Obama the Muslim, does not wear his wedding ring or watch during Ramadan






What can you do to a wedding ring that requires “repairs”?

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In a press conference last week Obama was not wearing his wedding ring nor was he wearing his watch.
When noticed, his staff said his ring was out for repairs – No reason was given for the missing watch.
So, I guess it is just a coincidence that his ring needed “repaired” and he forgot to wear a watch at the exact same time as Ramadan.
What is the connection you ask – Muslims are forbidden from wearing jewelry during the month of Ramadan!
It can’t possibly be that, because we know he’s a committed Christian ’cause he said so during the campaign.
And I’ve got a bridge to nowhere to sell you also.
Is it just me or is obamas nose getting longer………………


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18 responses to “Obama the Muslim, does not wear his wedding ring or watch during Ramadan

  1. Oh…finger ring. I thought this was about his cock ring.

  2. Me

    It’s not Ramadan now, dummy.

  3. Lazlo Toth

    One, 2011’s Ramadan was in MIDSUMMER, not the week before this was posted.

    Two, there is no prohibition against wearing jewelry during Ramadan. The closest I could find after exhaustive research is that men aren’t allowed to wear gold, silk, or jewelry OTHER than rings and wristwatches. That’s EVER, not just at Ramadan.

    It took me about an hour to do this research. Why did you not do the same? I suspect the answer is that you never question any “news” item that tells you what you want to hear — and never believe any news item that doesn’t.

    And because of people like you, the USA is doomed, because democracy can not function when a good 50% or more of its populace is this dead ignorant and obviously likes it that way.

  4. kristy

    if its not ramadamadingdong, then just shows how fucking stupid 0bastard is to observe it when its not really ramadamadingdong.

    nick who goes by “me”, instead of coming here bitching and crying your eyes out shitting your pampers, why not inform 0bastard that its not ramadamadingdong.

    However we all know the true reason you won’t, because anyone who helps 0bastard seems to magically get thrown under the bus :)

    However, I personally did think it was the muslim ramadamadingdong holiday because trash went out today, go figure

  5. “The closest I could find after exhaustive research is that men aren’t allowed to wear gold, silk, or jewelry OTHER than rings and wristwatches.”
    “exaustive research” = the daily kos

    Oh and without research I can tell you with certainty that there were no “wristwatches” in the 6th century. Since all law in Islam is said to come from God through a single and very specific person of that era I believe you are lying.

  6. Stephen Twiss

    Wow, I cannot believe that you didn’t even do one single search to verify when Ramadan was, as the other chic said, in the middle of summer. And the posting from “kristy” above shows what backward, one tooth, beer guzzling, fucktards say when they’ve tipped back their first case and have started on their second. Trust me, I’d love to see those towel-headed mother fuckers that did terrorism on our soil publicly beheaded but when u attack somebody like that Kristy, speak a little English language or u make us all look like dumb fucks. “Ramadamadingdong”? I cringed at your stupidness on that one. And by the wy dufus, Obama wasn’t celebrating Ramadan in January. If he was Islamic, he would’ve celebrated LAST SUMMER. Fuck, put down the booze and the fat joint and act like u can count to one.

  7. kristy

    lol steven, go shit in your red pampers elsewhere.

    how ya like them apples? :)

    oh, and 0bastard sucks muslim dick as much as he kisses muslim ass.

    I mean, any one who goes out of their way to give a ramadamadingdong greeting but declares we are supposedly not a Christian nation any more which is news to me, and demands a stop to national day of Christian prayer, well, speaks for itself.

    herself, wtf ever

    anyway, happy shitting in your pampers stevie…

    Oh, btw, when insulting me, try to follow your own advice LMFAO…

    *Steven Twit said: “speak a little English language or u make us all look like dumb ”

    or u?

    Enough said :)

  8. aya

    Wearing Jewelry & Ramadan are absolutely completely unrelated !!!
    Ramadan is just about the purifying of body and soul by fasting and doing good deeds! if u read somewhere something about jewelry, then it has nothing to do with the religion, but maybe the culture only!

  9. Anonymous

    I love America and the social media. Just think, no matter how trivial the item or how stupid the comments we all have the ability to voice our opinions. We can be as vulgar and mean as we want too. Our forefathers should be so proud. There are SO many important issues, why focus on something so rediculous.

  10. people are so big and bad on-line, kristy… unfortunately for everyone else who uses the internet, she doesn’t have any friends in real-life, so those of us who use the internet for something that requires intelligence have to read shit by idiots like herself.. no wonder the world hates us. it’s always the people with the iq of a 2nd grader who post the most shit, so in return, everyone thinks we’re like those people.. i hope she’s a ‘tea-bagger’ too. because our ‘fore fathers’ were all about keeping this a christian nation! lol.. you know, with that whole ‘religious freedom’ clause.. ie.) religious freedom as long as it’s christianality. lol. I just hope idiots like her are well into their 40s. she should be dead soon. especially since imbred rednecks like herself are all about killing animals and eating red meat and polluting our foods and environment because it’s the ‘american way’. It would be un-american to make any sacrifices for the benefit of the environment and humanity as a whole. but at least those people will get cancer and die. let’s just hope sooner than later.

  11. Lanningsplace

    Who really cares anyway? Islam is NOT a religion. It is a totalitarian political, economic, military, social and legal system that’s camouflaged in religious garb. Their objective is to incorporate our country into a global Islamic caliphate. They are about complete dominance. Did you know there are more mosques being built here than churches?

  12. F%#$ YOU


  13. Ace

    Obots are really beginning to bore me.

  14. big dick

    Just vote him out

  15. Victor Guerrero

    Ram me is no better than O bomb us.

  16. Humm , Why am I not surprised at the kind of language used in these previous comments ? Do they sound like respectful people ? Ones who Respect their self don’t talk that way. and if you don’t respect yourself, you won’t respect others. So whats driving our Country — Dear Lord Please step in here.

  17. Nat

    How stupid can people be?..there is no prohibition against jewelry during Ramadan. Second he was only without his ring for a few days..see other pictures. Ramadan is a whole month. When he did not wer the ring for a few days he was wearing his watch which is also considered jewelry. It is people like this writer who are gullible conspiracy people…dumb too who believe anything they read.

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