Don’t forget who fucked up this country


You people are sad. The childlike name-calling comments make your site even less credible. Why don’t you stop trolling and do something useful with your time. Don’t forget who fucked up this country.


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8 responses to “Don’t forget who fucked up this country

  1. Frosteetoes

    I’m so ashamed of people like ashamed in this country. They are an embarrassment for what we use to stand for. The world now see’s us as weak buffoons with this usurper in office.

  2. Anonymous

    ya obama the antichrist fuck up this country and if he keeps it up there will b blood shed people can and will only take so much

  3. diane

    ashamed can move. Try Mexico.

  4. Bernie

    who fucked up the country?
    That’s an easy one , scumbags like you who voted for Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Schumer,Rangel, Bawney Fwankths etc.

  5. kristy

    I think ashamed needs some oversensitivity therapy…

  6. ttrish

    The obots can not stand to a real debate they have nothing to stand on. They can only accuse Bush for so long and then it gets old. The freeloaders of this Country are destroying it. They refuse to get off their lazy ass and get a job and contribute to Society. They now have a Marxist who thinks his way of Socialism will work, is in for a big surprise.

  7. The_People

    The people can only take so much wrong doing! Once people REALIZE whats going on, They will fight back and they will rebel. We have the power as ONE to overthrow and let them know who really runs this country.

  8. earl

    everyone wants to blame bush for our countrys problems, but it was all thrown in his lap after that fucked up bill clinton did all he did , all a democrat is a person who sits with their hand out wanting something for nothing, everytime u go to the dr office all u see is people in their after disability but yet after they get it u see them drinking beer and fishing, with a so called hurt back and a hurt finger, then on the other hand u see people with obivous disability who honestly needs to be home and they cant get it they get up and go to a job on a daily basis who work in pain just to feed their family. Then u have the abortion issue maybe if these girl would keep their legs closed and quick sleeping with every man they come in contact with they wouldnt be popping babys out, the way i see it if u dont want the child give it up for adoption their are couples who want children and cant have them, i hope god deals with these abortionist murders and i hope next election we will wake up and smell these stupid scum democrats and vote to take our country back, put these lazy bastards to work or let them starve, i bet when they get hungry they would look for something to do for food, things just too easy now ---> Talk back, don't let them hold you down...

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