Stanley Armour Dunham was a spy and he was caught red handed, disabling our Aircraft at Boeing during the Vietnam war

Author : tuxkabin
The reason is (Stanley Armour Dunham,) was a spy and he was caught red handed, disabling our Aircraft at Boeing during the Vietnam war in Oregon. He make a quik escape to the islands, where he later open a funiture store as his future front. Dunham was a traitor to America, as his whole family has always been. Stanley A Dunham was in the biz of hurting everything American. Hawaii has always been Communist, did you know that. And after WWI 85% of American blacks joined the Communist USA party. Today that amount is over 90%, but you willl not seet his on TV.


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7 responses to “Stanley Armour Dunham was a spy and he was caught red handed, disabling our Aircraft at Boeing during the Vietnam war

  1. terminu

    Thanks tux. Stanley was shit. Anne was shit. Obama is shit.

  2. Yankeegirl

    We lived in Hawai’i for a little over a year during the Vietnam War, when my husband was in the Navy. No kids to tie us down so we did a lot of travelling and partying with his shipmates. A great time, but I was not sorry to say “aloha” to the islands after a year there. Basically, the people are slugs. The rich whites, the “ali’i” (19th c. settlers from New England) are considered aristocrats and don’t mingle much except with each other and a few full-blooded Hawai’ian descendants. They are also dying off. The rest of us “haoles” (whites of no special background) are despised by the Japanese, mostly liberal democrats who fill the bureaucracies of teaching, drivers’ license offices and such, and who are politically active. The Chinese have become successful business people but are in a minority and pretty much are apolitical. The Samoans are huge people, physically, but tend to be lazy and not very ambitious academically. Phillipinos are another minority and are very pro-American, or at least they used to be, and tend to want to make something of themselves. That could be because of their Catholic religion and training.

    It was a tax living there in a way. Despite the natural beauty, it’s basically a cheesy place and one where I would not want to raise children. It is just one of the odd things about a very odd person (Barack Obama) that his family chose to raise him there. It was as if they were escaping something, and yes, Stanley Dunham as a saboteur is believable. Back in the 70s there were always newspaper accounts of Harry Bridges and the Longshoreman’s Union (whatever the name was) which was notorious for its communist ties. So he found numerous like-minded associates in Hawai’i, for sure.

  3. Truth

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find out the OhBummer is really the bastard son of Stanley Armour Dunham & some whore somewhere, this is not a new idea but it’s not commonly known or repeated in most circles. An interesting aside is the obvious lack of pictures of a pregnant Stanley Ann Dunham,while at least three pics of her naked are on the net,probably taken at the home of Frank Marshall Davis in Hawaii. Either way I never believed him to be the son of that drunken Kenyan, a DNA test of Obama seniors offspring could definitely be interesting to see. As the U.S. congress & the Supreme Court are too gutless to demand a birth certificate or ANY real proof of his lineage & all three Dunhams are dead a DNA test will never happen. I hate that lying deceitful bastard, regardless of his lineage, Jan 20, 2013 cannot come soon enough for me.

  4. Albert W. L. Moore, Jr.

    Truth, don’t be too sure about January 2013. With massive Comintern backing and the importation of tens of millions of illegal alien voters, and blacks still erroneously thinking he’s half African, Barry will win unless impeachment hearings expose him for what he is – a mole who got elected in 2008 by fraudulently pretending to be half African, an Indonesian citizen, and probably not a U.S. citizen.

    Also, all we need for significant genetic information is Barry’s DNA, which would establish that it’s biologically impossible for him to be the son of a Negro father and a Caucasian mother. That would conclusively disprove the latest “birth certificate” released by Barry on 27 April 2011. It can’t be the real, original birth certificate if Barry’s DNA is inconsistent with the known genetic classifications of both putative parents. What Barry released was a picture of an amended birth certificate, required by law in adoptions, with the typed word “AMENDED” deleted by masking or cropping. The “parents” shown are adoptive parents.

    The real, original birth certificate is still in the files, and probably shows that the father was Caucasian (Stanley Armour Dunham) and the mother native Hawai’ian, from whom Barry inherits his warm, mahogany complexion. The original birth certificate is retained to guard against consanguinity, marriage between people too closely related by blood.

    Probably both of Barry’s parents were U.S. citizens. The real issue with regard to Barry’s constitutional eligibility to the Office of President is whether his acquisition and exercise of Indonesian citizenship terminated his U.S. citizenship. Barry must have feared that it did, because he went to extreme lengths to conceal his Indonesian citizenship, probably including criminal and seditious schemes.

    Any hatred of Negros is wasted on Barry, whose story of being the son of an alien black Luo tribesman is a complete fabrication and colossal hoax, a piece of fiction by Bill Ayres. Anybody who voted for or against Barry, wholly or partly because they believed he was half Negro, blundered badly.

    America desperately needs an exhaustive congressional investigation of Barry, starting with subpoenae of his DNA and vital records. Investigators must not be put off by proof that Barry was constitutionally eligible at birth, for the crucial issue is whether he lost U.S. citizenship by the acquisition and exercise of Indonesian citizenship. Whether he did or not, his obstruction of justice by concealing his Indonesian citizenship, along with many other high crimes and misdemeanors, would warrant impeachment.

    RINO failure to hold impeachment hearings is a grave dereliction of constitutional duty, which could cost us our Republic. This is an institutional crime, of which every member of Congress is guilty. Everybody should write his congressman to withhold all support, financial and otherwise, and vote for an opponent if Congress does not start impeachment proceedings forthwith, and recommend to at least ten friends and associates that they do the same, in an endless cascade of people being urged to demand impeachment by Congress. Congress will not do its duty unless forced by the People. That is some indication of how degenerate the American elite have become.

  5. dj

    I do not like Obama any more than the next Republican or independent (or any intelligent voting American) HOWEVER, let’s hate him for his record, for his poor domestic policies and his unbelievably stupid foreign policies and actions, for his penchant to make this a socialist nation and not base our disgust on scurrilous conjecture. Not one word of this is founded in fact or even provable for that matter. We do not need to invent reasons to fight against the reelection of this man – we have enough based on his almost four useless, even backward years in office. it is just not logical to beat him up based on unfounded allegations … use what we have and know — that his has been a HORRIBLE president – backing our enemies, refusing to make decisions that would truly provide jobs rather providing “incentives” and handouts to corporate America, giving away America’s purse to other oil producing nations (Brazil and Argentine specifically) rather than increasing efforts to become energy self sufficient, insulting our allies, increasing welfare rather than providing incentives to come OFF the government teat and frighteningly the list goes on and on and on — let’s fight him on his own turf – his record.


    Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham lived in Washington with her family since she was 13 years old. She enrolled in the University of Washington in the Fall of 1960 where she starting a Nation of Islam chapter with Malcolm X. Her time of conception was Nov 1960. Her family moved to Hawaii in 1961 after she was pregnant then she meet Obama Sr.
    Ann Dunham graduated from high school in the Seattle, WA area in 1960. Malcolm X formed the Nation of Islam Temple No. 67 in Seattle that same year and was a popular guest speaker at many universities, including the University of Washington. Ann Dunham was the type to be attracted to a Malcolm X speaking event, and she had a history of dating non-white students. Obama resembles Malcolm X considerably more than resembles Obama Senior – and his speech patterns are like those of Malcolm X and very dissimilar the speech patterns of Obama Senior.

    Comparing speaking stlyes: ---> Talk back, don't let them hold you down...

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