Shepard Smith likes to bend over for rich gay men @ the saunas of the Bilbenberg group retreats

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Shep Smith became enraged at the nurse, not because she was opposed to the shot. He was pissed that SHE DIDN’T FOLLOW THE SCRIPT. She was supposed to say that she didn’t want the shot because she didn’t want her employer to make it mandatory as a condition of employment.  When she dared to offer a valid reason the shot was unsafe, that “crossed the line”. I’ll just bet he got his ass chewed later for bringing the nurse on to interview her. This shows a classic example of MSM censorship!


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19 responses to “Shepard Smith likes to bend over for rich gay men @ the saunas of the Bilbenberg group retreats

  1. stophate

    Welcome to Faux News.

  2. FoxRox

    No, stophate, Welcome to Sheepdog Smith. What a weenie. I can’t watch the guy. Ugh.

  3. Frosteetoes

    Shepard Smith is a dick. The nurse was merely explaining why they didn’t want to take the vaccine. They should now televise Shep getting the jab into his arm so he doesn’t come off like a hypocritical pussy that he is. How about you stophate, you gonna get you swine fly vaccine?

  4. Lover of Life

    Stoop-to-Hate probably thinks it’s a Spanish Fly shot. Can you imagine him going round and round in a revolving door to get his Spanish Fly shot over and over and over?

  5. stophate

    Yes, I’ve already had my regular flu vaccine and I will be getting the swine flu vaccine soon.

  6. kristy

    good for you deuce

  7. Cuss

    Pork rinds don’t give you enough protection?

  8. Frosteetoes

    Good luck with that stophate. Let us know how you make out, seriously.

  9. bho boo

    Last swine flu more people died of the vaccine than swine flu.
    Shep the bitch-dog Smith is a total yapper for the liberal elites. I love it when they get all pissy, shows who they are.

    Stoopid, I’m very glad you’re getting “the vaccine” last time Baxter made it they accidentally put in avian influenza, but hey that could happen to anybody right?

    And, Obama has made sure you cannot sue the manufacturer.

    Enjoy. You may actually learn what you had put into your corpus at a later date.

  10. Common Hypnotism

    I can’t imagine people that would blindly do literally anything at Oba-mao’s bidding because they think he’s black, and they hate themselves and love black people so much, but hater is a perfect example.

    Wow. Just…Wow.

  11. bho boo

    stooop, really, we ALL want you to get the vaccine.

  12. herbert stamper

    thats right stooptopiss,GET THE SHOT,and not just your daily shot of dr.pauls root injection.

  13. kristy

    the links porkie gave are links who cash in off h1n1

    thats like saying pepsi is better then coca~cola, and heres is the proof…

    what a fucking retard. this cock sucker doesnt even know how to give references to back up his pathetic shallow claims LOL

  14. herbert stamper

    kristy, i love you more every day. you make an old man laugh,and the funniest part of it all is that you are so right. keep on keepin on,and stooptopiss will have a complex. now thats a funny sight to imagine too,a fag,who is in love with obama,and paul,mouthing off with tears in his eyes,and pounding out his frustrations on the keyboard.

  15. Cuss

    It’s easy being right all the time, when you’re right all the time!!

  16. herbert stamper

    Cuss, its so true. never thought of it like that.

  17. herbert stamper

    i allmost feel guilty,having word battles with an idiot like stooptopiss,its too easy. as a way of atonement, i propose we take up a collection,to buy stooptopiss some new panties.

  18. Cuss

    Just remember, need the ones without the dick flap! ---> Talk back, don't let them hold you down...

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