The biggest New World Order propaganda film ever made: KNOWING

We’ve always known that the corrupt corporate elite and New World Order has agents that work inside Hollywood, scripting, motivating and financing certain films or shows to push their agenda, or to make people aware of their doings through Hollywood in a “make believe” medium if you will in order to soften the blow when they come out and do all the shit for real.

Cue this New World Order piece of shit film called: KNOWING.

I mean c’mon New World Order, can you make it more obvious?

Do you really have to scream, “Listen to the government, follow orders and we will protect you” bullshit at the end?

In one scene (and we don’t give a shit that we are giving this movie away), Nicolas Cage has to give up his own son to protect the world.

SERIOUSLY, Give up his son to the New World Order (aka jews) in order to save the planet.

The New World Order translation = Give us your kids when we do the mandatory draft/war so we can save the world for Israel.

Filmed in August of 2004, it is barely making it’s way into DVD in late 2009. 5 years later. Waiting for the perfect time, who knows, who gives a shit.

This film is so much bullshit.

The New World Order hidden agents and operatives within the Hollywood system are getting really fucking lazy.

Nicolas Cage, ‘Stay with me, I know this is the New World Order bullshit trying to brainwash more idiots.’

Nic Cage listens to Alex Jones, why you get involved in shit like this Nic? It’s subliminal message NWO jewish propaganda crap. You’re better than that.


or not….

read below and also this link:

The trailer opens with these pyramid hand sigils, followed by these illuminating production companies.
It doesn’t get much more obvious than this.
Keep in mind that cage’s production company is SATURN FILMS.
Saturn syncromystically aligning with Cage’s Heart/galactic center.
William Dawes elementary school, he was one of the “sons of liberty”.
The white-gloved masonic time capsule ritual. 3 pillars, or first 3 steps of masonic tracing board exposed. The Blue shirts, and ribbon, representing the blue lodge. The school has the north star in the logo, along with another cluster of 3 stars.
The 8 point star of the time capsule, surrounded by 3 rings.
Only D(el) laptops are used in this classroom.
Saturn is shown in the center of the classroom.
2 red stars, 7 balloons in the background.
The “6” train hits the “Lafayette” pillar.

Cross-quarter solar window.
Plymouth air crashes during a rainstorm.
The ladder in the background that resembles a masonic compass or pyramid.
Nice light ray action going on here.

Cage is always the bringer of Light, just like in all the national treasure posters. This is so loaded with symbolism in just 2 minutes, it must be intentional. Someone working for the Saturn cult?
UPDATE: The Copycat Effect has some interesting info about the “Lafayette” effect.


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16 responses to “The biggest New World Order propaganda film ever made: KNOWING

  1. kristy

    wow, how um… surprising… it stars nicholas cage.

    about as shocking as rosie oink’donnell or ellen degenerate coming out of the closet as fagots

    any words from stophate aka daddies lil’ pork rind fucker?

  2. Fishleg

    Saturn is satan’s planet symbolically.

  3. stophate

    There are several problems with a conspiratorial view that don’t fit with what we know about power structures. First, it assumes that a small handful of wealthy and highly educated people somehow develop an extreme psychological desire for power that leads them to do things that don’t fit with the roles they seem to have. For example, that rich capitalists are no longer out to make a profit, but to create a one-world government. Or that elected officials are trying to get the constitution suspended so they can assume dictatorial powers. These kinds of claims go back many decades now, and it is always said that it is really going to happen this time, but it never does. Since these claims have proved wrong dozens of times by now, it makes more sense to assume that leaders act for their usual reasons, such as profit-seeking motives and institutionalized roles as elected officials. Of course they want to make as much money as they can, and be elected by huge margins every time, and that can lead them to do many unsavory things, but nothing in the ballpark of creating a one-world government or suspending the constitution.

  4. Frosteetoes

    So easy for stoophater to copy and paste an article from a resource that is basically opinions of contributors that consist of anyone who can get an account with wiki. Whoop-de-doo!

  5. Hey, StopH I hear the usurper’s favorite planet is Uranus.

    Is Uranus still a planet is it a gas giant now?

  6. stophate

    “So easy for stoophater to copy and paste an article from a resource that is basically opinions of contributors that consist of anyone who can get an account with wiki. Whoop-de-doo!”

    I don’t see anything different here smacktard.

  7. JC


    Satan’s most favorite types of people…the gullible, the ignorant, the follower, the liar, the envious, the lustful, the slothful, the hate filled…there is one here who is all that and more…care to guess who? BHO/Lucifer hates someone who can think for themselves… so he encourages them to copy and paste others opinions, then try to pass themselves off as thinkers…yeah right…

  8. Interested Bystander


    Of course you don’t.

    You’re an idiot.

    Nuff said.

  9. stophate

    Yeah JC,
    When all you nimrods are out there chasing your tails, we will be winning elections and taking America back for the people. So please keep doing the same.

  10. JC

    Interested Bystander,

    I see you are right again…

  11. We cant get over how much bullshit this movie is.


  12. Dick N'Hande

    Oh look, another stupid post by a stupid site. Fun, fun, fun!

    Seriously.. I come here for lulz. You guys really are about as smart as my ass, and twice as much shit comes out.

  13. Sabretruthtiger

    Stophate, you really are a naive fool. It is happening now retard! The global government is being implemented with the global warming scam management system as an infrastructure. They are intentionally collapsing economies worldwide to destroy resistance to the global government and to provide an excuse for martial law. They want to depopulate through harmful vaccinations, fluoride in the water, harmful additives to food, viruses, poverty and war. Evidence? 911 is proven to be an inside job, the global warming scam has zero evidence to back it up and much against and will devastate economies.
    The Credit crisis was purposely engineered by manipulation of derivatives by the bankers behind the federal reserve and World Bank. Baxter pharmaceuticals, a WHO lackey, was caught intentionally adding live weaponised avian flu in their vaccination material, Bayer pharma was caught adding HIV to their blood product.
    Swine flu is an incredibly unlikely combination of 3 H1N1 strains, it was lab made.
    Fluoride is proven to be harmful yet they continue to dump hydrofluorosilicic acid in our water, aspartame is harmful yet they continue to add it to our food.
    Sometimes I think Eugenics is justified as it would wipe out the stupid, ignorant peasants like some of these posters who can’t put two and two together, unfortunately the blanket approach of the Elite seems to have no real vetting system for genetic fitness.

  14. Sabretruthtiger

    Stophate small groups of wealthy elite do nothing but develop a lust for power, really you just failed psychology 101


  15. Anonymous

    yall are hilarious

  16. Awesome! I just watched this last night and couldn’t keep count of all the Saturn drops. When Cage says “The rings of Saturn await your approval” I knew things were going to get very interesting. They even mention the Kaballah, totally giving it away, to those who understand. Good site! ---> Talk back, don't let them hold you down...

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