the pretense of voter fraud protection. The laws’ true purpose is voter suppression, as they are designed to negatively impact mostly the poor or minorities. We will see how this impacts the 2012 election especially in Pennsylvania.

    To learn more about Republican voter suppression, watch this video: http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2012/08/17/jon-stewart-rips-apart-voter-suppression-laws-in-pennsylvania-and-ohio/

  50. namvet527

    REPUBLICANS just want to SUPPRESS the ILLEGAL VOTERS, dead people, illegal aliens, FELONs, mulitple votes, cartoon characters. REPUBLICANS have NEVER been AGAINST MINORITIES. We just don’t want FREE LOADERS sucking off the HARD WORKING LEGAL VOTER/TAX PAYER, WHITE or minority.
    I did NOT WASTE my time watching your PROPAGANDA VIDEO

  51. TheTruth

    You stated there have never been any republican klan members. I beg to differ.


    David Dukes

    Shall I continue?

  52. Oh because he calls out the jews. you jew bags are passive aggressive.

  53. namvet527

    Yes, TheTruth, continue. David Duke did NOT LAST LONG in Republican party. Robert KKK Byrd was a very powerful demoKKKrat but a LONG TERM demoKKKrat until his death. There are demoKKKrats alive & in power today that their dad’s were KKK members.
    DemoKKKrats have a history of supporting SLAVERY too & harrassing Republicans cuz we supported blacks & were opposed to SLAVERY & KKK

  54. rayperez

    The most important detail that proponents of this “democrats started the kkk” argument always fail to mention, is that members of both parties at the time were white racists. The democratic and republican parties of today are nowhere near what they were back then. So that makes the point of this article moot. Am i wrong?

  55. namvet527

    No, broadbrushing & stereotyping Republicans as anywhere close to demoKKKrats is completely FALSE

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