Obama shows you how he takes it in the ass


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56 responses to “Obama shows you how he takes it in the ass

  1. JC

    Now lets see him eat an apple pie…he does not salute the flag…he can’t throw a baseball…and he did not respect his “typically” white grandma…he denies we are Christain nation….let’s see the last time I looked being an American means you love God, Mom/Grandma, country, baseball, and apple pie….he falls flat on all of these…

  2. Fishleg

    Kenyan…all he understands is ethnic cleansing.

  3. JC

    and selling people into slavery…that is his heritage…

  4. cuss

    He throws like a little girl… no disrespect intended to little girls!

  5. kristy

    he throws like a sissy bitch.

    no, really, he does.

    has that leg hiked up more like as if hes ready to take it up the poopster shoot

  6. Fishleg

    Oh, I almost forgot…it was little barry’s family that captured and sold little micHELLe’s family into slavery.
    Gotta love them Kenyans.

  7. kristy

    Thats about as funny… and ironic as oprah “orca” “okra” winfrey doing the movie roots but has ancestors in the USA who owned slaves, black “freed men” who won their freedom because they helped fight during the revolutionary war against britain

    black slave owners, doing the movie “roots”

  8. cuss

    With those toned arms, great for picking cotton!

  9. kristy

    Thats got me cracking up hard right now cuss

    good one, that was freaken way to funny LOL

    thanks for the morning laugh!

  10. JC


    Yep where is the black outrage? Where is the cry for justice and reparations? Where is the cry for an apology? Just where is all of those things and more. Much hay was been made about BHO/Lucifer’s “Out of Africa” roots story….but nary a peep about just who the Luo tribe really is and what they did to capture and sell into slavery their fellow countrymen and even members of their own tribe…so I do not want to hear blacks, those who voted for this evil, to ever tell me that my hard work and the benefits thereof…need to be shared with them….just because they were slaves….to my knowledge that war was fought and won well over a 100 years ago…I was not alive at that time nor were they…so holding me responsible for someone else’s evil…is like holding BHO/Lucifer responsible for his Kenyan ancestors and thier part in the slave trade…it is called a double standard and it is used as an argument of convenience and contrivance…convenient because they use race when they want their way…contrivance because plan to destroy anyone or thing in their way…

  11. JC


    “Contrivance because THEY plan to destroy anyone or thing in their way”

  12. RMinNC

    He’s just LOW BALLING….give the guy a chance….

    Is the word “low balling” allowed here…or is it a sexual expression of the wrong kind? lol

  13. bho boo

    I don’t like what Cuss writes a lot of the time. Can you keep the racist crap off of here? We have enough to pick on with him being a fraud usurper.

    Obama’s spending has already completed one mission, to enslave America, just as his relatives did selling lowborn Africans out of Zanzibar for generations (even after the Civil War ended). Just think about it, “we” are owned, we must work for no compensation because of his spending, as must our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. So Obama’s family business has not changed one iota.

  14. Interested Bystander

    Hey All,

    If my memory is correct, at the “vacation” down in Trinidad the man who holds the office of President said something to the effect of:

    I’m glad you are not holding me responsible for something that happened when I was three months old.

    Obama was referring to the Bay of Pigs, which happened in April of 1961, and Obama wasn’t born until August of 1961.

    So, my point is, that when they bring up the “race” issue, it basically shows the desperation of their situation.

    For Obama to say that he shouldn’t be held responsible for something, and then when he holds whites responsible for the slavery, he is speaking out of both sides of his mouth.

    I spoke up loudly when he made that comment. How can HE not be held responsible, but yet ALL whites ARE held responsible?

    And why wasn’t he called out on this?

    But the media isn’t biased……..nosiree

  15. Katie

    Here’s the ‘job description’ for “you know who”. Read this and you’ll know who it sounds like.


  16. Fishleg

    Haha! Thanks, Katie, that sounds like ol whatsisname…

  17. deedee

    I wonder if they play a lot of cricket in Indonesia/Kenya, it looks like he’s played cricket a few times in his life, that’s how they throw the ball.

  18. JC


    Yep…that is exactly you know who…thanks for the confirmation…LOL

  19. cuss

    BHO BOO, Racist crap? Are you fucking serious? 98% of Black America voted for the little black bastard! Do you know why? …. He’s FUCKING BLACK!
    Racist? How fucking racist is that. You can talk about him having a dick up his ass and i’m a racist.
    He and his little handlers are ruining this country. Picking cotton bothers you? I suggest you find a black neighborhood and hang out for a while.
    Racist my ass!

