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  1. live oak

    This piece of shit in the WH will NOT stand. I give him just a few more weeks.


    This is a statement by Keisha Rogers who just won the Congressional seat in the 22nd district in Texas.
    … See More
    March 21, 2010 — “The Congress and President have just voted to murder the American people,” stated Democrat Kesha Rogers, candidate for the 22nd Congressional District of Texas. “They are going to ration care the way Hitler did, by denying care to the sick, elderly, and poor, while forcing everyone to pay bailouts to the HMOs and insurance companies.” As Lyndon LaRouche has explicitly and repeatedly stated, the key aspect that makes this policy fascist, is it’s British “N.I.C.E.” Sponsored, IMAC/IMAB/IPAB independent board of accountants tasked to deny care in the name of “saving” money, which is a carbon copy of the T-4 panels of Adolf Hitler, from his 1939 “Lives unworthy of life” policy. If patriotic Americans opposing this policy are not willing to put the Hitler mustache on Obama, and denounce him as fascist, then they are as gutless as the Congress, and this policy will be unstoppable. “Do you really want Obama to euthanize your mother?” asked Rogers, “No? Then demand immediate impeachment! Obama must go! Now!”

    “When Obama announced his Nazi-modeled health program back in May 2009, I recognized this was nothing but a copy of Hitler’s 1939 “Lives unworthy of life” program, and I denounced it as such,” continued Rogers. “Then, in August 2009, with the eruption of the mass rejection of Obama’s policies at town meetings across the country, I saw there was no serious leadership opposing this policy, and no real economic solutions either. That is why I launched my campaign for Congress with a platform of impeaching Obama and saving our manned space program. The population recognized I had the guts to tell the truth, to denounce this policy as fascist, and put forward LaRouche’s Plan for a real physical economic recovery. That is why the people rallied behind my candidacy, and elected me with 53% of the vote, over the endorsed Democratic candidate.”

    The vote on the health care is not a victory for Obama, but actually accelerates the downfall of his presidency. “The question therefore is,” asked Rogers, “since the American people are being given fascism, what will they do to stop it? I, along with the other LaRouche candidates, Summer Shields, running against Speaker Pelosi, and Rachel Brown, against bailout Barney Frank, are building a juggernaut in the population, to crush the traitors to our republic, and reestablish America once again as a world leader in scientific progress and real prosperity, through a renewed cultural renaissance. We are leading the charge to provide real solutions, but a republic is kept by its people. The responsibility is on you, to take up these ideas and organize your neighbors with them.”

  2. live oak

    I posted that but I am not a fan of LaRouche. He’s a lefty with inconsistent stands. I like her stand against the government.

  3. live oak

    I called the TX AG the other day and I also wrote to my AG. I got an email from John Boehner last night asking for $ for his re-election. I wrote him this letter this morning.

    Mr. Boehner,
    There won’t be ANY re-elections if the gutless Congress doesn’t stand up and honor their oath to the constitution and demand Kenya Boy’s vital papers!!!!!!!!! We are just a few weeks away from Amnesty for illegal aliens. I know very well that every single member of Congress got the Presentments from the American Grand Jury last summer. Every single one of you knows he is a usurper. The whole world knows he is a usurper and yet all of you continue this charade!!! It makes me sick!
    It’s going to be up to the citizens of this country to save America. All of the Republicans will be voted out! Even the good ones…Bachmann, Pence,DeMint and You too. That’s if we’re still standing. I have given money to Orly Taitz, and other patriots who are working feverishly to bring justice. I will never give money to the Republican Party. You have a lot of nerve asking the American people for money to impeach “Nazi Peloser”. Why don’t you just DO IT!!!!!!!
    I am heartbroken for my country. I have been fighting this for so long and I am so tired and so angry at all of you. I will NEVER give up. We are on the brink of a civil war. I am so disgusted with the government. You are all such cowards. Stop aiding and abetting treason and STAND UP!!!!!!

  4. Well said live oak! I am sick to death of the charade that the government-media complex is conducting.

    The core issue is the usurpation of the presidency and the people involved. All of the rest is a smoke screen to allow the fraud to continue.

    Are any of the hundreds of “representatives” true patriots? It appears not.

    Sickening and revolting as that realization is it does fill one with a grim resolve to bring the truth to light no matter the cost. If we never do another thing this will be our finest hour and we can face the future knowing that we did all we could to restore law and order.

    Fu-k them to hell!

  5. kristy

    sis, I agree so much with you its not funny, but you must remember… its not about us any more, its about 0bastard and what 0bastard wants and fuck the rest of us. he is very blunt and arrogant about it too.

    not to mention, he has pretty much gotten everything he wanted nearly handed to him.

    republicans are to also blame for this. not like their really putting up much of a fight against 0bastard, why? because their all one huge party, under two separate names.

    republicans want a government health care too, they just want it “THEIR WAY”.

    As much as I use to like Mitch McConnell, I sent a letter awhile back to him to ask he remain opposed to this 0bama-care.

    He assured me he would oppose 0bama-care to the end, however to my shock and horror he did add…

    “While I am against and will oppose this, people in the United States still need some kind of health coverage”

    oh fuckin bull shit. Basically what that told me was… republicans want it in just as fucking bad, they just dont want the 0bastard version, thats all.

    either way, either “so called” party… we’re FUCKED!

    please dont be fooled into thinking any republican is out for our best interests because they use honey dipped silver tongued words. Because thats what their trained best to do, talk using the devils mouth.

