They all know he has no U.S. birth certificate

McCain knows but the bankers won’t let him talk freely


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36 responses to “They all know he has no U.S. birth certificate

  1. kristy

    McCain has that look like he want’s to punch his ass out. and to McCain’s left looks like he’s about ready to puke listening to this usurper blast off his shit cannon.

    that black at the end far left… is that the new leader for the nation of islam to open White House meetings with muslim prayers now?

  2. Cuss

    If they tried to remove him because he’s not a legal US citizen it would cause a race war becuse the shit heads that voted for him don’t give a damn about no damn constitution. We may never get rid of him because after 8 years there will still be more he needs to do and if we don’t allow him to continue to be president then we are just racists!

  3. Troy

    Obama-lama-ding-dong’s Kenyan birth certificate for sale on Ebay.

  4. kristy

    Cuss, thats exactly what happened in South Africa.

    The blacks were not segregated. This is a huge misconception.

    It was the communist who were segregated. It was called Apartheid.

    The ZA gov did not discriminate against blacks. They also knew not all blacks were communist… however, all communist in that area were black.

    Then a rising number of spoiled disillusioned white kids grew up and very libterdish.

    mandela won and its been communism since non stop in ZA.

    Now, many of the Whites who were for the communist and their “black oppression must be stopped” dumb fucks are now leaving ZA for other countries including the US because of their mistake they now realize.

    Thing is, and although I do agree with most of your statement Cuss, in ZA it would be a race war if any change was made to out communism. I don’t think so in the US.

    To many here with heavy arms and endless ammo, endless food supply and endless resources needed for survival to be able to endure long term warfare if ever needed. Even if the communists here end up getting their wish making all firearms illegal, no way they would disarm most American citizens.

    Most American citizens would hide their arms, even ones that were registered will end up being reported as stolen or missing due to a fire, anything; just as long as they are not taken.

    Not to mention the countless basements, woodsheds and even garages dedicated as reloading stations, full of ball mills, dies, presses, whole nine yards for reloading as a craft. Better loading then any commercial.

    Many Americans who shoot take reloading as serious as shooting itself. It’s actually a very intense hobby.

    Just as an example…

    Then there are many who even go as far as to make their own gun powder, black powders, primers, cast their own bullets and even machine out their own casings.

    Anyways, all I am getting at is this Cuss… they can try to make disarming America a priority, but unlike ZA or europe, big fat chance. Way to many dedicated good people here who would defy this just for the sake of not letting government dictate to them.

    homo fucks like stophate will bitch and cry saying how I’m a cheese wheel, even though I reload heavily myself, and he will bitch and cry how thousands are giving up and gonna just hand over there guns and all this shit…

    while theres always gonna be pussies like him out there, they are actually very small in number compared to people like us. government knows this and scares the holy shit out of them, which is why they push so hard to try and give the impression through the media that we are dyeing out.

    oh, btw… if interested, heres a good part of the kit this dude is using on the video above that would get you started, all but the case cleaner, and this kit has a much nicer grain measure then what hes using.

    So keep the faith my friend Cuss! :)

  5. eastaustinvoice

    Someone must have bought it. It is no longer there.

  6. eastaustinvoice

    Or someone made them stop the sale?

  7. kristy

    btw Cuss…

    Heres a video demo of the RCBS charge master thats in the kit, much nicer…

    And if your just wanting speed to reload, instead of that kit theres always the RCBS Pro 2000 :)

    This babe can crank out a fucken massive munition stock pile in minutes. And priced pretty reasonably too.

    Just depends how much by hand you wish to take it is all.

    Like I said, endless supply of ammo, endless food supply of good food, knowledge on how to build good shelter and where for survival. No way the government could take us down, and they know it. Otherwise they would of long time ago.

  8. kristy

    And if your into shotguns “A few remington 11-87’s are a nice thing” check these out…

    The MEC 9000g

    About 500 shells in one hour by hand…

    or some as dedicated as this dude with an electric auto MEC 9000g which is insane cool :D

  9. Vicki

    IMPORTANT……… Taking to the Streets!!

    By The Patriots Movement.

    Dear Tea Party Patriots,

    Sometimes the call to duty comes in the middle of the night. This is one of those times. And we apologize for the short notice, but you’ve spoken loud and clear, and demanded action.

    Since sending the email asking you what you wanted to do about passage of the Cap and Trade bill approximately 3 hours ago, I have received thousands of responses. All are demanding action, and all are outraged that the House of Representatives passed the Cap and Trade bill, which will cost each family almost $2,000 per year in additional expenses through increased energy prices across all sectors. Patriots across the nation are telling us it’s time to take to the streets. We are in full support of your clearly expressed opinion and are here to assist.

