Government going to use this as a test for taking away children

INSANE. C’mon leave the kids alone with their parents.

While authorities investigate the family accused of perpetrating the balloon boy hoax to promote a reality show, questions are being raised about whether or not the couple’s three kids should be taken away.

Lee Christian, the lawyer hired by Mayumi Heene to represent her, said neither he nor his client has been contacted by authorities about whether the couple’s children might be taken from them.

However, Larimer County Sheriff Jim Alderden has said child protective services was contacted to investigate the children’s well-being.

The sheriff’s office said its findings will be forwarded to prosecutors next week to decide if Richard and Mayumi Heene should be charged with falsely reporting that their 6-year-old child had drifted away in a large home-built helium balloon to drum up publicity for a reality TV show.

SLIDESHOW: View photos from the alleged hoax

Wendy Murphy, a former prosecutor told CBS News Monday that, “all they have to have is evidence of neglect or abuse.”

“And boy, I think they’ve got plenty of that here,” she said.


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21 responses to “Government going to use this as a test for taking away children

  1. herbert stamper

    they dont want to go there. they may think they do,but believe it,they dont! feel sorry not for me,but the hundreds who will pay before i am taken down,and there ARE others like me who are fed up,and dont care about life as much as stopping the lowlife assholes and their communistic agenda
    let freedom ring!

  2. Fishleg

    I’ll quote my hero, because I mean it with all my heart and soul:
    Give me Liberty, or give me death!

  3. herbert stamper

    right on bro. i would rather die a thousand deaths than see my grandsons future screwed up the way they are tryin to do.

  4. Fishleg

    Christians don’t die, Herb! They don’t believe there is a God in Heaven, but they are fixin’ to find out.

  5. herbert stamper

    i know you are right. i have been there twice,and brought back. some who were there,like my brother say that i am the definition of lucky,but i know better.

  6. herbert stamper

    they will go down pointing fingers at each other,and crying foul,but it will not save their sorry asses. some may not have time to point anything when the shit hits the proverbial fan.
    more and more,i am sitting outside the house with 9 mother mary in my lap,sleeping at night,because its getting nice weather at night,and i want to catch some asshole doing something in my neighborhood that will give me reason to start.

  7. Fishleg

    Oh, shit!
    Get em, Herb!

  8. Frosteetoes

    The parents deserve to be heavily fined for the bullshit but leave the kids alone for crying out loud.

  9. kristy

    Thats how communist socialists always play the game.

    They play the race card, sexist card and the childrens card.

    Which by definition is a coward.

    Not that I ever would because I have way to much respect for the good men here, but in a hypothetical situation, say I met one here, Cuss, Frostee, Herbert, Fishleg and smacked one of you, I would expect to be smacked back.

    Socialist in any form, be it communist, fascist to whatever, use the unwritten common ethics mankind has had for thousands of years, such as “never hit a woman” against the men of society to help push their agenda.

    I do hate to say it, but its true.

    The first target in any socialist take over is the White male. Why? Because statistically they are the real bread winners, the real workers, the real muscle who made the nation what is is.

    An example. The feminist movement during the 60’s was nothing more then a communist movement.

    That pig better known as gloria steinem “may pigs shit and piss in her mouth” was a huge communist radical.

    That pig cunt pushed alot of good women into the corner basically saying “If you do not follow what I say, then you are weak and just a slave to all men!”

    This is so untrue. But that pig did help the decline of the American marital relation. Since then divorce went sky rocketed. Latch door key kids were created. The list goes on.

    Heres a twist… if that cunt gloria steinem was so “strong” then why didn’t that bitch also fight for the right to be randomly selected for the Vietnam war like the men of our great nation?

    Because with communists, all socialists, it is selective protesting.

    No different then blacks protesting for the right to work big CEO jobs, but kind of stay away from protesting for the right to work long hard hours in Japanese factories like Toyota, Mazak, Mitsubishi, etc…

    These radicals only fight for the perks that White men have busted their ass long and hard for, with out having to earn it like all the White men who work in those factories just mentioned.

    I am not saying all women or all blacks for the record, but obviously a high majority to be noticed… yet no one ever talks about it.

    Heres a twist… alot of blacks refused to fight in the Vietnam war, with the excuse “no VC ever called me nigger, so why should I fight them?”

    Although I am against all radical race groups for obvious reasons, and the good men here are as well, here is something to ponder to all the libterds… No klansmen ever called them Honky, Cracker or White Bread so why should they stand against the klan or ayran nation?

