Jim Norton, the poster child of the stupid white liberals who voted for Obama

What a fucking asshole.

Norton is mad at Obama but channels his anger at others, hates he gave Obama money, but he has to blame someone else.

It’s the typical thinking of white liberals. They are passive aggressive.


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134 responses to “Jim Norton, the poster child of the stupid white liberals who voted for Obama

  1. Frosteetoes

    What an asshole. Just as bad a NJ 101.5 host Casey Bartholomew. At least Howard Stern had funny bits to his show. Jesse should have punched that little prick then bitch slapped his co host for giggling like a little girl.

  2. BamBam

    You’ve got to admit that the interviewer was using a raised voice, whiny, confrontational, and vulgar.

    This tone of voice would be enough to cause anybody to loose their temper.

    I may not agree with Mr. Ventura’s politics, but, they way he was treated was rude and I would have walked off the set, too.

    I mean the interviewer was really provoking and annoying.

    It was difficult to understand what was being said, the only clear thing, was that the host was being a little prick.

  3. Whatever

    Jim Norton is a rightwing douchenozzle, not a lefty.

  4. nonstopdeath

    I think Opie has watched way too many “it’s not the size of the dog in the fight” movies growing up. The fact of the matter is Opie, even if Jesse was exactly the same size as you he would still beat your ass

  5. JC

    Never heard of these guys before…who is Opie and Andy…they must be BHO/Lucifer lovers…

  6. BGG

    Obviously, you people are not familiar with the show. They have another guy named Ted who is smarter than Opie, Anthony and Jimmy combined. The guys are far from Obama lovers. I would argue that you are the liberals for sticking up for that friggen paranoid Ventura.

  7. JC


    You obviously do not know/understand sarcasm when you read it.

    I do not recall “sticking” up for Ventura. But he was invited to be a guest on this show, and as such, the host should at least let the man talk. The guy was rude (at least in the part of the clip that was shown). Ventura behaved in a petulant manner by walking out. But I do not blame him for doing so…it was the only thing left to do as the host was being offensive.

    I am not overly familiar with Opie and Andy…other than a stories I have heard about what they have said on air…I choose not to listen to that type of filth. A friend of mine got me to listen to a snippet of these morons of the airways one time, and I found them vulgar, ignorant, and clueless…and to think that they are given a forum to dumb down those that willingly listen to them is a sad testament to the condition of America.

    As you seem to know alot more about them I would use you as a prime example.

  8. Could care less what Opie and anthony, what a stupid name , are in terms of Dems or Rep.

    Norton acted like a stupid liberal, caught in the left vs. right paradigm.

    Read his bio, no wonder he’s on radio.

    We could care less about idiots like Jim Norton, whatever he is Liberal, Conservative, black, white, failed comedian, whatever, he was an idiot on that video clip.

    A typical Liberal demeanor.

  9. Jim Norton is mad at the world for not liking him as a stand up comedian.

  10. me

    Opie and anthony are a joke, the radio station out in Cleveland dropped them and north east ohio is better for it! That Jim Norton is a disgusting pig, ass hole, acting like a fool in this clip. Angry at the world because he has aids from taking it up the ass!

  11. Anyone that fights the left, or fights the right while belonging to a party is an idiot.

    Now listen, people like Palin, Ron Paul and a few other politicians HAVE to be inside the 2 party structure because they can’t get enough votes as an independent but these people including Dennis Kucinik, really know the left vs. right is bullshit but have to stay in their parties to get elected.

    The left vs right paradigm is that strong.

    Jim Norton needs to listen to Michael Savage and Mark Levin and understand the real problems and address them accordingly.

  12. Sheckler

    You guys are such phonies. You liked to get worked up to have a purpose. The same may be true for the radio show hosts, but it is also true for yourselves. Just as it gives me pleasure informing your patrons they are easily inflammatory indignant fools.

    The internet is a place we get our balls out for a test drive, wouldn’t you agree?

  13. kristy

    haha… sheckler… go fuck yourself and suck a cock you politically correct slave to the communist agenda


    tell that to the people who paid into the system all their working life and got raped on their disability benefits with no cost of living for 2 years only to see feds get a 2% cost of living raise and 12% budget increase, all while their medicare benefits have been slashed but their rates skyrocketed sheckler

    yeah, go tell them that their getting all worked up over nothing… all while iran is testing more long range missiles after that bitch of yours 0bastard dismantled the military.

    and so much more but I’m not even going to … “get worked up over it”

    so… go suck a dick sheckler :)

    Merry Christmas everyone and God Bless and happy birthday to the King of Kings Jesus Christ! :D

  14. Frosteetoes

    sHeckler, you should be pissed off too especially if you voted for Ofraud. Everyone should be outraged as to what has been taking place with our government.

