You Wanna Fuck, Whitey?



I’ll just pet him


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50 responses to “You Wanna Fuck, Whitey?

  1. deedee

    Ha ha! He has the same eyebrows as Mihelle. Must be a fetish!

  2. Cuss

    I’ll bet her dick is bigger!!

  3. Fishleg

    Just look at that faggot. What a fucking joke,

    Thanks obamatron, ACORN and a bunch of muslim money have really trashed up our beautiful country.

    It won’t last, ya’ll find a good hiding place, you Godless assholes.

  4. live oak

    They won’t be able to hide anywhere.

  5. Fishleg

    live oak you are on the money, as always.
    There is no hiding from God our Father.

  6. live oak

    There goes Kenya Boy touching again.That man looks like he’s enjoying it a little too much. He has a creepy smile….it makes me shudder. (I don’t know who he is….probably a UN dolt.
    Kenya Boy is turning grey. The pressure is getting to him… the noose is tightening.

  7. Fishleg

    the apostle sean I gave up on…been fishleg too long.

    Hi live oak!! How’s you and Sea Dog doing??

    You don’t have to answer, cos I am minutes away from falling out, but, HI and thank you for all the work you do here. it means a great deal to all of us!

  8. herbert stamper

    fishleg, hope you slept good,i musta just missed ya,hello all.
    notice how obama had that
    (jusst got slapped away from the table for farting look)?
    he is pissed that she wouldnt share her hubby.
    wonder when he is gonna realize that he is so obvious?

  9. live oak

    Hey Fishbro,
    You’ll see it in the morning then. We’re fine. I’ll catch up with you soon….and thank you. I love all of you very much.

  10. live oak

    Kenya Boy looks very pissy in the second photo.

    I bet he has some nervous tics. I know this is weird…he has a circle around his mouth.

  11. herbert stamper

    fishleg and cuss are right. i wanna get one of those masks and put it on my neighbors black dog and lead him around the town,and see how many people get pissed.

  12. herbert stamper

    live oak, the circles aroun his mouth may soon go away,they are looking for a cure for gonalipstus as we speak. its a rare condition known only in south africans.

  13. Frosteetoes

    @Herb…LMAO!!! That’s great! Wish I had a doggie now so I can dress her/him up to be Obama. I have cats and you know they won’t tolerate that sorta shit cause, well….their cats. And they discriminating taste. It is possible that they might cough up a fur ball in it though.

  14. herbert stamper

    Frosteetoes,i think even a dog would object,but if you sneak it on him and dont let him look in a mirror,who would know the difference?

  15. susan

    God forgive them, they know not what they do. And please forgive their obscene language, a lack of education is the culprit here. Bless them as they are among the lost sheep you are trying to save. God Bless America and help us find a way to overcome the ignorance that is exhibited here. I pray in the name of Jesus, Amen

  16. herbert stamper

    susan,if you have children,you had better save your prayers for them as the socialistic muslim mafia punk in chief is helping to get this globalist agendathing through,and the elitist are having a ball,but the children will suffer,so save your stupidity,and spend it elsewhere,asshole.
    some people are not capable of learning. this bitch deserves what is comming to America.

  17. Don’t worry Susan, Herbert’s small penis must be making him cranky!

  18. herbert stamper

    but big enough to make it difficult for you to breath slut. but you are too skanky so dont ask again.

  19. I seriously doubt it, moron. You should spend some time learning how to spell……

  20. herbert stamper

    what was mis-spelled? your name? i will try again,
    there,hows that?

  21. Cuss

    They just be mad Herbert because dey know brothers love white girls and dey ain’t got a chance being negros! Stupid negros that voted for a hybrid!

  22. herbert stamper

    and if dey got kids day shuld say to dem kids im sorrry i helpt suport yur destrution.

  23. Cuss

    Oh you know dey be gott chilren cause how else dey be havin puters to be tacking on wiff? YO!

  24. herbert stamper

    no doubt bro,and guess who paid for those childens? taxpayers.

  25. Cuss

    Oh yea, dats y dey be all mad and shit. Dey don’t b wantin us whitey asses fucking up all dat hope and change shit dey gots goin!