    Why, because libterds, they fight for what is right and good.

    This makes the real racists liberals

  10. herbert stamper

    also its interesting that they wanted the majority to rule in africa,and they do now,and what a friggin mess,but here,they want the minority to rule,so we will have another of the same.and if you look at what theyve done to the housing projects,you will see what all of America would look like if this ever happens.

  11. herbert stamper

    mornin bro.,yes its sad day for America,i wake up,and no news about the faginchief being arrested,and tried for treason,its a sad day,but we keep on keepin on,and one day,the world will wake up.

  12. Cuss

    I’m glad I’ve got a 16 & 19 yr. old. I constantly tell them to be aware of what’s going on around them, if not you’re gonna wake up and not recognize your country, then it will be too late!
    Gots to go to work! Take care! Later!!

  13. Frosteetoes

    Liberals, with their revisionist history, will leave out pertinent information to be censored in the name of PC and other bullshit. If you have a used bookstore somewhere nearby, brows around and see if you can find historical text pre-1980 to keep around in your own library.

  14. Cuss

    Shit Frostee, unless you can see it on uboob kids ain’t got time for reading. Everything I try to tell them goes in one ear and out the other! I’m actually afraid that we’ve lost this generation. They won’t know what hit them!

  15. Common Hypnotism

    What hater, pall, no-cojones and the rest of these limousine liberal jackasses don’t have is any life experience on which to base their ridiculous assertations.

    I have worked in the ‘jets in Chicago for plenty of years. These people are, for the most part, a savage and soulless army of hate. They are the African plains moved to an urban location. Predators roam freely, and woe be to the wounded, the sick, the infirm, as they WILL be prey. There is no mercy, there is no morality, there is only the law of the jungle. And it ISN’T my fault, it isn’t “white people’s ” fault and it sure as sugar isn’t George Bush’s fault. It is the fault of the guilty white liberals that have perpetuated the myths and stereotypes, have allowed this entire subclass to flourish, that encouraged, and continue to encourage them to breed generation after generation of entitlement seeking, dependent pawns with no future and no desire for one past a couple rocks, a doubled-up grill, 15o dollar sneakers, and a chance to “hit dat bitch” or find a new “baby-daddy” at every opportunity.

    They don’t have aspirations to be a doctor, a lawyer, a plumber or a manager. They are all going to be NBA players, rappers, or drug lords, cuz they don’t be fittin’ to work fo’ no booshit. Every fucking thing they here is how the system is rigged against them, how the man be keepin’ dem down, how they aren’t smart enough to be required to speak proper English in school, so the nice white teacher respects their culture and lets them use their foul-mouthed guttural patois because otherwise it isn’t fair.

    We understand they just aren’t quite with it enough to show up for a job interview in pressed slacks and a tie, so the liberal human resources directors have to make that allowance and “respect their culture” when they appear with baggy pants saggin’ off ‘dey ass, or don’t show up at all “cuz dey aint’s got no larmin clock”.

    These limousine liberals, these hypocrites, these filth in human form are the racists, are the evil in society. These and the race pimps are the problem and are evil incarnate.

    The blood of every baby shot in the ghetto, the dreams of every minority youth that go up in the smoke of a crack pipe, the cries of every neglected and unwanted child laying in some filthy ghetto apartment while momma be fittin’ to get her freak on with joe, cuz she be gettin a bigger check from dat baby…every one of these lies squarely in their laps.

    They are the single biggest facilitator of the breakdown of this society.

  16. Common Hypnotism

    Thanks Cuss.

    It’s easy to whine and bitch about “racism” from their lofty estates, and safe neighborhoods, their Hollywood mansions and Harvard homes.

    I see the misery. I get it.

    It’s a fucking shame.

  17. herbert stamper

    damnit,Common Hypnotism,you wouldnt make a good libral,or even a good democrat,because you have sense,so that knocks you right out of the D.N.C. and the fact you show no homosexual tenancys,or pedophile THAT knocks you out of being a liberal.
    just messin with you. proud to have your comments to read. it makes me feel good to see each comment from good Americans,who care.

  18. live oak

    Common Hypnotism should run for president. That was beautiful. I love you, man! I’m keeping this…already bookmarked. Sea Dog needs to read it. He’ll be pleased. ---> Talk back, don't let them hold you down...

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