    I hear ya Kristy. SSI and SSD recipients got the shaft this year. Government saying there was no cost of living increase so they won’t pay what the people need. It’s bullshit because SSD and SSI don’t even pay near enough to live off of as it is for most people who worked hard all their lives.

  15. Man, I read all these comments first and expected this to be some messed up deal where Ventura was “forced to leave”, treated badly, etc. Then I watch it…

    I’m amazed how inane some of the viewpoints are here. This guy is getting frustrated with Ventura because he’s been treated a certain way by him – he’s a little frustrated and tries turning the tables on Ventura… and Ventura he can’t handle it.

    The interviewer is absolutely right – Ventura’s a freaking baby. He’s basically a complete idiot – something along the lines of an po-dunk version of Ward Churchill. And he gets all physically threatening with the guy on the way out, like he’s gonna kick his ass or something. I realize Ventura wasn’t really mad, he was just done and was messing with the dude. But the reason he was done was that he couldn’t handle his own medicine. Just like a conspiracy theororist. What a dumbass. It’s scary to think he ever got elected. lol

  16. Frosteetoes

    Ventura couldn’t get a word in because Norton was ranting like a jack ass. I didn’t hear Jesse’s voice get any louder like Norton’s. Ventura got frustrated because the jackass got out of control.

  17. YMB

    A. How’s he a failed comedian? The dude is on Network TV more than once a month, had his own HBO specials and TV shows, works daily in radio, and is one of the hardest working stand ups in NYC. You know nothing about comedy if you think he’s a failure.

    B. You don’t see in the video the fact that Jesse was blowing off everything anyone said, and dodging the multiple questions that he didn’t know the answers to.

    That’s the thing about you political babies. You need to bash anyone that doesn’t believe what you believe, without looking at all issues surrounding it.

    You’re as dumb as wrestling fans.

  18. kristy

    thats the pot calling the kettle black

    and how low one stoops to say “this person cant be a failure because they had a show on HBO”

    Thats a classic epitome of the AD HOC ad populum fallacy at its finest.

    So by your logic, erm… way of thinking your admitting hitler was the greatest man alive because he brought a demoralized, bankrupt nation into a super power making the world tremble almost over night?

    as for the political babies, actually a political baby who cries is one who goes out of their way to post on an opposition site to rant and bitch about why the others are using their freedom of speech because it doesnt coincide with you and your political beliefs.

    Fact: dont like it, dont read the posts here, nobody is forcing you. yet you do even though you made it obvious you dont like it.

    so who is the political baby?

    your as gullible and whiny as a spoiled little upper mid-class emo kid who gets dropped off at the shopping mall so they can hang around with their friends in front of an orange julius trying desperately to look bad ass, crying about how their life is a prison because they have homework.

  19. YMB

    Wow. Hitler? It’s a fact that people tend to use Godwin’s Law when they have absolutely nothing, which is precisely what you have. All you have is a baseless, emotional response against me. You just tried to sum me up, and struck out heartily.

    Regardless, you heard the clip out of context, and are talking out of your ass.

    And it’s YOU’RE. When it’s possesive, it’s spelled YOU’RE. Not YOUR, dummy.

  20. Obambi.com

    Who the fuck is this Jim Norton clown?

  21. Your an idiot YMB




    lol, libs are funny

    they’er funny

    HBO, hes gotz an HBO showz, he’d cool

    You’re or is it Your

    please let us know

    that is the most important thing in America right now.

    and HBO

  22. YMB

    Yeah, we should focus on important things.

    Don’t act like your blog is “Helping change America” or that you’re “Fighting the man”. You’re just some shit head with a keyboard. Here’s where you’re gonna say something like “WELL, YOU KEEP COMING HERE”, so go on with it.

    My facts are the same. Norton is successful, and you didn’t hear the whole Jesse interview. I’m sure every response I get will be the same. Just emotional nonsense, and baby like name calling. So, take it easy crybabys.

  23. lol

    what are you defending?? Jim Norton?

    We’re defending the U.S. constitution.

    We’re fighting the Man!!!! lol

    HBO !!!!!

    Norton is successful, LOL.

    how’s your (or is it you’re?) self esteem to get online and defend a failed comedian. lol

    YMB, the Perfect example of the idiots in America.

