Go fuck yourself Nancy Pelosi


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47 responses to “Go fuck yourself Nancy Pelosi

  1. kristy

    I agree, fuck pigloser

    but thing is, the republicans are just acting like a bunch of snivling little cry baby bitches and nothing more

    they have this whoa is me attitude, like they couldnt do any more

    sure they could of done alot more… but they didnt want to

    they just wanted to give the illusion they “put up a fight”, but socailized health care just got in… but keep voting republican because one day, they will fix it…

    no, both are the same party

    so while yes, fuck pigloser… fuck that whiny cocksucker mark souder as well. he could of fought harder if he truly wanted to… if hes that politically weak, means he cant do the job… proof to get the hell out of office then

    Sorry, but I officially have NO use for any of those cock suckers in washington at all.

    hes even jumping around like some little bitch crying because mommie put the wrong color frosting on his birthday cake.

    why couldnt he of fought harder? why couldnt ANY of the republicans fought harder? all they did was cry because pigloser wouldnt allow them to read the bill in a decent amount of time. then this would mean pigloser has much more power then I think she deserves, and I dont think she is all that fucking powerful truth be told

    this is all a fucking vaudeville show, song and dance, to rally up sides for the cause of one party made to look like two fighting it out, nothing more

  2. kristy

    Dont get me wrong. I would love it if this were true, him slamming pigloser… but lets look at some facts first

    the republican camp never made much an effort to actually fight the bill, only bitch about it and restrictions of their limited time frame.

    the republicans didnt make any more of an effort to my knowledge to make this bill public and legible then the communists did either

    now the republicans are whining for sympathy trying to look like the down trodden souls. good way to start winning approval ratings to flood the senate in with RINO’s 2010

    I really just see this as a staged opportunity for the RINO’s to storm troop in under the communist ticket acting like they have been oppressed

    their ALL corrupt and twisted and ALL need to be thrown the fuck out

  3. Fishleg

    it is all a play…just a play.

    There is NO WAY around revolution.

  4. live oak

    Fuck Pigloser and all the assholes who voted for this bill. They will rue the day.

  5. Cuss

    If the republicans were serious, they’d go back to their constituants, create a massive ground swell. With their support we could take back our country! These fucking commie lib pukes are going to keep on until WE THE PEOPLE physically remove them from office! They act like they have no fear of WE THE PEOPLE! Well they better start!

  6. Common Hypnotism

    In my years on this earth, this is the single most disenfranchised, disgusted and angry I have EVER felt at this joke we call congress.

    Filled with unprincipled, amoral, sanctimonious, thieving, over-entitled scum that, if they had any shred of integrity upon election, they lose it the moment they taste the power available to them.

    Shedding any higher purpose or honor they abandon principle and truth and couch their defection from honesty as “pragmatism” or “political necessity”.

    This cesspool of rot needs to be emptied and disinfected once and for all, and never allowed to fester like this again.

    Lady Liberty today sheds a tear at the crumbling of our republic caused by the amoral filth of the radical left.

  7. Cuss

    CH, can you imagine if for so horrible reason these fuckers maintain control in 2010? How pissed will we all be then?! I truley think that will be the end of our freedoms forever!

  8. deedee

    Fuck u, Nazi Cuntosi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. live oak

    You rock! You always make me laugh. I love you, man!

  10. herbert stamper

    cuss has it right,we MUST remove them from office. physically,and put them in jail and try for treason. then,and only then,we will have the country back in order.

  11. JC

    Dear Republican Party,

    As an honest hard working American that helps to pay your salary, I am appalled that you sit day after day in your offices tweedling your thumbs and whining how you can do nothing to stop the likes of Pelosi and Obama.

    What the world needs now is a leader, an honest to God rightous leader that cares not for what the rest of the world thinks. You have left your base of freedom loving, hardworking, Constitution respecting Americans…only to pander to the so called moderates, who by the way would sell you and us to the democrats if they thought they would get away with it.

    Instead of whining and trying to lay blame at every door but your own…take a good hard honest look at yourselves…you lie to us, you cheat us, you steal from us, you coddle the whoremongers among you, you turn a blind eye to wrong doing of your own party, you choose to represent special interests over us (the voter that has entrusted you to represent us…not the ungodly bankers and big business). You ask of us things that you yourselves would never in a million years consent to for yourselves. Shame on you all…for your selling out of the American public.

    Dear Democratic Party,

    As an honest hard working American that helps to pay your salary, I am appalled that you sit day after day in your offices patting yourselves on the back for thinking up ways to usurp the very Constitution that our Creator bestowed upon us.

    How dare you ignore your constituants by voting for this God awful healthcare bill. You smug, smarmy, hate filled morons…how dare you use this bill to further your agenda of controlling us. This attempt by you to dictate to us all aspects of our lives is known world wide as slavery.