  20. bho boo

    Cuss, I know THEY are racists, but what place do we have to complain if we are perceived as racists? Shit they call us that even when we’re not, so it’s really counterproductive, it really undoes the effort.

  21. JC


    Do not leave…please. We understand your frustration. Better to come here and share then to hold it inside…I for one did not find your comment offensive, because I understand that the comments made here are not born of racism but disgust that we are expected just to roll over and let BHO/Lucifer kill our country for the sake of his ego, and, our enslavement to the “nanny state”. Not to mention that the double standard is sickening…you know the whole everybody can express their opinion…but we are not allowed to. So please do not go…stay and continue posting…I would miss you if you go!

  22. Interested Bystander

    Yeah Cuss,

    Some of your comments are “boderline”, but I am not offended by them at all.

    But some of my comments are “borderline” also.

    Please don’t go.

  23. Cuss

    I listened to the bullshit, your not voting for Obama because he’s black. I said , no I’m not voting for him because he’s an empty suited socialist candidate who was selected to be the dems. choice. But everybody everywhere kept saying white people aren’t voting for him because he’s black. Alright, fine, I’m not voting for him because he’s black! And you know what? He’s still an empty suited socialist!
    If some PC crowd can’t stomach someone calling Obama a little black manchild that’s too bad.
    Everyday we are reminded we have a black president. A man that is, it conspiracy theory or true, not even legally able to be president.
    With all the bullshit we’ve endured so far and all the shit comming down the pike, calling some one a little black manchild or cotton picking is the least of our worries!

  24. Interested Bystander


    Right ON!!

    Playing the race card only shows their desperation.

    When 98% of the blacks voted for the man, and the majority of them couldn’t even name one policy that they supported him on, what is that called?

  25. Cuss

    I’ll just watch for now and keep my mouth shut. This site is not about me, this has been very theraputic to have some discussions with people who are in the same mindset. Just so you know, Cuss stands for Conservative under socialist supression. I thought it was approipriate. That’s the way I’ve felt for the past 8 months. Keep up the great work. Maybe I’ll take some sensitive training classes…. Naaaa!

  26. live oak

    I am not offended at all by anything you’ve ever said and I’d miss you if you go…..so please come back and post. Please. I swear like a sailor quite often…well, almost every day, and I use certain words now all the time,(but only at home) that used to make me cringe.
    Please don’t go away…..come back and talk to me.

  27. live oak

    @ Cuss…..
    JC will miss you too. We all will.

  28. Katie

    Cuss – take a deep breath, walk away from the computer for a day, slam down a couple, play with a puppy – do what you need to take care of yourself.

    Then come back and be yourself and make your contributions. Otherwise, you-know-who wins.

    And that’s not going to happen on our watch. Right Team Obambi.com?

  29. live oak

    Thank you. I hope Cuss will see our messages tonight or in the morning. BTW I liked very much the link you posted today. It describes him to a T.

  30. What did black people call George Bush back from 2004-2008?

  31. Common Hypnotism

    If we stop letting “racist” be such a fearful insult, then we remove about 95 percent of the left’s power.

    Call me a racist, who cares. Its an empty and meaningless word and I don’t choose to be affected by it.

  32. JC


    I am reminded what I was taught as a child….

    Sticks and stones may break my bones…but name will never harm me….

  33. Interested Bystander

    Hey All,

    I am reminded of what I commented to stophate a week or so ago, when he was trying to ridicule me for my service in the ARMY.

    I replied to him that I know what I lived, and I sure as hell don’t have to prove myself to anyone.

    The same holds true for the racist crap. I could care less what they call me. Call me racist, and I’ll hold my head up and shoulders back and reply “If what I am representing is racist, then so be it, I’m a racist”.

    We all have to live with ourselves, and if you are comforatable with who you are and what you represent, then stand up and say so.

    So call me racist all you want.

    I know better.

  34. Cuss

    This is from Mrs. Cuss, thank you to those of you who have chosen to support Mr. Cuss, even if your thoughts and positions differ from his this site allows all of you to vent your frustrations in a healthy constitutional way. What were our founding fathers, persons that chose to speak out and demand change. The only thing I will add is to communicate your thoughts to your elected officials regularly and be maybe a little more diplomaticly even when you want to tell them to jump in a fucking lake.