    BTW, What does YMB stand for?

    You’re Man’s Bitch, oops, Your Man’s Bitch

  24. ConnersFishingBuddy

    Get ready for the s**t storm you uninformed idiots. P.S. That was Jesse’s THIRD appearance on the show. And he is insane.

  25. LOL

    OMG we’re scared

    What should we do?

  26. LOL. Obambi? Really?

    You people are such a joke.

  27. Jake

    Yep, Jim Norton is a homosexual sympathizer and a cross-dresser.

  28. Starting a forum and spending your whole day at a failed comedian’s online forum is the real joke.


  29. kristy

    ymb said: “And it’s YOU’RE. When it’s possesive, it’s spelled YOU’RE. Not YOUR, dummy.”

    um… since you wish to be a spelling nazi, its possessive and not possesive.

    Try with two letter “s”‘s


  30. Mike

    This clip really doesn’t show how the entire interview went. Ventura was in there for well over and hour talking to these guys and he would not shut up! Jimmy may have been getting a bit short with him in this clip but if you listened to the whole interview you would see that Ventura is just an ass who would not shut up nor let anyone else express their point of views. And even when they did he would dismiss them because he was a govenor and a navy seal and he knows more than anyone else does. The guy is a crazy old codger who thinks the government lies about everything and nothing is as it seems. He’s full of shit.

  31. Cuss

    I don’t have to watch any interview with jesse to know he’s a nut job. As far as norton, I loved him on the honey mooners!!!!

  32. Cuss

    And george soros’ little monkey is a communist. Anyone who supports the little monkey is a communist. And we will always fight communists. You don’t like it? Call fatty fat fuck chavez, he’ll make you feel better.( ymb’re, YOUR AN IDIOT)

  33. Common Hypnotism

    What a complete fucking retard. You spelled possessive wrong, as kristy pointed out, and in the same post your … note the possessive IS your …base premise is wrong, as the possessive IS your. You’re is a contraction for you are, indicating your (see the possessive you fucking moron?) state of action.

    Your ideas are wrong because you’re an idiot.

  34. who sits there and defends some failed comedian

    We find this all sooo funny.

    seriously ? they want to make sure Jim Norton wins the fight vs. Ventura?


  35. live oak

    This is so funny!

    Obambi rocks!!

  36. Cuss

    I still liked Ralph cramdon better. And ace Ventura pet detective was hillarious…wait, where’s my pants???

  37. Mike

    Ther-mite Paint! Mind Control! Jesse is an ass. Norton is hilarous and like I said if you listen to the whole interview I think most of you would change your perception of how things went. Most interviews Ventura takes he does all the talking and noone really responds to what he says because he babbles. What made this entire interview great was that they would question everything Jesse said and it was clearly upsetting and frusterating him. Jesse talks a lot of trash and nonsense and it was refreshing to hear someone rip him to shreds because he deserves it to happen to him.

  38. Mind Control

    Little Rock, Arkansas

    You are all a bunch of babies. arguing on the internet is pointless, but you immature crybabies only care about whining all day long. You will never make a difference! this and all sites like it are a waste of bandwidth

    die of aids, cancer and syphilis all of ya!

  39. Tank Hankerus thinks that Jim Norton is a liberal asshole who doesnt know how to confront American hero’s like Navy Seal Jessie The Body Ventura. Tank Hankerus also thinks that his pinko commie conservatism should be outed to the mainstream media on shows like The Jay Leno show. Tank Hankerus doesnt like Jimmy Norton. Tank Hankerus thinks that Jimmy Norton can go stuff it in his hat full of marmalade.

  40. ventura is a dumb babbling cunt… listen to the whole interview. all he did was talk over everyone, make his points and not listen to anything. jimmy simply turned what ventura did to him around (putting words in his mouth). ventura is an EX PROFESSIONAL WRESTLER and cannot handle it.


  41. Paul Harhgas

    This is all an example of how things get taken out of context. Very easy to start rumors

  42. the missing part.

    here is a minute of whats missing. so stop it.


  44. your grandson frank

    I hope you all die of aids soon, love your grandson frank

  45. Article sucks.

    Wow!!!! Obambi, you really stink. Your entire article and view is the reason why people look down on us anti Obama supporters. You did absolutely no research and try to preach on stupid insignificant shit like this. Jesse Ventura is an uneducated embarrassment of a “public figure”, and you are the hick that makes white people look bad. You sir are the dumb white trash. Thanks ass.

