Abby Bennethum has accomplished more than Barry Soetoro

When Staff Sgt. Brett Bennethum was leaving for his one-year deployment to Iraq, saying goodbye to his pregnant wife and two kids was hard to do.

Photo courtesy of Abby Bennethum

But it was perhaps hardest on his 4-year-old daughter, Paige.

When Brett joined his fellow soldiers in formation, getting ready to leave, his daughter followed him, grabbed onto his right hand, and wouldn’t let go.

“I called to her a couple of times, but she wouldn’t budge,” Paige’s mom Abby told the Reading Eagle. “I don’t know if the officers didn’t see her because they were in the back row, or they simply didn’t say anything about her being there. She just wouldn’t let go of him.”

This image just brings us to tears. How powerful.

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4 responses to “Abby Bennethum has accomplished more than Barry Soetoro

  1. JC

    God Bless our troops…they are going to need all the prayers they can get with BHO/Lucifer at the helm.

  2. live oak

    It brings me to tears as well. I love that little girl.
    God Bless all our troops and bring them home safely to their families. You are all my brothers and you are forever in my prayers.

  3. Cuss

    Pray for them to have a true leader and not a hybrid usurper!

  4. Lynn Snell

    My dad is in that picture! He is in Page’s dad’s unit. He is the tallest guy diaginal from Page. ---> Talk back, don't let them hold you down...

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