Fergie Olver deleted from Wikipedia




Here’s his video again



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19 responses to “Fergie Olver deleted from Wikipedia

  1. kristy

    notice this pedophile only pulled away from a kiss when the adult mother went to land one on him?

    wiki removed it because they are extremely 0bama-friendly. 0bastard is a well known pedophile and we with common sense know we don’t need to wait to be told by someone to reassure this fact.

    with this video coming to light with its obvious sickened pedophile running amok, it leaves to many wide open doors to easily point the finger at the hybrid g0d of the libtards as a pedophile… which he “0bastard” has been proven to be on so many occasions.

    communist liberals have a long history of siding with the most radical left, one being pedophiles.

    fergie and 0bastard most likely have life memberships in nambla.

  2. Frosteetoes

    They have no problem keeping Gary Glitter’s wiki up.


  3. jabalong

    Kristy, seek help as you sound certifiably insane.

  4. kristy

    Thats rich.

    Don’t agree with a liberal piece of shit, and being black so they can’t resort to calling me a racist the resort in other “boo hoo” tactics.

    actually, looks like I hit a nerve with jabalong when I pointed out the sickness of pedophiles.

    This really gives one the impression jabalong is angered because I exposed one of “his/her” kind.

    No, its jabalong who clearly needs professional help, and quickly. There is no excuse, no justification for a fucken pedophile you sick piece of shit.

  5. Frosteetoes

    I guess we’ll be seeing jabalong on “To Catch a Predator,” in the near future. Pedophiles should be beaten to death as they make children die inside.

  6. kristy

    nah. sick fucks like jabalong would enjoy some crazy shit like that. they are into that punishment is some kind of sexual fetish in their sick little minds.

    best thing to do is just encase them in a box and bury them alive on their back, like, 20-30 feet under ground alive next to some obscure creek or river bed, plant a tree or some shit one top and just leave them be and forget about them.

  7. DABIG

    I do like your style, have you considered running for office?
    You’d be a shoe-in, my friend.

  8. SkibbleDibble


    You are retarded.


    People who aren’t retarded.

  9. kristy

    LOL, this coming from someone who embraces the nick “skibbledibble” and apparently has problems making any kind of coherent come back.

    The only thing I could derive from your shallow little meaningless retort was “wahhh boo hoo your a hater”. You know, the typically groundless liberal crybaby shit.

    Try coming back with something more tangible you whinny little dumb fuck?

    *yawns* typical :)

  10. Heartly

    You used the wrong “your”…the correct phrase would be “you’re” a hater. Your is possessive while you’re is a contraction for you are. An example: You’re an ignorant piece of shit and your post is quite indicative of this fact. Please take note of this.
    The last sentence of your post should not end in a question mark…unless you are truly unsure of the person’s position as a “dumb fuck”. I’m sure no one questions yours.
    There should be a comma after tangible and possibly one after “whinny”. Commas happen when you take a breath while speaking. Unless of course you’re spouting off whatever you feel like as fast as you can without thinking first. Yeah, that’s what I thought.
    In the same post, you used the form “insult little insult”. Being little is not always a bad thing. Take your brain for instance. You figured out how the clicky keyboard thing works! Good for you, sunshine! Little could even describe how much your mother really loves you. Well, let’s not over estimate anything here.
    Also, please notice that “whinny” is what a horse does. It is also a cartoon bear. “Whiny” is a dumb fuck named kristy.
    Horrible grammar and spelling? Your argument is invalid.

  11. kristy

    heartly, please take note that I really don’t give a flying shit if its your or you’re.

    Actually, have you ever contemplated maybe I purposely do this to draw the little cockroaches like you out? :)

    Those who resort to having to use semantics… well… you do the math from there. But the main thing is, I got you to reply. Although it sure taken you long enough you fuck tard :D

  12. Frosteetoes

    Kristy, usually anal assclowns like that guy who harp on grammar don’t even have an arguement worth while, hence, they gotta be anal assclowns to get noticed.

  13. Well, the entry is there NOW. But since I didn’t see it before it was pulled, I have no idea what they changed…

  14. Double Duty

    I came across this thread several months after it’s creation. Therefore; I realize that my two cents will not likely be read by any of the above particpants.
    I am having a bit of a problem trying to understand why attack someone, who is simply pointing out the obvious. Her only point is that this game show smuck/host is a blatant child predator or at the very least demonstrates creepy tendacies toward very young girls. That a show like this would be allowed to remain on air for 4 or 5 years, well that tells you all you need to know about Canada. I am sure that this fellow is from one of the French dominated areas of Canada, and we all know how queer the French are.
    Using grammar as a means to attack an opponent while in a debate, well that is just really lame! Let us pretend for a moment that this debate was an actual high school or college debate competition between two opposing teams. Team Heartly would have suffered an embarassing and early defeat. Pointing out one’s grammar and spelling is completely off subject. Team Heartly did not make a single point in defense of the creepy game show host.
    Therefore; the judges of this debate would have found team Kristy as the winners. Heartly should do some studying concerning the subject of writing and the internet. If you were to do so you would find out that online communications are not held to the same high standards as traditional writing.
    It is interesting that you only attack Kristy concerning her use of grammar and spelling. What you do not say tells us much more than what you did say. It is obvious that Kristy stepped on your toes. You chose not to challenge her concerning the subject of her writing. You tried to use grammar against her in an effort to belittle her.
    So if you read between the lines of your post/comment, you tell us the following. You yourself have an un-natural attraction to young innocent children. When Kristy attacked this game show pervert, you felt as though it was an attack against yourself. On the good side you do demonstrate that you are well schooled, college educated, you excelled in writing and English Composition. Which when we sum it all up it we are able to come to the conclusion that you are the worst and most dangerous type of pervert! You are a smart and cunning pervert, who is able to blend into any crowd in order to get close to your victims. We can only hope that you are on the radar of your local law enforcement agency!

  15. Jess

    If you do your research you will find that the girl he kissed was his child, both of his two daughters were frequent members of the show. As was his wife.

  16. Damien

    What the fuck does Obama have to do with this guy? Kristy, stop using this as a political platform, you nutty cunt.

  17. goodcat

    Pretty much everyone on the far right or left are idiots, as the above posts have revealed.

  18. Anonymous

    lets start deconstructing what have said by asking a few questions. To start off with:
    what evidence do you have that Obama is a pedophile? Usually when someone makes an allegation that serious, they also come to it with a fair amount of substantiation.

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