  46. Steve the Bear

    Thats terrible, i’m sorry.

  47. JimsyMd

    This snarkly little no named, no chin, scalloped body tranny hunter named Norton should be sh*t on by a hooker. I bet this little d-bag would like that. And for this Opie and Dopy they are just wanna be dj’s who think they kknow it all because they have mics in front of their dumb faces.

  48. CitizenLand

    To the brain trust who are whining about “Jessie” getting his fat arse handed to him. This video is just a TINY portion of the entire interview. From the time Mr. Ventura came in he tried to bully his way through the interview, started talking over the hosts and when points were made that he didn’t have a pat answer for he started getting belligerent, frustrated and rude. Ventura isn’t used to getting challenged on his moronic views so when he finally faced someone who didn’t back down (Norton), he got VERY upset.

    You may not like Jim Norton but at least he had the balls to call out this fat piece of garbage who NEVER SERVED WITH TH SEALS yet continues to claim he did. Jessie Ventura is nothing but an over wrought conspiracy nut who happens to have a laughable TV series that epitomizes everything that is is wrong with US TV nowadays.

  49. Frosteetoes

    LMAO…Great thread!

    Who the fuck are these jack holes who want people to catch AIDS?

    Yeah Cuss, Norton and Ralph were great!

  50. These mother fuckers are making sure Jim Norton wins this battle, LOL, like we fucking care about Jim Norton or care to know who he is OR care that he fought Jesse Ventura. All we really know is that Jimmy is no comedian.

    Jim Norton, lol, what a laugh.

    never in a million years did we think we would ever say, “you know we’re going to piss off the Jim Norton fans with this website”


  51. Frosteetoes

    Fortunately for me we don’t get that station here, not that I would even listen to them.

    All Howard Stern wanna be’s anyway.

  52. Cuss

    Anyone notice how jesse shakes occasionally? Wonder if he took one too many piledrivers, or maybe his boa was too tight around his neck.
    And one thing that has always pissed me off about jesse is the fact he always brings up his military service as a way to belittle someone that disaggrees with him. I always say, if you have to tell somebody how great you are you aren’t.

  53. Ted

    How happy is Obami that he insulted Jim Norton and probably upped traffic to his site by 1000%? You get to matter for a couple of days Obami, congrats! Someone is actually reading your drivel! Unfortunately, after the flame war is over, you and the 8 readers that frequent your site will go back to obscurity. Mr. Norton will continue his weekly appearances on the Jay Leno show, continue to sell out shows across the country, and appear daily on a national satellite radio show. He’s a fancy man with lots of money.

  54. CitizenLand

    @Obami.com, it seems YOU cared enough that you uploaded a video and did a pretty poor rant over it. If you’re going to comment on news at least do a little fact checking instead of just going the route of “extreme angry guy”. You sound like an asshole otherwise.

    For instance, Anthony is a hardcore conservative, Opie leans towards liberal, Norton is a Moderate so stop using the language of your obvious heroes like Rush and O’Reilly and labeling everyone who doesn’t agree with certain political stances as “liberals”. I know it difficult to have to form your OWN opinions based on facts but, you seem like a smart lil’ fella, I’m sure you can do it. Now run along lil’ boy and leave the internet to the big boys.

  55. LOL


    Jim Norton must be swallowing for so many idiots to follow a failed comedian.

  56. Cuss

    Citzenlib, for one thing you commie bastard no body praises limbaugh or o’reilly. There are no moderates, they’re all socialists and it’s time you fucks are called out for the pieces of shit you really are. Big boys my ass! You’re nothing but a small sad , insignificant little fuck just like your little monkey boy prez. Enjoy it while you can cause you commie fucks will never see power again after what you’ve done to this country, unless by force, which I wouldn’t suggest!

  57. Cuss

    these mother fuckers are actually making sure Jim Norton wins this battle vs. Ventura, lol

    funny shit.

    We bet they can’t sleep at night knowing there is a site calling out Jim Norton.

    Jim Norton, who the fuck is Jim Norton.

  58. CitizenLand


    WTF is this, 1954? Do ya use the word “pinko” as well you irrelevant fucktard?

    Keep jabbing the keys on your budget laptop you bag of shit, maybe in 400 years you’ll write the works of Shakespeare……

  59. Irony

    Hi! Just stopping by since Obambi has been abusing me with his “Who is Jim Norton?” bullshit when NO ONE knows who he is. Just another insignificant blogger normally read by only a few people that like circle jerk and tell each other how enlightened they are.