    To paraphrase one gentleman in the East on a conference call tonight, we need to lean out of every window and scream that we’re mad as hell and not going to take it anymore! And we need to scream until everyone is screaming with us.


    Today you were scammed by the House of Representatives, and despite the fact that you shut down the phones of virtually every member of the House, and barraged them with millions of emails telling them this was against your will, they ignored you and voted for another bill which they haven’t even read. The madness needs to stop and we need to stop the Senate from passing the bill.

    Tomorrow, because you have demanded it…we take to the streets.

    Take to the Streets to Protest the Cap and Trade Passage in the House

    Date: June 27, 2009

    Time: Noon until – as long as it takes.

    Place: State Capitol; or Federal Building in your City, County or Parish


    Please go to and list your event. Please try to coordinate with others you see posting events there. If there is already an event in your area, please plant to attend that event, and / or volunteer to help that organizer. This is about coordination, not competition. We need to send a message to the politicians.

    Bring signs, bullhorns, and your usual good behavior. It’s imperative that we shock the politicians and press by being there in large numbers, but we want to make sure that we maintain our reputation by not causing any damage or destruction.

    We wrote and asked what you are willing to do about it…and you answered, by the thousands…you said you wanted to take it to the streets. Now it’s time for you to spread the message. The time is short, but we can make it happen.

    We believe that the Senate will bring the Cap and Traitor bill to the floor on the sixth or seventh of July. We need to send a forceful message to the Senators that we will not tolerate passage of the ACES act in the Senate.

    You are the patriot heroes of a true grass roots movement. We asked, and you told us loud and clear what you wanted to do. You told us it’s time to light a grass fire and hit the streets tomorrow?

    We apologize for the late notice. Your patriotism in standing up to your government is appreciated, and serves as a powerful testament to the founders of this great nation.


    Mark Meckler, Amy Kremer and Jenny Beth Martin

    Tea Party Patriots National Coordinator Team

    Amy Kremer (; amykremer on gchat, 678.495.8271)
    Jenny Beth Martin (; jennybethm on gchat, 404.326.0936)
    Mark Meckler (, mark.grassroots on gchat)
    Rob Neppell (

  10. Vicki

    Not only the cap and trade bill, but Obama is going to sign an executive order asking for “Indefinite Detention” without going through Congress, and against the will of most Americans.

    This is all so fucked up it leaves most Americans speechless…

  11. kristy

    I agree, its beyond fucked up, but I lost so much faith in any political faction I fail to see how making some phone calls to people getting paid as non profit volunteers, and they do get paid will do anything?

    its a great idea, its a wonderful idea, but what have they done besides get into groups to incite the “spirit” talking about making phone calls after pointing out the problem multiple times?

    Our congressmen don’t care. They will act like they listen, but in the end, it’s the business interests whos pulling the strings with the money. But to keep your vote, they really act like they will take your voice into consideration, until they hang the phone up.

    I am not saying the tea party is no good. I just question their strength mainly. They seem more like a pacifier just to sooth the public giving the impression they are doing something.

    But in reality, most are paid volunteer workers who make money when there is some kind of crises.

    People go to college for this line of work. Thats why when asked on forums what kind of job you work, military, professional student, law enforcement, nurse doctor or medical, industrial… you will almost ALWAYS see “non profit” listed and they are separated from “other”.

    Maybe a decade or two ago our phone calls and demonstrations would of mattered…

    but FFS our VOTES didn’t even matter this time???

    This is why I am all for pushing, but in another direction. With more the mentality of the old moonshiners.

  12. Cuss

    Kristy, I’ll hang in there. There has to be someone to band together and fight this shit that’s happening to our country. I think we are heading for a war, but not against communism, it’ll be a race war. Maybe that’s how the commies want it.

  13. diane

    Support Dr. Orly Taitz. She has the data to kick Obama out of office.

  14. stophate

    FYI Geniuses,
    We are already at war and you nimrods are losing. The Conservatives are nothing but a lobbying group for big business. People woke up during the Bush Administration. If you spend money on social issues instead of wars then you actually make America a better place to live.

  15. diane

    McCain needs to speak up.

  16. kristy

    your right deuce, thats why you live over here :)

  17. Cuss

    Hey stop hate or stoopid or whatever, we aren’t spending any more money on your stupid social issues. It’s done great in those evil capitalist countries like Cuba, south America countries, just pick one or china. You just want to be able to marry your boyfriend and have us pay for you to go to the doctor constantly for butt cream. Kiss my ass , eat shit and die!