    You sit in your ivory towers and hand down legislation that we must answer too, yet you allow members of your party to continue to serve themselves at our expense, you spend away our children’s futures, you have worshipped at the alter of big business all the while ignoring our pleas, you turn a blind eye to a world that would destroy us (so that those who would do us harm…will love us), you hide behind laws that you enacted to keep us in servitude to you and your outrageous lifestyle of big spending, you lie to us, you cheat us, you steal from us…all the while telling us that this if for our own good. You have tried to take away our faith, our God, our country, you have appointed judges that do not respect our Constitution, let alone law abiding citizens. You coddle and encourage those that break our immigration laws by continuing to deny that they are criminals. You worship at the alter of big government over a good and loving God that has blessed us over all other nations on earth. You despise anyone who would hold God in a higher regard than your agenda. You are guilty of selling us out to the highest bidder…that bidder by the way is China. Shame on you all…for selling out the American public.

    To the American Public,

    WE THE PEOPLE have been duped by both parties. They no longer work to serve us…they work to enslave us. They work to deny us our rights as bestowed by our Creator. They work to destroy and decimate our Constitution. They work to rule over us without our consent. They work to divide us…by color, by religion, by economic class. They work to force upon us what we know to be sinful in the eyes of our God. They work to deny us the right to our wages…earned by us. They work toward a global government…that we will pay for.

    Let us look past the what divides us…because deep in our hearts, we know the things that divide us matter not one whit if we are no longer a free people.

    Send your congressman and senator a note let them know just how unhappy you are about the service they are providing to you.

    I have always been taught that there are no free rides in life…it is time that we remind those in Washington of that.

  12. Cuss

    Well said JC! every small business in America, from the mom and pops to the contractors, truck drivers everyone should take one day and strike! Bring this country to a stand still and tell these worthless fucks in Washington that this is just a sample of what we will do. You want our hard earned tax dollars, you’re going to have to find somewhere else to get it from when you put us out of business!

  13. Cuss

    you don’t have to go anywhere, meet anyone, you just park your vehicles, stay home and shut this country down for one day!

  14. live oak

    I’m tempted to not pay our taxes. What are they going to do if most of the country doesn’t do that? Put us all in jail?? I don’t think so.
    We (meaning the entire country)should all be brave and not pay any taxes. That would work! Also I hope the states that already put in place the steps to secede from the Union follow through. If Texas did it first, others would follow…OK, NH (YAY!!! my prior home state!!!!) and they would fold like a house of cards. That would work too.

  15. interesting concept nonetheless

  16. live oak

    I think JC’s and Cuss’ ideas are great.

    What if no one went to work for a whole week?
    I know that’s impossible, so many of us are hurting and worried, but it would work too.

  17. live oak

    I was just adding what I’d been thinking about today on and off. It fit in with their comments.

  18. Common Hypnotism


    Right. Fucking. On.

  19. Cuss

    I think just one day could cripple the infra structure. Send a message that this is what it will be like if you keep taking our money. We’ll stop working too and let the gov’nt pay for everything. DON’T FUCK WITH WE THE PEOPLE!

  20. Fishleg

    This satanic bunch doesn’t get ‘messages’.
    They know full good and well what they’re doing, and that Americans are starting to boil, and they could care less.

    I’m just a ray of sunshine today, ain’t I?

  21. live oak

    I love you guys!

  22. JC


    Alas…you are right again. Our so called “leaders” have been running amok for so long that they have been lulled into thinking that the American public will just go along to get along! They are all emissaries of Satan…they pledge to serve and uphold his evil.

  23. Cuss

    I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t have a leader at the moment. I’ll have to make my own decisions as to what to do!

  24. JC

    The only leader (authority) I recognize is Jesus Christ the Son of the Most High God! The rest of the self appointed world leaders can kiss my butt…

  25. Fishleg

    Its a shame, and I’m not trying to be a bummer, but, frankly Americans HAVE been going along to get along, and it has to stop.
    I mean, come on..there were damn near 2 million patriots marching in DC and they did not bat an eye.

    The deadly headwound must be dealt. Being a man, I suppose all I can envision is all of us running the streets with firearms drawn, but there may be other ways.I like the idea of everyone not paying taxes…talk about an attention getter when April 16th rolls around, and the mailman drives past the IRS…
    heh…that makes me smile a little right there…..

  26. JC


    You are no bummer…the truth, no matter how painful must be told…

  27. kristy

    Just remember, this bill isn’t a done deal yet. It still must go through the senate.

    Yes, the senate is JUST as corrupt.

    But its not a done deal yet.

    Whining to the senate will work as well as whining to the house of reps, alot of good that did.

    We need to push and let them know if they pass this we will hit them where it hurts them the most… their pocket book.