    And now it’s time to let this worthless blog fade back into obscurity. Enjoy trying to make people think you are the least bit important.

  60. Irony

    Moderating comments? Your cowardice knows no bounds.

  61. STFU, you fucking idiots are amazing

  62. assholefuckface

    james janos is a flat out crackpot liar who lives in a dreamland inside of his damaged skull.

    i want to fuck kristy

  63. Cuss

    Boy, your little BLACK manchild is going to shit and you socialists are losing it. Even when you have a majority you hate yourselves!

  64. Cuss

    It’s probably time your parents hosed out their basements. Better be sure your computers don’t get wet!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

  65. Cuss, we think they are “conservatives”, that’s the scary part….lol

    They are in a trance with a failed comedian like the Liberals are with Ofraud.

  66. Cuss

    And citlib, you should know about the 50’s being a big fan of castro. Cause in cuba it’s still the 50’s!

  67. Cuss

    Yea I know, what makes these socialists think that “entertainers” show talk about politics? Is it just because they say fuck every other word makes them intelligent? LOSERS!! george soros’ little monkey will ho down as the most incompetant prez in the history of the USA!!

  68. CitizenLand

    Obamabi, just a hint, if you’re going to blog about politics, its helps to know what you’re talking about. As it is now your blog reads like the ravings of an 8th Grade Counter-Strike player.

    And “Cuss”, same goes for you. In between jack-off sessions you might want to read up on things you plan to comment on. That way you don’t look like the ill-informed pedophile that you probably are.

    Since this whole thread started, neither one of you have come up with any rational debate on why you feel ventura is right, wrong or whatever. You just blurt out the same old “Lib” label on anything you don’t agree with which makes you just as idiotic as the libs whining about right-wing nazi’s. etc.

    Put your keyboards down before you hurt yourselves.

  69. Frosteetoes

    Obambi, where are all these IP’s from?

    It really sounds like they desperately want to felate Jim Norton.

    Hey idiots, if you actually read thru some of threads you would have seen at least one person talk about what a jack ass Jesse Ventura was too.

    We’re so happy that you guys have dropped in to give Obambi.com some more hits, but I’m sure he does get many but not many post. Maybe the failed comedian who you want to blow will give Obambi.com a mention on his show. That would really bring in the dregs like yourselves.

    What exactly do you want to discuss here? There are many different threads of topics to comment on. This one happens to be about a failed comedian who went off on Jesse Ventura on a clip we watched from Youtube. It seems that you have the same mentality as the kool-aid drinking Obama hero worshipers with this guy Norton.

    Oh, and assholefuckface, you shouldn’t even suggest that you want to have sex with a poster in here. I think you can get in trouble for that.

  70. live oak

    You are an asshole. STFU….

    This is the best blog on the internet. I know you don’t get it. We defend the Constitution and free speech. Who gives a shit about Jim Norton or Jesse Ventura? Norton is a misogynist loser and a failed comedian. What do you care?
    You want everyone to agree with you and have your opinion. You’re a condescending idiot and no one is listening.

  71. live oak

    They all want to blow Kenya Boy.

  72. Cuss

    Hey shitheadland, just because you live at home with your parents don’t get mad at us. Which one molested you, your mom or dad?
    Anyway what you fail to understand here is nobody gives a fuck about norton or ventura you fucking moron. This whole post is merely for our intertainment. Much like taking to your lame ass. It’s a comical relief that we get every now and then.
    Take your stupid ass back to huffingterd post where you are, I’m sure, godlike with your infinte wisdom.

  73. What an attention whore.

    This is why people hate conservatives, and why you lost the last election. Misdirected vitriol and uninformed masses are hilarious.

  74. Sparky

    How can people listen to Jesse’s theories and take them as the truth. Do you people even know he was NEVER a Navy SEAL? Yet he has been spouting this lie for over 20 years. And he has never , ever been in a hot/combat zone as he claims. I respect him for his service as a frogman during the war. But I think he is a creep for lying about what he did. Yet he declares he was in the middle of it during Vietnam. Its comical. Im a Norton fan, but his political ramblings are no more important than the check out clerk at 7-11. Same goes for Jesse.
    Jesse is simply creating buzz (as he did when he was wrasslin) to generate income. Thermite paint?

  75. lol, the obambi.com peeps are hilarious, thanks

    WTF is counter strike BTW?

    Jim norton has his gay goons come here to make sure Jim Norton’s name isn’t tarnished.

    Jim fucking Norton.

    We ask all of you……


    These people make you realize how dumb most of Americans really are.