  18. Interested Bystander

    stophate posted this ignorant comment:

    “FYI Geniuses,
    We are already at war and you nimrods are losing. The Conservatives are nothing but a lobbying group for big business. People woke up during the Bush Administration. If you spend money on social issues instead of wars then you actually make America a better place to live.”

    This is the most idiotic statement you have made so far.

    Please tell us stophate, what happens when all of the money runs out? You know when EVERYBODY is dependent on the Government taking care of them? What incentive is there to work, when the Government offers programs to those who don’t work for housing, transportation, health care, food and utilities?

    The fact is stophate, our country was founded for exactly the opposite of the reasons YOU think it was founded for.

    The problem with you stophate, is that you can’t see the problems because you are blinded by some “magical” utopia you think would exist if the Government took care of all of your needs.

    How wrong you are.

    As far as the “you nimrods are losing” comment, being a War Veteran stophate, I’m sure you can appreciate the tactic of “fall back and regroup”.

    Just keep that in mind.

    We aren’t losing stophate, it’s a tactic to make you all think that you are “winning”.

    You just don’t realize that.

    Our master plan is working to perfection.

  19. kristy

    deuce aka stophate just admitted he is at war with America and Americans are his enemy

    although he is under the illusion he is winning, thats not the point. the point is, he has admitted he is at war with America and Americans are his enemy.

    ironic eh?

  20. Frosteetoes

    You liberal assholes, you have such compassion for shit that has degraded morals and morale for the worst. The best is when you defend Muslims who basically want to kill us. Let’s just say we allow sharia law into our courts like England did. It moves out beyond the Muslim communities and becomes mainstreamed. All the insidious work that you liberals have perpetuated upon decent Americans will be for naught, because the degenerate’s that you lobbied for will be executed under sharia law. You fucking stupid liberals with your ‘feel good,’ impositions that have destroyed the moral fiber of this country, you will be avenged, by the very people you lobbied for.

  21. Rush Limburger

    The most gullible people believe that Obama was born in Kenya. Miracle birth since his mother was never in the country. I challenge every one of you to provide just ONE iota of proof that she was there. The Kenyan government couldn’t find it. Let’s see the PROOF.

    The fact is that he IS an illegal alien. He came from the planet Krypton to save the Earth.

  22. kristy

    how about we challenge you prove she wasnt?

    a murderer on trial with questionable evidence isn’t seen as good, they must prove their innocents before they can walk free.

    yet you push for someone in office before having any credentials?

    sounds more like your trying to cover the fact your a sheep turd then anything.

  23. TT

    Most of the cases regarding BHO’s lack of ability for office have been dismissed because of a lack of standing. Why cannot someone on trial for a federal crime bring a motion which argues the Federal Prosecutors bringing the criminal complaint have no authority since they were not appointed by someone who is qualified to be president. That would be a central fact in the case and I would believe could not be dismissed for lack of standing. What if every defendant in Federal trails across the country raised this argument at the same time. The courts would have to react.

    Also, why could not someone who is on trial in front of a judge appointed by BHO claim the judge had no authority.

    Finally, what about an action seeking to argue any law or regulation involving BHO’s signature or was the act of someone appointed by BHO is invalid because of a lack of authority by BHO. What if there were thousands of lawsuits against the validity of any such law or regulation.

  24. Interested Bystander


    Good idea, except for the fact I’m not planning on commiting a Federal Offense any time soon.


    Although I can not prove that Stanley was in Kenya, there is ample proof that she was in Washington State a few weeks after Barry was born, so it may be that he was born in Canada.

    Even at that, the eligibility issue is not JUST about where he was born. There are the Indonesian citizenship, foreign student grants that have been accused also and the Selective Service card he was given 30 days to fill out after the law was enacted, which if he didn’t file the card within the 30 day period disqualifies him for ANY position in the Executive Branch of Government.

    Here’s the FACTS Rush, Obama applied for the job of President, I didn’t, and the people who question his eligibility didn’t. Obama stated when he announced his candidacy that he was going to “bring integrity and transparency back to Washington” (how’s that going for you when he has legislation ammended at 3:08am and voted for at 6pm right before the Congress recesses for the July 4th break, and how long is this break, I get one day off from work), and he won’t even produce the paperwork that would prove his eligibility.

    The people who argue that it is our responsibility to prove he isn’t eligible are simply idiots. That would be the same as an employer having to prove that all of his employees are eligible, it is the employee’s responsibility to prove.

    Obama is our employee, you figure it out who’s responsibility it is.

