Prettiest Political Figures: #8 Michelle “Cameltoes” Obama

C’mon Fox News, not you too

Picture 5


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13 responses to “Prettiest Political Figures: #8 Michelle “Cameltoes” Obama

  1. Katie

    Check out the nose in the close up. Now we know what happened to Michael Jackson’s original nose.

  2. Troy

    miHELLe = The Missing Link = Sasquatch

  3. ttrishstar

    The media pushes her like she is a goddess. Yikes this is one ugly woman who has so much hate inside it poors on the outside. The only thing the media can promote is her arms. Hell from the chest down very disgusting. Laura Bush had 100% class. this is one classless sasquatch. Shame on the media.

  4. live oak

    She is just Chicago south side mob trash. I can’t believe she dresses like that at the WH….looks like she just got back from the laundromat! No class whatsoever…..never had any at all…doesn’t know the meaning of the word.

  5. Cuss

    I’ll bet the little black manchild screams at night!

  6. bho boo

    a disbarred racist hate-filled shrew who perfected patient dumping and embezzlement in chicago

    yes, such a role model

  7. deedee

    I think I know what the stimulus money is being spent on, rather than on jobs…must be going to pay people to write propaganda pieces on how “Beautiful” Myhelle is. Yuck.

  8. stophate

    If you want to make fun of somebody for the way they look, you should start out with that fat skank kristy.

  9. Fishleg

    Good Lord that monster is butt ugly..The way the state media lies is shameless. I shouldn’t have seen this so close to bedtime now I’m gonna have nightmares.

  10. live oak

    Let’s start with you stopfart, you skanky fat gas bag!!!!!!! Kristy is hot and sexy and beautiful…not at all like you, you skank “ho.” You should be ashamed of yourself!!!!

  11. kristy

    yes, you should start with me

    deuce is 100% correct…

    only problem is… what do I look like?

    deuce at least has an icon to represent him.

    no icon for me, matter of fact, deuce doesn’t even know if I’m a chick or really a dude posing under a chicks nick name just to fuck with libterds heads so I cant be classified?

    furthermore, deuce doesn’t even know if I am White, black, asian, latino, latina, hispanic, semitic, indian or what?

    heh, looks like the pork rinds on you daddy fucker deuce :)

  12. Anonymous


  13. Goff Dogg

    All you bastards can suck my black balls. Michell is a very beautiful black woman as a matter of fact she is beautiful period. I bet all of you’ll are jealous because your wives and mothers are missing all of their teeth. LOL ---> Talk back, don't let them hold you down...

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