    You see the end of the clip when Jesse walks out, the row of people on computers, we bet it’s those idiots defending their other gay messiah.

  76. Cuss

    Obambi, you sure struck a nerve with these wacko’s.
    I think it’s funny how seriosly they talk about anybody with a brain giving a shit about what norton hears a who has to say.
    Keep up the good work Obambi!

  77. It’s something about Gay Messiahs with them.

  78. Cuss

    Hahaha, wet dreams!!!

  79. Cuss

    Frostee you kill me!

  80. Frosteetoes


  81. the missing part.

    you are not defending the constitution.
    you are defending a wrestler, over a comedian. maybe you don’t like his politics or his vulgar voice. fine.
    if you believe, like jesse ventura ,that 9/11 is a conspiracy on such a grand scale, good for you. keep watching loose change.
    anybody using either one of these entertainers as a barometer for their own social and fiscal beliefs has mental damage beyond belief.
    if you agree with one of them, the thought process should have happened with YOU and you happen to agree with either one of them, not the other way around.

    Saying Norton is a failed comedian, is like saying Ventura is a failed wrestler. their both not the most famous entertainers in their fields, but they have made a name for themselves, and your relegated back to having a fake name, on the interwebs and your spike of traffic will go back down to the 8 contributing posters, and 38 lurkers. no matter what you will never have “fans”, you may have a blog for 4 years, and it may stretch for 8….. but after obama comes out? what’s gonna happen?

    i bet you already have a left wing blog that you own, that calls right wings facists. and even if you don’t, how are you gonna get the followers to come with you on palinambi, when she lies to you.

  82. Cuss

    Some people still don’t get it…

  83. Cuss

    Congratulations commrads! You now have your socialist nation. Your children will never know the freedoms we had as kids. But we are too wrapped up in the deaths of stars, arguments between socalled celebrities who for some reason had a microphone put in front of them to talk about politics…are we missing something here? Is the only thing missing in a perfect nation is being told you have to purchase health insurance or you will be punished? We are the soviet union of the 21st century. The sad thing is children will have no idea. They will be assemilated into this new order.
    God bless America. And merry Christmas to all!

  84. Coffee Diva


  85. Shawn


  86. bob


    obambi = failed political writer, has to write a blog so original

  87. kristy

    bob = failed obot troll, cant even make a blog and has to resort bitching and crying on other blogs because their way to stupid to write their own


  88. Cuss

    shawn, bob, are you gay or what?!

  89. kristy

    calling them gay is such a racist statement

    …….. or is it calling them niggers homophobic statement?

    ……….. no no, that would make it islamiphobic

    oh hell, I lost track of all the made up phobias these political hypochondriacs spew as labels to try and defuse their opponents with :/

  90. Cuss

    Kristy, they’re starting to slowly come unhinged!

  91. Blah

    As standard procedure, any physical threat used and you get exposed.

    Author : Blah (IP: , 70-140-76-36.lightspeed.sprntx.sbcglobal.net)
    Spring, Texas

    Cuss and Kristy sound like fat housewives who need to get cunt-punched with a ball-peen hammer.

    Obambi sounds like the type of right-wing nut that makes the entire Republican party look bad.

    Stop talking about how this country is socialist. That point is laughable at best. You’re just pissed off that your husband has to pay higher taxes while you sit on your fat ass and drink mocha lattes. Sorry, you’re gonna have to downgrade to a grande instead of venti. Why should we have nationalized healthcare? Because we can.

  92. kristy

    sounds like some little cock sucker cant stand the heat :)

    something got his dildo in a fluffie flurry

    and the self denial from this fuck tard begging us to stop pointing out facts showing how the USA is turning socialist. What a laugh… big bad boi begging like a little bitch for us to stop hurting his feelings


    Sounds more like this cock sucker needs his diapers changed.

    And to think this fuck is so limited to think its still a two party system. see how the libterd socialists still resort to the “two party system” calling Obambi.com a radical right winger who makes republicans look bad

    Why can we state our point and be a powerful force that makes you fear, which obviously you do? because We can! :)

  93. They are actually using threats to defend a failed comedian

    Its really amazing and soooo funny

    the threats aren’t funny but shows you why America has some of the dumbest people in the world. For them to get online all because they want to defend a fucking idiot like Jim Norton.

    BTW WTF is a Jim Norton?

    Their role model and leader is a failed gay comedian.

    How sad is their lives?