    No one in politics is going to actually stand against any of 0bastards shit, including this health care which is already a done deal. No one.

    The only thing that will save us is a total collapse of everything, and having good survival skills.

  6. Hero

    OBAMA’s THUGS at work

    Rep. Michele Bachmann Says Her Property Was Vandalized & She Received Threats (Video)
    by GP

  7. kristy

    I been reading this for awhile Hero.

    I am actually surprised Israel hasnt had the Mosaad do some magic tricks making things disappear. Then again if they did right now it would create an even bigger problem.

    But at the same time what did anyone expect? that 0bastardhelp Israel defend against his brother hamas, hizbollah and other daffy jihadists?

    as the little bitch 0bastard stated in his very own words in his very own book “audacity of hope” writes if the political winds ever shift he will stand by his “brother muslims”

    and thats just what the little cock suckers doing

  8. Hero

    Of course Dems continue to be the victims of the WHITE SUPREMACISTS ANTI-HEALTHCARE TEA-PALIN-PARTIERS…It’s true look at what happened to democrat Rep. Steve Driehaus

    Oh Brother. Lib Media Claims Rock Was Thrown Through Rep’s Office Window…
    by GP

    “The Seattle Times reported today on another horrible political attack. The Times claimed that liberal democrat Rep. Steve Driehaus had a rock thrown though his office window:……On the 30th floor.”

  9. live oak

    Thank you. I know they are all out for themselves. I don’t trust anything or anyone anymore except Sea Dog and my fellow patriots.

  10. Hero


    agree and CLINTON is really a trash who sold her soul to BHO/Lucifer…

    I would have thought that she might weight on “his foreign policy” a bit just to diminish the catastrophic consequences for the Free World.
    but she is a real NOTHING in Obama cabinet. certainly not the secretary of State of the United States !
    She is a mere toilet attendant for the Shit of BHO…

  11. Hero

    talking about the muslims brothers of Barack Hussein…:

    “Do you remember when Jesse Jackson said that under Obama Jews would lose all of their clout?
    He was right.”
    By Jim Hoft

  12. Hero

    Health Care Reform In Action! Arizona To Be Forced To Spend Almost $4 Billion It Doesn’t Have…

    Welcome to the Obama European States of America: taxes, taxes and more taxes….

    “Obamacare’s next trick: the VAT”
    by Charles Krauthammer

    “Obama’s strategy is exactly the opposite: Expand the beast and then feed it. Spend first — which then forces taxation. Now that, with the institution of universal health care, we are becoming the full entitlement state, the beast will have to be fed.

    And the VAT is the only trough in creation large enough…”

  13. Hero

    <meAnwhile Hussein is softening sanctions on IRAN…

    US softens Iran sanctions plan to win support: report

    History repeating:

  14. kristy

    I seen VAT taxes coming with this commie health care.

    Basically all a VAT tax is, is to try and compensate for the failings of socialized medicine to try and give it the appearance that its working… by draining the pockets of the people.

    As for iran… why are we worried about winning support?

    Because like 0bastard said, when the political winds shift he will stand by his “brother muslims” and just watch… soon as 0bastard does get chummy with iran, syria will follow and soon Israel will be the new big bad guy in that entire area.

  15. Hero

    a clear majority of Americans now believe that Obama is a one-term president.

  16. Hero

    Obama’s continued crimes against Jews
    by Lame Cherry

    “What Obama did was the same humiliation which he did to the Dali Lama in showing him out the backdoor, barefoot in the snow and stepping over the trash. This sends messages around the world from what Obama humiliated Gordon Brown over, to Obama betraying Nic Sarkozy over the Iranian weapons plant, in every nation in the world now knows that Obama is a cheap, tawdry, backbiting little man who is not strong enough to deal diplomatically with anyone in the world, but resorts to girl cat fight spiteful retribution in thinking that would intimidate someone like the Dali Lama or Benjamin Netanyahu.”

    “The American majority might not comprehend the Jewish question, but Jews on the right and left in America very much understand Jewish history from 1948 and they are the ones with the finance, media and power to run Obama and Emmanuel / Axelrod into a brick wall.

    Congress will not allow this humiliation to go unchallenged. The American Christian groups who support Israel in Jack Van Impe are not going to allow this slight to stand.
    Barack Obama can and is illegally running a coup against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and when the tide turns on this, the force who understand that a stable, secure and prosperous Jewish community in the Israeli state will find a way to make the stomach of this turn on the contents of Obama.

    It might be the current call for a Special Prosector of Obama tampering illegally in Pennsylvania elections by trying to bribe a candidate with the post of Sec. of the Navy or it might be the Virginia challenge to Obama mandates bringing up his foreign birth, but what Obama just did to Jews will percolate and will be noted in court cases, justice, corporations and the media.”

  17. herbert stamper

    the REAL traitors are the jew bastards in America.these rich assholes are in bed with obama and the other muslim mafia thugs. they are traitors to God AND BOTH countrys. ---> Talk back, don't let them hold you down...

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