Black people stop killing each other and stop being a Democrat


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12 responses to “Black people stop killing each other and stop being a Democrat

  1. terminu

    Yes they kill eachother a lot, and the black on white crime rate is 50X the reverse.

  2. Cuss

    You can take a nigger out of Africa but you can’t take Africa out of the nigger. It’s a tribal mindset with these idiots!

  3. Frosteetoes

    Sad for successful blacks who worked their asses off to get what they have today, the 2% who didn’t vote for the fraud.

  4. JC

    Real Africans do/can not identify with the so called “African American”. Real Africans think “African American’s” are a joke. Even the most poor among “African American’s” are better off than their counter part in Africa…the difference in America everyone has the chance to improve their situation with hard work and good decision making…in Africa it is not like that. In Africa life is hard with little or no chance to improve your life (unless you are a part of the elite)…ethnic cleansing and starvation of populations at the whims of dictators and tyrants is a fact of life. The “African American” is one-hundred times better off than real Africans. What I cannot understand is why anyone would want to call themselves _________ American. It serves only to divide. And we all know that a house divided cannot stand…at least that is what Lincoln and Jesus told us.

    The way I see this is a man cannot have two masters…you love the one and hate the other…or you will love the other and hate the one. When we use words like, “I am African/Hispanic/German/Italian/Polish/Greek American” it is like serving two masters. “African American’s” have no ties to Africa, save the color of their skin, no more than I have ties to my Portugese/German/French/Dutch/English/African/American Indian roots.

    I am an American…I do not have the need or desire to known as anything other than an American. I say drop all hyphenated American whatevers…and call be proud to just call and be known as an American. In a world where political correctness is worshipped above all else, we have lost the very thing that unites us…calling ourselves just plain ole’ Americans. The only reason to continue the hypenation of an American is to divide America, and that makes me sad.

  5. Carmelo Junior

    You guys need to lay down the racist crap here. One thing is making fun of the Obama fraud and other thing is calling blacks “niggers”.

  6. herbert stamper

    carmelo junior,
    we have an unspoken,common view of things here,but if you read ALL posts from a lot of the threads here,you will find that the niggers are sometimes white,and mexicans.
    there are niggers in my family,who are white as i,and i do not associate with them.
    there are black Americans,and there are african American NIGGERS. difference being,that they consider themselves black AMERICANS FIRST,AND FORMOST.these are the patriotic people we can be proud of.

  7. Frosteetoes

    98% of one race votes for a candidate simply because the candidate is of the same race is racist. I interpret the video of the young man explaining why. The guy was brutally honest.

  8. herbert stamper

    good point Frosteetoes,and it is also worth mentioning that blacks,no matter what they choose to call themselves,who still support obamas muslim mafia socialist agenda are stupid,and cant see that he is screwing them over bigtime. look at the road crews,and you see more mexicans and less of any other color or race. its the obama plan to screw blacks AND whites.

  9. JC

    Point of order here Frosteetoes and Herbert…it is the intention of the government to screwALL Americans…black, white, American Indian, and anyone else who is actually a citizen of the USA…they are enslaving us for their purposes. And the mindless masses do not care to see that…they only know that hope and change have finally made a comeback, and that the transformation of America into a third world oligarchy, where government controls our very lives (not to mention our livelihood) is at stake. But they do not care as long as it fair…and all suffer equally, and as long as America is taken down a peg or two. These two ideologies pervades the progressive mind…they are willing to impose on others the things that they themselves are unwilling to suffer.

  10. herbert stamper

    exactly, and the freeriders will be the unions and lawyers,who own obama.

  11. Tyshem Bethea

    Sadly enough this guy’s video really hit the nail with the hammer, It’s sad that Young black men that are inflenced by this kind have lifestyle. Life for a black man should’nt be about Selling Drugs, And joining Gangs, Or killing people. Come on now. I saw if somebody really wants to be a gangsta take their fucking ass to Africa. So to Samalia Because the outlaws run shit over there. Killing each other for no fucking reason the shit makes me sick. We see why when SOME black people get a bit of money they forget about others. Because it seem so damn hard to help there Niggers (NIGGERS- Ingorant people) There are black, White, Hispanic, Asain, and Indians Niggers. It’s hard to help alot of peoplel because they stay stuck into their own little lifes. About Drama, The life of a nigger consist of nothing but bullshit. There’s nothing but darma and violence. It really makes me wonder why so many people decided on acting stupid. i can’t effect the way people think. I hope this message means something to somebody, I wish we can unite as one world. one life. Make love not war

    Increase the peace.

    2025 That’s when i’ll chance the world. I plan on making it a better place for everybody.

    (Ps. People of all mintorties let’s focus on making money (LEGALLY) Start rebuliding the city, And help out lower class famlies. Together we can Change the world. 2025 let me repersent you. ( Tyshem Bethea, Together we’ll chance the world. ) We won’t stop until it’s safe for childeren of all races to able to walk to the park alone and enjoy themselves

    Let’s stop The Gangs, The Murders, The Rapist, The Drug Dealers, Let’s stop everything evil that effect our world.

    Let me Represent YOU. I want to help you.
    Let’s change the world starting now.

  12. Anonymous

    all of you are dam fool s why is every thing black do we brother you that murch ---> Talk back, don't let them hold you down...

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