    Hey, its like a poker game and no I am NOT into gambling. But just because you dont have 4 ace’s doesnt mean you cant make them THINK you dont have 4 aces

    Make those mother fuckers actually believe… you dont vote this in you have my vote for your re-election.

    Once we get what we want, this health reform scrapped, vote in who we want using responsible voting.

    However, I can see the senate now carry this into 2010 and use this to put over our heads until election

    Two vital things must be done… educate yourself, and most importantly pray and keep faith in Jesus.

    Yes, I talk about reading works on older philosophers to teach how these monsters where taught to make them the slime they are today to better know how to fight them back, but I do urge, please listen to Fishleg… Fishleg is a man of God and knows the scripture better then anyone I have met.

    I do not say this sarcastically but a spiritual awakening is just as important if not more so.

    Yes. Read Ayn Rand, but also keep Jesus Christ close in your heart.

    In no way am I trying to “toss” Fishleg into the spotlight, but he is a man of God who is much needed for these dark times. He is filled with deep knowledge and understanding of the Lord who has proven if you are in any question he is willing to help.

    God bless all, and Thank the Lord Christ that He has blessed us with such a good God fearing man with understanding to help aid our souls being Fishleg during these most dark times.

  28. herbert stamper

    fishleg,left post on have no idea how this video got past us. other post.check it out,thanks bro.

  29. Fishleg

    Well, you folks are too kind…I am a servant, but also a bruiser.
    Christ said He isn’t coming to bring peace, but a fire…and how happy He will be to see the fire already kindled.

    Its up to us to kindle that fire. Make no mistake..He will bring peace, but that will come after the assholes are scorched.
    Truth is the weapon of choice. Speak it with no reserve.
    But now I’m preaching to the choir…we talk truth on this site constantly, that’s why the obots get so nutty around here.
    satan cannot withstand truth.

  30. herbert stamper

    truth can stand in a hurricane,like the beacon that directs all decent people home,while the slightest breeze can topple the lie.

  31. tom


  32. JC

    Here ya’ go just a little something to think about….somewhere out there there is a Mr. Pelosi…poor fellow!

  33. live oak

    Don’t eat Starkist tuna. It’s Peloser’s…their family fortune….cash cow.

  34. JC

    live oak,

    I did not know that…we do not eat tuna anyway. But I will be certain to pass that along.

  35. kristy

    I didn’t know this either but at the same time I dont consume tuna myself as well

    Will pass this along and thanks for the notice on this.

  36. common hypnotism

    Canned tuna and pelousy…hmmmm. Now what could they possibly have in common?

  37. herbert stamper

    when i get notiffication of post no likn comes with it to link to so i have to back out of mail,then go to favs,then wait for this slow computor to bring it up,so i wont be on computor much,but wanted to say hi to everyone,and bye at the same time,for a couple of days. leaving in the morning early,so i can get there real early. it is raining,so if its still raining in the morn i will leave in truck. God Bless ALL here.

  38. JC

    My prayers to you Herbert…

  39. common hypnotism

    Godspeed, Herbert Stamper.

    Thank you, sincerely, for your efforts.

  40. herbert stamper

    i suddenly realize,that the message,go fuck yourself nancy piglosi,could really require another response,and it has been so simple i marvel at the fact i didnt think of it sooner.
    she would have to fuck herself,if she is indeed ever to get fucked,cause nobody else really wants to sink that low.even her dog has his eyes shut while humping her leg.

  41. Jack

    Herbert, Amen to that!

    Although, Nancy seems to finally be having some problems with that BS Healthcare Bill, I pray it fails. The best thing would be Brown wins in Mass. and drives the stake through the bills heart, so fitting Kennedy’s seat kills Bill!

  42. herbert stamper

    Jack, you are absofrigginlutly right. that bill needs to be killed.i admire the answer brown had for them when they said something about him trying for kennedys seat. he said it is not kennedys seat,it is the peoples seat.
    we need more people like brown,and marco rubio.

  43. Tater Salad

    Breaking News:

    The United States Constitution has just been found in a dumpster behind the White House. Further details to follow:


  44. herbert stamper

    Tater Salad, they are trying to throw out the very memory of the framers,but America is strong and will survive. i just hope more people take notice of what the loons are trying to teach the youth in public schools. it is scary,believe me,i was married to one of these leftwingnut libterd bitches,and it aint pretty.(neither was she)

  45. JC

    Here ya go…this is a real news headline from NC…

    The schools are going to teach US history from 1877 forward…anything that took place before that will not be addressed!

    So do we really need to wonder how/why our children do not understand our history. I am reminded of the saying “those who win write the history books.”

    So if you are a parent check out what is being taught just as much as the things that are not being taught. Do not let National Education Association and their agenda go unchallenged!

  46. Anonymous

    Oh I Wanted to say that for so long!

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