Obama is full of shit

President Barack Obama rallied his party faithful on Thursday _ and took their campaign donations _ while telling them that he understands their frustration that Washington hasn’t changed during the first year of his presidency.

Returning to campaign mode at two Democratic events aimed at raising $2 million to $3 million, Obama ticked off a list of accomplishments during his first year in office and asked supporters to stand with him as he tackles campaign promises he has been slow to deliver on.

“In ways large and small, we’ve begun to deliver on the change that you believed in,” Obama said at the first event.

But he acknowledged it’s hardly been the year his most ardent supporters had expected.

“I know some of you might feel discouraged because changing the ways of Washington is hard. It’s harder than a lot of you thought it might be. Sometimes it may make you feel … that it’s not possible. You might want to give up,” Obama said.

“Don’t give up.”

He again listed his victories during a smaller fundraiser that drew basketball star Dikembe Mutombo to the crowd and decried Republicans who are blocking Obama’s agenda.

“You know the American people are right to be frustrated about a Washington where every day is Election Day and the basic theory is ‘If you lose, I win,'” Obama said.

Democratic energy, though, is hard to match their across-the-aisle opponents. Just before Obama’s motorcade left the White House, Republican Sen. Scott Brown was sworn in to the Senate seat from Massachusetts held for decades by Edward M. Kennedy. Republicans also celebrated gubernatorial wins in Virginia and New Jersey last November.

That momentum has given Republicans across the nation a sense of optimism that prompted candidates for positions once thought solidly Democratic.

A Republican takeover on Capitol Hill is still a long shot. But there is a narrow path by which the GOP could win the House and, if the troubled environment for Democrats deteriorates further, possibly even the Senate.

First-term presidents typically suffer losses to their party. The Republicans would have to gain 40 seats in the 435-member House, 10 in the 100-member Senate.

“I don’t want you to feel discouraged. I want you to understand that we’ve got to push that much harder,” said Obama, whose top domestic priority of a health care overhaul is stalled on Capitol Hill.

The president made his latest health care pitch a personal one, telling a story of a campaign volunteer who died of breast cancer after putting off needed medical exams she couldn’t afford it. He said the woman fought to get him elected so that others would have better health insurance.

“How can I say to her, ‘You know what? We’re giving up,'” he said.

Still, Obama said Congress should keep its focus on putting Americans back to work, not the health care overhaul that faced a setback with Brown’s move to Washington.


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5 responses to “Obama is full of shit

  1. Good Morning! I’ve been saying that Obama and his Administration is full of shit for some time now. Have a Great Weekend! Zach

  2. Frosteetoes

    Obama is too incompetent and still inexperienced to have this job. Even his puppet masters can’t hide this fact.

  3. Obama has really exposed the New World Order .

    We’re sure the NWO regrets it.

  4. JC

    Obama Proposes to Cut 180 Border Patrol Agents

    February 5, 2010

    Pres. Barack Obama’s newly proposed 2011 budget would reduce the number of Border Patrol agents along the Southwest border by 180 and cut the funding for the “virtual fence.” Homeland Security said it plans to cut the jobs through attrition, and it would result in increased pay for the remaining agents.

    White House senior officials say the move will not compromise the effectiveness of the border patrol. But House Judiciary Ranking Member Lamar Smith (R-Texas) says otherwise.

    The President’s budget proves once again that the Obama administration is not serious about enforcing our nation’s immigration laws.

    The administration found money for 25 new positions in the Secretary of Homeland Security’s management office, but didn’t find funds for any of the following critical homeland security programs: there is no funding for a single new detention bed, no increase in funds to find and deport immigration fugitives or criminal aliens, no additional special agents to investigate workplace immigration violations, no funding to expand the visa security program, and no funding to build any more of the border fence.

    The President ought to be using immigration enforcement to address key priorities such as jobs and national security. But instead of doing so, the Obama administration is maintaining the status quo. That means that citizens and legal immigrants will be forced to continue to compete with eight million illegal immigrants for jobs; and by underfunding key national security programs, we leave ourselves vulnerable to future terrorists attacks.

    – Ranking Member Lamar Smith

    The “virtual fence” would have funding cut by $226 million. The system is made up of cameras, radar and sensors placed on towers.

    Obama’s budget does include an increase of $103 million for improvements to E-Verify

  5. herbert stamper

    the border patrol should be reinforced. i am getting sick of watching more crime crawling accross the border.
    the obama administration is screwed up beyond all reasonable thought.

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