  94. kristy

    The BIGGEST kick I got was when this dumb shit trying to pose as if they have meticulously studied the forum here called us, you a right wing radical when we stand strong against this one party system that casts the obvious illusion of being two parties, or three if you count independent party which is just part of the one party bull shit.

    This is nearly a high light in almost every thread, and this hack intellectual failed to see this and call us right wing radicals?

    What this dumb shits letter tells me is that the communists ARE losing alot of steam and fast. A huge sinking ship.

    One of the keys for alinsky’s rules for radicals is to try your best to make the opposition think you have more power then you really do.

    If the communists were so fucking powerful, why do they have to send crybabies here in droves to bitch and whine like spoiled little children who are having a tantrum?

    Because they have many massive weaknesses that can’t be fixed.

    Grant, they will fuck things up majorly, but total take over is doubtful. But thats the typical socialist way: if they cant have it, destroy it to make sure no one else can, or at least makes it hard as hell to fix afterward.

    But thats also the sign of a spoiled brat too. Then again I equate socialists with spoiled disillusioned brats.

  95. kristy

    and yeah, to be honest I never even HEARD of jim norton until this forum.

    After hearing that dumb shit pop his shit cannon off I can see why.

  96. same

    we remember seeing an old clip of him long ago doing his ‘white’ unfunny stand up routine and changing the channel, thinking he, like Daniel Tosh, probably sucked someone in the biz to get on stage but the sucking can only get you so far.

    Then was surprised to see him on that ventura clip, thinking what the fuck is a failed comedian doing there talking politics and shit, acting like a Liberal.

    Then realize from his idiot followers, that he’s a radio talk show host, LOL, you know those talk show host idiots that laugh out loud at their own jokes, really loudly into the mic like any annoying morning radio DJ.

    This whole thing is fucking annoying.

    Who the fuck sits there and defends Jim Norton’s and why?

    Is he like the gay man’s Howard Stern? lol


  97. kristy

    here “blah” enjoy this ya cock sucker…

  98. pink sock

    this is funny shit, we get it, liberals are your antagonists, blah liberals socialism communism blah.

    please know that to be taken seriously you have to do more than take 3 words, demonize them and then assign them to everything you don’t like

  99. pink sock

    also, in the original post, you talk about jim being mad at obama, but still you hate him? Shouldn’t y’all be friends?

  100. Blah

    LOLOL post my shit more. You know how many emails and threats I’ve gotten?

    Zero. Because nobody reads your shitty blog. The only thing I’ve read on your website is your rant about Norton.

    I’m glad I hit a nerve kristy. You are most likely the exact description I gave of you. A fat housewife. Go eat some comfort food ya fuckin’ cow.

    And good job Obambi, you claim I made a threat. Typical horseshit from faggot bloggers who can’t hack people giving them criticism.

    Me: You should get AIDS.
    Obambi: Oh my God! He threatened me with AIDS! Hey EVERYONE, HE THREATENED ME WITH AIDS!!!1!

    Regardless of your political affiliation, you’re a fuckin’ nut.

    Get AIDS.

  101. Blah

    Please post more music. It’s quite entertaining.
    I’ll post some music too:

  102. Cuss

    Blab, start peeling you bowbama stickers off your momma’s hybrid. You commie fuck.
    And by the way stupid, they post your sorryassed shit because everytime you open your fucking mouth you prove our point. dumbass!

  103. kristy

    how did you hit a never with me blah?

    heres something thats medically correct…

    get sickle cell you fucking nigger

  104. Cuss

    Damn Kristy! Where you been? Missed you!

  105. kristy

    been real busy. With all this snow from “global warming” been clearing the land and setting up traps for coyote

    Hows you been Sir?

  106. Frosteetoes

    Yay! Hi Kristy!

  107. Cuss

    Just hanging in there Kristy. Waiting for this turned around economy to turn my way!

  108. live oak

    I was wondering about you too Kristy. Great to have you back!!!

  109. Cuss

    Kristy, you need an iPhone so you can be a finger tip away at all times!

  110. Blah

    Oh wow, I got all the hens going crazy.

    Apparently, because I’m bashing you, that automatically makes me an Obama supporter. LOLOL.

    kristy, it’s okay that your husband doesn’t fuck you anymore. He’s probably found a skinny broad to get the work done. You better get off the computer and make sure his dinner is on the table when he gets home.

    Oh and I must be black, right? Because I’m also an Obama supporter just because I think you’re a bunch of dumb twats. Wonderful logic you all have.

    And Cuss, I only had one post previous to the last 2 so you’re point is moot.

