Have no idea how this video went past us


Barney Frank, the NWO agent


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25 responses to “Have no idea how this video went past us

  1. herbert stamper

    libterds need to watch this,and ask themselves what the hell is going on with trillions of dollars missing from fed res.

  2. kristy

    barney frank, what a flaming homo piece of shit

    and libterds take this piece of shit serious LOL

  3. kristy

    the fucken homo barney frank can’t even talk with out sounding like hes got a huge dick in his mouth anyhow

  4. herbert stamper

    franks is a joke,and the people of mass are screwed up because that is one of the original collonie states. they should know MORE about history,and what we stand for. they should get a clue about how franks helped dodd and other demorats fool that stupid asshole bush,into believing that the system was okay. that is what started the downfall of Americas economic meltdown. obama has doubled down on the debt,and deficit,and will keep trying to turn this into another third world country.

  5. kristy

    it is hilarious hearing that fag fuck try to talk though…

    Iw Iwww Iwww awm bawwny ffwankz

    what a flame tard

  6. herbert stamper

    i would get a kick out of seeing him and babawa wauters together. that would be one funnyassed interview.

  7. Fishleg

    Proverbs 15:3

    The eyes of the Lord are in every place, beholding the evil and the good.

  8. trish

    Barney Frank needs to get a bigger weiner. It shows how he talks, he has a little one thats why he talks funny. Barney must upgrade big time.

  9. kristy

    barney actually has a huge dick

    he pops it out of his mouth and ass before going to bed at night

  10. live oak

    Bachmann makes Geitner and Bernake SOOO nervous. I loved it. Bernake was talking at 100 mph and it looked to me like Geitner was blushing.
    Every one of those males make me sick, especially Frank. (I refuse to call them men. They are not.)

  11. herbert stamper

    live oak,are yall going to tea party in daytona wednesday ? just wondering if i would see yall there. i will be riding motorcycle,and brother has made plans to haul some people there in lincoln.
    would love to meet you and sea dog.
    wish all here could make it.

  12. live oak

    I don’t think so Herbert. Sea Dog is working and I’m busy too. I’m certain we’ll meet someday soon though as we live in the same state.
    If we ever get out of this mess, I’ll meet you at Kristy’s house for the patriot party and Obambi better be there. They’re the ones that brought us all together.
    God bless you Herbert! We love you…..we all love you.

  13. herbert stamper

    right back at ya kid.
    i will make a lot of noise for you since you cannot be there. i think they will like the new air horn. its unbelievable the noise that thing makes,you would not think that much noise could come from a bike.

  14. herbert stamper

    by the way,i hope we all get the chance to meet up at kristys,and obambi.com are there,i wanna hug all yall.

  15. live oak

    You’re so funny Herbert. Make LOTS of noise for us!!! You’re the best!!!

    I’ll be at Kristy’s and I’ll help her with everything, and maybe I’ll do some baking for you guys too. I’ll pack my favorite bee mould that I use for shortbread cookies. Thjey’re so good and beautiful to look at. I make them at Christmas because they’re so special. I also have 2 antique German cookie moulds that my Aunt Mummy Jane gave me; one is Rumplestiltskin and the other is Stroll Peter. Just wait til you see them and taste them; they are out of this world!

  16. herbert stamper

    have no doubt we will make it .

  17. Cuss

    We don’t need anymore fucking tea parties. Those facist fucks could care less if we meet and talk about being pissed. They do not fear WE THE PEOPLE!!
    talk is becoming cheap to these fuckers.

  18. live oak

    It’s time for all true patriots in this entire nation to rise up. Get ready to lock and load.

  19. Cuss

    All the states need conservative leaders to tell the federal gov’nt to kiss their ass! There is nothing constitutionL about any of this bullshit and we refuse to follow. Just because a law is passed, a law that is not legal, does not make it a law.
    And if it takes locking and loading, do be it!

  20. herbert stamper

    saturday night,we were told by the politicians that our opinion doesnt matter,and that we are going to bend to their will, like it or not.
    wednesday,i will be making my first speech in public,at daytona. there,i will have to be one hundred percent,no more screwing around,and sounding more radical than i am. i realize that i must call for support of people like jon voight,and chuck norris,ted nugent,and bachman. i must plead for ALL good AMERICANS to get off the couch,and march up the steps to congress,and tell these politicians who voted for this joke to get out of OUR house.
    pray God give me strenth,and wisdom,and power to put his convictions into the PATRIOTS of AMERICA.the hearts of good men and women can turn the tide. the determination to refuse to go gently into that goodnight should be fed,and nurtured,and allowed to grow within us all,and we will not go down without a fight.
    gotta go,i need to get things ready for the trip,and i have a speech to work on,so please keep the faith in God,for faith in everything else can be betrayed,while God NEVER betrays,he,like me has no respect of man. unlike most who have such a strong faith,i have an uncontrollable urge deep inside,to avenge. that spirit for so long has been kept down,but it is now time to rise up,and make loud noises that will rock the senate,and house out of their sleep.
    God bless all,and may you know peace.

  21. herbert stamper

    just need to get out of my system one more time before i go,one more radical noise, SCREW YOU<NANCY!!

  22. herbert stamper

    fishleg,need your help buddy,need a hand with a speech,i have committed to do,and need to talk to you for a minuate. call me,or i will call you in a few minuates. just want to make it at your convienience. thanks brother.

  23. Fishleg

    Herb..I’ll call you first thing Monday morning.

  24. herbert stamper

    thanks bro. i just need your input on something. i am no speaker,but the time for standing up has come,and i have more than enough courage to do what i have to even though i hate speaking to large audiences.have a good night bro,talk soon.

  25. Fishleg

    You’ll be just fine. No worries!

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