  26. herbert stamper

    morans cunt figur out hop an chang goin in obamas frinds pokets

  27. herbert stamper

    short one cuss.
    little boy walkin down hallway,its three in the mornin and on his way to bathroom,hears noise from mamas bedroom,peeps in and runs like hell back to his room to wake up little brother,and says go look in mommys room,but be very quiet. baby brother peeps into mommys room and his eyes get as big as pie plates,and looks up at big brother who says thats right little bro,thats the same momma that whipped your butt for sukin your thumb

  28. Cuss

    Hahahahahahahahahahahaha !!!!

  29. herbert stamper

    names were changed to protect the guilty.
    when bill and billary first got married, he was workin late one day,came home to catch hillary walkin out the door with her clothes packed. both grocery bags full,and he said just where the hell you think you are goin? she said,its all over town that you are a child molesterinfalanderer,and i aint livin with no child molestin felanderer.
    he said now thats some mighty big talk for a 13 year old, now get your butt back in the house cuz.

  30. Cuss

    Hahahahahahahahahahahaha !!!!!

  31. herbert stamper

    wonder about what would happen if they got a divorce,would they still be cuzens?

  32. I work for DHS and pay a large sum of money on taxes. My husband and I support our own children who are now in college becoming something other than foul-mouthed strains on the planets’ resources. You probably collect unemployment, you pathetic, impotent moron. Be a good boy now and shut the hell up. FYI, I am white, I voted for McCain, we lost, I got over it and I look forward to 2012. Unlike you I don’t just sit around and spout verbal diarrhea and pretend it’s going to help our cause. There, how’s that? ASS!

  33. kristy

    with a simpleton mind set like irene the democrats sure don’t need any paid obots

    Another swing and miss *watching the real issue fly over irene’s toxic dump called brain matter jet over and irene still doesn’t even see it

    its ok irene, I hear ignorance is bliss. you must be the happiest cunt alive :)

  34. Cuss

    Sure you are irene.

  35. herbert stamper

    i wake up and see all that bullshit this shithead spouted off,and for a moment there,i thought she was talking about me, how absurd! i quickly realized that this loon couldnt possibly be ranting about me,cause im a nice guy.
    dhs my ass,unless it stands for some kind of escort service like Dial Homey Sluts.
    if this loon who speaks for obamanation thinks for a moment she is fooling someone she is even dumber than i thought,and thats really doing something.

  36. herbert stamper

    forgot to say mornin,cuss and kristy! just overslept. going to get ready to ride to bike rally in daytona,gotta show off all the neat obama sucks stickers. did i mention i think you guys are great? have a good day,talk soon.

  37. Fishleg

    I see that holder’s paid sluts can’t stand just “observing”…they just have to speak out and prove what unAmerican satanic bitches they are.

    Save your prayers for yourself, suslut, God is keeping score, and you are all set up to burn, or I’ll see you in my class during the millennium
    and at that time I will teach you discipline in the Word of God.

  38. herbert stamper

    fishleg,just back from daytona. got new stickers,and a lot of people who will be payin visit to,and see for themselves what great bros and sisters i got.

  39. Cuss

    I hope the weather was better there than here in Nashville. It rained all week. I feel like a fucking mushroom!!

  40. herbert stamper

    Cuss, the weather was great once i got there,but as soon as i hit the interstate,it started rainin,and i didnt want to look like a woose,so i just slowed everyone following me to 65 m.p.h. and rode it out. i even enjoyed the rain part,as did the others. we like it rough.

  41. Cuss

    I’m sure there’s nothing better than the sand blaster effect of rain at 65! LOL!

  42. herbert stamper

    forgot to mention bro,i got a windshield to hide behind. i know that sounds like cheating,but im too old and wise to go charging into trees,and picking fights with thunderstorms without some kind of edge.

  43. Cuss

    You got that right. Experience is a great invention!!

  44. herbert stamper

    got to get my nephew over in a day or so to post some pics,you will get a kick out of patches on jacket,and helmet.

  45. Cuss

    I’ll be waiting!

  46. herbert stamper

    did you find my article on oathkeepers?

  47. Cuss

    I need to look it up on my lap top at work. iPhone is too small a screen when looking for new sites. I’ll check it out tomorrow!

  48. Common Hypnotism

    LOL…she’s a fed.

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