    Not only do you all come off as quite ignorant, you come off as a group of bigots. Yeah, you’re opinion should be heard seriously.

  111. kristy

    blah, how do you know Im even a chick?

    for all you know my nick stands for


    kind of blows your theory about a potential husband now dont it blah?

    then again, maybe I am. thing is, you dont know ;-)

    isn’t this the same hide and seek game libterds always play?

    better eat some more fucken wheaties before getting into a match blah

  112. JC

    Hey there Kristy…whats up? I see you have blah all tied in knots…you go girl?

  113. Cuss

    No blob you’re moot, pathetic, black and stupid, white and stupid. In short you represent all that is wrong in America today. Get over yourself.

  114. Blah

    Yes, I’m the self-righteous douche who has a blog and thinks the whole world gives a shit about my point of view. I’m the problem with this country. Because I’m so centered around getting everyone else’s attention that I just have to let everyone know just what the hell I am thinking. ME ME ME. It’s all about me, right? Because I’m American and I’m important because I’m American and everyone should give a shit about my opinion…because I’m American and I’m always right regardless of how ignorant/arrogant I sound.

    Yes, I’m the problem with this country because I’m the one who thinks his opinion is much better than everyone else’s and I get offended when someone calls me a fat cow and I call people ‘nigger’ because that is clearly an inferior race.

    And when someone questions my unfailing intelligence I tell them they are stupid and that they are the problem with the American political and socioeconomic environment of 2010.

    Or are you trying to say that I’m the problem with this country because I’m a troll and I just want to disagree with you just because I fuckin’ can and you feed into the fire perfectly?

    The sad part is, I’m not even close to an Obama supporter. I just think you all sound so full of yourselves and you have this weird self-righteous indignation that you’re opinion is definitely the right one and there is no fallibility in your words.

    From the stand point of an outsider, you guys sound like the people who boycott soldier’s funerals.

  115. Frosteetoes

    Is ‘blah’ the sound you make when Obama crams his cock down your throat just as he’s about to cum in your mouth?

  116. kristy

    sounds much more like blah is the classic stereotype of the spoiled little upper middle class kid who has so much ever everything, they end up holding massive contempt for everything, from their own parents to their own country.

    The part that gives it away is this…

    blah says : “The sad part is, I’m not even close to an Obama supporter. I just think you all sound so full of yourselves and you have this weird self-righteous indignation that you’re opinion is definitely the right one and there is no fallibility in your words.”

    This instantly translates to… how dare you judge, but its ok for me to judge.

    We call this hypocrites in the real world… and that is not judging, that is observant fact.

    go back to your wheaties little boi

  117. common hypnotism

    “Blah” said:

    I’m the problem with this country. Because I’m so centered around getting everyone else’s attention that I just have to let everyone know just what the hell I am thinking. ME ME ME. It’s all about me, right? Because I’m American and I’m important because I’m American and everyone should give a shit about my opinion…

    Dear Blah,

    Please acknowledge that in retrospect you are able to see the absolutely giant sized, humongous, full-throttle, fluorescent irony in those words.

    The ones where you posted, using sarcasm and metaphor, your OPINION that you apparently think is so fucking important that others need to read it.

    You do see it. Don’t you?

  118. live oak

    Blah is just another loser who wants us to think he’s a player.

  119. Blah probably has a signed Jim Norton poster next to his bed.

  120. Cuss

    Blab, as I’ve said before we are only aware of your existance because you are allowed to be here. It proves our point about people like you everytime you open your pie hole.
    You are only here for OUR amusement, nothing else. As I said before, don’t take yourself too seriously … we don’t.
    Don’t expect any more responses from me as I’m bored with you.

  121. Brad

    Hardly a failed comedian.

  122. Garlique

    I find it mind-bogglingly retarded that one would take from that interview that Mr. Norton is the liberal in the discussion.

  123. Garlique

    P.S.- For the record, Norton did NOT vote for Obama; he only considered it, yet wound up not voting for either candidate at all.

  124. X

    A guy who likes women to shit on him(Jim Norton) arguing with a former Governor(Jesse Ventura) about Politics.I think jimmy just wanted jesse to shit in his mouth .

  125. FuckMittRomney

    norton is rightwing dumbass !

  126. Ted Danson

    Yet another reminder that Norton is a right-winger!
    Also I urge you to have a think about what ‘could care less’ actually means! If you could begin to connect an internal sense of logic to the words you choose to come out with, you may some day begin to approach coherence!

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