Barbara Bush vs. Michelle Obama

By Cindy M.
Fresno, CA

RE: Michelle Obama

I noticed how you used the most unflattering photos you could find. I wonder if you wrote anything in the past about how ugly Barbara Bush is or how much W. Bush and his wife look alike.

None of the President’s (past or present) wives have been  very attractive women, with the exception of Jackie O., who was gorgeuos, but I would definately place Michelle Obama with the more attractive wives.

If she did not have any make-up on, she would still look like a woman, which is alot more than I could say for any of the other President’s wives.

I think the rest of you are just haters as usual. Get a life!


Barbara Bush @ Michelle’s Age


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23 responses to “Barbara Bush vs. Michelle Obama

  1. kristy

    Even Barbra Bush in her later years…

    Lets find all the “camel toe” photo’s of her and match them to micHELLe’s camel toe photos

    Wow, kind of lets Barb win that one hands down eh?

    And I think its not a matter of micHELLe being an ugly piece of shit, but calling her this is warranted by how she goes out of her/his/its way to be as disgusting as can be… such as the first, first lady “man” to show camel toe…

    Theres no call for camel toe in ANY of the pictures, and it wasn’t once, or twice, or three times… camel toe on micHELLe is an almost regular event.

    Not to mention love them wild color chuck taylors…

    Wow, that screams dignified… among the crack whores.

    What this cunt cindy m fails to see “or willingly avoids seeing” is the fact using these pictures of micHELLe and referring to micHELLe as a knuckle dragging skunk ape is due to lack of respect…

    and while respect is EARNED not GIVEN

    I repeat for cindy m who needs to be told twice…

    and while respect is EARNED not GIVEN…

    therefore this answers why micHELLe the camel toe, knuckle dragging skunk ape is shown absolutely NO respect among us

    just like cindy m has earned absolutely no respect from me for asking such a fucking dumb shitish question.

    cindy m… you tell us to get a life?

    listen carefully cindy m… get a fucking brain. and some education as well. getting some self worth and dignity would actually not only help benefit your life, but also help open your eyes to see why we do and say what we do and say.

    We are not obligated to be your teacher, so if you ask a stupid question like you just did, well, you got your answer plain and clear, bluntly too I might add.

    if you still can’t understand… this is your problem to deal with, not my problem or anyone elses problem.

    Because last I checked, you aint my daughter for me to rear and teach.

  2. kristy

    One thing that has come to light which is ironic and also humorous as well from all this…

    The libterds are really finding less reasons to be contemptuous and hateful towards America. They will always be this way, its just their finding the most pathetic things to bitch about America such as trying to say how beautiful micHELLe is compared to pat first ladies.

    I mean thats really scraping the bottom of the barrel looking for reasons to keep the william ayers,abby hoffman, jane fonda boat floating.

    Pretty soon the only thing libterds will have to say is… America sucks because the sand on the East coast beaches are not the same in measurement on the West coast therefore America is SOooooo disorganized.

    On that note, libterds don’t need a life, they just need euthanasia, self administered being life in general is such a burden for them.

    Good thing I don’t work for a suicide hot line huh?

  3. its mostly the 98% of black idiots who think that Michelle represents them.

    Michelle could care less about them.

  4. kristy

    honestly, micHELLe could care less about her/his/its two own daughters.

    That makes the skunk ape all the more despicable and sick.

    What kind of example is “it” giving to those children? Knowing “it” could of provided much better of a roll model but choose not to for the sake of being ghetto like?

  5. Cuss

    micHELLe was picked to be the little DICK-tators wife. So he could be ligit. Nothing more nothing less. And daddy bush was legally the president. Not this lying usurping little DICK- tator! And cindy, you think she’s so fucking hot you fuck her you dike!!

  6. Cuss

    If micHELLe’s this fucking ugly now, imagine what it’ll look like when IT gets older!! LMFAO!!

  7. Cuss

    You know Klingon females don’t age gracefully.

  8. kristy

    Cuss said: “If micHELLe’s this fucking ugly now, imagine what it’ll look like when IT gets older!! LMFAO!!”

    Thank you Sir… I will be skipping supper this evening due to unerasable mental graphic images


  9. Cuss

    That’s what you get for making me hungry last night! :))))

  10. herbert stamper

    no wife of ANY president ever said AMERICA is a mean country,or ive never been proud of my country before,so i figure she deserves to be shipped off to a deserted island where she can start her own CUNTry.

  11. kristy

    Oh Cuss Sir, you silly, your supposed to say… awww kristy …


    And as for Herbert, again you are totally correct :)

  12. Cuss

    Awww Kristy, I’m hungry :))))

  13. Frosteetoes

    Barbara Bush looks stunning in that photo. I’ve seen drag queens look more elegant than the knuckle dragging skunk ape. Has Michelle started flinging her poop around the White House yet?

  14. Cuss

    I think so Frostee, they said the occupiers were decorating.

  15. herbert stamper

    they had better keep the crew full time. ive seen first hand how these animals treat government housing.

  16. Cuss

    And Sasquatch running around barefoot on the grass will surely kill the grass !!

  17. herbert stamper

    they will have to call another landscaper,i will not touch that job. they dont have that much money.

  18. herbert stamper

    trying to get a picture off my pics,and post it here,cant figure it out. any ideas anyone?

  19. Lover of Life

    Cindy : “…I would definitely place Michelle Obama with the more attractive wives.”
    Yeh, if they were all SKANKS like her!
    And probably you too, Cindy!

  20. Cuss

    Presidents of communist countries maybe Lover!!
    Herbert I’m totally computer illiterate! What I’m doing now amazes me!!

  21. Cuss

    iPhone battery at 10%. Time for bed. Nite all!!

  22. live oak

    Barbara Bush is so pretty. I never knew what she looked like when she was that young.

  23. herbert stamper

    cindy is from california,they still support people like waxman,and piglosi,even though their state is in a toilet because of them,so i give cindy credit for figuring out how to spell her name,and not much more. i am kinda sure she is not too much to look at,because she is so angry about good looking people like barbara bush,sarah palin,and other conservatives,while guys are climbing over her to get in a corner to jack off. ---> Talk back, don't let them hold you down...

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