How big is Obama’s dick?


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15 responses to “How big is Obama’s dick?

  1. kristy


    now thats funny :D

    ……… and Soooooo true LOL

  2. guess who

    That’s how big it is when it is erect!LOL

  3. Frosteetoes

    LOL…and I thought he had a pencil dick.

  4. Mac

    WRONG! Obama’s packing a big whopping ten incher! There’s SEVERAL awesome pics online showing off the outline of a VERY well-hung penis between our beloved leader’s sexy thighs. YUM!

  5. kristy

    mac, you definitely mistaken that for her husband the knuckle dragging skunk ape micHELLe’s cock… suiting for the GCOTUS “gutless coward of the United States”

  6. Frosteetoes

    What’s for dinner tonite?

    Mac and Obama’s schmegma cheese.

    Fortunately for you Mac that Obama has a lil wiener, won’t hurt so much when he inserts it into your bung hole.

    Queer ass mother fucker!

  7. Tom Osborne

    obama is a dickhead. hermaphrodite moochelle impregnated herself.

  8. Wow you people are fucking pathetic

    Wow you people are retards, kill yourselves.

  9. Anonymous

    Roughly the size of the collective tea party’s dicks.

  10. Anonymous

    im 12 and bigger than him

  11. Obama's dikc

    i may be small but i satisfy dat ass…
    ass ass ass ass ASS ASS ASS ASS

  12. Big dicks

    Obama has so big of a dick that it go in his wifes mouth and come out of her ass

  13. Ann

    Big enough for raids eye

  14. Dawn chu beeze tawken bouts ays Presserdent dats wayze. He beeze a reel man an sheitt! Gnomesayen?!?!

  15. He doesn’t have a dick. He’s been fucked in the asshole so much that he turned into a girl. ---> Talk back, don't let them hold you down...

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