Go count your cash David



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3 responses to “Go count your cash David

  1. live oak

    Okay so I couldn’t resist posting this. It’s from Orly’s site at the top of the page for now. If you go look yourself, you may have to scroll down a little bit. I like Jack…..he is such an optimist! And Orly answers him too. Here it is…..

    Submitted on 2009/10/31 at 4:35pm

    Bottom line, Judge Carter is letting Congress deal with the political stink of Obama — rather than the Constitutional nightmare of endeavoring to have a Court deal with it.

    I now beleive Judge Carter masterfully did this in a way that there’s nothing the Govt. Obama Team can appeal or delay by appeal, since, after all, they did get a Dismissal Granted; it’s just that it’s NOT a dismissal of the claim which is still redressable, that being Keyes for fraud in tort.


    I will look at the final judgment. If there will be any opening in it, I will walk right through.

  2. live oak

    This was posted this morning. It shows how corrupted Carter really is. He has ruined his career and I think will be a pariah from now on. The whole country is furious with him and he knows it. People were saying that all businesses should refuse him service wherever he goes. Can you imagine? Orly’s answer is a heartache.

    Question about RICO and my answer

    Posted on | November 1, 2009 | 2 Comments
    Submitted on 2009/11/01 at 4:08am

    Dear All, I am still for the motion of charging obama for fraud under R.I.C.O. using 39 SS#’s and having 50 addresses in the USA. This to me stands out like the proverbial sore thumb!

    Answer: My concern is, that for RICO we need conspiracy, we need to show, who else participated. To find connections with others, we need discovery. We asked Carter for discovery. Originally he allowed discovery to proceed even before scheduling conference, but then he made 180 turn, stayed discovery (stopped it) and ultimately dismissed the case with a decision that looks like it was written by Obama’s defense firm. People are saying that he was threatened and pressured. I don’t know what exactly was the pressure. What he was afraid of ? Judge Land is relatively young- late 40s, clearly wants a career promotion within Obama regime, but Judge Carter looks like he is in late 60s. I was hoping that in this age he would put the country ahead of his career, how many years does he have left to work? People are saying that he was threatened. If he was, he has much more protection then I do. I have no protection and get death threats and my car was already tampered with. His courtroom was swarming with secret service and security. If he were to go public about threats, if he were to identify ones who threatened him, we could start fighting back this mafia that took over the country. Yet he cowered under pressure. He used his order to promote Obama plant Gary Kreep and attack me, even though he knew that I was the one who brought this action and all the other actions and I was the only one who was really fighting, while Kreep joined this case the last moment and used it as a money making machine. He did something absolutely despicable for a judge. He included in his order mention of some letters he got from scum, who alleged that I suborned perjury. It never happened, there was no shred of evidence, I had no opportunity to read those letters, to respond, to deny such allegations. As a judge he knew that he had no right to include such slander. He simply allowed this mafia to play their usual game, their usual set up, to use him, a federal judge, as a tool, to assassinate my character. This is cowardness at best, selling out at worst. Even if Carter provides an opening in his final judgment, how do you go back and argue any case in front of a person like this, how do you address him “your honor”?


  3. Cuss

    WE THE PEOPLE are more powerful than any corrupt judicial system!! Take back our party, take back our country!!

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