    Kindest regards,

    please note this message has been reviewed by cuss and is approipriate for all viewers
    Mrs. Cuss

  35. Fishleg

    C’mon, now, enough already…cuss and bho boo, now ya’ll kiss and make nice and let’s remember we are all in this mess together!

    Ya’ll cut it out now, and let by-gones be by-gones!

  36. JC


    Glad to see you here…even if by proxy…hello Mrs. Cuss. As long as we are confessing stuff…JC stands for “Just Cause”and I am on a mission to irritate our little progressive.

  37. JC


  38. Cuss

    I like to call him Stoop-id.

  39. Minority

    What’s up I’m new!

  40. Fishleg

    nuts..fishleg don’t stand for nothin’..

  41. Fishleg

    Oh, and I likes to call him starthate.Seems technically accurate to me…Hey Cuss! What’s up?!

  42. Cuss

    Well my sensitivity training teacher called me a racist and told me to leave. I had no place to go , so I’m back where at least I’m appreciated!! LOL!!

  43. JC

    BTW, I was only teasing about it being my mission to irritate stooptohate…I really have been praying for him. He is in need of understanding God’s Word…he has heard the message most of his life…he lacks understanding the Word.

  44. Fishleg

    The troll ya hate to love.

    Nah…I hate him!

  45. shocked

    I am still shocked that Americans voted for Obama after he and his ill tempered wife spoke so ill of USA. she does not respect this beautiful country who gave her everthing that is good. Obama kept saying that there is somthing fundamentally wrong with this country and now on all his foreign tours he keeps apologizing for USA. I think American youth are foolish or is there another reason?

  46. Interested Bystander


    First and foremost, welcome to Obambi. Good to have you here.

    It was not that difficult to actually “vet” Obama on your own.

    Obama and Michelle BOTH have spoken ill of this Country. Of course we haven’t seen alot of what Obama wrote, because he is too embarrassed to release the documents, but in interviews, you can see that he has bought in to the Communist, Socialist agenda.

    All you needed was HIS website, and common sense to understand that you couldn’t implement all of the socialistic things he wanted to do on the backs of those who make over 250 grand. Those that do (did) believe that are either nieve, ignorant or like stophate, idiots.

    Obama will never appologize FOR me. I’m proud of the things this Country has done. The World would not be what it is today if not for the brave men and women who fought against the evil which Germany and Japan tried to bring this World.

    As far as the young, they have been indoctrinated from Kindergarden. I am so glad that I grew up before all of this indoctrination started. A mind is easily manipulated when parents’ hands are tied. Just watch this fall when parents are told their kids can’t attend school without the H1N1 virus. To me, this is another “indoctrination” technique.

    Just look at how our young are today. They are hardly ever outdoors, choosing instead to spend time on their iPODS, computers, telephones, and text message machines. Very few person to person conversations, it’s all done electronically now. They walk around like zombies with their heads shaved, pants around their knees, shoes untied piercings, tatoos and other body modifications under the guise of “individual”. They fail to realize that “individualism” comes form the inside, and not by how you look. But when everyone thinks the same way, then all you can “identify” yourself with is what you offer visually.

    I’m done ranting, it’s nice to have you here at Obambi.

  47. Fishleg

    Hey, Minority!!
    We were all typing at the same time and almost missed you!
    Grab a bag of pork rinds and jump right in!

  48. JC

    Welcome Minority and Shocked,

    We hope you will share your thoughts with us…agreement is not required. We appreciate thoughtful, respectful, and principled based comments.

  49. your mom

    I’M ashamed to be part of this country. i cant believe this garbage u rascist bastards say. im a caucasian american. i have never been so sickened by the white trash assholes that populate this shithole of a country. all u rednecks should get a little education. i bet all of u voted for georgie porgie bush. good luck with your propaganda and rascism douche bags

  50. Anonymous

    whoa! your mom.pretty sure i can call you on all that you just ranted.but
    first i suggest you go back to the drawing board and try all over again.
    you just had a blow out in your baby diaper when your calling people
    racist .you misspelled racist.who needs to get a little education.
    just sayin.

  51. Anonymous

    how and the fuck do you think Obama got those big ears? and how do you think michelle got those huge fucking lips? do you think they sucked their way to the top? they are definitely keeping the houses happy

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