Obama is a Fag

Why would a black man sit so close to a “white” guy on a couch.
Fucking fag dude.

But it wasn’t exactly an ascetic life. There was plenty of time for reading (Gabriel Garcia Marquez, V.S. Naipaul) and listening to music (Van Morrison, the Ohio Players, Bob Dylan). The two, along with others, went out for nights on the town. “He wasn’t entirely a hermit,” Siddiqi said.

Siddiqi said his female friends thought Obama was “a hunk.”

“We were always competing,” he said. “You know how it is. You go to a bar and you try hitting on the girls. He had a lot more success. I wouldn’t outcompete him in picking up girls, that’s for sure.” BULLSHIT

Obama was a tolerant roommate. Siddiqi’s mother, who had never been around a black man, came to visit, and she was rude; Obama was nothing but polite. Siddiqi himself could be intemperate — he called Obama an Uncle Tom, but Obama “was really patient. I’m surprised he suffered me.”

Finally, their relationship started to fray. “I was partying all the time. I was disrupting his studies,” Siddiqi said. Obama moved out.



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15 responses to “Obama is a Fag

  1. herbert stamper

    all you have to do is look up the word fag in the dictionary,and you will find obamas picture.

  2. Frosteetoes

    The pitcher and the catcher from way back. Actually, the dude next to him appears to be more uncomfortable than he does.

  3. kristy

    the one on the right looks like a methed out borat LOL

  4. Bernie

    Siddiqi is a Paki, must have taught Barry some good moves on goats, sheep and camels.
    Barry even went to Pakistan to visit with Siddiqi (wonder what passport he used as US citizens were forbidden to visit Pakistan) and if I am correct I think it was Siddiqi that introduced Barry to Khalid Al Mansour who arranged for the King of Saudi Arabia to get Barry out of Occidental and pay his tuition at Harvard, according to Percy Sutton

  5. Obama is a fucking homo


  6. rusty patterson


  7. Bill

    I have read everything relating to Obama and the only conclusion that I can come to is that he is a liberal cock-sucking FAG!

  8. Tom Osborne

    barry the pig-fucking islamowhore fag-boy makes chris mathews tingly!

  9. Ron Paul Rules

    not that there’s anything wrong with that…hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha

    barry really sucks!

  10. Questionman

    Disugusting sick piece of shite! I mean even a legit conservative person is educated enough to know that the president is not gay and he is an American citizen. OH! By the way, Yes he IS. But what YOU are is an Anti-American shit-for-brain, fucking mentally brain-dead, retarded, racist, bigoted, KKK loving, demented fuckhole! THAT’s what you are!

  11. Fnoinkman

    The only things obomma loves more than being ass-raped by some of his muslim brethren, are their camel’s cocks in his mouth!! That’s how he got the nickname “CamelJizzBoy” in elementary school!!!!

  12. Anonymous

    obama is a queer

  13. Obama is a dirty waud of filthy monkey shit

  14. he is a fucking joke and a bad one at that.
    everything he says and does is pure bullshit
    what a worthless fag

  15. thiswebsiteispointless


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