Where’s The Beef?



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16 responses to “Where’s The Beef?

  1. cuss

    Typical. People who are trying to uphold the constitution are being ignored. The nigga’s are just happy they gots a brother in the white house, like theys supposed to be gittin some-um extra in they’s welfare checks now.

  2. Mitch Saunders

    This site is pathetically racist.

  3. kristy

    blacks have always leaned heavily toward anything that was rooted in communism.

    this is just a blunt historical fact.

    then there are the disillusioned whites who think it makes them feel better by aligning themselves with a government that will fuck them, as long as it only helps out the so called poor disenfranchised black; who really does it to himself “given a home and trashes it up” etc…

    communism, it’s one big morphine injection… to keep one stupid so they can easily be controlled.

    and libterds hate it when we pose the most basic of questions…

    why should I pay for someone elses health, housing and food?

  4. Common Hypnotism

    Liberals are benevolent, loving and understanding to those that disagree with them.

    Unless you disagree with them.

  5. Noway2no

    Hear it from a black person.

    You lefties need to come up with more than “racist” to defend your support of this ideology.

    That is what it is about; the eternal battle between liberty and oppression. We believe in liberty, Obummer does not.

    It is that simple.

  6. Troy

    Where’s the beef????

    It’s probably between Obama’s buns. ;)

  7. cuss

    Hey Mitch, Kiss my black ass. your the racist just because you thought my statement came from a white person. This man was unqualified to be run for president and he’s unqualified to be president. He’s an embarrasment to the black people. Vote for someone just because he’s black? Who’s the racist?

  8. cuss

    Did you not hear that black woman saying after the election that she was not going to have to worry about gas in her car or house payments or anything. she said i’ll help him, he’ll help me. What the fuck was that supposed to mean? Does that mean everybody or just blacks?

  9. JC

    Mr. Saunders,

    We can’t argue with an obot…you invariable will in a shirll voice with venom spewing forth from your mouth call everyone/anyone a racist…you think that will stop the oppostition in our tracks…and magically we will agree with you…you know (the old) guilt you into submission…much like BHO/Luicfer and his minions have done to the American voting public (black and white)…you have made that point very nicely…thank you!

  10. bho boo

    Sorry, your racist card has expired.
    Wees called da krakers, das OK witchoo doy!

  11. Katie

    Tea Party Patriots Action Alert



    Dear Tea Party Patriots,

    Sometimes the call to duty comes in the middle of the night. This is one of those times. And we apologize for the short notice, but you’ve spoken loud and clear, and demanded action.

    Since sending the email asking you what you wanted to do about passage of the Cap and Trade bill approximately 3 hours ago, I have received thousands of responses. All are demanding action, and all are outraged that the House of Representatives passed the Cap and Trade bill, which will cost each family almost $2,000 per year in additional expenses through increased energy prices across all sectors. Patriots across the nation are telling us it’s time to take to the streets. We are in full support of your clearly expressed opinion and are here to assist.

    To paraphrase one gentleman in the East on a conference call tonight, we need to lean out of every window and scream that we’re mad as hell and not going to take it anymore! And we need to scream until everyone is screaming with us.


    Today you were scammed by the House of Representatives, and despite the fact that you shut down the phones of virtually every member of the House, and barraged them with millions of emails telling them this was against your will, they ignored you and voted for another bill which they haven’t even read. The madness needs to stop and we need to stop the Senate from passing the bill.

    Tomorrow, because you have demanded it…we take to the streets.

    Take to the Streets to Protest the Cap and Trade Passage in the House

    Date: June 27, 2009

    Time: Noon until – as long as it takes.

    Place: State Capitol; or Federal Building in your City, County or Parish


    Please try to coordinate with others you see posting events there. If there is already an event in your area, please plant to attend that event, and / or volunteer to help that organizer. This is about coordination, not competition. We need to send a message to the politicians.

    Bring signs, bullhorns, and your usual good behavior. It’s imperative that we shock the politicians and press by being there in large numbers, but we want to make sure that we maintain our reputation by not causing any damage or destruction.

    We wrote and asked what you are willing to do about it…and you answered, by the thousands…you said you wanted to take it to the streets. Now it’s time for you to spread the message. The time is short, but we can make it happen.

    We believe that the Senate will bring the Cap and Traitor bill to the floor on the sixth or seventh of July. We need to send a forceful message to the Senators that we will not tolerate passage of the ACES act in the Senate.

    You are the patriot heroes of a true grass roots movement. We asked, and you told us loud and clear what you wanted to do. You told us it’s time to light a grass fire and hit the streets tomorrow?

    We apologize for the late notice. Your patriotism in standing up to your government is appreciated, and serves as a powerful testament to the founders of this great nation.


    Mark Meckler, Amy Kremer and Jenny Beth Martin

    Tea Party Patriots National Coordinator Team

  12. Hero

    kenyan birth certificate of Barack Hussein Obama
    for sale on EBAY.
    via WND
    “Seller claims Mombasa document ‘certified copy'”


  13. kristy

    Mitch Saunders said: “This site is pathetically racist.”

    this really hits deeply being it comes from such a pussy ass kisser who’s afraid to challenge some one/group with a few honest questions that even include your own well being…

    unless you relish the idea of your wealth being redistributed and if that’s the case, please click the donate button over on the side and volunteer to redistribute and show us how much of an example setting role model you are.

    other wise your a hypocrite.

    so which is it going to be mitch?

  14. kristy

    I’ll help you mitch…

    either join us because you hate the idea of someone redistributing your wealth…

    or show us your so strong in your belief that all wealth should be redistributed that your going to lead by example and freely volunteer by going here…


    otherwise your a fucking hypocrite mitch.

    plain, simple, to the point, end of discussion. your just a hypocrite.

  15. Frosteetoes

    Hey Bitch, …uh, er…I mean Mitch, so typical that you would play the race card without getting to the meat of this blog and forum. We’re all Americans first of all and our soldiers thru out our nations history have fought and died for our Constitution. Our rights are being widdled away right before our eyes. Stifle free speech because you perceive racism but down the road it will affect every liberal idealism that spews from a leftist leaning commie bastard too.

  16. JC


    You compared communism to morphine injection, “communism, it’s one big morphine injection”…what do you think the chances are for the “progressives” to OD soon?

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