Michelle Obama looks like a giant Chimpanzee

It’s a fair observation, right Obot slaves?



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38 responses to “Michelle Obama looks like a giant Chimpanzee

  1. Cuss

    I’m thinking more like Sasquatch. Chimps are cute.

  2. Fishleg

    Gorilla….definitely a gorilla
    maybe a baboon, but her ass is too big

  3. Frosteetoes

    LOL…Love the Bush or Chimp website.

    I think she’s more of a Sasquatch too. Here’s a new sighting of her.

  4. live oak

    You guys are so funny!!! Great photos. MicHELLe is a sasquatch!

    Gorillas are beautiful noble creatures. Yes they are.

  5. live oak

    She always looks like there’s chewing tobacco under her bottom lip.

  6. Frosteetoes

    LOL Skoal..did they put spittoons in the White House?

  7. kristy

    We better stop this

    because micHELLe will get mad and unleash her anger

    I mean, look what happened last time micHELLe got upset with oprah when she thought orca, okra, orpah was stealing her wife barry…

  8. Fishleg

    Haha! I wasn’t expecting that! Kristy you kills me!

  9. stophate

    I see Kristy is back with her special Christian flair.

  10. kristy

    and I see stophate back with his assumptions and misologic flair as well

    welcome back porkie. how was your vacation in the closet with daddie and uncle jimmy?

  11. stophate

    Tell us about your religious beliefs of the week. What are you worshipping this week ? Jesus is the only way to salvation. If you stepped into a church every now and then it wouldn’t kill you.

  12. Fishleg

    Christ said” Who are these that take my name into their mouths and have not known me?”

    You are all about “worry”, there starthate…you want to really worry about something?

    Look up. He is real.

  13. Frosteetoes

    sloppyfuck sticks his dick thru a gloryhole at a rest stop and call it church.

  14. stophate

    I really feel sorry for you.

  15. Fishleg

    Coming from a nobody with no self respect?

  16. kristy

    porkie, even though you want us to beg you to tell us all about how you sucked your dads cock while he held your ears like horse reigns then pulled out to squirt you a facial … we don’t want to hear about it. thats pretty disgusting

    if thats your gig, so be it, just keep it the hell away from us

  17. live oak

    Stopfart leaves his phone number in gas station rest rooms.

  18. kristy

    Haha thats funny sis :)

    he also cuts out glory holes in the stalls and sits waiting for someone to “pop on in”

    he calls it practice for his dad and uncles

  19. Fishleg

    Wait, I though his uncle WAS his dad..

  20. stophate

    Hey Live Oak,
    Is this Vince or is it Carla’s Husband ? I am 100% sure you guys should watch your manners. I would err on the side of friendly if I were you. Quite a few feds up there for a small town.

  21. kristy

    Only feds here are hanging from trees porkie :D

    havent you read the news?

  22. stophate

    What’s Wrong Live Oak ? See any choppers lately ? That would just scare the hell out of me.

  23. kristy

    your not scared though are ya porkie?

    just like that giant cock of your dad’s slowly sliding into your mouth

    oh, hes probably as small as you being it runs in the family

    but hey, what would you care being some tasty father/son time

    when he gives you a facial like the one in your avatar picture do you lick your face off like scooby doo?

  24. kristy

    hey porkie… heres one of your tin gods heros william ayers.

    well, its not billie ayers but one of his victims speaking out. but what does John Murtagh know? he was only 9 when ayers tried to kill him while asleep in his room…

    fucking child killer



    WHEN John Murtagh was 9 years old, Bill Ayers’ friends tried to kill him.

    “I remember my mother’s pulling me from the tangle of sheets and running to the kitchen where my father stood. Through the large windows overlooking the yard, all we could see was the bright glow of flames below. We didn’t leave our burning house for fear of who might be waiting outside,” wrote Murtagh recently in City Journal.

    It wasn’t personal. John’s dad was a judge presiding over a trial of some Black Panthers. John still remembers the red graffiti on the sidewalk the next morning: “Free the Panther 21; The Viet Cong Have Won; Kill the Pigs.”

    As best he recalls, Bernardine Dohrn, who’s now Ayers’ wife, first claimed credit for bombing John’s home in 1970.

    John Murtagh is a now lawyer and Yonkers city councilman running for the state Senate on the GOP ticket. I reached him this week through his campaign. It wasn’t hard.

    Has Barack Obama ever tried?

    Obama was only 8 when Murtagh’s house was bombed. He has nothing to do with the trauma the Murtagh family went through. But Obama was a grown man when he decided his path to power lay through Bill Ayers’ connections.

    In the Chicago establishment, which embraced former terrorists like Ayers and his wife, Obama was encouraged to look beyond the obvious – the lawlessness, the attacks on cops, judges, army outposts – to embrace larger goals.

    What were these goals? How does Obama come to continue to associate with Ayers – a man who can’t bring himself to say to John Murtagh or to John’s mother or any other kin of the attacked: I’m sorry. I was wrong. It was a terrible thing to do.

    Obama’s campaign is busy fudging. His top political adviser claims Obama just didn’t know Ayers’ history when they first met. Bomber? What bomber? Right.

    “If that’s true, Obama has to be the dumbest man who ever graduated from Columbia University and Harvard Law School,” snorts Murtagh. “I don’t buy that at all.”

    Murtagh believes the relationship between the Obamas, Ayers and Dohrn goes back 30 years, to Michelle Obama’s time at Sidley Austin, a law firm that also employed Dohrn.

    Murtagh doesn’t blame Obama for what Ayers and his friends did. He blames Obama for picking a man like Ayers as a friend and mentor – and then covering up the friendship.

    In politics, things get complicated. Truth becomes hard to find. But not this.

    “The night they attacked our home, they also firebombed an army recruiting station out in Brooklyn and police patrol cars outside of Greenwich Village,” notes Murtagh. “Three weeks later, they accidentally blew themselves up. They intended to attack the officer’s club at Fort Dix.”

    Lay your cards on the table, says Murtagh. “Obama’s free to associate with Dohrn and Ayers; that’s his right,” he tells me. “But don’t hide the relationship, and be forthcoming and let people decide the significance of it for themselves.”

  25. kristy

    Who better then the victim them self to say it how it is?

    a 9 year old kid. how pathetic. your god obamas heros and mentors tried to slaughter children… in their sleep even.

    and you still love that cock sucker until the end and have the nerve to mearly question this cocksucker?

    go fuck yourself you child killer

  26. newsbird

    I have a few pictures of Michelle looking worse.
    Take a look Michelle

  27. newsbird

    i tried to send html for the photo but nothing came out
    here is a link to it – i dont’ know how to create a link in comments — is html not allowed?

  28. Frosteetoes

    newsbird, that was frickin scary! I might have to print that out to use for Halloween decorating. Yikes!

  29. SCOTT

    I am not saying that black people look like monkeys, but come on you have to admit Michelle O looks like a big old ugly ape. You are blind if you dont see it

  30. Billy

    Michelle is a carbon copy of the Orangutans living in Indonesia

  31. bella

    i was googling to see if there are others out there who think the same way each time she is shown on tv – why is it racism to state an honest observation?
    michele obama looks like an ape in a dress. no makeup or high couture can mask it.
    i have no specific party affiliation, voting instead on the candidates and issues.

  32. Obama

    It (the chimp) spent too much of our money on vacation. The chimpchelle always took separate flights!

    If they called president Bush, we now have real chimps in whitehouse


    trash obama not each other, come on america

  34. Anonymous

    Obama has got to quit poking m. in the bootie!

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