The NWO knows that 90% of the world’s population is extremely dumb


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7 responses to “The NWO knows that 90% of the world’s population is extremely dumb

  1. And why are so many people dumb idiots? In the UK, it seems to be because they have totally dumbed down the education system. As a supply (substitute) teacher I get sent to all sorts of schools. Last week I was at a primary school with a class of 5 year-olds, none of whom could go through the, “If you get lost,” script that my three-year-old grandson knows: your full name; your mummy’s name; your daddy’s name; your address. These were all children who had spent two years in the nursery attached to the school.

    So, it starts early, though the children who are coming into nurseries now probably spend a great deal of their time sitting in front of the telly. We have CBeebies children’s channel that starts early in the morning and goes on all day. Then there are the 24 hour cartoon channels and the NWO can dumb down our kids from the time they can focus on a TV set.

    Later on in the system, in secondary schools, most subjects now have an element of “coursework,” to gain qualifications. The teachers do most of this for a good percentage of the kids. When the education authority does nearly everything for the children, a dumbed down society is the result.

    On the radio, last week, I heard a university lecturer giving an example of a dumbed down science test for year 8 pupils: “What is the energy source for solar powered lights?”

    Then there was the test I supervised with year 8 pupils: “What is the result of the reaction between a metal and an acid?” This answer was typical of the standard I was looking at: answer, “vinigur and worter.”

  2. Fishleg

    That is quite sad, Anna..but Biblically sound, for the book of Zechariah reports that satan uses public education as a tool..1/4 of his power structure.

  3. It’s truly sad, Fishleg. Lots of kids are just quite content to let the teachers do it all and don’t care. Some, though, want to do their best, but don’t know how and appreciate help to work for themselves. Others, so that the school can maintain its place in the league tables, don’t have the ability even to follow the very straightforward instructions from teachers on how to answer every question, but we’re getting them through and out the door with certificates, high expectations and going into jobs they won’t be able to do, because although they have the bit of paper, they don’t have the ability.

    One lovely young girl I worked with was very keen to get a qualification. In my subject, the coursework can be the equivalent of 4 passes in other subjects. So, that would potentially get someone a decent job in an office, a bank etc.

    Now, this young girl didn’t understand the questions. So, I wrote out answers in short paragraphs and asked her to put it into her own words. She couldn’t. So, I wrote it out again and told her just to copy it. She was so pleased. She then told me that she had just sat an intelligence test and had done really well. “I got 85 out of 100. That’s good, isn’t it?” I didn’t know what to say. In an effort to get as many kids through the system as possible with a piece of paper, we are setting some young people up for failure. The education system is setting our society up for failure by dumbing down what we offer to the majority of young people.

  4. Fishleg

    It is a sad state of affairs, Anna. It has been slowly culminating over a long period of time, and we see the result.
    This is the last generation of this age, and I am afraid that satan has accomplished many of his goals. He won’t win, but many people have suffered in his battle against Christ.
    American children are so sottish now, it is quite remarkable, and as you can see, the youngsters have helped the communists into the White House and have no earthly idea of what they’ve done, or how tragic the consequences shall be.
    What is there left to say?

  5. Fishleg, I feel that the education my generation received is a long way distant in the past. Some time ago, I was covering a science lesson, when I noticed that the teacher who used the room had a book shelf, crammed with old textbooks. My chemistry book was there and it was quite enlightening to compare with modern books. That old one was text and information rich, with a few line drawings while modern ones are more like comic books with small chunks of text.
    I went to school in Scotland, to Presbyterian schools, where we were taught the basics at primary school. I am now regularly coming across even year 11 pupils who don’t know times tables and I have even found a few year 11s in mainstream schools, counting on their fingers!

  6. Fishleg

    I graduated in 1982, mostly a student of the 1970s, and they taught me little to nothing even then…I am thankful to God that I was always hungry for knowledge, and for my mother buying me a set of World Book Encyclopedias!

  7. I graduated in 1976, possibly amongst the last of the truly “old school.” I was one of a large working-class family, but my mother used to troop into the local Carnegie library with us all in tow once a week. At 7, I was reading Pilgrims Progress and I recall now, with a smile, having trouble with words like slough and despond. I loved that book. It was a Sunday school prize for learning my verses.

    My grandmother had a house full of biographies and a large, very old family Bible, which she read to us at bedtime when we stayed at her house. I had a good Presbyterian education in many ways. My primary and my secondary schools were associated with a local church.

    As a by the way, when Scottish people compare what schools they went to, it’s often a not-so-subtle way of finding out whether the person is Catholic or Protestant. The Catholic schools are the ones with the names of saints! Went to St Patrick’s? Right! ---> Talk back, don't let them hold you down...

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