    Another FACT is that he has sealed all of his documents that would prove his eligibility. Why would that be Rush? Why would anyone who has nothing to hide, and who pledged “transparency” seal the very records that would shut us up?

    Gives those of us who question his eligibility more fuel for the fire.

    And why has Obama spent hundreds of thousands of dollars (by his own released campaign documents) on lawyers who are fighting this issue?

    It’s like the Larry Sinclair issue. Why does he not get a cease and desist order against Sinclair if the accusations are not true?

    Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmm

    You keep rooting for your “I want to take over every business in America” President, who will not prove his eligibility, and I’ll keep rooting for the Amercan people, who the Constitution states has a RIGHT to question the Government.

    I’m betting on the people.

  25. JC

    We have a responsibility, according to the Consitution, to question where BHO/Luicfer was born and what his policies are…right smight…We are held responsible for not only asking the question but following it up with action should it be proven that he is not eligible to be president.

    Accept no career politican at face value…we should be questioning them all, as none of them seem to be doing what is good for America (aka us)…and they certainly have turned their backs on the one true God of the Bible…as a result we are all going to suffer the sins of our elected officials…and right we should suffer, after all we have allowed ourselves to be lulled into false sense of what are our rights ….all the while losing the very rights that “our Creator endowed us with” by those claiming to be the only ones able to save/help us…We think that when we hear politicans say I can do this for you and that for you that they mean they can truly help us when in fact/reality what the politican really means is that they can save us from ourselves…we are not, after all capable of taking care of ourselves and our families…no we urge the nanny state to save and to rule over us…and when we realize just how much we have lost we have not the strength, guts, or mind to do anything about it…all that is expected of us is complete/total compliance and all we get is more government controlling us at every turn! Tyrannanny at its best…death to freedom and to all who oppose it’s culture of death and destruction!

  26. stophate

    JC said:
    “and they certainly have turned their backs on the one true God of the Bible”

    When you don’t have a one piece of evidence or an intelligent argument simply refer to it as God’s will or throw out some Bible passage you don’t understand, and you are covered. What a Fake.

  27. kristy

    sort of like “wheres the book” you been saying deuce?

    oh wait, theres a difference… the God JC is talking about is real :)

    and the book is too as you seen :D

  28. JC


    stooptohate know full well that God does exsist…otherwise he would not be working so hard to try and convince people here otherwise…I have no responsibility to make anyone believe in God…I have been charged with sharing the truth…You know the whole lead a horse to water thing…

  29. stophate

    If you have been charged with sharing the truth then you are definitely posting at the wrong web blog. :)

  30. kristy

    I agree JC

    Also, I know deuce knows there is a God, but to arrogant and scared at the same time to acknowledge this.

    I also seen time and time again how deuce hates others to use Freedom of Speech while he/she/it relishes in using this. That is known as a hypocrite.

    But… thats their lot to deal with, not mine or yours :)

  31. JC


    Yes I know…proof of that is when folks like stooptohate call you fake…they cannot argue about subjects they do not understand let alone have a rational debate on faith or their lack thereof.

  32. Interested Bystander

    Hey All,

    stophate wouldn’t know the truth if it fell from the sky and smacked him on his head.

    Just read any of his comments.

    Hey stophate, where’s the proof that you are Combat Veteran, you don’t even know the definition of it, or what NCO stands for, or what grades constitute being an NCO?

    The truth? You can’t handle the truth (to borrow a line).

  33. stophate

    Hey Interested Bisexual,
    Where is the proof you graduated from high school and have a IQ above 70 ? Just as I have said on too many occasions, If you want my personal information the simply post your name, address and current telephone number and I will make sure you get it.

    And as far as the truth goes, Obama won the election. He is now the President and has installed his cabinet. He is about to get his choice of a new Supreme Court Justice. He is pulling troops out of Iraq and is about to get the Health Care Package passed. And nimrods like you are still running your cakeholes over meaningless drivel. Looks like you have been run over by the truth.

  34. kristy

    So this is what NCO stands for?

  35. JC

    Again, stooptohate has failed to recognize the truth…he/she/it lives in the temporal world and alas will languish there until death…and when all is said and done he/she/it will have died a permenant death…all because his/her/its truth is wrapped up in the one that he/she/it worships, the state represented by the idol BHO/Lucifer…how sad…I will pray for you stooptohate.

    Funny how this will work…you are unable to stop me from praying for you…

  36. Fishleg

    Hahaha! starthate has spoken like a true acorn operative.
    Osurper has no constitutional standing to hold the office and time is ticking away.
    I said it before, I’ll say it once more-
    America does not have a president at this time. ---> Talk back, don't let them hold you down...

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